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  1. supersnoop

    Single DIN Radio Options

    My Roadster has the JVC KD-NX5000 single-DIN navigation head unit installed. The hard drive has died, causing the unit to click incessantly and restart twice when I start the car. My first inclination was to purchase a used replacement and clone a good hard drive for future repairs, and I made...
  2. supersnoop

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    When filtering the "trim level" for the Model X, you've only got the option for P90D, P100D, and P100DL. When selecting these options, the P90DL's are filtered out. Any chance you can add that as a filter? I've resorted to adding the 0-60 column and sorting on that to find the...
  3. supersnoop

    Roadster History Europe/APAC

    They switched to binary?;)
  4. supersnoop

    Head unit update with volume control buttons

    Did you consider any head units that are equipped with a remote control? Both of the singe-DIN JVC units originally available with the Roadster allow for the use of an IR remote control. It’s be pretty easy to affix some Velcro or a magnet to the remote if you want to mount it somewhere. Are...
  5. supersnoop

    Roadster Service E-Mail

    Oddly enough, the email they listed in the body of the message is not the email that that message came from, nor the email that a trade-in request goes to. I got a reasonable quick response to my trade in email.
  6. supersnoop

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    I should have asked to keep the original part. I wasn’t confident in the diagnosis, but I wasn’t in a position or mindset to argue. The GPS issue manifested as the inability to locate the car in the OVMS, but the only way to demonstrate the issue in the car was the lack of directional and...
  7. supersnoop

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    The screen assembly. Hopefully VDS was the correct TLA.
  8. supersnoop

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    In the end, this problem set me back over $2k. Service said that the antenna had to be replaced, and then the whole VDS had to be replaced. I have no idea if they figured out how to flash the antenna or if they somehow got a new one with updated firmware. I’m sad to say by schedule didn’t allow...
  9. supersnoop

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    I just had my annual service on my 1.5 and the date came back wrong with the elevation showing NA. Is this the issue, or did the GPS module fail?
  10. supersnoop

    Trunk wouldn't latch -solved (kind of)

    There were some parts that the technician could access without removing anything, and other parts where he had to remove the trunk and rear bumper. I don’t have the car back yet.
  11. supersnoop

    Trunk wouldn't latch -solved (kind of)

    Mines in the shop right now for this very problem. They’ve replaced so many parts, but the problem seems to be the cable. A bracket appears to have broken, causing increased pressure on the latch release and preventing the latch from resetting. It’s taken 4 months so far to get parts. Hopefully...
  12. supersnoop

    TPMS CONTINUES TO FAIL... [RANT] And they are gonna send people the mars?

    Is that a US signature (out of 100) or a European signature (out of 250). The European signatures should all be 2.x, so it would be compatible.
  13. supersnoop

    less than 200 miles. . .

    Pull the logs and check the cac over time. Also, give it a full charge and drive it down to below 10% in one session (one key turn). Then charge it back up and see if the cac improves. With the weather in the Austin area lately, my cac has been dropping a bit, too. It tends to be cyclical...
  14. supersnoop

    1.5 Roadster Tire Thread

    Has anyone tried the new(?) Yokohama Advan A052’s on the rear? They look to be an update of the A048’s, but with a much increased tread wear rating, 200 instead of 60. That’s better than the AD07’s and the same as the AD08’s. However, the initial tread depth matches the A048’s at 6/32”, which is...
  15. supersnoop

    Recommendations for phone holder?

    I use an older version of this: MagicMount Pro Magnetic Phone Vent Mount for the Car
  16. supersnoop

    First Post- looking to buy one of these!

    Can you share the VIN?
  17. supersnoop

    First Post- looking to buy one of these!

    The double-din radio was an option on the 2.5. It wasn’t standard, so some (most) have it, but a few don’t. Essentially, there were maybe 500 2,5’s and about 80% had the upgraded stereo, from what I recall.
  18. supersnoop

    VIN#s for Tesla Roadsters

    Remember that checkbox you clicked when signing up for the forum? The one where you agreed to the terms of service? You might should read that. You agree to not ... “collect or store personal data about other users.”
  19. supersnoop

    PEM second failure

    The “capacitor plague” should have ended by 2007. It’s an interesting story of espionage and betrayal, along with multi-billion dollar settlements. The 1.5 should have the military-grade components. They started saving money with the 2.0.
  20. supersnoop

    Purchase 2011 Roadster -5YJRE1A37B1001297

    Of it was actually a 3.0 battery, I’d jump on it. I’d expect the battery to be much easier to recover. I believe the 3.0 is stable at lower voltages. However, to reiterate what everyone else is saying about repair costs; I have some experience. I was sideswiped while doing 18mph by a vehicle...
  21. supersnoop

    Buying a Roadster, need advice please

    I believe I just responded to your email.
  22. supersnoop

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    CAC looks to be 122. I’d have to check the logs for ideal miles, but I’d assume somewhere around 145 to 155.
  23. supersnoop

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    I had the opportunity to look at #464 this weekend. It’s a beautiful car and I’m great shape. I didn’t even notice the squeaks and rattles that I’ve come to expect in my own car. The CAC looks a little low, but otherwise it’s a great car. I took about 40 additional picture and pulled the logs if...
  24. supersnoop

    Weak Windshield Washer

    You’re in the Roadster section. Are you asking about a Roadster?
  25. supersnoop

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    The only Tesla specialist in Austin is Tesla. I’d be happy to take a look it it this weekend for you.
  26. supersnoop

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    The back is exposed on the 1.5 seats.
  27. supersnoop

    PEM second failure

    Historic "Tzero" that inspired Musk to create Tesla's Roadster burned down in a fire
  28. supersnoop

    range charge indication anomaly

    Depends on the radio. The one with navigation has a hard-wired 30-pin wire, while the other JVC radio Has a normal usb connector.
  29. supersnoop

    looking for original NEMA adapter

    There were two different versions of the original HPC; one made by Tesla and one made by Clipper creek. Let me see if I can find the photos. ETA: here’s the difference: High power wall charger
  30. supersnoop

    looking for original NEMA adapter

    I’m sure the Clipper Creek version is repairable, but a parts readily available for the original Roadster HPC (built by Tesla)? I do agree that a new HPWC or even mobile charger plus the CAN SR makes the most sense these days.
  31. supersnoop

    VIN#s for Tesla Roadsters

    It’s just the reverse. There aren’t really that many variables. For North America, anything under 500 is 2008, and anything over is 2010 or 2011. You may have to guess by flipping the motor and check digit values to figure out if th car is a sport model.
  32. supersnoop

    Could not read log to usb

    There have been a few times when my car wouldn’t write to the usb drive. It seems like some process has locked up, usually when a prior attempt is interrupted by removing the drive prematurely. In those cases, I’ve had to restart the VMS by pulling the blue plug in the passenger-side footwell...
  33. supersnoop

    Run and Drive Copart Roadster?

    That hasn’t been my experience. A door and rear quarter panel were each under $1,000. However, painting and installation of the rear quarter required pulling the battery and that got to be very expensive. Expect labor and paint to be 3x parts cost.
  34. supersnoop

    Heating system has stopped functioning

    We’re in the Roadster forum here, so there’s no phone app (unless you’ve purchased and installed OVMS), and there’s no way to remotely trigger the HVAC in this car.
  35. supersnoop

    Looking for a Wheel / Rim

    Which rims? I don’t know how much it costs so refinish a wheel, but Tesla sells the base rims for $300.
  36. supersnoop

    CV joint replacement

    Clicking can also be a rattling brake pad.
  37. supersnoop

    Trading in Roadster for M3P - Pros and Cons

    What’s the purpose of granting carpool access to electric cars? If it’s about the environment, then doesn’t it make more sense to keep older electric cars in the carpool lane? Otherwise you’re just allowing rich people (people who can afford to buy a new car every few years) to pay for access...
  38. supersnoop

    Uk Roadster price

    First of all, you’re in the original Roadster forum. You’ll have better luck in the new Roadster forum: Roadster 2020 The price really comes down to the options. The Founders version is typically fully loaded with every option. If that’s how you’d order it, the Founders version would be a good...
  39. supersnoop

    3.0 Battery Sold Out

    It’s a common and oft-repeated myth that car manufacturers must make parts available for 10 years. The rumor spreads for every brand. I haven’t seen Tesla make any specific commitment.
  40. supersnoop

    Buying a former salvage Roadster

    Somewhere between there; most likely. Keep in mind that you won’t actually have “supercharging,” but maybe DC-fast charging from some other charging company. Tesla Superchargers validate the car to initiate charging, and you’re car won’t be in the system.
  41. supersnoop

    Simplified Roadster Lift Adapters

    I thought the adapters were only necessary for two-post lifts.
  42. supersnoop

    Buying a former salvage Roadster

    I’m fond of saying, “anything is possible with time and money.” There’s no such thing as “former” when it comes to salvage. It’s a salvage title and Tesla won’t offer any support or even allow you to purchase parts. So, if you want to build a new battery yourself and hack the firmware to...
  43. supersnoop

    Trading in Roadster for M3P - Pros and Cons

    I don’t think the “trade in” part of your question has been addressed. My understanding of recent trade-in quotes from Tesla is that they’re 30%-60% below market value.
  44. supersnoop

    Driveer and passenger seat switchable ?

    I don’t think you could swap the driver and passenger seats in a 1.5; the lumbar support is connected differently and the passenger seat doesn’t slide to adjust the seating position. I don’t think the lumbar support is the same in the 2.x models, but I imagine the seating position adjustment is...
  45. supersnoop

    Closing to Pulling the Trigger on a 2010 Roadster

    The plug end of the cable is known to fail but it’s easy to replace with $3 worth of parts from Home Depot. Mine is still working fine, so I wouldn’t preemptively do anything. I, personally, don’t trust Gruber. I wouldn’t do preemptive work on the pem. I thought the last quote for a full...
  46. supersnoop

    what does your garage charging situation look like?

    My understanding is that the MC240 is built like a tank and incredibly reliable. The UMC is the unreliable one.
  47. supersnoop

    MC 120 options

    The MC120 isn’t bulky. The only problem is that the GFCI plug has a habit of going bad. It’s easily replaced.
  48. supersnoop

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    What’s the light pattern flashing on the unit? My bet would be a poor connection. I’d disconnect the power to reboot it and then drive to an area with a known-good cell phone signal.
  49. supersnoop


    Can SR and a new Model S/X/3 charger. That will probably cost you less than a used Roadster charger.
  50. supersnoop

    First Trip Roadtrip

    Are you sure you were in Range mode? Usually it will stop showing you the distance when it drops below ~24 miles or so, and instead says “unable to calculate remaining range.” The first time I tried a long trip in Range mode, I stopped for a charge along the way and the car reset to standard...

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