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    Smart meter how long without electricity

    Last year when Octopus replaced my meter with a smart one the installer pulled the mains fuse to isolate the meter feeds. Earlier this year before Octopus/Ohme would to fit my Ohme Pro chargepoint Octopus insisted that an isolating switch needed to be installed first. They did a special visit to...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    When I had my screen replaced at Tesla Winchester in late May I could book an appointment just a few days away providing I left it with them overnight "for the glass to bond" so was clearly not a "while-U-wait" service. When I asked for a loan vehicle to use to retrieve my car they said it would...
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    [UK] 2022.16.x

    yup, just remembered to try it and yes it worked :)
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    [UK] 2022.16.x

    I have a 'stuck' notification of 2022.16.1.1 "available for download" but says it's 'waiting for wifi'. It has downloaded stuff before but on tapping the LTE symbol it pops up with 'searching for wifi...' but isn't finding anything. It last downloaded 2022.12.3.2 whenever that update was I...
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    Windscreen chip

    Odd! That's just over £100 more than I paid Tesla Winchester for my screen and wiper blades which all but £75 was refunded by Churchill. My screen was for a 2020 (Fremont) M3LR.
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    My experience was similar. I asked if it was "while you wait" but Tesla Winchester said the glass needed to bond overnight. I found a few glass fragments as well. Total bill including wiper blades was £813.30 forwarded to Churchill and eventually they've promised to reimburse all but my excess...
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    Anyone used the Northampton service centre yet?

    Happened to me last week at Winchester Service Centre - after windscreen replacement they put their own PIN "blackmail" on my car and said they'd tell me what it was when I paid the invoice. Paid them and they sent me the PIN they'd set. Got home, turned Pin2Drive off and on and off but the new...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    I passed another step in my windscreen saga today. Considering closing the claim I went to Churchill's website and used their webchat box to "talk to the team". The guy was ready to push me to phone their claim team until I mentioned I was deaf - so no phone! He took my email details and said...
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    3 months unplugged & unused - minimal battery loss!

    I did a similar long-term no-touch experiment when my windscreen broke in mid January when there was a worldwide shortage of glass until May. The screen was too crazed to drive safely so it was just sitting in my driveway "twiddling it's electronic thumbs". Golden rules are start with a good...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    Things were dire with no screens (easily) available up to the beginning of May when glass supplies started 'trickling in'. Whist there may still be a backlog of replacements to do, Tesla themselves can be good for just a few days notice depending on the service centre you choose. If you are...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    A while back Winchester did expect to use one of your keycards and had a pigeonhole locker which they gave you a code to unlock to put your card in. Now they remind you that it isn't needed any more but they (might) ask you to remove your PIN to drive if you've set one. You can always text the...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    That wasn't my experience. Having put the new PIN in before driving back to Southampton (30 minutes) I tried turning off the PIN, which needs the new PIN entering to do so. It only took the new PIN and trying to turn the PIN on or off required the new PIN only. I spent another 30 minutes...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    Next chapter of my Windscreen saga today: Tesla estimated the car would be ready today at 1:15pm and surprisingly I got an email at 12:20pm asking me to complete the invoice acceptance and to arrange final payment of £813.30 (glass + 2 wiper blades + VAT) and, just to add a bit of thrilling...
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    What tools are people using with their Tesla?

    TeslaFi for me. Having looked at the Teslamate thread on here I considered my limited expertise with Raspberry Pi would drive me to tears attempting to use it. I use TeslaFi in "read-only" mode just collecting data and monitoring the car. Don't need to control it as the Tesla App does that...
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    Coming to the end of my first year in September 2021 with Churchill that cost me £450 I shopped around for better price but the best anyone could do was something like £750 and a new Churchill quote was higher than that. It came as a very pleasant surprise that Churchill's renewal cost was the...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    First part of my screen replacement task is now in place - a local trailer firm has flatbedded my car to Tesla Winchester and Tesla have texted me that they've got the car and my Tesla App has switched to "Service Mode". I was initially expecting to be with the car but the trailer guy couldn't...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    I got this week's Autoglass text message this afternoon ... "We are doing absolutely everything to source glass for you. this is a global issue. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience." which rings a bit hollow when Tesla will be replacing my windscreen tomorrow...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    My car is fully functional but the windscreen on the driver's side is significantly crazed from a bird strike. This makes it very difficult to see the road directly in front without leaning over to the passenger side to see better. Legally I think it's undriveable. The breakage also prevents me...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    I tried chasing Churchill today to see if they'd raise their £200 max screen replacement reimbursement if not using Autoglass but they wouldn't budge from that. I couldn't get hold of Autoglass but I don't suppose they have any glass either or even a short dated fitment possibility. I think a...
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery General Discussion

    I had an Octopus/Ohme Pro charge point installation on the very last day of the OZEV scheme ending (31st March) The installation had been postponed a few times - due to me not being able to get to the house where it was being installed because my windscreen is (still) broken. I hired a Kia E...
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    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    I noticed a thread on Twitter claiming the Tesla Chargers are now breaching the UK Public Charger rules by requiring both an App to control things and a pre-registered account & payment mechanism. Allegedly since they've opened some of them to the public they now have 12 months to comply with...
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    Lease mileage

    How about trying to put aside a regular "happy mileage" budget fund to cover the anticipated cost of going over the allotted mileage? If you need it at crunch time it's there and if, after all, you don't it becomes a bonus for something else. :)
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    Aftermarket automatic frunk and foot sensor for boot

    From my past experience of a Hansshow trunk lift installation which threw up some fault messages that wouldn't go away... When I raised a service centre request for clearing the fault messages the first thing the (Crawley) service centre said was "disconnect the third-party equipment before we...
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    2022 UK Model Y - please help me to sort a solution for playing music from USB

    That particular cable is not a USB data splitter/hub only a power splitter - only one of the two sockets has power + data, the other is power only. You do need a USB hub of some sort to provide or read data to/from more than one device.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    For info I've just seen a message from Instavolt on Twitter that due to "Continuing pressures in the wholesale energy market are still impacting consumers and businesses, including InstaVolt." they are putting up their prices on the 4th May to 57p per kWh. Further details from Instavolt here...
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    [UK] 2022.12.x

    I had a similar "first time I've seen this" message quirk yesterday asking if I wanted to link my driving profile to my key fob - yes I did. Nothing seemed to specifically change from the normal operation though - I walk up to the car with fob in pocket, open the door and sit down, tap the...
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    Gridserve Charger Sites in UK [megathread]

    I suppose you can tell which are the Tesla drivers on a typically drizzly day - coming into the shop all bedraggled. Is it too much to ask for any sort of weather canopy over the Tesla tombstones? :(
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    I'm with Churchill and have been waiting since mid-January for Autoglass (approaching 14-weeks now) and got their "no glass" message today. Car not safe to drive so sat in my driveway. Not re-tried chasing Churchill yet or Tesla but very interested if Tesla do have, and can fit, a new screen...
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    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    I believe the Hansshow trunk kit had the same connection change running the two boot lights off the Hansshow module rather than the original loom connection. @Mr H plumbed mine in for me.
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    Lighting up the tree tops

    From other threads around here you'll find the "plane-spotting" headlights are a fairly common issue and can particularly occur after a OTA software update and especially if your car is normally parked on an incline. Resetting the beams is simple and explained in the 'friendly' manual - just...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    I believe you can get Tesla to replace but you will only get £200 max discount from Churchill so need to pay the difference (£600+?) When (if) Autoglass replace your screen it will just cost the £75 excess (plus £40 if you let Autoglass fit new wipers as well) But I don't think Tesla have any...
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    Model 3 (2020 LR) Unplugged Battery

    Nope, 13 weeks and counting :(
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    New windscreen fitted - Model 3.

    Has *anyone* had a replacement screen from Autoglass since mid January? I've been waiting 13 weeks now and still get the weekly Autoglass text missive "sorry, no glass" :(
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    Brake Disks Look Good After Sitting 2 Weeks

    I went 12 weeks without touching the car on my driveway (busted windscreen if you must know) Not checked the discs - they are hiding behind the aero wheel covers. I did wonder if the parking brake might bind but a quick and naughty drive to the local Aldi a few days ago had no problems moving...
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    [UK] 2022.12.x

    I got a notification on my (Android) phone but checked TeslaFi before opening the App. TeslaFi confirmed it had been awake for almost an hour and the message "update has been downloaded" was showing. Opened the App and let it do it's thing. Update completed a little while ago.
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    scratch repair

    I fitted the stronger self opening gas struts to my frunk lid and fitted a weaker spring to the catch. It takes a little more effort to close the lid against the stronger struts but that final clunk closure is easier one-handed. I got a green drive spring via eBay.
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    Nope :( 12 weeks since I had to park up ... and wait.
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    Is there a way to change when the car locks?

    I've used a fob from the first day I got my M3LR and bought a Faraday storage box to keep it and my house keys in. I also have a large size Faraday pouch for when I'm visiting friends so I can "hide" the fob from the car - just to be extra sure. I got one of those Amazon full rubber covers for...
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    How Secure Are Teslas?

    The Tesla Fob is motion sensitive which, in a resting state, effectively turns it off increasing security (and saving battery) but placing it in a Faraday storage box will increase your peace of mind even more. Tesla mobile phone key access uses Bluetooth, if you don't need Bluetooth for...
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    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    That kind of makes Tesla users happy as it assumes that, charge-port permitting, any car can use the short-pipe charging Tesla stalls. There's no need to modify them. Anyone with the "wrong placed charge port" simply can't use the Tesla charger - so a few less models can "steal" 'our' chargers ;)
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    How Secure Are Teslas?

    You may be surprised if you looked at the "friendly" manual - it actually has one of those index things that you can look up specific answers to questions. Life or no life, if there's an instruction manual available and you don't even bother to look at it then you'll find you richly deserve all...
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    Frunk storage vs. Boot for cables/first aid

    Use the Force Fob Luke. :) Two quick presses on the "bonnet" part of the fob and my bonnet literally flies open (gotta hand close it though) Two quick presses of the "boot" part of the fob opens or closes the motorised boot lid. Easy peasy :)
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    Frunk storage vs. Boot for cables/first aid

    I initially fitted those "super" gas struts to both my boot and froot so they would fully open when triggered from the screen/fob. Later the boot struts got replaced with Hansshow powered struts but my froot still has supergas struts that opens fully. I did replace the froot latch spring for a...
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    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    The initial Dutch trial did require all non-Tesla users to use the Tesla App to initiate charge and to have a funding source in their required Tesla Account to pay for the charge. The power tariff was higher than Tesla owners but by paying a nominal monthly fee (15 Euros ??) they could get...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    I just got this week's "no glass, sorry" text message from AutoGlass today. Has anyone got a clue as to when some glass might become available?
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    Umm, not "potentially" but actually without the car. The screen's so busted its not safe to drive anywhere and its been sat on my driveway leaking electrons since it broke! :( The only plus is the screen's not leaking rainwater (touch wood) yet. Churchill insurance doesn't cover a busted screen...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    I've been waiting 10 weeks for Autoglass to procure and offer fitment of a windscreen. Today is the second week Autoglass have not sent a regular "Monday missive" text saying "sorry, no glass". Last Monday when the missive wasn't sent, someone thought it might mean they had some glass and tried...
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    Model Y Trailer 7 Pin to 13 Pin Adapter

    13-pin plugs are easily available so, at a pinch, you could remove the 7-pinner and refit the 13-pinner. This one from Amazon even includes a storage cap for the plug
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    The Tesla (dash) Cam

    Nope. There is a bus connector either behind the centre console or in the driver/passenger footwell (I forget which) which can be disconnected to access the bus. A back-to-back ribbon plug/socket with cabled OBD socket like this one from Amazon goes in between the existing plug/socket to...
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    Octopus Go - British Summer Time...

    Not so, you are missing one vital point about exactly WHEN BST/GMT actually kicks in. According to GOV.UK the clocks will go forward to BST at 01:00 on Sunday morning. The Octopus Go's off-peak slot will start at 00:30 GMT for half an hour and at 01:00 GMT the clocks will switch to 02:00. BST...

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