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  1. colea

    Phantom braking in my new Model Y

    Same for me. I have a late '20 YLR. It does have radar, though I don't suppose it is actually used with current software releases. And yes, I do regularly get phantom braking.
  2. colea

    Lease termination followed by new car purchase?

    Thanks for the update. Hope it's still as easy as that!
  3. colea

    Lease termination followed by new car purchase?

    I have a leased MYLR whose lease ends this coming December. At that time. I would like to purchase outright a new MYLR to take advantage of all the many incremental improvements. My ideal scenario is this: In December I drive to the service center to turn in my leased car, then take delivery...
  4. colea

    Can I leave my car outside year round?

    I spend about half of my time in the Mohawk Valley in New York which is not quite as cold as Minestora (but has more snow). I'm in an apartment and park outside in an area with no electric outlet, not even 120V, so Supercharging is my refueling of choice. Since I'm retired, I don't drive most...
  5. colea

    Can I park the wipers in up position?

    Another option is to use a car cover. Since I'm retired and often go several days without driving, this works for me. But I can imagine that if you had to put on and take off the car cover every day, it could quickly become a nuisance.
  6. colea

    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    Although not all the legislative details are worked out, this framework supposedly has the support of all 50 Senators that are Dems (or caucus with them). This provides a degree of optimism that it may actually pass through reconciliation, and may also get support from house progressives. Hopeful!
  7. colea

    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    Current framework details released this morning:. EV credit remains. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/10/28/president-biden-announces-the-build-back-better-framework/
  8. colea

    outside storage in winter NJ

    I spend most of my time in Central New York where I park my model Y outdoors in a parking lot with no electric outlet near. The other replies have been good: no real problems. But one thing not mentioned so far is the possibility that door handles will freeze up if you get an icy snow/rain...
  9. colea

    Supercharger location request?

    Yes, thanks for the correction. Both on the far eastern side, but not nothing!
  10. colea

    Supercharger location request?

    Is there a way to request that Tesla consider a region for supercharger installation? In searching this forum, I can't seem to find any current suggestions, except to apply to host a supercharger, which is not my case. In my particular example, the Adirondack Mountains in New York are a...
  11. colea

    EZ Pass Green Discount Plan

    If only I had received the mini tag, What I actually got was the huge tag meant to be attached to the front license plate holder, but it didn't really fit, so I've attached it instead to the passenger side sun visor with rubber bands. Ugly, but works.
  12. colea

    Big New Update

    Well, I'm still only on 4.18.2. Wonder if I will have to go through all the intermediate updates before I get to the latest?
  13. colea

    EZ Pass Green Discount Plan

    I was successful in getting a NY Green Pass for my model Y. In NY, you need to mail (yes, snail-mail) an application together with a copy of the registration. In my accompanying letter I mentioned that although the site did not list the model Y, the closest model listed there was the model 3. A...
  14. colea

    finding public wifi for updates

    Here in New York State my Model Y updates just fine over a cellular connection, no WiFi needed. This is with the included 1-year premium connectivity. Since I can arrange for it to happen overnight, I don't care if it's a bit slow. Of course, you *do* need a cellular signal.
  15. colea

    Has anyone heard more about the Tesla brake caliper recall?

    So use regenerative braking--spare the calipers!
  16. colea

    Rename WORK button in Nav

    Yes, I'm in the same boat. Yes, you can make it point at any address, but it would be nice to be able to give it a personal label.
  17. colea

    Regularly hauling household garbage inside a Model Y?

    With a previous car, I had this problem and solved it by lying the garbage cans on their sides with the back seat down, with lids that locked in place (important!). Where I live now with my Model Y, I'm just a short driveway away from curbside pickup, so the problem's solved in another way.
  18. colea

    Canceling Cruise Control

    This may not qualify as "smooth" but using the turn signal will cancel autosteer but leave cruise control in force.
  19. colea

    Road Trip: Stowing bike inside / both wheels off?

    Actually, ABRP already has an option for "bikes on back."
  20. colea

    Test Drive Model Y or 3 near Oneonta NY

    I'll probably be in Oneonta sometime next week for half a day, maybe April 22. (Live in the Village of Clinton, near Utica.) Model Y LR.
  21. colea

    Turning off animation of cars passing on console screen

    Just scotch tape a square of cardboard over the lower left of the screen? ("Solution" adapted from the perpetually blinking 12:00 on my 1990's VCR.)
  22. colea

    What To Do While I Wait

  23. colea

    Phone key issues

    I have an Android Pixel 4 phone (now superseded by Pixel 5 models) that has worked flawlessly with my Tesla MY. I've never had to turn Bluetooth off/on to get it to work. Also, FWIW, the wireless charging works very nicely.
  24. colea

    A mouse ate my Tesla

    When a previous ICE car, parked in the garage, had this problem, I was told that mothballs were effective. Tended to keep people as well as mice out of the garage!
  25. colea

    Model Y eligible for NY Green E-ZPass?

    You're right. It all eventually worked out.
  26. colea

    Model Y Manual Versions?

    Yes, I've wondered about this as well. As changes are introduced over time in both hardware and software, neither your original manual nor the current online one is entirely accurate. Your original manual is presumably accurate about the hardware you have, but not totally accurate in describing...
  27. colea

    Model Y eligible for NY Green E-ZPass?

    I mailed my application for a NY Green E-Zpass on January 31. In the letter I said that it was for a Model Y, even though this model was not listed on the state website. Yesterday I received a new, license-plate mount tag (elapsed time 7 weeks), though the state still does not list the Model Y...
  28. colea

    Home location not on the map

    You can report a location error with Google Maps as well. They will probably take some time to process the report and verify that it's reasonable, but it does eventually work in my experience. Search for your address, and then select "Suggest an edit..." from the menu.
  29. colea

    4.12 Question

    So my cold-weather update is scheduled to install early tomorrow morning, 2 days before spring. Marvelous timing!
  30. colea

    Portaging Kayaks?

    Does anyone here have experience with the use of hood loops to tie down the front of a kayak or canoe, like these? Seattle Sports Quick Loops - Pair | REI Co-op I used loops like this with my previous car, but I wonder if the frunk lid is robust enough for these?
  31. colea

    Leaving a model Y parked in the snow for a few days?

    I have to park outside in snowy, frigid upstate New York and it's not been a problem. Because of retirement + pandemic, I don't drive much, but maybe once a week take it to a supercharger to top up to 80% or so. One tip: every time you check the car's battery level with your smartphone app, the...
  32. colea

    Tax credit (Green ACT)

    Yes, that is exactly what Rep. Thompson, sponsor of HR 848, suggested when he spoke at the Bike Summit earlier this week. That would certainly not speed things up!
  33. colea

    Is Phantom Braking Still a Problem?

    Not sure if this is truly phantom braking or not, but it scared me the first time it happened. Sometimes when a car is crossing the road ahead of me, at right angles to my direction of travel, and when I can see clearly that it will have finished crossing long before I get there, my car...
  34. colea

    Installing Amazon Echo Auto in Model Y.

    Mine had a plastic bracket to attach to a vent but no tape.
  35. colea

    Tax credit (Green ACT)

    Also will likely require 60 votes in the Senate. Neither party has 60 votes, so it will have to attract bipartisan support. Call me skeptical.
  36. colea

    Charger install NYS incentives

    As an NYS resident who recently installed an in-garage connector, this is something I hadn't realized. Thanks for the lead.
  37. colea

    What have you done with your Tesla today?

    What have I done with my Model Y today? Nothing. :(
  38. colea

    Model Y roof rack

    I recently had Tesla mobile service install mine ($63.40) and have not noticed any more noise than before, though I was listening to the radio. I assume this will change when I carry my canoe or kayak.
  39. colea

    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    Because the lease on my previous car ended last month?
  40. colea

    VIN Timing & Production Cycle

    This article suggests transportation in the U.S. is by truck: Tesla Decides to Build its Own Car Carriers to Fix 'Delivery Logistics Hell'
  41. colea

    Can someone please explain me Phone key benefit

    Yes, when I picked up my car, the SA made it clear that the phone can be used in two ways: Set up as a key Paired with the car to handle calls, streaming, messages, etc. You can do either or both functions, but they are independent of one another. Bluetooth must be on for both, of course.
  42. colea

    Model Y Cargo box safe?

    Thanks, good to hear this, since my roof rack is also intended for a canoe or kayak, if winter ever ends. Although the canoe is a lot lighter, either 18 (solo) or 40 (tandem) pounds.
  43. colea

    I see so many model Y owners having issues. Would you buy again?

    My 2.5 month old Model Y is not quite as luxurious as my previous Volvo XC40 R-Design, and not quite as much fun as my 2012 MINI JCW Roadster. But it is a great car with zero issues for me, and I would definitely buy it again (& now get the heated steering wheel!).
  44. colea

    Installing Amazon Echo Auto in Model Y.

    Yes, I've also done that and it seems to work well, hearing me even when the center console cover is closed. I'm using the 12V outlet to power the device. The possible con to placing it there is that one can't see the device light nor hit the microphone-off button. So far not an issue for me.
  45. colea

    Yakima Ridgeback 2 Bike Rack

    Would love to hear your assessment of this rack after you've used it for a while.
  46. colea

    Don`t worry about battery degradation

    Another reason not to worry about battery degradation. For those of us who have leased our cars through Tesla, there does not seem to be any end of lease penalty based on battery degradation, unless they can somehow claim that represents "excess wear." This is a 2- or 3-year window, so a...
  47. colea

    Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Picture Thread

    I claim there is a Deep Blue Metallic Model Y under there. (Mohawk Valley, New York State)
  48. colea

    Is there a heating element inside updated (2021) steering wheel?

    I used to think a heated steering wheel was for wimps. That was before my previous car, which had one. Now I am a fan and mourn that my new Model Y does not have one. There's nothing inherently wrong with subtle luxuries!
  49. colea

    Screen Changes with New Update

    Thank you for this. As a new owner, I didn't even realize the PRND indication was there--small light grey dots on a white background!--until I read your post.
  50. colea

    Model Y eligible for NY Green E-ZPass?

    Right. The last time the list was updated was before there even was a Model Y. I'm sure NYS will get around to updating it someday, but in the meantime, the Model 3 is the closest approximation.

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