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  1. Wolfhausen

    Inaccurate charge limits?

    Normal. I'm in SoCal and have experienced the same thing. 80% sometimes yields between 78-82%
  2. Wolfhausen

    FSD subscription question

    That is the reason I have not cancelled.
  3. Wolfhausen

    FSD subscription question

    That was my strategy. I subscribed for a month and then they offered me Beta. Been subscribing ever since.
  4. Wolfhausen

    Horrible experience with my flat tire

    I just get towed home where I have a lift and 4 extra wheels. I highly recommend keeping a spare at home.
  5. Wolfhausen

    Diring in HOV lane without sticker

    Tint 20% all the way around, 70% on the windshield, they will never see you alone in the car.
  6. Wolfhausen

    Martian wheel photo thread

    Tire sizes please
  7. Wolfhausen

    OEM Model Y License Plate frame.

    PM sent
  8. Wolfhausen

    OEM Model Y License Plate frame.

    Yes, I still have it
  9. Wolfhausen

    2022 White MYP scratched during service

    Take it to a detail shop and have it ceramic coated. Should be a major improvement and help prevent future damage. You may also research a gloss wrap to protect your paint.
  10. Wolfhausen

    2022 White MYP scratched during service

    Sorry about the scratch. Ask for the purchase price of the car back..
  11. Wolfhausen

    Is the door weather stripping really just held on with double-sided tape?

    I was performing my weekly wash of my Model Y, when I noticed the weather stripping under the front passenger door was sagging. Upon closer examination, the car wash soap was preventing it from sticking to the door. When I tried to reattach it, I noticed that it does not "plug" into holes, or...
  12. Wolfhausen

    One touch windows only work on driver side?

    Thank you Midnightsun! You were correct. Followed your advise about calibrating the windows and all is right with the world now.
  13. Wolfhausen

    One touch windows only work on driver side?

    Tried rebooting, both soft and hard, to no avail. Service appointment scheduled for Saturday. Thanks for the responses guys. If I get a software update before Saturday, I'll test the windows again.
  14. Wolfhausen

    Dealing with roadside for a loaner wheel?

    I carry a compressor and a plug kit for just this reason. Learn how to plug a tire (really easy) and then you are up and running. You can visit a tire shop later when it's convenient to have the plugged tire patched.
  15. Wolfhausen

    Tire rotation

  16. Wolfhausen

    One touch windows only work on driver side?

    I have a 2021 MYLR with FSD. I have had the car for 4 months and just noticed the driver and passenger window switches operate differently. I have been unable to find any information using an internet search, so I figured I'd ask the hive. The driver side window switch (front and rear) has the...
  17. Wolfhausen

    Tire rotation

    I just bought this to rotate my Y's wheelset.
  18. Wolfhausen

    Help me decide which one to sell - Old Model S or New Model Y?

    Sell the model S and put Ohlins on the model Y to sort out the ride.
  19. Wolfhausen

    Model Y Accident

    Additionally, you can program the dash cam to safe a short video when honking the horn. For future reference of course.
  20. Wolfhausen

    MYP Red Calipers No Longer Available?

    They are red on the Tesla website configurator. More subdued than previous photos, but definitely still red.
  21. Wolfhausen

    Maximum Tires Size Model Y Performance?

    EVs are more efficient than fossil fuel vehicles. As a result they are more affected by wind and rolling resistance.
  22. Wolfhausen

    Where to wire Charger in Garage

    Location 2 is the most versatile. It can reach either bay whether the car is head in or backed in.
  23. Wolfhausen

    Maximum Tires Size Model Y Performance?

    255 is a wide tire for an EV already. They should have gone with a narrower rim.
  24. Wolfhausen

    Elon Risking Becoming Liability To Tesla

    Seems that most here disagree with your assessment. Elon is a trail-blazer. He is highly intelligent and does not follow the crowd. Seems your problem stems from your disagreement with his politics. Personally, as a Trump supporting, Covid19 skeptic, I think these views improve my opinion of Elon.
  25. Wolfhausen

    Finger stuck in door

    I have not caught my fingers in a car door since I was a kid. Sounds like you just need to be more careful.
  26. Wolfhausen

    Tesla gave 1 day to schedule delivery and then cancelled order, contract says we have 3 days

    I don't blame Tesla at all. They have many "buyers" postponing orders to wait for new incentives or features. You can't run a manufacturing business that way. The business needs to have a reasonable timeline to deliver product in order to manage production. The OP already put his order on hold...
  27. Wolfhausen

    Vendor Ottosteer Fast Release Flush License Plate Mount (uses OEM mount)

    Looks like Ottosteer only has the touchless mount for the Model 3. Mounting the OEM bracket for the Model Y "flush" against the bumper would likely cause damage to the paint as she loosely mounted bracket moved against the bumper, with any road debris or dust between the two. I prefer the Quick...
  28. Wolfhausen

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Buy them from a current owner that swapped wheels. I have a set but i'm in CA
  29. Wolfhausen

    Model Y windshield issue

    If that is the case, where are the marks from the other suction cups? Also, the far corner is not a structurally sound are to lift a windshield. Most robots i've seen grab it near the center with 3 or more suction cups.
  30. Wolfhausen

    Model Y windshield issue

    That is clearly on the outside since it is affecting the surface tension of the rain water on the OUTSIDE of the windshield. I'd suggest cleaning the entire windshield with denatured alcohol and then applying a nice ceramic glass coating.
  31. Wolfhausen

    Model Y windshield issue

    Was the car ceramic coated? Looks like you rubbed off a coating that causes water to bead.
  32. Wolfhausen

    Warning: Tesla punished me $4000 on adding configurations to my orders when reservation

    Not Tesla's fault. Their terms are clearly spelled out in the contract. The OP just wants someone to blame for him no reading the terms thoroughly. Take some responsibility man!
  33. Wolfhausen

    Chargers gone from map in V11?

    Got this message on my screen but the software still says 2021.44.25.6 Did I miss something? I didn't tap the screen before entering the pin to drive and lost the ver 11.0 screen
  34. Wolfhausen

    Best value for set of tires for MY LR Gemini 19"

    If you like the OEM Conti's, Tire Rack sells the exact tire (Tesla Spec. w/ foam) for $276-$294 ea. on their website. Free shipping, just pay your shop to mount and balance. Should be well under the $1,600 that Tesla quoted you. If you are interested, I have 4 OEM Conti take-offs that I only...
  35. Wolfhausen

    Maximum Tires Size Model Y Performance?

    Please post pics from the rear showing the stance and tire width.
  36. Wolfhausen

    MYP on new Michelin All Seasons

    I put the pilot AS tires on my long range and love them. nice compliant ride, little noisier due to no foam, but well worth it.
  37. Wolfhausen

    What is this screw? Swapping 21" for 19" and found this loose screw. [pic]

    If not, there is a hex key alternative that sits flush with he disc. Just make sure you get the right length, diameter, and thread pitch.
  38. Wolfhausen

    What is this screw? Swapping 21" for 19" and found this loose screw. [pic]

    Don't toss them. They hold the brake disk to the hub and ensure alignment with the wheel lugs. When you torque the wheel and lug nuts on the car, the lug nuts provide the pressure to hold the disk to the hub. When you remove the wheels, that force is no longer there, and the disk could loosen...
  39. Wolfhausen

    Passenger windows won't go down.

    My Y shipped w/ dual pane windows so tolerances should be fine. Thanks for the tip about breaking the window when opening / closing the door. I was aware of that and have been "gently" opening the passenger doors until I notice the window lower.
  40. Wolfhausen

    Should I get trunk panel gap fixed? Scared..

    Fix it and insist on a loaner if it will take more than a day.
  41. Wolfhausen

    Frunk gap -- fix it or live with it?

    Too noticeable for me to live with.
  42. Wolfhausen

    Passenger windows won't go down.

    Weird phenomenon after owning my Model Y for a few months. On a handful of occasions, my passenger side windows will not work. This affects the lowering for the frameless window when opening the door. Also won't roll down with "vent" function from the app. They won't even respond to the driver...
  43. Wolfhausen

    Washing -what do you use?

    Chemical Guys HydroSuds out of a foam cannon, microfiber sponge, rinse, blow dry with leaf blower, finish with Chemical Guys HydroSpeed quick detailer.
  44. Wolfhausen

    Model Y mats

    Yes, carpet mats. Totally usable if not living in inclement weather conditions (ice, snow).
  45. Wolfhausen

    Backed into post below eye level

    Don't blame Tesla. Back up sensors are not a substitution for looking where you are going. Even if the sensors missed it, It would have been clearly visible in the camera were you looking at the screen. Accidents happen. If you refuse to learn from your mistakes, they will happen repeatedly.

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