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    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    I love my MYP but already placed a reservation for a R1T. Delivery mid 2023 :rolleyes:
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    Anyone with late '21 early '22 get your spoiler yet?

    I do like the dual motor emblem and personally think the spoiler is a must. But since most of them got unglued I see why Tesla is going away from them. Shame.
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    Accepted Delivery of MYP 22' this weekend. Your thoughts on the fit and finish?

    I had similar issues when I first took delivery of my MYP, I also documented them, fast forward a year later and I don't even know where they are anymore.
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    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    Hands down Rivian R1T. I might order it towards the end of 2022
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    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    Wow that was a long post... It seems to me that you should get rid of the car. I have a 2021 MYP and I find the ride nice and smooth, I really don't get it when people mention harsh ride, etc. Now, I am coming from a 2000 C5 and then 2013 550 so those cars where not the "smoothest" rides...
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    Opinions/Experience with Black MYP

    I had a black BMW 550, As many have said, gorgeous when clean but impossible to keep it that way. I went with white MYP and I'll have to say, also tough to keep it clean but not as bad as black.
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    2021 vs 2022 Improvements worth it?

    Only $6K more???.. no brainer, absolutely worth it.
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    Shopping for an ICE for my wife...

    I am also currently working on my wife, I keep telling her that she'll look great on a M3P. I also can't wait to dump my pick-up truck and get into one of those sweet Rivian R1T.
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    Front License plates

    Over 15 years of driving here in California w/o front license plate and no problems so far.
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    Car drives different since holiday update. You guys notice anything?

    It is more of a gradual increase of speed rather than a punch in the face, hold on tight boost :(
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    Car drives different since holiday update. You guys notice anything?

    Dang!!!!.. I thought I was crazy but I've also noticed a bit slower on the acceleration since the update
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Loving the black mirrors Bobby!
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    Model 3 vs Model Y

    I have the MYP which I love but now the more I see a 3 performance the more I like it. I might say that if I was to choose one now I'll probably pick the 3 performance.
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Just finished a much needed wash
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    Hide-A-Key (with magnets) placement?

    OK, here is why a Hide-A Key spot is necessary for some of us. As a surfer you need a spot to hide your key when you get in the water. So I've tried disabling the phone but you still need to hide the Keycard somewhere around the perimeter of the car. I've seen those rings that are waterproof...
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    Road Trip from Los Angeles to Monterey....

    Hwy 101 is fine, but if you have the time take the 1.
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    Horrible service experience in Las Vegas

    Tesla's customer service is very poor. I think it was ranked towards the bottom when comparing all car manufacturers.
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    Road Trip from Los Angeles to Monterey....

    Yes, no cell service but we like it that way. The road is amazing but check with Caltrans before, sometimes there are closures due to the rain.
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    The one thing keeping me from ordering

    I've always had a sunroof, have never used it. My wife's F-pace has a very nice sunroof, have never opened it.
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    Tesla MY Parking Cameras

    I hate the lack of the 360 degree camera. Hopefully it will be available soon.
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    If you HAD to convince someone to not get a Tesla, what would you say?

    Poor customer service Quality is hit or miss Could be a lot more options in a couple of years
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    Model Y Auto Pilot Nearly Unusable

    MYP March 2021 built. I never use autopilot, huge fail in my opinion.
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    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Doors Will Open Automatically

    I'm sorry but that is just one ugly truck!
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    Is the front plate required in California???

    I Had a Corvette from 2002 - 2012, no front plate BMW 550 2012-2021, no front plate MYP March 2021 -on, no front plate. Personally I really dislike front plates and I guess I am lucky that I've never gotten a ticket for not having one.
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    Black badges > Chrome Badges (Photos)

    Looks great, planing on doing mine soon. Can't stand the chrome!
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    What will you name your Model Y?

    "White Ghost" but my 9 y/o hates the name, he calls it Marshmallow
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    Switching from Jeep Grand Cherokee to Model Y Performance - Ground clearance issues?

    I have a MYP and I definitely don't see the car as an SUV. Even though it is listed as SUV I really don't see it at all and I feel that coming from a jeep will be a big difference. Space wise there is plenty of room so no issues there but the MYP definitely will feel more "fragile" on country...
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    So I have had my Tesla Y for 4 Days ...

    My 9 y/o son and his lil buddies love the Tesla.. but they are lil savages so I tell them to stay away! Yeah, the unlock icon is on the top portion of the screen, it is tiny. I also couldn't find it at first so I had to google it. Enjoy!
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    2 week old 2021 Model Y - SHUT DOWN while driving

    Yeah, that sounds like a horrible situation. Like you said, if it would have happened on the freeway then it could have been much worse. I understand your frustration and I personally would have been as upset as you are, specially since Tesla customer service is so poor. This seems to be a very...
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    AutoPilot tried to kill me. Again.

    I also never use the autopilot, I find it more stressful and had a few instances of unnecessary exaggerated braking.
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    Ear pain/Pressure help

    This has to be the most informative and discouraging thread here. Some of you guys have gone to some incredible extent to figure out the problem and find a solution, it is highly admirable. Honestly, if it was me, I would have returned the car. Tesla should be more involved on trying to solve...
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    Hi all, Just joined. Considering the MYP

    I am not sure what some are complaining about but I feel the ride quality of my MYP is pretty good, I really have no complaints about it. I am coming from a C5 corvette and a 2013 BMW 550 and I'll say the MYP is maybe smoother than the BMW. I also like the Uberturbines, sure there are nicer...
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    21” Uberturbine wheels

    And this is why we need the above the car 360 view camera now!!!
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    RadioZero, do you see a line where the film ends? I really can't see it at all on your photo.
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    hwy 1
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    Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

    Hey Stealth.Pilot , I wish my worries were that my MYP was too much for the nanny.. haha... But seriously, I think you are going to find yourself driving the Y more than what you thought.
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    Text messages (ghosts)

    Wait, you can get texts on your Y???.. I didn't know, I never get any
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    Going with 21” Uber performance wheels on a LR MY

    I have a P with the 21" Uber wheels, they look nice but if I was you I would rather buy some of the setups that TSportline has. I think they look better.
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    2020 Model Y Performance (barely used) or 2021 Model Y LR AWD (New)

    The P, the Y looks best on 21" IMHO
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    Love my model Y but...

    Good points here, of all the demands not having a garage opener and a 360 view camera baffles me. The car already sees everything, trash cans, cones, lights, butterflies, etc, etc. Why not just keep the top view of the car on the left side of the screen when engaging reverse showing things...
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    Rattles Rattles

    Probably the seat belt
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    Love my model Y but...

    $50 K +???.. try $79K for my MYP... so yeah, I demand soft touch doors, bad ass seats and a 360 view camera.. haha
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    Love my model Y but...

    Haha.. you guys are picky.. but seriously, for he price range a built in garage opener and bird's eye view camera are a must... C'mon!!!!!!!! these are simple things
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    Advice needed: Interior door trim damaged/melted after window tint job

    Wow!!.. so sorry, I am getting mine tinted in a couple of weeks, already talked to the shop and they sounded super knowledgeable and friendly. They told me that they will remove the door panels and assured me of an outstanding result.
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    Hello Tesla owners, I am new to the club and I want to buy some after market wheels for my Model Y. I want to know if anybody knows what is the smalle

    Tsportline has some crazy good ones, In my opinion the best I've seen on a model Y
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    Model Y Perf or BMW X3M?

    I just sold my 2013 BMW 550 M sport package when I bought the Y. I loved the BMW, never had any issues, the quality was great and always outstanding customer service. Comparing to the tesla, on the BMW you could feel the luxury as soon as you step in. The tesla is plain, which I still enjoy...

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