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    Installing NEMA 14-50 just like this guy, but not sure about load capacity

    Both charges it 0-100 by the next morning. 14-50 also charges an RV
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    Am I crazy

    Marco is so fun. Drove from MI down last year in my Y. Was great for 2 kids and a wife. We drove all over the island and took a day trip to the keys. For more stuff yah an X would be great. On the other hand, if you have 3 car money, do you want to make 4 charging stops a day? Could buy a...
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    Model Y comfort vs...Honda CR-V

    Have owned both. We do all our road trips in our Y and love it. Fully family, no one carsick. are your kids reading or doing tablets? Some people are sensitive to that in a car. Take away the toys and have them enjoy the window for 3 hours, and you may find the motion sickness cured
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    Charge speed on plaid with nema 5-20?

    This is why you should measure a charge in kw or kw/h and not miles / hr.
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    Day 365! Who is still in love with their Y? Who's fallen out of love? Why?

    1 year and 17k miles love it, no better car out there. recently helped my wife buy a new Dino bone car and wow, we both agree it’s 10 years behind the Tesla despite costing the same. Sadly in our case we had to because no BEV in the size we need.
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    Help me to decide: M3 LR or MY LR

    Reasons for a 3: save a few bucks Tiny bit faster Tiny but more range everything else is a win for the Y. Range is the only thing I am sad about in my Y, but it’s not that big.
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    Yoke install

    I’m not sure which I like less, the yolk or the screen. It looks like a kindle fire glued to a perfectly nice dash
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    VW ID4

    I don’t think you can buy a new Tesla without a heatpump in model year 2021
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    500 + Mile Range Debate

    I wish we had options. Like another post here going faster than my car does is worth $0 to me. I’d pay at least 5k to add another 100 miles to my model Y, maybe 8k.
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    Thinking of making a Ford Lightning reservation... you better read this before you make my mistake!

    Yah... wow I ordered my Honda from the factory. It got a $750 vin etch on the windows. That’s dealer, did that even cost you $1 to do?
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    Affordable, 7 seater alternative EV to the X.

    I do want a cheaper X. I don't want a EV mini-van/PT-cruiser baby.
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    Window shades for middle Row

    I would get better tint. Much easier and cleaner than messing with shades.
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    Large Dogs in Back, Seat Up?

    Hey hey hey, we should start a Tesla Ridgeback club. My 100 pounder is my male, too smart for his own good. nothing but trouble. Spends all day getting to a very highly places fruitbowl, eats an entire bunch of bananas, peels + stems and all, makes a mess. My 80 pounder is my sweet girl...
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    When I last ran out my battery..

    I ran out of gas one time when I was 16, like 30 feet from the pump. Then I learned my lesson and stopped being dumb ;) That said, a Tesla can use energy when not moving, so it could be a bit easier to get in a bad spot.
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    Model X, 6 Seater Cargo Space

    Gotcha. I will rent a home-depot truck for $29 for the 1 time a year I need to haul something big (or I can fold down seats and put it in my Y). My X is just for people and trips, so 6-seater is still sounding like a win for me.
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    Model X, 6 Seater Cargo Space

    what would you do? we are eyeing an X next, and with 3 kids was going to do a 6 seater. A 7 seater folds flatter but I would never use the third seat in the middle row?
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    front camera fog frustration

    You see lines though. It’s doing something. wonder if this was a mistake in software from last winter to this...
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    Large Dogs in Back, Seat Up?

    I have an 80 and a 100 pound ridgeback. sometimes door konks their head if they are wild while it is closing, but it “works”. Not sure I would do a full day but 4-6h should be fine.
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    Model X supercharge

    South Bend is fun. Also realize I get to charge at home 97% of the time. Every time I go by the SC I see a sleb with FUSC sitting there on their phone milking the electrons. I value my time highly. Not having to charge for hours a month to save some pennies is huge. One hour working more than...
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    Model X supercharge

    You think buying a 100k car to save $30 a month in electricity is a good way to save money? Boy do I have a bridge to sell you.
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    Hostility to the transition to EVs?

    You guys need to make some EVs then!
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    Model Y glass roof chip

    I would get it repaired for <$50. It’s not in your line of sight. Maybe crack spreads, maybe not, but worth the effort.
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    12V battery replacement options

    They did not change this. Your car needs a 12V or it’s a paperweight. What they changed is earlier detection of failing 12V. Ideally you can swap it before it’s dead.
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    12V battery replacement options

    It's a warranty item, don't pay for what is free.
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    Plug in every night before you go to sleep. the reason is when you precondition in the morning, it’s pulling heat from the house line rather than the battery. This is saving wear and tear on your battery. save wear and tear on your $15,000 Battery not your $400 charger.
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    Transfer Navigation To Model Y From An App

    Sending a destination to a Tesla car.
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    Took delivery of Model Y

    They cost like $40, I think he was hinting you should order some ;P One of the IMO must have accessories.
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    HUH??? 250 miles isnt up to standard? wow

    We have a LRY as our main and road trip car. A SRY is a great second car for around town, and we are thinking about it. Our max range is like 40 miles a day. Could even go a smaller battery. and we live in Indiana so it gets plenty cold.
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    Test drove the Model Y, Model 3 and the Mach E back to back to back, yesterday

    dealer in the backseat test drives? Wow, I haven’t had to do once of those since I was 18. Those are supper annoying.
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    Slow charging towards 100%

    going on a 50 mile road trip, an 80-90% charge is enough. Going on a 300 mile road trip? You need the range, so go to 100%.
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    Picked up the Y

    UFO sound is the PWS, or Pedestrian Warning Speaker. It is required for all 2021 cars by the US govt.
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    2021 refresh mx

    If you follow the heat pump not working in cold threads to their conclusion, the error is a $50 faulty temp sensors. They are replacing them, and working on a redesign. To repeat, heat not working at 0F is just a single bad part that is getting replaced. The heat pump does not work "worse" at...
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    Cadillac SuperCruise better than Tesla?

    what? I center on rural highways. Why don’t you?
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    Tax credit (Green ACT)

    Can’t imagine not buying a SRY as my in town car if this bill goes live. Drive it 3 years and likely sell it for what I paid.
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    Cadillac SuperCruise better than Tesla?

    new EVs you often pay more. I remember shopping Prius when it was new, and best deal with 5k over MSRP due to a 5k environmental fee. Yup, Toyota dealer wanted me to pay a fee to help the environment.
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    Auto pilot in stop and go freeway traffic

    Did you adjust your follow distance? I use 4 or 5.
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    Best setup for two tesla charging

    Does your electric panel have space for two more 60 amp circuits? If you already have a 60 amp AC and a 60 amp hot tub or something, you may be rather close to the max of your panel. You also hardly ever need 50 amp vs 30 amp. I would consider dropping at least one down to 30 amp.
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    Best setup for two tesla charging

    Yes they can, that’s the big upside.
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    ABRP weird routing?

    use plugshare to find a L2 in the break? ABRP doesn’t do l2 stops either does it?
  40. M

    ABRP weird routing?

    Is there a better option than ABRP? I see dumb stuff like this too, but don’t know of a better option. Honestly the Tesla nav is often better than this.
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    Slow charging towards 100%

    Now remember to set max charge to 80-90%. Only blip it to 100 right before. 250+ mile road trip.
  42. M

    DANIA BEACH, FL Service Center Moved to Ft Lauderdale

    That sounds about right. Oh you didn’t get the internal memo the building moved? Hah!
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    Anyone thinking of switching to a refresh Model X?

    If you want a real 3 row BEV X is about the only option. May end up trading my Y for an X. Idk. Never spent so much on a car. I don’t need air cushions for my butt, my buns work well. Literally the only thing I want from the X is the interior size and 6 seat config. holding out for now for a...
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    Best setup for two tesla charging

    I’m a big fan of reducing decisions. having to share and fiddle with stuff is a recipe for waking up and “oh crap I have 20%! Charge” beat option two power sharing Tesla wall connectors. cheap option two 240 30 amp connectors connected to mobile charger. You save some wire cost over 50 amp...
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    Y vs Taycan

    Who knows, I haven't seen one in person. I don't know what makes something go from a car to a crossover to a SUV. Either way.. I think if you are looking for a premium BEV, you at least consider both the Y and the Porsche. And likely an S and X and 3 as well. So few options, at this point you...
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    Y vs Taycan

    m3 is a car, Taycan is a crossover?
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    Destination, cool.

    I did my first destination on my recent 1200 miles road trip. Loved it. Pulled in at 10%, plugged into a 40? amp 240 charger... woke up to it at 95%. Topped it off to 100% over breakfast and away I went. Not only did it save 1 super charge, it gave me an extra 100 -> 10 charge segment to my...
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    Y vs Taycan

    They are like 2 of the 3 BEVs of this size available in the US? (with the third being the mach-E).
  49. M

    Chickening out ...

    Literally in flordia right now with my Y after a longer road trip than you. Getting 95% efficiency, so right around 300 miles range. Super chargers every 30 miles. It was a dream of a trip. Already planning next year.
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    Y vs Taycan

    then you go in. Then you find out they added a $300 doc fee and a $700 window etch. So then you go home. Then they call back and offer to waive the doc fee. been there, done that, never again. If I have to talk to a dealer I won’t buy that car.

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