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    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    On screen visuals are much more detailed. Love the updates. Keep them coming!
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    Where is the speakerphone microphone?

    My issue is I have to have volume at 8-10 with phone Bluetooth. Phone Bluetooth connected volume is at max. (iPhone XR) It also doesn’t get loud enough to hear well when driving down a cement highway. For city driving or slow traffic, it is OK. Appreciate any tips y’all have!
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    Headlight Gap

    Looks fine. The front of the car is not designed to be water tight. Nothing of concern to have rain pass through there with highway driving.
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    High Frequency Noise/Hum-New Model Y

    Tighten rear drive unit ground strap that connects to frame behind driver rear wheel. Cured 80% of my noise problems.
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    On the limit handling MYP

    You can still get updates once they are vetted. I haven’t bought this but am thinking about it. Lots of discussion on Model 3 forum.
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    On the limit handling MYP

    Ingenext has a product that can help with that.
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    rear drive unit replacement

    This is why there is a warranty. No need for “a new Y”. Let service center fix it. Inconvenient, sure, but a new car? Not necessary.
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    Towing 2500 lbs with the Y

    Plus manual says like 120-180 limit on rear cargo shelf I think.
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    On the limit handling MYP

    Disable traction and stability control will bring back the under steer and handling you’re looking for. Riskier but overall seems to be the source of your problem.
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    Like your black Model Y?

    This. I’ll never buy a black car again. Huge mistake. Looks awesome when paint is clean and perfect but that doesn’t last long. Even dust makes it look dingy. Swirl marks? You’ll never get rid of those.
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    How to get Trunk Open to display after "P" park?

    My signal controller, if pressed quickly, doesn’t always register. Likely same for tapping park button. Give it a firm 1/4-1/2 second push.
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    Airborne Tesla

    I thought the exact same thing about the filters!
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    Model Y Stroller that fits in trunk or frunk

    I carry a city mini which has various ways to set it up. Not a perfect stroller, it was free to us, but it fits width wise in the trunk without issues.
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    Airborne Tesla

    Makes me think a young kid was driving that car. What happened is unclear. The front end isn’t damaged which doesn’t align up to to story. I bet it’s slightly embellished. Alas, incredible feat by the driver.
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    Single folding side mirror from touch screen?

    I don’t have the width issue but I use a painted line so when I back up, as soon as I can’t see the line any longer, I know the front will clear the garage door. This way I can maximize the space behind the vehicle but not risk the garage door hitting the front end.
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    Serious frustration with recent updates, features lost...

    The front fan settings control the rear vents which, I believe, are a passive system like many rear console vents which are actuated by a electronically controlled split duct system. Change the front vent speed manually and see how it affects the rear. I think the emotional frustration you...
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    Radio won't play?

    I can’t say I’ve ever turned on the radio in the car. 😂 if it wasn’t for this forum, I would have never known there was no AM radio.
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    How are you dealing with parking lot curb-stops?

    Is this a MYP problem? My LR never has an issue.
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    Hydroplaned and crashed. Driving for 50 years. Never happened before. Thoughts?

    How do you all have some much tire left. I have 9k miles and only have 5/32 on the (now) front and 6/32 on rear. I don’t see these lasting past 18k or until end of summer this year.
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    Autosteer unavailable - “please take control immediately”

    Are you driving faster than 80-85mph? Is this on highway or city streets? Is lane marker visible? Are you well above speed limit when initiating? What are your settings in TACC? We need more details. Kthx
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    Towing 2500 lbs with the Y

    It’s below the weight of the car. I wouldn’t sweat it.
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    12V Power Source near front of car

    Send photo or video when done!
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    How to get to Map/Navigation menu

    Bluetooth audio from google maps indicating speed trap? Was any other audio source used during the event? Likely google pulling data from Waze to enhance their navigation data. I have Lexus 2015 and can assure you, no live maps or connectivity to that level.
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    Regen cuts out on steep slow corner

    This. Just like it does for ice and snow conditions where traction is limited to prevent loss of control (lateral sliding). Likely, all the weight is in the front of the car and the rear end is light going downhill which is the motor that is used for regen. Experiences slip and cuts out...
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    Helpful hint: Dog mode in app activates rear vents

    I’d like to call out that I now use dog mode to precondition the cabin on hot days. This activates the HVAC more aggressively and includes the rear vents. Additionally, when I start to drive, the rear vents will remain active so I don’t have to engage those for my kiddo sitting in the back...
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    Stereo volume modulates up and down every few seconds at highway speeds

    I’ve experienced this. Only on specific songs. Could be quality of track. Could be tuning of equalizer causes it to get lost. Haven’t figured it out myself, yet, either.
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    Software Wish List.

    Bike rack mode Profile settings for vent directions from HVAC plus ability to turn off passenger vents
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    Goodyear Electric drive GT Tires

    Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires
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    Does the trunk have ducted heat?

    This. The charge port has a heated line as well just in case water freezes in there. Only rear vents are from floor or center console.
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    Tinting Front Windshield

    No rainbow effect with Stratos. He offers for Pinnacle / Formula 1 products.
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    Tinting Front Windshield

    I used Rocky Mountain Window Tint in Livermore. Quality work. Good guy. Trustworthy. Straight shooter. I think guys name is Matt.
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    Tinting Front Windshield

    I did 50% Stratos. Works exceptionally well.
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    Ordered MYP and am looking for options of 19" wheels that clear the bigger brakes.

    Not sure if anyone posted yet but the “bigger” brakes on the YP are only a few mm wider discs and not a larger diameter that is common with the nomenclature of “big brake” kits.
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    Dashcam Unavailable Check USB

    It’s sucks but glad to read this isn’t an isolated issue with mine either.
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    Goodyear Electric drive GT Tires

    It’s a dumb comment but I think the sidewalls are horrible! Michelin knocked it out of the park with the Pilot Sports.
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    Trunk doesn’t soft close but soft opens

    Lack of pressure with window open will do this. Like closing a door with window open also takes less effort. Why the car doesn’t soft close in either scenario is beyond me.
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    Acceleration boost upgrade

    I ran it for trail period. Didn’t notice any range hit. The suspension in the Y is quite good compared to most vehicles on the road. Although, it’s probably not as good as the S or M version of cars or super sport cars like Porsche. Compared to non sport oriented cars, the suspension is...
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    Bay Area: 21" Uberturbine Wheels/ Tires

    Still available?
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    Anyone regret buying the Acceleration Boost for their Model Y?

    It doesn’t do this. It only engages front under heavy acceleration, just like it does without AB. When digging in, it allows more power to the inverter than without AB.
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    Avatar looks all washed out, contrast off

    You can change color in the settings. I made mine more silver which brought the lines back and make it look better.
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    Towing Experience with My New Model Y

    Took those off at the dealer lot when I picked it up. Couldn’t stand the look of them! The wheels underneath look sweet.
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    2022 Y Long Range- Matrix headlights?

    Prices go up every quarter. Seems not worth waiting. I mean, the car is up $12k since last year at the same time.
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    Calculation of Miles per kWh for life of car.

    FYI to OP this does not include the wh used for preconditioning, dog mode, energy loss charging (no charging is 100% efficient), or sentry mode. You can log into charger to see output. If you charge in multiple locations, this becomes more difficult to calculate.
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    Range on the Coquihalla when towing.

    Slower you drive, the mor range you’ll have. I lose exponential range as speed increases. Towing 55mph I get similar to what I get driving 65 w/o trailer. Drive 75, I’m well over double the consumption.
  45. M


    I’m using a micrometer to measure and also in MM. it’s around 3-4mm. I’ll have to check again. New tires are $1500 and summer is approaching (no rain to worry about) so I’ll let them wear a little longer. I haven’t rotated them as it’s not worth $50 to do so.
  46. M


    Impressive amount of mileage. I generally drive pretty smooth and at 8k, I have less than 5/32 on the rear and right about 5/32 on the front. By 17k I’ll need a new set. (These are the Conti RX 19” Oem)

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