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    Please Help Me Decide - I’ve Narrowed it Down to Two Wheels

    I agree with those that recommend the Martian wheels. Seems like the better choice in this case. BTW: The Tsportline are "Flow Forged" which is not the same as the "Fully Forged" from Martian. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/flow-forged-vs-forged.241730/
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    Silver color.Looking for Model S new 21 silver Arachnid or Turbines

    I have a set of turbines, I might be willing to part with. 2 of them are mounted with Proxes Sport A/S (without TPMS), and 2 are just rims. Some kind of trade sounds good to me. Only problem is that I am in Sacramento Area.
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    Questions about toe/camber angles after recent alignment and 2 new tires

    I agree with @Aggmeister2010 ... You do not "need" both toe and camber arms. However not only are the N2ITIVE toe arms more precise, they also have a wider range of adjustment. The stock toe arms have relatively small range of adjustment, so there may be cases where you can't quite get to the...
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    Questions about toe/camber angles after recent alignment and 2 new tires

    Try these: Complete Alignment Kits - Tesla X/S Archives » N2itive.me Fixed the problem on my car, and the company was very responsive to all my questions.
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    Rear Camber arms option - Hardrace

    Another benefit for the N2ITIVE HW is that they pointed me to an alignment shop that knew exactly how to work with their stuff.
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    Big electric trucks and SUVs are the new gas guzzlers

    US Homes typically have 4 main wires going into the electric box from the power company. 2 hot wires, a neutral wire, and a ground wire. 240V AC is delivered between the 2 hot wires. This typically powers the high power appliances like electric dryer, electric range, EV charger, etc. From hot...
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    Silver Arachnids and Pilot Super Sport Tires

    I am interested, and I am local.
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    19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream (Model S) with New Tires and TPMS in SoCal

    Which Year Model S did these come from?
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    Tesla Canceled my Order

    It's only 3/25 (and scheduled pickup is 3/28), so your car should not have actually been given to someone else yet. Seems to me that since it is clearly their mistake that the contact number got changed, it would be easy to re-assign the car back to you. Anyway... sorry you have to deal with...
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    Air suspension unlevel - Ride height uneven

    I have a similar issue on my 2012 MS P85. The rear passenger side was running a bit lower than the rest (maybe 1/2 to 1 inch). I took it to the closest tesla shop for a ride height calibration. Should have been an easy tweak. They said the sensors were not connected properly, and...
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    Jebinc’s review of N2itive’s RSX-2 Plaid / Refreshed MS/LR Lowering Links!

    I too found N2itive to be very responsive and very helpful. I do not have a plaid, but do have their camber/toe arms on my P85, and am very happy with the product and the service. Also @jebinc - Very Nice Car!
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    Light Harmonic Amp & Customer Service discussion

    Yes... I know, but since LH was already discussed, I thought it would be more appropriate here, than creating a new thread.
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    Light Harmonic Amp & Customer Service discussion

    I have the LH amp in my MCU1 MS-P85. It really does sound much better than the stock amp and I am generally quite happy with it. However, I have seen at least 2 posts where people have no sound from the rear hatch speakers with this amp. I also have this issue. The audio is generally so much...
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    Do the rear hatch speakers only come with premium sound?

    I just noticed that I am not getting any sound from my rear liftgate speakers either (but all other speakers work). Thanks for posting this thread, as I now know what to look for before I go an bother the SvC (since my car is out of warranty anyway)...
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    Options for bad battery

    Yes... I absolutely agree. I just wish @wk057 had a shop closer to the West Coast. But given this kind of integrity, I am still considering their battery warranty. They really do seem to be the kind of people you want to give your business to.
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    Who here is going to lose 3G Connectivity - Feb 2022 when it sunsets?

    No, not suggesting that you have to "scour" any particular manufacturers web site. Just pointing out that the info has been very well publicized in general, including by Tesla. I did get a reminder from them, and had the update done back in November 2021, when I did the eMMC recall. I also...
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    Who here is going to lose 3G Connectivity - Feb 2022 when it sunsets?

    Posted on July 14, 2021 https://www.tesla.com/support/3g-cellular-network-retirement
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    19" wheels/tires for sale T-Sportline (Model S) Nokian WRG4

    Would you consider shipping these?
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    Light Harmonic Amp for UHFS Model S

    I may be interested. Would you take $600 same as this other one that sold? https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/light-harmonics-model-s-amplifier-600.158191/
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    Would you buy the N2itive Alignment kit for your Model X to fix shudder and tire wear?

    I used the Alignment Kit 2 on my 2012 MS P85 (Alignment Kit 2 - Inner Tire Wear - Tesla Model S/X 2012 - 2020). Very happy with the results and found Don from N2itive to be very friendly, responsive, and helpful. (Note: since mine is RWD only, I didn't have the shudder issue). Definitely...
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    2013 P85 Defective Rear Toe Link

    I had the tire wear alignment issue on my 2012 MS P85. I was told that when replacing the camber arms, I should also replace the toe arms, as on an older car the bushings can wear out. Also the adjustment on the stock toe arms may not be enough range. I went with the N2itive aftermarket...
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    FS: Tesla 21" Turbine wheels and tires + TPMS (Square set up)

    I believe the update to Gen2 was sometime late in 2014. So if these are OEM off a 2016 then they should be Gen2. Thanks for the info.
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    Who here is going to lose 3G Connectivity - Feb 2022 when it sunsets?

    I did the eMMC and recall and LTE update at the same time. The $200 flat fee was already in place when I did my recall. And I agree that without AP (2012 MS P85) the cost for an MCU2 upgrade + $500 to keep FM radio was tough to justify so I stuck with MCU1. All works great, and I am happy...
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    FS: Tesla 21" Turbine wheels and tires + TPMS (Square set up)

    Is the TPMS 1st Gen or 2nd Gen?
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    Vendor N2itive Camber arms, Toe arms, and Lowering Links installation in Orange County area

    Had the N2itive Alignment Kit2 (toe + camber, no lowering) installed on my 2012 MS P85. Great product and great service. So far I am very happy with the results. Still have the stock camber arms, and it looks like at least one (left side) has bent slightly. It's subtle, but the left and right...
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    Show Me Your Inner Tire Wear Photos

    I had the inner part of my tires (factory continentals) wear out very quickly (~10K miles) while the outer part looked like maybe 1/2 worn out. So I decided to use the N2itive rear toe/camber arm set (alighment kit2) to fix the problem. I found Don to be very friendly, helpful, and responsive...
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    Vendor Shelf Butler by Norm

    Another thumbs up for Norm's stuff. Installed shelf butler and cubby in my 2012 Model S. Both look and function excellent.

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