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  1. Gremlin

    Made a carbon fiber hard top

    Okay you have some skills (Matrix 2). Looks great. So I have asked Henry Sharp pending a response, so I'll ask you. Willing to make a Taylor Mesh top? It gets hot in VA not like Texas but the sun is brutal. Thanks.
  2. Gremlin

    I rolled my own Carbon Fibre taillights

    So Henry, willing to take up the mantle to make Taylor mesh tops? Thought I ask. :- )
  3. Gremlin

    Want to Buy a Taylor Mesh Top

    Looking to purchase a Taylor Mesh top. PM me please
  4. Gremlin

    1086 "Charging Problem" error. Car stuck at 99% cooled. (R80)

    Deed when did you get the R80? Congrats and nice
  5. Gremlin

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    #996's older sibling. I do like the chrome wheels too. hmmmm
  6. Gremlin

    Looking for Roadster Hardtop Storage Bag

    No. buckets0fun has one. I offered him 900 and he didn't want to budge. Gremlin's hardtop cover from Amazon.
  7. Gremlin

    Original Roadster Page on Tesla Site - add your photo

    Done two pics of #996 posted
  8. Gremlin

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Somehow that interior doesn't look right in a black car or #996 finally grew on me. Grey would be hot IMO.
  9. Gremlin

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    I’m no Thomas in my knowledge but having lost out on Roadster bids 1347, 1353, 1176 and 1453 (to this day 1176’s Executive Grey interior (150k auction) is my favorite. Josh’s 1453 executive tan interior is my second, but that exterior color! Still a sore spot with me losing.
  10. Gremlin

    Wanted: Roadster hard top

    Anyone have a Taylor Mess Top I can buy?
  11. Gremlin

    Anyone looking to sell a roadster right now?

    I'm keeping mine but again, Google "Tesla Roadster" has found some rather interesting results as well for me in the past. I usually placed in 2.5 Tesla Roadster Sport for my old searches.
  12. Gremlin

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Having since bought my car, I used to complain on Roadster prices. Now I'm like: "To infinity and beyond!" Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the VIN #414, a 2008 Roadster with 5056 miles or VIN 713 a 2010 Roadster with 592 miles. I'm still on Pete's mailing list.
  13. Gremlin

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Jason I'm in the same situation, mine was in GMC for repair when the building burned down. Luckily I have a spare. Anyhow contact CM_007 as he has a few spares. I know this cause he told me.
  14. Gremlin

    Roadster 3.0

    Freaking right rear tire on 996 blew like 3/10 mile away from house. I had car towed to Tyco SC Friday cause tired of looking at a flat tire in my garage. Tesla called today to confirm want I wanted done since they saw the car there. I asked to have them install 2 Continental Extreme CS tires...
  15. Gremlin

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    2010 2.0 R80 for sale
  16. Gremlin

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Sally Zheng car for sale. Returning the favor to those seeking a Roadster
  17. Gremlin

    Looking to buy a Roadster (US)

    I addition to what the old heads stated, you have to be hungry and patient. Many of the "old head" owners in here know my path to get a Roadster. Freaking Marathon. Like Im4uttx I used Google, and the Today's Roadster Orphan page (within TMC) to fill in the gaps Google misses. There is a...
  18. Gremlin

    Looking to buy a Roadster (US)

    Contact Carl Medlock CM_007. 1165 is a beauty. He probably as a few to sell to you.
  19. Gremlin

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Darn I thought 996 was a garage gueen, picked up at 5727 miles now reading 8100 miles. I need to slow my roll. But #243 nothing. It's suppose to be mid sixieits in VA end of the week. :- P. Baltimore run on Saturday G&M restaurant.
  20. Gremlin


    I think the darn supply chain bit us. The GRP website states Lights sales are currently on hold while we wait for more lenses from our manufacturer. As soon as we have a firm date or shipping info sales will open again. Thank you for your understanding
  21. Gremlin

    I rolled my own Carbon Fibre taillights

    Bunnak is that your stolen roadster in Russia some guy recently posted in the forums?
  22. Gremlin

    *RARE* Roadster Taylor Mesh Top (TMT) with Bag and Instructions

    Doug any way for me to get one of those tops? VA sun in the summer is brutal so be nice to land one. Thanks
  23. Gremlin

    Roadsters and Fires

    Besides being a cyber geek, back in the day, I worked 6 years at Foster Wheeler Environmental. Prior to that, 2 years as maintenance officer for a Company's assets Korea then Ft Devens. I was CFR 49 Hazmat certified (to ship, handle, and label hazardous materials). Worked around Halon systems...
  24. Gremlin

    Roadster 3.0

    Hell yeah
  25. Gremlin

    Roadster 3.0

    I'm a very new owner Aug 21. Car came with one key. I asked Tesla for keys. Tesla sold me two fobs told me find the key stems, bring back complete key with fob, and they would program the new fobs to my car. Nothing but up hill climb getting parts. Hard top screw fell behind passenger seat...
  26. Gremlin

    New Roadster owner

    Jason is it two or three screws to install the carbon fiber side ducts. I see two with a flash light with the trunk up.
  27. Gremlin

    Roadster 3.0

    I'm going to ask Carl to send the old bearings to Jack, to ensure he has the right part. Jack then ship new ceramic bearings back to Carl. Depending on Carl's backlog, like to have car back by Memorial Day, if I ship it March 3. Ship it earlier if he has greater back log. Just don't want to...
  28. Gremlin

    What to do?

    My losing out on that bid still a sore spot. The good news is that I saved 15k saved towards new battery pack : P and way lower miles.
  29. Gremlin

    Roadster Value: Collectibility, Originality, Rebuilt Roadsters and potential for Continuation Cars?

    I would think USAA should take Carl Medlock's appraisal. That is my intent come March 2022, when I ship mine to Carl.
  30. Gremlin

    Roadster 3.0

    [email protected] Ask for Jack
  31. Gremlin

    Random Roadster Sightings

    That's your car? Damn if so so sorry. I love the color of Ms Kermit
  32. Gremlin

    Roadster 3.0

    I'm getting ceramic bearings placed in my car. Vendor claims 80 miles, I'm thinking maybe 50 tops.
  33. Gremlin

    Random Roadster Sightings

    Next time I make a run to Tony Luke's or Dalessandro's in Philly give you a shout out.
  34. Gremlin

    Random Roadster Sightings

    I still tell my wife, about Drew beating me to the punch. "It is too bright". Exactly and it is not orange lol
  35. Gremlin

    Random Roadster Sightings

    Okay Thomas, I found a color outside of very orange that I really do not like on a Roadster. Lighting green is hot and Drewski beat me to it. Maybe it reminds me to much of my Army days.
  36. Gremlin

    Random Roadster Sightings

    Someone wants a 2023 Roadster
  37. Gremlin

    Need soft top or hard carbon fiber top

    If I find a clear carbon fiber hardtop, I'd sell my Obsidian black top to help pay for the new top. I don't need two tops.
  38. Gremlin

    The Wrecked Roadster Registry

    What the hell? Did it roll in Randy Medlock's kids sandbox?
  39. Gremlin

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    email from GRP today and I quote (regarding the carbon fiber mirror and the Carbon fiber top on site) " The mirrors we sell do fit the Roadsters, they use the same doors and mirrors as the Elise. The hardtop also has the same fitment, we have sold a number of those to Tesla guys. We have a...
  40. Gremlin

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    I want his carbon fiber exposed roof. Call me greedy lol
  41. Gremlin

    Tesla Quits Service on Roadsters!!

    Guess I'm lucky. Tesla Tyco store still has two trained Tesla technicians that they share amongst the three DC metro stores.
  42. Gremlin

    400v Controller upgrade - GS Technology

    In habit the car, I'll just pull the yellow plug, problem solved (so I thought). Heck I'll pay for package and have Carl do it when car goes in March rather than me hose this lol.
  43. Gremlin

    Visium Unboxing!

    Most places don't recognize Tesla Roadster within their database. Their database for Tesla starts at 2012. I was wondering if you stated Lotus Elise S2 top to Visium for your order. Or you just told them you have a Tesla Roadster?
  44. Gremlin

    Visium Unboxing!

    What size? Elise S2? Their web site is jacked up. Thanks
  45. Gremlin

    The rebirth of 933...

    Phone number and part number or url for the carbon fibre hard top please. Thanks
  46. Gremlin

    Need soft top or hard carbon fiber top

    Lotus Elise top should fit saw it on parts page while looking for Tesla hard top bag as my car did not come with one. I don't understand how it didn't; come with hard top bag but has soft top bag.
  47. Gremlin

    Need Three More JdeMO Orders--Can We Count on You?

    Well I have a Roadster now...so if he does start producing them again contact me.
  48. Gremlin

    Looking for Roadster Hardtop Storage Bag

    I'm in need of a Tesla Roadster storage bag. Thanks
  49. Gremlin

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Guess when you own a Roadster you become curious. DeedWest Jr here - yes I called, 559 sold for 140k. Charged Automotivie is looking for other Roadster owners to sell their cars. They are not into high mutliple car ownership vehicles. I told him I own 996 from Bring a Trailer he knew it well...

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