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    CarPlay workaround

    Saw this on macrumors. Uses a raspberry pi and the Tesla browser. Steering wheel controls work too. Developer Showcases Apple CarPlay Workaround for Teslas
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    Has anybody tried older 19s on the refresh? Looking for winter wheels

    First time I have ever had a car with summer tires, my ran my previous model s on all seasons. Living in Colorad, going to need to get some winter tires soon. I am trying to decide if I will just get tires and have them swapped to the stock wheels or get a set of winter wheels/tires. I am...
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    Plaid replacement tires?

    Picked up my plaid on 19s 1 week ago. Tonight I get a low pressure warning and find a nail in a rear tire. I'm going to discount this morning to see if I can get it plugged. If not, what is the best way to get a replacement tire? I can't find these Pzero elect anywhere.
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    Blackvue DR650GW-1CH dashcam $75

    Blackvue dashcam. Have shifted over to using Tesla dash cam software. 1 channel camera, includes power cord that has pins to connect to the free plug in the headliner microphone area. Does not include sdcard $75 shipped.
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    Light Harmonic MCU2 amp and soundqubed sub $950

    Light Harmonic premium amplifier and soundqubed subwoofer. $950 for both. Do not want to separate.. This amp is a direct replacement for the stock UHFS amplifier. There is one plug, just unhook the stock amp and plug the new one in. This is a class-d amp with 1200 RMS watts. My version of...
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    Plaid handling

    For those that own a plaid, how is the handling? I'm currently driving a 100D, and over the corse of owning 2 Ss, my biggest complain has been the holding. Its fun in a straight line, but is floaty and isn't as dynamic in the turns as I would like. I haven't driven a Raven but I have heard...
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    Charging cable slow to release. problem?

    In the past few months I have noticed that that when I push the button to release the charging cable it turns white, I hear a noise but it doesn't release. I either have to repeatedly push the button or hold it down for 10s or so to get it to release. Same thing happens if I try to release...
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    Loud power seat motor

    My drivers power seat is intermittently quite loud when using easy entry. Seats work fine. The noise seems to just be the motor sound, no grinding or scraping, I can’t figure out what causes it to get louder/quieter, can switch during the same day. Any ideas of what to look at?
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    App not unlocking/opening car

    In the last week or 2 the Tesla app (as well as 3rd party apps like Remote S) have stopped opening the trunk or unlocking the car. Climate control will still turn on. My car is MCU2/HW3. I have tried resetting the car and deleting the app without success. 2 weeks ago I had a failed software...
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    Colorado Springs Service Center - 1323 Motor City Drive

    Take this information with a grain of salt. My sister lives in the Springs and told her friends dad just sold his auto repair located in motor city to Tesla. I have zero additional information but could be nice for SoCo to get a shop.
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    Denver SvC performing HW3 upgrades

    Just got my car upgraded from HW2.5 to HW3 today. 2018 100D with MCU2. Takes about 3 hours. Scheduled on the app.
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    Frunk trim screw

    In the process of adjusting my headlights, I broke one of bolts with the rubber bumper. It is one of the two that hold the trunk trim on the sides. Anybody know the part number or name for this? Is there another OEM that makes something similar?
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    Light harmonic amp on MCU2

    i have a 2018 100D with MCU2. I bought a LH amp for it, which sounds great but makes a popping noise whenever the system powers up, ie opening the doors. I thought it was a defect with the amp, which was RMA’d and the new one does the same thing. I suspect it has to do with the power saving...
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    Equalizer disappeared

    like the title says, got into my car today and the equalizer button vanished from all audio sources. I rebooted multiple times and still has not come back. Speakers otherwise working normally
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    USB-C to lightning cable compatible with dock?

    im wondering if anyone has been able to get a USB-C to lightning cable that works with the phone doc, specifically the skyline dock. I want to get a higher watt charger to take advantage of fast charging but don’t want to give up the dock
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    Removing Stock subwoofer

    I am considering doing some audio upgrades on my car and I am trying find out if anybody has pictures or videos of removing the stock UHFS sub. Light harmonic used to have a video online, but they removed it.
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    Anyone lease again?

    so my 85D lease is up in March and I am planning on getting another tesla. Has anyone been through this yet. I have asked at the store about when to order so that I can just turn in one car and get another but they never quite understand what I am asking. Just wondering who I should talk to...
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    Bad repair experience, Tesla needs to open up

    So in December, I scraped a guard rail. It was totally my fault, I own that. Damage was cosmetic, to front and rear quarter panels and bumpers. Total about $13k. In Colorado there are only two Tesla repair shops. Neither are super convenient to me, but Stuttgart Auto was much closer. Got...
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    How to keep defroster on while clearing car?

    Like the title says, I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep the front defroster running while I am clearing ice/snow from my car. When I leave work, I will start the HVAC, but obviously can't start the defrosters until I am at the car. Two days ago come out at 7 am with 4 inches of snow...
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    Subscription podcasts in 8.0

    I have a subscription podcast I listen to, and was wondering if there is a way to get this into the media app in 8.0
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    85D tire wear

    How are people's tires holding up. I have a little of 20k miles on my 85D, delivered March 2015, and my tires are getting low. I'm on 19s with the Michelin Primacy tires. Fronts are around 3/32 and rears are a little more than 4/32. I'm leasing so would rather not spend this money, but don't...
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    Geofenced updates in Denver

    Anybody had any luck with updates using the supposed geofence around the SC in Denver? I have read about people elsewhere either connecting to the SC wifi or just driving by and sitting there will push an update. There is a geofence map that lists the Park Meadows supercharger as being a...

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