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  1. Stranger Dings

    Window washer fluid low

    Just fill it up and get on with life. Like your washer fluid reservoir, it’s really not that deep.
  2. Stranger Dings

    Top up charging on route

    Definitely download A Better Route Planner and download ZapMap. Plan your routes in ABRP and see where chargers are (and if they are likely to be working) in ZapMap. Don’t forget to add a credit card to your Tesla account too. Once you’ve done that, supercharging just works when you plug it in...
  3. Stranger Dings

    Energy Cost in UK

    Unless I’m missing something, the price of electric isn’t solely tied to the gas price, but is significantly affected by it owing to the huge increases in gas price? The cheaper generation from other sources is still happening, but there isn’t enough to offset the gas rises? At least that’s...
  4. Stranger Dings

    Energy Cost in UK

    As around 50% of UK electric is generated by burning gas (well, it was a few years back), you can’t separate the two prices.
  5. Stranger Dings

    EV Tariff conundrum

    It all depends on how much you can shift your electric consumptoon to within the off peak period. The new Go peak rate is 31p a KWh, over double your current rate. You’d need to really max out your off peak four hour slot to get benefit from the 7.5p KWh rate. If it were me, I’d probably stick...
  6. Stranger Dings

    Has V11 reduced the number of inputs drivers make?

    I have to faff around much more to find anything. I wanted to save dashcam footage yesterday, but couldn’t work out how. It used to be a button at the top of the screen that was constantly available. In the end I had to hit the horn, but this should not be necessary. The bloke in front thought I...
  7. Stranger Dings

    Anyone regretted getting a Performance M3?

    My wife is the same. Hates the launch, while I love it. However, when she is driving and someone fancies a go at the traffic light grand prix, she is more than happy. It does feel very different when you are sat in the passenger seat, I must admit.
  8. Stranger Dings

    Stated Range vs Real World

    I think 20 inch wheels without aero caps also has a lot to do with it. Even if I drive my P extra carefully, it doesn’t get me anywhere near 240 miles range. Like you say, I bought a P because I wanted the look and the power. I wouldn’t buy a V8 muscle car and then complain about the mp, so as...
  9. Stranger Dings

    Stated Range vs Real World

    You definitely will not get 240 miles comfortably from an M3P. As other state, at best, I only ever get 20 miles for each 10% of battery In my M3P over 2 years of ownership. The LR is more efficient and you may well manage 240 miles in that. I think SR and P are similar on range. The SR may...
  10. Stranger Dings

    Anyone regretted getting a Performance M3?

    Got a P and have no regrets. I love it. If you want a sports car and can put with all of the associated down sides, it’s a great car. If comfort, range and value for money are more important, the LR may well be the one for you.
  11. Stranger Dings

    SMET2 meters

    I’m guessing that you don’t own one then Glyn? This is utter nonsense I’m afraid. If you get an off peak tariff, they can save you a lot and by helping you to understand which appliances are costing you the most money, they help you economise. Charging at 5p KWh has saved me plenty, as does...
  12. Stranger Dings

    Tesla Cyberwhistle

    £50 for a whistle! At that price, they can, erm… whistle.
  13. Stranger Dings

    Phantom braking getting some unwanted attention (at last!)

    I’m surprised it hasn’t previously featured more heavily in the media. Hopefully more people start to report on it and Tesla will finally do something about it.
  14. Stranger Dings

    Can we have the Wh/mile odometer "card" back please?

    The issue I have is that I want to see my efficiency live, not historically. I plan a drive and know what efficiency I’m expecting to hit in order to make a charger. As efficiency is quite variable, it was great to see if I was on target or going to need to slow right down. This is particularly...
  15. Stranger Dings

    Can we have the Wh/mile odometer "card" back please?

    I would love this back. Used it all the time, but now impossible to use while driving and using Nav. Likewise tyre pressures. I got a pressure warning the other day and nearly hit someone else whilst messing around trying to find the tyre pressures to see if I had picked up a nail (again).
  16. Stranger Dings

    How long can it sit at 100%

    Then to you, sir, I would like to extend a sincere thank you. A tough job, with very little thanks given. You guys keep this country running and I’m not sure you ever get the praise that you deserve. 👍🏻
  17. Stranger Dings

    Short/long stay airport parking

    I think valet mode just stops someone driving it fast. To save battery, turn Sentry off and don’t keep checking the app to see how much charge you have left as it wakes the car and uses battery. If left asleep, the car should lose no more than one or two percent a day.
  18. Stranger Dings


    Can’t see anything about this release on the internet. Looks like you’ve got this one early. I’m interested to know what’s in it… 👍🏻🙂
  19. Stranger Dings


    Any idea what is in this release?
  20. Stranger Dings

    Extending a Lease

    I think you might be right. If the lease company sell it now, they’ll be quids in. That is reflected in the new quote.
  21. Stranger Dings

    2500 miles. My thoughts - and issues 😬

    160 miles for 90% - 10% (therefore 80% used) is bang on right. 20 miles for each 10% of battery. Honestly though, that is a few hours driving. You won’t mind a 30 minute stop after that. Also, unless you are doing that distance every day, I would not base your vehicle purchase on an edge...
  22. Stranger Dings

    2500 miles. My thoughts - and issues 😬

    Yep. I wouldn’t be moaning about miles per gallon if I was driving a big V8, so don’t mind 200 mile range with such great performance. The bonus that I wake up with a full (cheap) ‘tank’ of fuel each day makes it even better.
  23. Stranger Dings

    2500 miles. My thoughts - and issues 😬

    200 mile range is pretty true for an M3P on a motorway, in my experience. On the flip side, I’m happy to have a 30 minute break every couple of hundred mile, so for me, this really isn’t an issue. If you want performance, buy the performance model. If long range is more important, get the LR...
  24. Stranger Dings

    2500 miles. My thoughts - and issues 😬

    That range is pretty standard in an M3P I’m afraid. I plan on 20 miles per 10% of battery. At the moment, I’m burning 30 KWh (that’s what the app tells me I’ve used in charging overnight) in doing a 62 mile commute (31 miles each way) with 60 of those miles being motorway. The car itself tells...
  25. Stranger Dings

    Battery Drain

    Using 15 KWh for 13 miles is certainly possible at this time of year. Preconditioning from the battery and not the mains must chew a few KWh on its own. Couple that with the super inefficiency that you get for short journeys at this time of year and the figures you have don’t surprise me. Don’t...
  26. Stranger Dings

    [UK] 2021.44.30

    All works fine for me. Time for a reboot, I reckon.
  27. Stranger Dings

    Impact glass roof

    I think the only way to find out will be to call the insurance company. Personally, I doubt the roof will be considered in the same way as the windscreen, but I’d be interested to hear what they say.
  28. Stranger Dings

    Octopus go - Still available?

    That is what I’m assuming.
  29. Stranger Dings

    Octopus go - Still available?

    I’ve got that same email! By way of apology, when your fixed term comes to an end, we've lined up an additional 12 months on the same (quite frankly crazy cheap in the current market) prices you're currently enjoying. Happy days!
  30. Stranger Dings

    Octopus go - Still available?

    7.5p per KWh is cheap, but the impact on the wider household bills mean that it is cheaper for me to leave Go and move onto another tariff. They include an overall comparison against other tariffs in the email and I’d be better going onto Flexible Octopus to the tune of a couple of hundred...
  31. Stranger Dings

    Octopus go - Still available?

    I was sent those prices by email and told this was what my new ‘Go’ tariff would be.
  32. Stranger Dings

    Octopus go - Still available?

    Ouch. Mine is up for renewal. The new prices are awful. From 14p KWh to 31p and off peak from 5p to 7.5p. Yesterday, I was charging on a PodPoint fast (50kw) charger at 25p KWh. It is cheaper to use public charging than home peak unit pricing! Your new Octopus Go prices Peak unit rate: 31.42p...
  33. Stranger Dings

    Tidal/Music Misbehaving

    Other than the map, I’ve not noticed any of those other issues. Might be worth doing a reboot and see if things settle down.
  34. Stranger Dings

    AC/DC - is rapid charging DC?

    I believe they are, but whether they really do significant damage is an open question. Some people seem to only ever Supercharge but haven’t suffered significant degradation. I’d be interested to know what the facts behind DC charging really are.
  35. Stranger Dings


    I’m avoiding crypto until it becomes stable and a genuinely viable currency. Otherwise, you risk massively overpaying or underpaying, like the bloke that paid £459 million pounds for two pizzas. Bitcoin's surge beyond $60,000 means the famed programmer Laszlo Hanyecz effectively paid $613...
  36. Stranger Dings

    [UK] 2021.44.30

    This version definitely does’t heat the seat up when preconditioning, like it used to. I hopped in wearing shorts for a trip to the gym yesterday and was met with cold vinyl. Hopefully they sort this out.
  37. Stranger Dings

    Tesla buying money guilt :-(

    I was nervous as hell before getting my Tesla. It didn’t take long for me to get used to the new financial situation and I am delighted I made the jump. Initially, it was like the financial equivalent of range anxiety, but after a short while I was used to it and glad I’d made the right choice.
  38. Stranger Dings

    Anyone else done anything stupid when driving an ICE vehicle, now you are used to a Tesla?

    I’m getting close to two years driving my M3P now and so when I occasionally drive my wife or daughters ICE vehicles I’m prone to the odd brain fart. The other day, I moved my daughters car to allow me to get my car out. It was after a couple hours away, that I returned to find that I’d left...
  39. Stranger Dings

    where will we be in 3 years time?

    You are indeed correct. I want blistering performance AND a 400 mile range. And don’t forget decent handling and excellent interior too. Then when they announce It is £150k, I’ll complain it is too much. Life Is all about compromise and I struggle with that :)
  40. Stranger Dings

    where will we be in 3 years time?

    I was Interested to read more on the Merc EQXX concept over the past couple of days. It is estimated to have the drivetrain in production by 2024 and that the 1000km / 620 mile range is a real world estimate, with the WLTP range significantly higher. Mercedes EQXX Electric Powertrain Will Make...
  41. Stranger Dings

    Am I crazy - long trip towing boat upcoming....

    Gordano Services might be a better emergency option than Cribbs or Lysander. Cribbs is in a multi-storey car park, so height restricted, and Lysander is a bit tight if you are towing.
  42. Stranger Dings

    Learning to drive in a Tesla….

    In a few years time, they won’t be making manuals anymore. I’ve still got my daughter learning in a manual now, but doubt she will need this much beyond her current car.
  43. Stranger Dings

    Learning to drive in a Tesla….

    Make sure chill mode is switched on, but for general driving, it can’t get much easier!
  44. Stranger Dings

    where will we be in 3 years time?

    There are plenty of other reports too. Try this one. Mercedes Vision EQXX set to smash range for EVs My overall point is that a Mercedes concept is no different to Elon announcing the roadster or Cybertruck going on sale and then taking 5 years to make it; assuming they do eventually make them...
  45. Stranger Dings

    where will we be in 3 years time?

    I think the competition are accelerating and Tesla needs to up its game. It purports to be a luxury brand, but my M3P interior is more Ford Focus than Mercedes. Mercedes are currently showing off their 600 mile range concept (though it will still probably arrive before the Roadster or...
  46. Stranger Dings

    Bad Luck M3P *Rant*

    It’s the Yin and Yang of life. You must be due a hearty dose of good luck now. Buy a lottery ticket.
  47. Stranger Dings

    545 mile day tomorrow

    So true. At 80mph on a motorway, I would never get 200 miles at this time of year. Even on a bright summers day, I could never dream of 264 miles off a full charge, unless I was doing 60mph all of the way.

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