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  1. jf64k

    MYP - Initial Impressions (vs '20 MYLR)

    OP, did you notice a difference in speed with the infotainment Intel vs AMD??
  2. jf64k

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Looks great. Thanks for the update and pics!!
  3. jf64k

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    @FrostY I'm thinking that it might be easier than worrying about how far to drill down, how long the fastener should be, etc, @MattM24 IIRC, they make those studs as long as 30". I'm not sure where to source them though.
  4. jf64k

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    For the 2020 non-BDM (without the threaded inserts), I wonder if a blind thread rivet nut would be easier??
  5. jf64k

    Can I reuse Tesla TPMS on aftermarket wheels?

    Yes you can...swapped out the Geminis for Vossens and kept the Continentals. The shop just moved the Tesla TPMS over to the new wheels. I sold the Geminis to a buyer looking to have a set of winter wheels for his MYP.
  6. jf64k

    Need recommendation for a rear CF matt finish spoiler for MY

    I have the Topfit on my 2020 MYLR. Installed about nine months ago. The spoiler hasn't moved a bit, still solidly mounted. I used the included adhesive and adhesive promoter. I taped the heck out of it (using 3M yellow automotive masking tape) to hold it in place overnight while the adhesive...
  7. jf64k

    FYI Tesla/Wawanesa labor rate issue on repairs

    OTOH, Wawanesa OVER-estimated the cost to replace the passenger mirror on my 2020 MYLR that had been knocked off by a lane-splitting motorcyclist. I "made" about $110, haha!!
  8. jf64k

    CCS Adapter - ?

    I don't see it as scalping, it's more like arbitrage. The seller took a risk (maybe small, but a risk) in giving up their account password and wiring money to Korea to buy what is, for now, a grey market item. Some folks may want the adaptor, but don't want to take that much risk. So they're...
  9. jf64k

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Both of our 2020 MYLRs (July, 2020 and August, 2020) support CCS
  10. jf64k

    Windshield tinting for heat rejection without rainbow effect?

    We used Rayno Platinum Air 7090 on both of our MY windshields. The heat rejection is incredible and no rainbow with polarized glasses. https://www.raynofilm.com/architectural/air7090
  11. jf64k

    Recommendation on Tesla Wall Charger installers in So. CA, Orange County area

    No, I have an old Schneider Electric 30 amp I use for my MY, and a Tesla wall connector for my wife’s MY. Both chargers are wired with a 14-50 cord and each plug into 14-50 outlets on separate 50 amp circuits.
  12. jf64k

    Recommendation on Tesla Wall Charger installers in So. CA, Orange County area

    We used A-EV Installs in Orange County EV Charger Installation Orange County | A-EV INSTALLS Very happy with their work. We had them install a 50 amp circuit and 14-50 outlet. FWIW, we have two MY's and have two chargers. Makes life much easier.
  13. jf64k

    Best interior general cleaner

    I swear by this stuff: FEYNLAB® INTERIOR CLEANER | Quickest and safest solution for interiors Cleans everything (including the white seats), easy to use, even smells good.
  14. jf64k

    TPMS Sensors available in Tesla Shop

    For those getting a second set of wheels. Saves a trip to the SC (sorry if dupe!!) https://shop.tesla.com/product/tire-pressure-monitoring-system
  15. jf64k

    How Difficult is it to Resell Set of Gemini Wheels?

    I listed the wheels here on TMC in the Marketplace. I had my installer save the boxes my aftermarket wheels came in and used those for shipping the Geminis. I listed the covers on ebay.
  16. jf64k

    Model Y Carpet Interior Mats - OEM

    Hello everyone, Up for sale are OEM Model Y Carpet Interior Mats. These were in our 2020 MY’s. They we’re only in the cars on the drive home from the SC, then removed and bagged. They would pass for new. Two sets are available. Just like these: Model Y Carpet Interior Mats Price: $50...
  17. jf64k

    Risky mods that void warranty

    I've got tint all around (minus the roof) on both of my MYLRs with zero issues. We used Rayno S7 35% on the front doors, and Rayno Platinum Air 70/90 on all the rear windows and the windshield. https://www.raynofilm.com/architectural/air7090 The 70/90 made a huge difference on the amount of...
  18. jf64k

    Long term garaging

    From the manual (emphasis by Tesla): About the Battery Model Y has one of the most sophisticated battery systems in the world. The most important way to preserve the Battery is to LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE PLUGGED IN when you are not using it. This is particularly important if you are not planning to...
  19. jf64k

    2021 Holiday Firmware Release - Predictions and Impressions (after release)

    Got mine, one on FSD Beta and one on regular build. Liking the UI changes so far. And Beta is much better on city streets. Huge improvement.
  20. jf64k

    Color-matched Face Plates for the WC at the Tesla Shop

    Sorry if this is a dupe https://shop.tesla.com/product/wall-connector-color-matched-faceplate Currently out-of-stock...I wonder if they'll offer these as options when ordering WCs??
  21. jf64k

    2020 Gen 3 Wall Connector Replaced...finally haha!!

    Hello everyone, I wanted to post my experience getting my 2020 Gen 3 Wall Connector replaced. My 2020 WC (purchased in July, 2020) had the dreaded overheat issue....it would start at full charge (40 amps in my case) then throttle down to 32, then 30, and sometimes lower. I emailed Tesla WC...
  22. jf64k

    My tire has been screwed by a screw!

    +1 on the plug kits from Amazon. I've been unlucky lately with nails. I've put three plugs in so far, and the tires don't lose any air. Fast and easy.
  23. jf64k

    Glovebox scratches?

    I have those scuffs too...they've been there since delivery (Aug 2020). I didn't notice them until about a week later and by then it was too late to have Tesla take the blame. That ^ alcantara wrap might be the ticket.
  24. jf64k

    Phone as key never works!

    Get the fob. We have them for both of our Y’s. Works every time. Bonus fob feature: It works exactly like the key card in the event the fob battery dies or otherwise breaks (like if your waterproof pouch leaks during an ocean swim and water logs the fob. You can still unlock the car and drive...
  25. jf64k

    To spoiler or not?

    I added this CF spoiler from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08TBZFY3J Fit perfectly. I used the adhesive it came with. I prepped with alcohol wipes and the adhesive promoter that was included with the spoiler. I installed in August and it hasn't budged. I did blue-tape the heck out...
  26. jf64k

    3D MAXPIDER 2nd Row Seatback Protector

    Latest shipping update Updated shipping: 11/24. Someday, haha!!
  27. jf64k

    3D MAXPIDER 2nd Row Seatback Protector

    No. It showed expected ship by 10/29. I emailed CS. We'll see what they say. ETA: They said the manufacturer has them in-stock but is backlogged on shipping orders. Estimate is 1-2 more weeks.
  28. jf64k

    An unexpected condition has been detected with the heating and cooling system

    I dropped of the MY about 9am and it was ready that afternoon.
  29. jf64k

    An unexpected condition has been detected with the heating and cooling system

    Probably the Pressure and Temperature sensors. They were proactively changed out on both of our 2020 MY's when we brought them in for service.
  30. jf64k

    Plugged in all the time…..Really?

    The owner's manual is so clear on this topic: leave it plugged in. Full stop. I always wonder why all the debate about this? The manufacturer says to leave it plugged in. Who can say (with a straight face) that THEY know more than Telsa's engineers about how to maintain battery health? Below...
  31. jf64k

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Anyone else noticing that FSD is REALLY watching for phone use while in AP or NoP?? Like “lock you out of AP if you get caught more than a couple of times” type of thing? Even while stopped in traffic? Asking for a friend…
  32. jf64k

    Can I get a FOB for MYLR?

    The FOB is great. It also functions as a key card. Meaning: even if the FOB dies, gets waterlogged, battery is out, etc you can unlock the car by tapping on the pillar, and drive the car by tapping on the center console.
  33. jf64k

    Steering Yoke installed and loving it!

    The anti-yokers are completley missing the point...reminds me of an old Simpsons episode, "Enjoy your death trap, ladies!!":
  34. jf64k

    Safety Score

    And Elon himself called the SS an Alpha release during the latest earnings meeting. We all know how janky it is, so why wouldn’t you opt out/in if you want the beta?? Does anyone really believe Tesla doesn’t know about the “loophole”? With Elon’s screwy sense of humor, maybe the opt out was...
  35. jf64k

    3D MAXPIDER 2nd Row Seatback Protector

    OP, thanks for posting the question. I hadn't heard of these. I've had the Maxpider floor mats in both MY's since new in 2020 and love them. I've wanted something to protect the carpet on the back of the seats when I throw my bikes in the back. I ordered two sets from Autoanything. They had a...
  36. jf64k

    10.3.1 rolling out

    Drove home in the rain with 13.2.1. Busy SoCal freeway. All is well, haha!! No more false FCW/AEB, thank goodness. Now to play on surface streets!!
  37. jf64k

    Steering Yoke installed and loving it!

    Great thread on this here: Installation and review of the Aroham Yoke for my 2021 MY Performance (9/7/21 build) I got the Aroham yoke and hope to install this weekend.
  38. jf64k

    10.3.1 rolling out

    I got in after opt out/in with 4 days of 100 driving and 106 miles.
  39. jf64k

    Safety Score

    I got 10.3.1 Will be a tense drive home tonight haha!!
  40. jf64k

    10.3.1 rolling out

    Just got the push to 10.3.1 (and the email) over LTE. Installing now.
  41. jf64k

    10.3.1 rolling out

    Mine did that twice after I activated the Beta. Both while doing 70mph. Second time we were seconds from getting rear-ended, cars braking and swerving to avoid hitting us. And it was full on AEB...abs activated, seat belts locking, etc. 70 to a full stop before I could get on the accelerator...
  42. jf64k

    10.3.1 rolling out

    Yes, but for AEB, it has to be disabled before every trip (at least, that's how it is for me: 2020 MY LR).
  43. jf64k

    10.3.1 rolling out

    Remember you have to disable AEB before EVERY trip!! Ask me how I know, haha!!
  44. jf64k

    Safety Score

    Yep, haha!! That’ll teach me to talk…First Rule of FSD Beta is don’t talk about FSD Beta. :)
  45. jf64k

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Whelp, when got in my MY for the drive home, I checked (because I hadn’t seen my SS reappear) and I’m back with 10.3 Beta (35.5.2). Wtf?!? I disabled AEB before driving home (FCW was still disabled) and the car drove normally. (BTW: AEB was not disabled like others have experienced, and it...
  46. jf64k

    Safety Score

    Whelp, when got in my MY for the drive home, I checked (because I hadn’t seen my SS reappear) and I’m back with 10.3 Beta (35.5.2). Wtf?!? I disabled AEB before driving home (FCW was still disabled) and the car drove normally. When I hit a stretch of open freeway, I tried engaging FSD, got...
  47. jf64k

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    You do it in the AP menu. But you have to disable AEB before EVERY trip.
  48. jf64k

    Safety Score

    And you have to disable AEB every trip…it automatically reenables.
  49. jf64k

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    I turned it on once I was on surface streets to see the new visualizations. I immediately started getting false FCW’s so I stayed out of FSD just to see how that went. Once I got on the freeway I started getting false FCW’a like crazy. So I still stayed out of FSD. Then the first AEB happened...
  50. jf64k

    Safety Score

    Again, that shows me how serious this was. They didn’t want it to be an option. It had to be uninstalled. Just to be clear, I DIDN’T have AP/FSD engaged when the AEB’s happened. They were completely out of nowhere. We had cars behind swerving and braking to avoid hitting us.

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