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  1. EVSteve

    Lots of items for Model-S facelift 2016.5+

    Updated I have a lot of aftermarket parts from my 2018 Model-S which I no longer own. We are moving and I doubt I will have need for the parts on the future. Please see the list below, make an offer if interested. I unfortunately cannot ship as most of the items are large and I don't have the...
  2. EVSteve

    Lots of items for Model-S facelift 2016.5+

    I have a lot of aftermarket parts from my 2018 Model-S which I no longer own. We are moving and I doubt I will have need for the parts on the future. Please see the list below, make an offer if interested. I unfortunately cannot ship as most of the items are large and I don't have the spare time...
  3. EVSteve

    So Who Will Be Watching this All-Electric Cadillac Lyriq REVEAL 8/6/20 7pm EDT!?!?

    I wish Tesla wouldn't focus so much on "battery innovation and motor efficiency". So far I'm on door-handle (gen 3 mind you) #5 being replaced. Ranger is coming tomorrow to replace the left rear AGAIN. Right front headlight LED strip burned out, Main battery coupling failed 4 months or so into...
  4. EVSteve

    Weak air flow

    Something blocking the intake. If you set the recirculation to manual does that change the airflow at all? Has the cabin air filter ever been changed?
  5. EVSteve

    22' Inch Wheels Model S owners

    IMO that's a very dangerous spacer type to use on a car as heavy as the S. There's no hub contact, the centering is completely reliant on the lugs holding the wheel to the car with less threads due to the spacer. Asking for a wheel separation with that setup.
  6. EVSteve

    How to Supercharge a Tesla Semi

    Clearly painted parking spots? That retort alone tells me you've never been in nor driven a Semi. We park along rows all the time doing store deliveries as well as when we visit stores in our rigs. I presume you must be under the impression truckers buy everything they need from truck stops? I...
  7. EVSteve

    How to Supercharge a Tesla Semi

    Risky why exactly? The picture hardly shows what the layout is. Are you a truck driver? I am and I can say his theory is very possible. I pull in to small parking lots all the time. Given all the cameras surrounding the cab on the prototypes I see no issue backing in a 53' here from the limited...
  8. EVSteve

    22' Inch Wheels Model S owners

    It can be and I did take the wheel in to be repaired. I keep it around as a full size spare just in case. Especially if it holds air the bend is likely just cosmetic.
  9. EVSteve

    what do you do for living?

    Truck Driver
  10. EVSteve

    22' Inch Wheels Model S owners

    Thanks Olperez much appreciated, Colindo is correct they are Pirelli however I have since switched to Continental DSW for all season and longer wear. Imo the Pirelli are somewhat fragile and have horrible treadwear. They were what tire my wheel guy had in stock at the time of order but I...
  11. EVSteve

    Tesla Service Sucks?

    Simply put the service experience is very location dependent. Case and point both Devon PA and Cherry Hill NJ damaged my car, couldn't get appointments straight, were overworked and neglectful. Raleigh NC on the other hand was flawless going above and beyond my expectations. My car was...
  12. EVSteve

    Not having regen after the last software update sucks

    Hack for those of you wanting your battery heater to come on to at least get your regenerative braking back faster than just driving around. Tell your car to navigate to a nearby supercharger. It will think that's where you're headed and prepare the battery for efficient quick supercharging...
  13. EVSteve

    What happened to my battery preheat?!!

    I've had my Model S for a few years now so lets get the "this happens every winter" people away from their quick responses of 'this is what happens to regen braking every winter. I've checked with some locals and they too have more aggressive regen limiting and no battery preheat. The past few...
  14. EVSteve

    PA: Whitehall ( Allentown) Superchargers Updates

    Local stated on facebook that he was on the phone with Tesla who claimed there's a "main breaker issue at the site". Others have been told Voltage input from the main is too high. Based on my observations prior to the shutdown I'd lean towards a low voltage situation. Either way it's been at...
  15. EVSteve

    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    Add my late 2017 to the list of failures. Just noticed the passenger side on my 100D is only partially illuminated. Awesome.
  16. EVSteve

    PA: Whitehall ( Allentown) Superchargers Updates

    I would list it again but these days Plugshare is less accommodating to my request to have it listed as a public location. They look at the address and insist it be listed as a home charger. Technically they’re not wrong and I understand their reasons but most people filter home listings as the...
  17. EVSteve

    PA: Whitehall ( Allentown) Superchargers Updates

    For ANYONE:: day or night 24/7 if you run into this situation text me. 484-505-9957 I live 7 miles up the road and my HPWC + 2 GE watt stations are outside. The HPWC is max amps (breaker at 100A). It’s no SC but if Allentown is dead it’s dead. I had the house on PlugShare before the...
  18. EVSteve

    PA: Whitehall ( Allentown) Superchargers Updates

    posted for Allentown is 150kW iirc
  19. EVSteve

    MCU2 - Retrofit

    I don’t believe this is accurate. My phone will let me share an address or directions. Will test to verify and report back.
  20. EVSteve

    MCU2 - Retrofit

    Exactly why at this stage I just Route in my smartphone then share the directions to the car. I stopped using the automatic supercharger routing after realizing how inefficient it was.
  21. EVSteve

    Software Updates...What do we get?

    Wait what? Which ones downgraded horsepower?
  22. EVSteve

    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    It’s a 100A capacity. NEC code requires derating to 80% of maximum if the circuit is expected to be used more than 3 hours hence the 80A maximum output but the designed spec is 100A to be code compliant. It’s capable of 100 but not allowed by code. The kW number is then influenced by available...
  23. EVSteve

    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    I’d like to see a residential installation with 4 daisy chained HPWC lol. IMO some homes will install at most two with the vast majority installing one and a 14-50 outlet for the less used car. Dropping the car down limits it’s ability to fully utilize some destination chargers. Tesla was all...
  24. EVSteve

    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    Seriously? I missed this change. Yet another reason not to buy a new S. My home HPWC is one of the first gen units at 100A. My current car can use most of it (2017 100D) but honestly why pay extra for a wall connector at this point? I remember when we could pull 19.2kW. I could come home from...
  25. EVSteve

    22' Inch Wheels Model S owners

    Finally wore through the rears. Has anyone tried a 305/25 on the back yet? I had no rubbing with the 295/25 and I thiiink they might fit. 22” +35 offset.
  26. EVSteve

    When shopping carts attack...

    I will say I'm glad it scooted past my side without touching a second time. the cars in the row beyond me weren't so lucky though. The front cam caught it ping ponging like a pinball machine between the rows.
  27. EVSteve

    When shopping carts attack...

    Washed the car the other day and noticed a nice new mark on the rear bumper I hadn't noticed before. Review the camera footage for a guilty party... Have I mentioned thunderstorms and loose carts suck? So much for my flawless rear bumper.
  28. EVSteve

    Beautiful Superchargers

    Love that Sc But man I wish it wasn’t stuffed behind that restaurant. At night it’s a bit sketchy with only the convenience store open.
  29. EVSteve

    Will I regret buting a 75d?

    After having a 90DX loaner to use while my 100DS was in the shop to get home from North Carolina to Pennsylvania then daily commute and return back to North Carolina I would never buy a 75D. The range was awful and required way more supercharger stops than my S with only 10kWh more pack. I...
  30. EVSteve

    22' Inch Wheels Model S owners

    Yes, Koko Kapans in silver. I haven’t attempted the 305 yet but there’s no rubbing on the rear with 295 even with UP’s lowering brackets in the low setting (low setting causes the camber to tilt in a bit) if you do attempt 305s let me know. Still trying to understand these posts from people...
  31. EVSteve

    22' Inch Wheels Model S owners

    Sent all the info to you via PM.
  32. EVSteve

    MCU is dead, car is bricked, Tesla is being unforgivably terrible

    Exactly why, even though I live in Pennsylvania, I’ll take a road trip and grab a hotel to have Raleigh NC work on my car. Devon PA and Cherry Hill NJ both scuffed/damaged my car while in service. Our local ranger is awesome but the SCs are awful. I dread ever needing to take my car in. In...
  33. EVSteve

    Tesla model 3 accident with a Mack truck

    Forgive me I'm missing the correlation but am curious. Why does Schnecksville earn me double points? lol
  34. EVSteve

    Tesla model 3 accident with a Mack truck

    Dump trucks. It’s always the class B tri-axles. I’m a truck driver (Class-A) His load cover is in the open position (bars on the sides angled forward) which makes me guess he was empty. This wasn’t a case of being to heavy and unable to stop. Watch the driver side fender cam in slow playback...
  35. EVSteve

    Tesla Superchargers are overwhelmed with Model 3s

    Teslafi only knows where the slider is set. Many people, myself included, set it high to avoid accidental idle fees if we leave the car to get a snack or hit the facilities. I rarely let it reach the slider limit
  36. EVSteve

    Tesla Superchargers are overwhelmed with Model 3s

    Keyword being “immediate” as in you bought the car but haven’t yet finalized a solution to charge at home or at work. It still doesn’t convey using the SC network as primary charging for the life of the vehicle.
  37. EVSteve

    New superchargers v3

    Assuming the stalls are still paired the second car arriving will not have to wait as long for the first car taper before receiving max power. In the future when newer models can take full advantage of the extra output the chargers will already be there. (Next gen Roadster, Semi)
  38. EVSteve

    Supercharger - King of Prussia, PA

    With Devon being so close I would be surprised if they kept KOP open. Simon charges a LOT for that space. Between The constant hassle Simon gives Tesla both at KOP and LVM (the 3 proposals and repeated stalling when Tesla was trying to install a supercharger in Allentown. Ultimately Tesla had to...
  39. EVSteve

    Tesla speeding at 128mph in a 45mph zone

    Regen braking will also activate the brake lights
  40. EVSteve

    Slip on snow in Park

    Parking brake is only rear wheels and the motors have no physical catch in the gearbox when in park. In the future press more firmly on the brake until (H) shows up on the dash. The car will hold the brakes for you until you depress the brake again or press the accelerator.
  41. EVSteve

    Wheel spacers for Performance Model 3

    Personally I’d get wheels with the appropriate offset. Spacers come with a lot of potential failure points and hassle.
  42. EVSteve

    How to monitor amount of electricity going through my NEMA 14-50

    eGauge is my monitoring system of choice. One unit handles the vehicle chargers at the garage and a second handles the solar and household consumption. I do wish Tesla would sell the hardware needed for power monitoring separate from needing to install solar or a powerwall.
  43. EVSteve

    Blog Tesla to Remove Stalk-Confirm for Navigate on Autopilot

    Yeaaa no thanks. Without the confirm there are going to be a lot of Tesla’s cutting people off and using on/off ramps to pass. I’ll be back on just regular autopilot when that update rolls out.
  44. EVSteve

    Has anyone put in an aftermarket motor yet?

    If anyone has they’re being very tight lipped about it and for good reason. Being locked out of software updates and Supercharger access is one of the consequences for tampering with systems. Look at the number of salvage cars locked out despite using factory parts for repairs. Until third...
  45. EVSteve

    WTB Signature Wall connector up to 4 units

    Purpose of adding a 14-50 plug? Extra cost to run the unit at a lower power and higher risk of fire.
  46. EVSteve

    7 weeks and counting since last substantial software update

    I hope after all the screaming from S & X drivers about essentially turning their cars into Model-3s that Tesla realized they can’t homogenize the software to that degree. Hopefully they’re working on a redesign instead of minor patches.
  47. EVSteve

    MX 100D Trip from NJ to Florida in winter

    Still use the onboard nav to route between superchargers so the energy graph will provide the needed relevant info but yes I would use google maps for the trip route. It’s fairly straightforward just follow i-95 all the way south to Florida. Basically pick from the list, see which shows...
  48. EVSteve

    Slow charging to keep heat in the battery

    10A on a 14-50 is around 2,200 watts. A home space heater uses roughly 1,800 watts. Consider that all of that 1,800 is consumed via elements designed to heat via high resistance. The batteries are designed to absorb that energy not really resist. Any heat generated will be minuscule at that low...
  49. EVSteve

    Superchargers pushed back to 2019

    Look at how accommodating other manufacturer dealerships are to EV owners who wish to use their fast chargers. PlugShare checkin comments seem to indicate most dealers have them because the manufacturer mandated to sell the vehicle or have them for service only. Often they’re turned off, blocked...

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