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    Model X Review

    Long but good and interesting !! Tesla Model X - Pros Cons - Driving Review - Everyday Driver - YouTube
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    200 Superchargers !!

    Congratulations to our EU counterparts on getting to 200 Superchargers !! Source: Superchargers
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    Auto Lane Change Question

    I have been wondering this.... When you put on the blinker it will change lanes for you. I understand that. I also understand that you need to turn the blinker off at the end of the change. What happens if you don't turn the blinker off ? Does it just keep changing lanes until you turn it...
  4. K

    Video Request - Parallel Parking

    Anyone out there with the new auto steering update can you post a video of the car parallel parking ? Finding nothing on Youtube yet. Guess this is not very interesting to most people. I guess filming it from the outside would be the most interesting and obviously hard to get without someone...
  5. K

    New Superchargers coming ?????

    Given that the Superchargers use 10 40 amp chargers from the Model S and we know that the Model X has a 72 amp charger in it. I think that the chances are high that we will start seeing new superchargers with 10 72 amp chargers in them. This would allow two things. 1) faster charging and 2)...
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    Active safety - side collision avoidance

    This was in the presentation from about 7:55 - 8:20. Apparently the car will steer to avoid a side collision on its own. Anyone have more info on this from being at the event. I find it odd that this was glossed over so quickly with such little detail and no one has really mentioned it or...
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    3000 Superchargers worldwide.

    Looks to be coming soon. Speculation..... 520 Supercharger stations with 2,935 Superchargers as of today.
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    Reporter on Factory Tour

    Fairly good report with lots of juicy details. And a few Model X and PowerWall detail at the end. For Model X go to about 17:50. There is some Model X material interspersed as well but most of it is at the end. Tesla Factory Tour 2015 - YouTube
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    Model S performance tests by Consumer Reports

    Pretty good video and reviews.... Tesla P85D Handling, Braking, 0-60 Test Results | Consumer Reports - YouTube
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    Super Supercharging !?!?!?!?

    So I threw this out in another thread but did not want to hi jack it. Thoughts on this ? The Model X mules/RCs appear to possibly have charging doors on both sides of the car. What is the fastest rate a Model S/X could theoretically charge ? My thought is that if you could plug a Model X...
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    Drone footage with a Tesla

    Some pretty good footage here. Fun watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPNJTct7JCI
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    NEW BMW 7 Series

    Now has parking and will come in and out of the garage by itself. Where have we heard this before ?!?!?!? LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Viyt2aIOG8
  13. K

    Best Model 3 I have seen to date !!

    I think it was posted by someone here on this forum a while back (about a year ago) but I can't remember who. Sorry I can't give credit where it is due. My conclusion is that a smaller S would look pretty good !!
  14. K

    Charging with 30 Amps

    I have on old 30 amp hot water heater circuit in my house that is unused. How much charging could I get out of that? What is the best choice ? HPWC? :confused:
  15. K

    450 or 200 ?

    Will we reach 450 worldwide first or 200 US first ? Both are VERY close !! Good news either way :biggrin:
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    Cold Fustion TV = How big is Tesla

    Good Video. How BIG is Tesla? (Theyre Bigger Than Mitsubishi Motors!) - YouTube
  17. K

    Model S and BMW i5

    Don't think there is a lot new here but thought I would share. You can translate to english (or whatever language you need) in the options. I have to say, personally i like the looks of the i5. Journaal - BMW i5 gaat Tesla te lijf - YouTube
  18. K

    Model 3 Trim Levels with competition

    Model 3 Trim Level Discussion Since my top trim created some need for this I decided to do the research and see what shook out. So here's my guess. Size Chart Dimensions Model 3 3 Series A4/5 C Class Width 73" 73" 73" 72" Length 185" 184" 182" 187" Wheel Base 110"...
  19. K

    Model 3 Top of the Line guesses

    I saw a similar post in the Model S section by commasign and thought I might do something similar for the Model 3. Provides a good guess as to what we will see. I am not interested in the lower trim levels of the car but if I have time I may add them anyway. Obviously the Model 3 numbers are...
  20. K

    2015 Superchargers on East Coast

    From TM maps that were published on their website it seemed that 2015 was going to be the year for Superchargers on the east coast for a change. However, reality seems to be a bit different. YTD shows only 25% or so on the east coast. Are the maps terribly incorrect ? Or are we going to see a...
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    Consumer Reports Talking Cars # 66

    Overall good review. I like these guys they are funny. Did pick up on the pricing debacle on the web site. Consumer Reports Talking Cars #66
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    Model 3 Battery Size

    All this discussion on the Model S 70D has me thinking. If the Model S 60 was physically the same size battery as the 85 and it had fewer cells in it leaving empty space. Perhaps the physical size of it could be reduced and the old 60kWh battery could fit in the base Model 3. The...
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    Supercharger Coverage Misleading ?

    This was recently put out by TM. Seems to be about a 200 mile radius. Isn't that a little misleading ? You can get to most of those places but its a one way trip and you can't charge at most of them and keep going. I can see it both ways and yes this is more dramatic but IMHO less accurate...
  24. K

    Supercharger or Mini Supercharger at home ?

    I posted this question in another thread but did not want to go too far off topic. What are the chances that Tesla will produce a Home Super charger or Home Mini Supercharger. Say a Super charger the same as a normal one with 10 chargers or a Mini with 5 chargers that could go DC right into...
  25. K

    Faster P85D

    Found this today and thought ya'll would be interested. My apologies if it is a repost. Did not feel like searching. If so Mods feel free to merge. Will New Firmware Kick Tesla's 0-60 down to 2.8 seconds? - IEEE Spectrum
  26. K

    Supercharger Growth Rates

    The first 100 Superchargers were completed in 17 months. Superchargers 100-200 were completed in 5 months. Superchargers 200-300 were completed in 3 months. And it looks like Superchargers 300-400 will be completed in about 2 months. Amazing progress !! Will we see 100...
  27. K

    Supercharge.info site down for others as well ?

    I cant see it. :confused: Apparently only in Google chrome. I see it in Safari.
  28. K

    2015 Looks to be the Year of the East Coast Superchargers !! Finally !!

    Looking at the recently released Supercharger maps for 2015 it looks like the Superchargers on the east coast are going to explode !! Almost if not more than TRIPLING !!! If so amazing progress. Thoughts and comments ..... :cool: Pretty much east of the Mississippi will be totally covered...
  29. K

    P85D performance confirmed

    Sorry if it has already been posted. I did not feel like searching. Moderators feel free to merge if you so desire.... Auto Blog Story
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    I-81 Hagerstown, MD to Chattanooga, TN

    My prediction for this portion of I-81 that is needed pretty badly and hopefully will make it to the 2015 maps !! The one you can't read behind Farragut is at I-40
  31. K

    US Supercharges 20% done ?!?!

    Thoughts on how many superchargers will will have when the system is completed. I am predicting about 750. Based that on approximately 48,000 interstate highway miles in the US and a Supercharger about every 65 miles or so. That gave me 20% done. Your thoughts on totals and percentages ...
  32. K

    Will US Superchargers DOUBLE in 2014 over 2013 ?

    I think the possibility is fairly real. If my calculations are correct we had 50 superchargers on 12/31/13 and there are now 83 opened this year. Opening 17 more by the end of this year is very aggressive but I think we have quite a few on the verge of opening.
  33. K

    My first Visit to a Supercharger!!

    We were in the area and it seemed fun so we stopped at the new Salisbury MD supercharger. Too bad I did not have a car to connect it to :scared: (see signature below)
  34. K

    What is going to make Model X Unique ?

    I know it is unique in itself but what I am trying to get at is what will be the special features at the reveal. We have already seen Autopilot and AWD for the P85D. So those are no longer headline grabbers and unique. We already know the Falcon Wing Doors. And we certainly know that Elon is...
  35. K

    The Island of Texas

    This does not really affect me but I thought that you guys deserved your own thread !! I can feel some of your pain (just not as intense) here on the east coast. Do you think the first connection off the island will be to Atlanta, Lake City or Salina ? :confused: [ducks] :smile:
  36. K

    US Supercharger Progress ?!?!

    So looks like October is another typical average month of Supercharger progress in the US (approximately 5/month for this year). :crying: At this rate they will have trouble meeting 2014 goals in 2015 :scared: and total buildout in about 10 years. Any insight on if this will improve ? Does...
  37. K

    2014 Supercharger predictions ?!?!?!?

    By Dec 31, 2014 what do you predict ? personally - 300 worldwide and 160 in the US.
  38. K

    Limits of Model S charging ?

    We started with Superchargers with 10 chargers in them and giving 90 kWh. then we went up to 12 chargers that are giving 135 kWh. Why not 15-20 chargers yielding over 200 kWh ? How fast can the car take a charge before it exceeds the recommended c rate ? and why not just go straight to that...
  39. K

    Model 3 Convertible

    Someone a while back posted this picture of their rendering of the Model 3 (then Model C) wish I could give credit where it is due but can't remember. This is the best rendering I have seen to date. :biggrin: Anyone with good photo skills that can make this a convertible ?
  40. K

    200 Superchargers WORLDWIDE !!!

    Coming soon. Looks like we are at 193. Where ? When ? Big announcement ? Speculation ?
  41. K

    Minneapolis- St Paul area Supercharger

    Anyone heard anything on this area ? Looks like it will be the next step from Eau Claire, WI.
  42. K

    Supercharger - Defuniak Springs FL

    I searched and did not see a thread on this one. Seems it went under permit in June and no updates that I can see. What's up with dat ? :confused:
  43. K

    Supercharger - Zanesville, OH

    Given the Superchargers in Triadelphia, WV and Dayton, OH I am guessing that this one will be coming along soon. Any Intel, sluething or good guesses ? :confused:
  44. K

    Will EU Super Charger surpass the US briefly ?

    Looks like by the end of this year TM is shooting for 130-140 Superchargers in EU and there are only 200 for the US. EU already has about 40 either done or under construction and we have had very few added here lately. Permitting process over there must be MUCH easier. Will they pass us...
  45. K

    New Superchargers for 2014

    According to TM maps and predictions we should be just over 200 (206 if I counted right) by the end of the year in the US. That is, on average, 1 every 2 days for the rest of the year. Possible ?!?!?! Likely ?!?!?! Goal way to lofty ?!?!?! Thoughts ?
  46. K

    Second Cross Country Route

    Near as I can figure about 6 more stations and the second cross country route will be finished !! - - - Updated - - - Which also connects to Normal Il and with one more in Louisville area also connects to Dayton !!
  47. K

    2014 Coming Soon Superchargers - location unknown so far

    I looked at the maps and came up with a list of the Superchargers that I have not seen a location determined yet. Thought this might help the sleuths out there to help find them .... of course these are all approximate locations so please add any info you can and I will update the list. I...
  48. K

    Fishlake National Forest Supercharger

    Just speculating on this location. Seems to make tons of sense to have one at the intersection of I-70 and I-15. Anyone out there confirm this as a logical possibility ? :confused:
  49. K

    Supercharger - Woodbridge, VA

    I have seen several postings on this site in different threads so I thought I would create a new one Current Status - Permit applied for in Prince William County. Rejected as incomplete and needs more information for re-submittal.
  50. K

    100th Supercharger!

    100th US Supercharger! Tesla is making GREAT progress on the Superchargers !! Even rumors of doubling them in the coming months .... So when will we celebrate 100 of them ? My prediction is February 1st.

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