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    Steering column doesn't move after software update

    Here’s a tip: https://www.mountainpassperformance.com/tesla-model-3-hard-reset/
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    2021.44.5 Uneven Tire Wear Detection

    It's a dang good thing there is no screen page to monitor the wear in real time. OMG, which page to stare at- the revolutions, the pressure, or the wh/mi.? Was that a stop sign?
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    New Navigation Map (NA-2021.44-13555)

    After installing 44.30.7 I noticed I had a different look to the maps near my house. They changed from what I would guess was early April to early August. The version number, however, was still the same- 2020.48-12628. Summertime definitely looks better. I think they do things like this just to...
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    Poll on V11 interface

    The only number I look at when navigating somewhere that is a tight fit for range is the estimated SOC at destination. If that number starts to decrease unacceptably then I know I will have to make changes in speed, Hvac, or route if possible. If it holds up, then I can enjoy myself and drive...
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    Where did tire pressure go? V11 Model 3

    If you have to keep your eyes on the road, not the screen, then why do you want to watch your tire pressures? You will get a warning if any are low.
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    I sure wish the car had a system to monitor the tire pressures and warn me if any get low. Then I wouldn’t have to watch that tire pressure page all the time.
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    Why do our cars have oil pumps?

    Hey Andy. Did you ever have any indications of a problem other than a message? Like noises or vibrations? I get a high pitched screeching sound when the car/battery is pretty cold and it goes into the waste heat mode to warm the battery, such as when starting to charge or cabin pre-heat. But no...
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    2021.36 Audio not working correctly

    https://www.mountainpassperformance.com/tesla-model-3-hard-reset/ Speaking of resets, I do this about twice a year just on principle.
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    Have to re- select audio every start up

    I have found that if I don’t “surprise” my locked car by trying to open the door without the app or blu-tooth running and connected that the audio will almost always return to where it was.
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    new android phone, app has to be open for phone key to work

    “Force closed”?? The app needs to be actively running on the iPhone screen, or running in the background to unlock and open the door with the door handle. One or the other. That does not mean that Background App Refresh needs to be turned on. I have that turned off in my general settings for all...
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    new android phone, app has to be open for phone key to work

    I have had Location Services and Background App Refresh on my iPhone turned off for years. Everything about the Tesla app works just fine, except summon, which needs location. Try it and save some phone juice.
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    The tap is back with 24.4.
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    2021.12.25.10 Is replacing 2021.12.25.7

    I disabled WI-Fi and several months later the car downloaded new software over cellular by itself. Once it’s downloaded, the only way to get rid of the prompt is to manually do it on the touchscreen or put the car in gear. No big deal.
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    2021.12.25.10 Is replacing 2021.12.25.7

    Yes, or an even newer one. A while back I skipped several “revisions”. I quit calling them upgrades. If 25.7 downloads, just don’t install it. It will eventually get kicked out and replaced.
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    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    I wish I was 21 again.
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    What happens if you don’t install a downloaded update?

    Haven’t driven it yet. I will certainly give it a chance.
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    What happens if you don’t install a downloaded update?

    I have not installed new software for about 5 months now. Yesterday I got this Notice that filled most of the display: “How digital content is streamed from providers like Netflix*, Youtube*, and Hulu* is changing on May 31, 2021. In order to maintain compatibility to view...
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    What happens if you don’t install a downloaded update?

    The version that had been downloaded in the car and waiting to be installed disappeared about 3 days ago. As did the alarm clock. I then had the download icon on the top of the display, which I used to get 2021.4.11 downloaded to the car and now have the alarm clock and install reminder for...
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    What happens if you don’t install a downloaded update?

    Thanks for the reply. My question is how do you know this?
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    What happens if you don’t install a downloaded update?

    I have 2020.48.12.1 running in the car. 2020.48.35.5 downloaded by itself with WiFi off. I have sat on it for about 3 weeks without installing it because I don’t like the new look of the screen. Does anybody know what happens if I continue doing this for a while? Will the download scrub out if a...
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    My Model 3 with Goodies

    Your car is not an investment. It is an expense.
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    Aftermarket instrument cluster

    Maybe you should have bought a different car.
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    iOS Tesla App and Location Services

    I have had my iPhone location services turned off since I got my car two years ago. I mean all the way off all the time. Everything about the car works great, except summon, which I don’t use anyway. Try it.
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    Best Song for Premium Audio?

    I think the best test is “Please Don't Ask About Barbara” by Bobby Vee. 1959, I believe. I only have the mono version but some of my friends have said the stereo one is just nuts good.
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    Fargo ND Supercharger

    All 8 are now up. I am trying the second from the west end. Lower power here as I started out at 67kw and am now at 47kw . You know if you put your ear up to the right side of the pedestal, your can here something like a cooling fan noise. The four on the east side are much louder than the new...
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    2020.16.2.1 killed my LTE connection

    Does 16.2.1 have anything obviously new? I have not seen the release notes.
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    Fargo ND Supercharger

    I just finished charging a few minutes ago on the third stall from the east end and got some better numbers. Went from 25% to 85%. Started out at about 600 mi/ hr. and ended with 180. 160 KW down to about 70. Free. The four stalls on the west side are not lit up, although it is very hard to see...
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    Fargo ND Supercharger

    I was by there yesterday and saw no changes or activity.
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    Fargo ND Supercharger

    Say, where are those front license plates?:D
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    Fargo ND Supercharger

    Premier Contracting looks like they have been working there quite a bit today and still at it. Boxes and spools of cable all over. Here we go.
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    Just wrapped my OEM 19" wheels in some new rubber!

    Yeah, great. My Continentals have 9k on them and have not been rotated. Just checked and they all have just shy of 7/32 and all four have even wear, side to side, which seems a rarity. Car drives straight as a stick. I don’t really baby them. Run about 39 psi. for a softer ride. I don’t think...
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    Window venting in Tesla app version 3.10.0

    I’m pretty sure Summon and all the functions on the app are internet based. Turn BT off and try Summon. Using Enhanced Summon in a parking lot from 200 ft. away, you will have no BT connection. You do need location services on though.
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    We really need multiple waypoints in the Nav

    Another piece of info that would be nice when navigating to a destination is the predicted SOC at arrival. Unless I’m doing something wrong this is only available in the overview mode. Wish it was constantly there and easy to read in the Heading Up and North Up modes. If find myself always...
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    Fargo ND Supercharger

    I charged at Dacotah Ridge golf course near Morton, MN on Sunday while I played. An electrician from a firm in St.Paul was there tuning up the two Tesla chargers. He had just finished and we had a great conversation. He has done a lot of work around the state for Tesla and seemed very...
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    I have been tempted to start digging in the trunk for the subwoofer to find out if the damn thing is actually plugged in.
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    What extra range?

    I wonder how many have actually seen their range icon turn from green to yellow to red. I have had mine in the red twice when returning from trips, and the system shows almost zero battery degradation. I wouldn’t park and leave it in the red though, but charge it as soon as you can. I think...
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    Miles at 100% charge (P3D Long Range) -- 282 miles available.

    I only plug mine in the night before I want to charge, which is about once a week. Have driven it down to the red battery icon twice. Made it home at 6% each time. Last 100% charge was 323 miles. Vin 40,4xx. Jul 18.
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    Who Has The Highest Mileage 3?

    LR RWD with 5900 miles since last July. Have charged to 100% a few times and got home with about 5%. 323 miles at 100%. Usually charge to about 85%.
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    Teslacam Right-repeater cam not recording and is extra pixelated -sentry mode

    Yep, will wait and see if it gets fixed with new software. Also missing the menu for immersive sound.
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    At car wash, how do you avoid charge port opening?

    Am I doing something wrong? After the car is in park in the car wash, I go to the screen safety/security menu and select power off. Press the brake when wash is over and drive out.
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    Considering buying Tesla 3 Long Range

    I am a huge fan of the biggest battery with the 19in. sport wheels. I charge at home and not that often with no commute. The car looks and handles incredible and if you lose a few miles range(very little), who cares?
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    My USB almost always starts playing from where it left off. Same as any other source. Volume is a little lower for all audio at same settings when the car is cold. It may be intentional or could just be physics. Less DB sounds like less bass??? Also, are they not messing around with volume...
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    1:18 Diecast Model 3 Performance does NOT come with spoiler or badge!

    You didn’t stand in line long enough.
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    Interesting development. This morning I decided to check the audio level again with the car in the garage after it had been sitting all night. Playing the same song with the same settings I got 3 db. less than before. I needed one more click (16) to make it the same. Long story short, what...
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    V. 48.12 I think you need to be parked to test it properly. That way you can set the volume on the line coming up from the trunk icon, and of course you don’t need to drive. I don’t know if my sound system has the bug or not, if there is one, but it seemed to work just fine tonight in the...
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    With all the techies here of every sort, it surprises me this issue is still "subjective". Get a SPL meter and measure decibels. Carry it in the car. Use the same source, song, settings and meter placement and compare measurements when you think it sounds good to when you think it sounds bad. As...
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    USB MP3 Playback issues

    V9 USB finally has shuffle, and repeat. No joy for Apple Lossless tho.
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    USB MP3 Playback issues

    Where is shuffle, Tesla? That alone makes it 5 times more useable, IMO.
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    Inaccurate Speedometer

    I timed and tracked both speed and odometer on a 15 mi. stretch of mile posted highway. Both were 1% high at 60MPH. 19 in. wheels. Not too bad really.
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    App draining iPhone battery?

    IPhone 5s. I turned location services off and it seems to connect even faster. Drove my other car about 3 miles away and tried again. Same thing. Less phone drain, too. From a overnight sleep with both BT and the app forced closed, when I hit the Tesla icon, the car wakes up and connects. Takes...

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