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    Help! Tesla added $9k to my Model Y order

    Minivan. I still have a 2010 Honda Odyssey because it rocks for kids. Sounds like the Y is a stretch anyway, and kids are expensive!
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    Parked Car Severely Damaged - Lawyer Needed?

    Sorry to hear this! Good luck getting back on track. In the meantime, why rent? Just buy a cheap used car you like and resell it later. You can get a good autocross-ready Miata for $5k and go have some fun while you wait! Make lemonade.
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    Service Alert

    Same notice here. Already scheduled my SC visit. As much as people like to talk crap about Tesla service, I think it’s great that they’re being proactive. It was more than once that I had to strong-arm the Honda service manager into looking up a TSB that I found online after my Accord...
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    Huge problem with Money Y :)

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    MY 2020 - Cabin air filter replacement

    Do not buy this one: https://www.amazon.com/AutoEC-Activated-Conditioner-Replacement-Accessories/dp/B08X6NW41R/ Each filter is 1/8” smaller than OEM, resulting in 1/4” gap that allows airflow around filter. I returned it and got this one instead...
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    Pay for Supercharging???

    You could always loan them your car for 10,000 miles. :)
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    Audio Equalizer

    +1, along with an 1/3 octave EQ “advanced” option. Or at least 10 bands; 7 just doesn’t cut it.
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    Tesla for everyday use

    Dude (or Dudette), it’s just a car. Drive it and love it. Why would anyone buy a normal consumer car they’re not going to drive every day? It’s not a Bugatti. But seriously, yes, it’s a daily driver for every use and every destination. No one cares about my car in the parking lot; they’re...
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    Katahdin Scenic Byway Rally October 2021

    Looks like fun, thanks for putting it together!
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    Is there a event to show Model Y to potential buyers?

    Only your family knows your dad. If he’s sharp and quick of mind, he might enjoy it. Personally, I find it actually takes more attention and skill to drive a Tesla rather than less. Phantom braking, pedal misapplication, spontaneous cruise control engagement (not truly spontaneous but it’s...
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    Winter tire options

    Welcome aboard @Calliope! There are a ton of winter tire threads around here, check out this one from @stactum to start: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/bring-on-the-snow.213039/#post-5145169 I went with Vredestein Wintrac Pros on Enkei Hornet wheels from Tire Rack, they were great...
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    Back To The Future - Easter Egg!

    And the location is the Twin Pines Mall (or Lone Pine Mall, depending on whether or not that space bastard killed old man Peabody's pine tree yet). Aww. I love my Tesla even more now. BTTF is one of the greatest movies ever.
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    Steering wheel size

    It might be copyrighted on Earth, but not on Mars!
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    How much do you pay for Model Y per month?

    No need to be an ass about it. Just don’t answer if you don’t want to. @hamzah1985 - @scottycs is right. There are too many variables, and every situation is different. $60k+ is a lot of money and you should think carefully, perhaps with the advice of a financial planner. But also factor in...
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    Winter Tire and Wheel Question (Fitment)

    Sounds like new tires are in your future. I had great luck with Vredestein Wintrac Pros from Tire Rack this winter.
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    Model Y Vs Deer

    Wow! Sorry your MY took such a beating, but the good news is it's just a car and you are safe. It'll be interesting to see what the body shop says. Was there any indication of automatic emergency braking, or other automatic evasive action taken by the car? Looking forward to the video....
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    Is everyone's glass this speckled?

    I did use a motorized random orbit polisher. No luck!
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    Is everyone's glass this speckled?

    I'll admit it's been a long time since I've owned a new car, but I don't recall new windshield glass in prior vehicles looking like this. It's only apparent when driving into the sun, the rest of the time the windshield looks fine. But in strong direct light the entire thing looks like they...
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    Hi all, Just joined. Considering the MYP

    Drive the MY LR before you commit to the MYP. The giddyup is pretty spectacular in the MY LR as it is! I haven't driven the MYP but rumor has it those larger tires result in a fairly significant hit to ride quality, and it's pretty stiff in the MY LR anyway. Real world range is fine. It's...
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    Radar deleted on all new Model Y and Model 3. Is FSD worth it?

    Hmmm. Perhaps. But part of that anti-Tesla sentiment may be coming from Tesla owners who see some of the shine coming off the apple. Tired of Elon's BS. Tired of waiting years for FSD. Frustrated they let Tesla hold their $2k-$10k for years on a promise instead of investing it themselves...
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    Lumber Capacity?

    I’m in the same boat… formerly owned a Prius that we pretty much used as a pickup truck. That little beast could haul an amazing load! Unfortunately, I cannot (and would not) replicate the load variety in the Y. For hauling lumber, the capacity is marginal, plus the giant expensive screen in...
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    Yakima EXO System

    There’s some back-and-forth on the weight rating, but many suggest that it’s 160 total. That’s what is stated in the user manual. The 120 confusion comes from the fact that on the Tesla shop page for the Tesla-branded rack, the weight limit is specified as 120 for BOTH the X and Y, while the...
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    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    @jjrandorin is correct, there never was a turn off option. You could only adjust the regen to have a slightly milder effect. I would encourage you @Tipjar to not let the regen dissuade you from purchasing a Tesla. It only takes a few days to get used to the footwork required for smooth usage. My...
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    Random Window Issues

    I have this problem and can recreate it consistently. It happens when I go over a bump while the window is in upward motion. For example, it just so happens that there’s a natural “speed bump” across the end of my driveway. When approaching home, I’ll stop and get the mail from my roadside...
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    Key Fob

    Unfortunately I have to agree that $150 is cheap these days. A 3rd-party-programmed replacement for my Audi was $250, and the dealer wanted $400. Just get it from Tesla and enjoy convenience. It’s a small price to pay for the privilege of not carrying a cell phone!
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    Screen glare

    Good finds!
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    Screen glare

    Hmm, sounds challenging. A 3D printed one will be tough to find I bet, because to do it in one piece a printer would have to have a printable bed area of at least the width of the monitor, which translates to an expensive printer and probably not owned by many 3D enthusiasts. You could print...
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    OEM mudflaps

    The Tesla flaps are ok, and they do work. Here's a comparison with Rally Armor. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/tesla-vs-rally-armor-mud-flaps-coverage-comparison-pics.225732/
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    OEM Tesla Model Y Mud Flaps

    Used for about 1 month. $30, free shipping. Includes mounting clips.
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    New Service Centers Coming To The Northeast!

    I’m in the same boat as @ArcticStation, but hey, just use it as an excuse to go to Quebec.
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    Tesla vs. Rally Armor mud flaps coverage comparison pics

    Agreed 100%. PPF is a requirement, with wrapped edges as you suggest. But without flaps even the PPF gets trashed very quickly... the PPF on my rear doors already needs to be replaced after just one winter season without flaps. I wish there had been more flap options back in December!
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    Tesla vs. Rally Armor mud flaps coverage comparison pics

    I tried the Tesla flaps, and they did make a significant difference. The "rock rain" was cut dramatically. However, I still could hear more rocks peppering the sides than I wanted, so I decided to take the plunge on the Brooklyn-priced Rally Armor flaps and try those instead. I haven't driven...
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    Vendor Light Harmonic Tesla Model Y (Y4D) Audio System GIVEAWAY

    Congrats to the winners, hopefully someone will make an install video! And thanks again to @Light Harmonic
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    Model Y owners in Maine!

    Jay, you should start a new thread for this either in the overall Model Y section, or in the TMC Community > Americas > New England section. Good luck!
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    Vendor Light Harmonic Tesla Model Y (Y4D) Audio System GIVEAWAY

    Y4D GIVEAWAY The speakers look great! You know what else would be cool? Give out a few 50% off coupons so that a handful of us non-winners can still get onboard and enjoy your work!
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    Vinyl Wrap or PPF in NH?

    If you go, be sure to stop at Anthony’s Food Shop just down the street. I promise you won’t regret it.
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    Considering switching from Audi SQ5 to Model Y

    I owned an older Q5 for a while, and it was a sweet ride. But the reliability was atrocious, the maintenance pricey, and of course as everyone knows, the MMI was (and still is in current models) an embarrassment. I test drove the e-tron prior to buying the MY, and the philosophical interior...
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    Vinyl Wrap or PPF in NH?

    Good Work Wraps in York, ME wrapped my Y with Xpel PPF and did a good job. Close enough to NH!
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    recommendation request: interior cleaning products with no shine?

    I like Nextzett’s Cockpit Premium and Lederpflege https://www.amazon.com/nextzett-92470515-Cockpit-Premium-16-9/dp/B0002Z2MZ4 https://www.amazon.com/nextzett-92480515-Leather-Care-8-5/dp/B0002Z2MZE
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    Blue Paint, Model Y

    Get the Tesla front mudflaps ASAP. I didn’t have them and my rear doors have been destroyed by just one winter of sanded roads. I just added them recently. Before flaps, it sounded like it was raining sand whenever I drove on pavement that least bit of sand on it. With flaps, near silence...
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    Model Y cruise db

    For me noise reduction kits made no difference. When sharing dB measurements, please note if they are A- or C-weighted! https://www.noisemeters.com/help/faq/frequency-weighting/
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    If it isn't "range anxiety", how do I figure it out?

    Teslamate. Highly recommended. adriankumpf/teslamate
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    I agree, the gloss black is no good. I wrapped mine with a carbon-fiber pattern vinyl wrap from Abstract Ocean. Looks like a factory finish and only took 30 minutes. Highly recommended! Center Console Vinyl Wrap for Model 3 & Y
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    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    Well I wouldn't complain about getting $7k myself, but don't forget this isn't directed at just Tesla owners. The object is to incentivize ALL EV purchases, from the most-affordable to the more extravagant. It's a modest step in the right direction to accelerate the shift away from...
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    Model Y Thermal Image - Ultrasonic Sensors

    Great pics, thanks for sharing! I’d love to see you demonstrate the 25hz refresh in a video walkaround of your preheating car on a cold morning...
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    Loud conch-blowing noise

    Welcome to the forums @OnMyWayOut , I'm glad you joined if your threads are going to include this type of vocabulary!
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    If it isn't "range anxiety", how do I figure it out?

    Yup. Your efficiency sounds about right for the conditions, at least compared to mine. I’ve seen my Y sometimes in the 450 wh/m range at temps around 27F, worse if it’s actually snowing and the road surface is poor. But my average for that temp is 360-400.
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    Winter tire purchase/install report

    Well, thanks to global warming and 2020 being nearly the hottest year on record, we’ve had virtually no snow. But there has been one minor storm since I installed the Vredesteins, and I intentionally did some test drives to try them out. They are far superior to the stock Continentals. No...
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    Winter tire purchase/install report

    I would advise buying a dedicated set of rims. A new set from TireRack will set you back $1k. Advantages: don’t need to pay 150-300 per season to swap on/off, can do it yourself without the hassle of a garage appointment, rims less likely to be damaged (my local shops would often use...
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    WTB: 3/Y Pedestrian warning speaker, new or used

    Because my service center is 4 hours away in a different state that I can’t visit without quarantining for 10 days afterwards. Dang!

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