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  1. parkds_nyc

    iOS 15 - phone key keeps disconnecting

    Very odd so many are seeing this issue. I have been using iOS 15.0 since early on in the beta (iPhone 12 Pro Max) and never had a single connectivity issue. Migrated to GM of iOS 15 and no issues and then moved to the beta of iOS 15.1 (iPhone 13 Pro Max) and still no issue. I have been on...
  2. parkds_nyc

    So Many Firmware Versions

    Teslafi isn’t showing any vehicles as having received 12.24 (with Disney+) yet.
  3. parkds_nyc

    Y Performace vs LR?

    I was able to purchase a stealth from the last production run in late August (just after the amber tail light change). So I had the $1k price reduction and the full NYS rebate.
  4. parkds_nyc

    Model Y PWS install and Boombox, info from Tesla Service Center

    Sorry to bump this. Curious if anyone has an update on the current ability to get the PWS speaker installed and fully functional (boombox, etc)? I have a late August MY with wiring but no speaker. Thanks
  5. parkds_nyc

    Y Performace vs LR?

    The suspension and the wheels were a no go for me and I could not justify the extra money for the Performance Y and then purchasing new wheels/tires and coils. I was lucky enough to snag a Stealth Y last summer but with those being impossible to find, I would go with the LR and purchase the AB.
  6. parkds_nyc

    Will a baby car seat ruin my seats?

    I know you already ordered but I thought I would throw this out there too. I have this car seat protector in the light gray color. It looks great with the white seats and I have had zero color transfer. Have been beyond happy with it over the past 8 months. Before that, I had the black color...
  7. parkds_nyc

    Another PPF thread, but with matte

    I have a MSM Stealth Model Y. I had always planned to do a full PPF wrap on the car and ended up going with the Xpel Stealth wrap (with the satin/matte finish). I had a partial Xpel Ultimate wrap on my Model 3 and was very pleased with it. Without question it prevented several major paint...
  8. parkds_nyc

    Introducing Agent P - My Second Tesla (2021 Model Y LR)

    Came for the Doofenshmirtz jokes but stayed for the photos.
  9. parkds_nyc

    Model Y LR vs. Model Y Performance ride quality

    This is why I believe the Stealth (or non-PUP) Model Y should still be able to be ordered (even if it is off menu). There are a lot of people who might want the MYP but the wheels/suspension are a no go. When you start adding up the additional costs of new wheels / tires and coil overs, it...
  10. parkds_nyc

    Former Model 3 Owners

    I moved from a 2018 RWD LR Model 3 to a Stealth Y this fall. The 3 was an incredible car and one of my favorite cars I have driven (much less owned). Ultimately the decision to make the change happened after leaving the NY area for months and driving across the US this summer. It would take a...
  11. parkds_nyc

    Vehicle Wrap - Newbie questions

    I have MSM that I had Xpel Stealth applied too. It looks really great; I am very happy with the results. I paid about $7k including ceramic coating. The problem with using a color changing film is that you will see the original color when you open doors, trunk, frunk, etc. This isnt as much of...
  12. parkds_nyc

    Tesla Support MIA?

    Big heads up, around 24 or 48 hours before a mobile service appointment in the NYC area, they send you an email letting you know the service can not be performed parked on the street. Luckily I was able to get a garage near me to allow the service to be done there when I had a Mobile Service...
  13. parkds_nyc

    Cruise control / Auto Pilot is Garbage

    I have driven thousands of miles in Nav on Autopilot and have only on very rare occasion experienced phantom braking. Like you said, it is usually with overpasses and seems to have something to do with shadows. Phantom braking though has virtually gone away over the past few years; when I...
  14. parkds_nyc

    Upgrade from Model 3 - questions.

    Having driven cross country and back in our 3 this summer with 2 months worth of stuff for two adults and a preschooler, we made the switch because of space. We would spend a day just loading up the 3. The Y has meaningfully more cargo space in terms of usability and the 2nd row has much...
  15. parkds_nyc

    Model Y has auto dimming mirrors

    Totally agree. Having driven cross country and back this summer mostly at night, the model 3’s self dimming mirrors were amazing. Almost didn’t move to the Y because it lacked them, but my family really needed more space. It drives me nuts though every time I drive at night. Would love it if...
  16. parkds_nyc

    Front Seat Kick Mats

    I have been using these since 2018 in my Model 3 and now my Model Y. Have loved them. Simple, not ugly, and perfectly serves its purpose. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B7M7CLA/
  17. parkds_nyc

    How to update model 3 software when there is no wifi in parking garage

    The car does not charge while updating, so best not do it at a Supercharger. I set up the mobile hotspot as I am leaving my garage (connecting after the car is in drive), download the update as I drive (usually takes around 20 minutes), and then schedule the update to run during the middle of...
  18. parkds_nyc

    How to update model 3 software when there is no wifi in parking garage

    I keep mine deep underground in a NYC parking garage. Only solution I have found is downloading the update via personal hotspot while driving. Just make sure you turn on WiFi in the car after you are in drive. It seems to switch off when you take it out of park.
  19. parkds_nyc

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    Very oddly only on Sept 1st. Not sure why my order bubbled to the top. I was mentally prepared for Nov / Dec timing.
  20. parkds_nyc

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    I received a shipping notification and a tracking number, but it hasn’t moved yet. I think I recall from the launch of the original hub that they generate tracking numbers all week and then a whole bunch go out on one day. Definitely with the Model 3 hub I sat with a tracking number for...
  21. parkds_nyc

    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    Auto dimming side mirrors are mentioned again on the order page. Seems like they have returned?
  22. parkds_nyc

    Nobody noticed the range bump?

    Interestingly on the Model 3 page, it seems that auto dimming mirrors have returned. Had that on my 3, would love it if the mirrors made it to the Y....and there was a way to add it.
  23. parkds_nyc

    Delivery Pushed Indefinitely Because of 12 Volt Battery?

    I was lucky enough to purchase an inventory Stealth Y that I was supposed to take delivery of this week. Unfortunately it had to transported from MA to NY (only a few hours drive) and it missed my delivery date. After many phone calls, no one has been able to tell me when to expect the car nor...
  24. parkds_nyc

    Stealth Y Owners

    As of this weekend there were still a few inventory Stealth Y’s from the last production run. Seems like they were from purchasers who decided not to wait. My sales advisor found a few MSM/White/19 vehicles in Boston.
  25. parkds_nyc

    No more Stealth Model Y Performance?

    Does anyone know if the Stealth Performance Model Y is still available off menu? Was conflicted between the AWD and the non-PUP Performance but the small price drop now makes the Performance eligible for the NY State incentive. 21” wheels are out of question given the range hit.
  26. parkds_nyc

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Picked up my upgrade today from Brooklyn NY. Tried to make an appointment in early Feb via the app (selected “Other”) and was told my vehicle was not eligible yet and to try again in 3 weeks. Tried again 2 weeks ago and had no issues making the appointment. The upgrade took 1.5 days (was told...
  27. parkds_nyc

    Software Update Waiting Room

    Still stuck at 2018.50.6. Have reached out to Tesla but so far crickets and no update. Never had an issue with updates before. Very odd.
  28. parkds_nyc

    Still stuck on 2019.5.15

    I’m actually still stuck on 2018.50.6 on my LR RWD. Have been on it for months. My car has never gone this long between updates; starting to think something might be stuck with the firmware download / update process.
  29. parkds_nyc

    When squeezing, shaking, and shoving the wheel doesn't register...

    Simply rest your hands at 10 and 2. Never had a single issue with thousands of autopilot miles. Not sure why people repeated mention trying to squeeze the wheel. Also devices that trick autopilot are dangerous and encourage bad habits. <getting off soapbox>
  30. parkds_nyc

    No v9 yet, anyone in the same boat?

    Finally received the update this morning. Went from 36.2 to 39.7.1. Was hoping for 42.2
  31. parkds_nyc

    No v9 yet, anyone in the same boat?

    Still waiting for v9 also. Currently on 36.2 and was among the last cars to receive that update (according to Teslafi). Perhaps the issue is the car is kept in a NYC garage most of the week, but I have received some prior updates in a more timely fashion. I have decent LTE reception but there...
  32. parkds_nyc

    Don't want heater on, want vent

    +1 for adding an option to turn off the heater. I have also found that the AC will be blowing in the front but the rear vents are blowing heat. This makes long drives really uncomfortable for passengers in the back seats. We have a 2yo and have been doing long road trips every few weeks with...
  33. parkds_nyc

    Is Xpel inside overkill?

    My installer did the center console for free when I had the front of the car wrapped with Xpel. Went with the stealth for the center console and am very happy with the look. Installer said he would change it out with Xpel Ultimate if I get tired of it.
  34. parkds_nyc

    Glitch while driving: Concerning

    I have read about others having this same or similar issue over the past few months. It finally happened to me late last night when I was about 2h from home. Very odd feeling driving the car without power brakes or regen braking. Some of the earlier posts about this type of issue suggested 3...
  35. parkds_nyc

    [Poll]: What was your last car before you ordered (or reserved) Tesla Model 3?

    My last car was a 1995 BMW 325i convertible...yeah it has been a long time
  36. parkds_nyc

    Model 3 Phone Charge Cable Swap Thread

    Have: USB C Want: Lightning Location: NYC
  37. parkds_nyc

    Order Agreement Page now Blank

    All of the document links have been either loading blank or downloading a .dms file for me (depending on the browser). File size is also 0 kB. Definitely something is off. Called in about it, fell on deaf ears.
  38. parkds_nyc

    What to expect for paperwork and process?

    I have a Monday delivery and spoke with my delivery center Friday end of day because I hadn’t received my purchase agreement. They said not to worry and to bring a personal check if the paperwork wasn’t sent to me in time to get a cashier’s check. Saturday night my MVPA showed in my account...
  39. parkds_nyc

    Getting car Tuesday, no MVPA agreement yet on Saturday

    I have a Monday delivery in Brooklyn and just got my MVPA Sat afternoon. Unfortunately I was, and still am, having the same issue as you: the link takes me to a zero kB .dms file. The lemon law link is doing the same thing, so clearly something is wrong. Contacted an ISA (mine is on vacation)...
  40. parkds_nyc

    Kennebunk ME Supercharger

    How is one able to access the Northbound chargers (which are in the south parking lot) without coming from the Turnpike? Are you going through the tool booth and turning into the restricted employee parking area (which connects to the south parking lot) or going against the no-entry signs if...
  41. parkds_nyc

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    They are the same product supposedly made by a different company. They looked identical too. But the first one isn’t made to spec so it does not actually pull the suction cup up to lock into anything. There are a lot of recent review on the item having the same issue. The one I linked to is...
  42. parkds_nyc

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Huge warning, the suction cup you linked to is complete junk. I purchased it and it has zero suction. Trying to move an item with your mind will work better than this suction cup. I returned and purchased the one below; it is cheaper and actually works. Fits the wheel caps perfectly...
  43. parkds_nyc

    Model 3 Bumper Protector for NYC Garage?

    I am taking delivery of my Model 3 in less than 2 weeks and need to purchase a set of bumper guards for it. The car is being kept in a NYC garage which means it is destined to be beaten up by the garage attendants. Does anyone (especially with NYC garage experience) have a recommendation for a...
  44. parkds_nyc

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Odd. I ordered on 5/18 and received a shipping confirmation just after midnight on 5/20. So a little over 24 hours from order to shipping. Thought maybe the backlog had cleared.
  45. parkds_nyc

    Superchargers launching in NYC

    Hello, I was on the Tesla site today and see that a Supercharger is now listed at the parking garage at West 75th / Amsterdam Ave. The Supercharger map seems to have been updated and is also showing one open on 47th / 3rd Ave (also in a parking garage) and several more coming soon throughout...
  46. parkds_nyc

    VIN Assignment

    7 weeks after configuring, the "Edit" button disappeared from my "Manage" page. Within an hour I was able to use the HPWC trick to see my VIN. A few hours later I received an email from my ISA. The email included my full VIN, which matched the numbers visible during checkout from the store...
  47. parkds_nyc

    Order estimate pushed back

    Glad to see I am not the only person coming up on 7 weeks since configuration without a VIN
  48. parkds_nyc

    Order estimate pushed back

    Just got the same email except I configured on April 3rd, as part of the 3/22 invite wave. Not sure what “the last wave of invitations” has to do with me.
  49. parkds_nyc

    Anyone switched from Aero to Sports wheel and got VIN?

    Xianking, Do you know what thread that was in on the Tesla site by any chance?

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