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  1. Palros

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    For me this was one of the biggest plus point of a tesla, I dont use SC all the time, but i have never had an issue, they always work and I dont think i have ever had to wait. If they become more open, my fear is that they will be taken up by plug in hybrids or slow charging cars. My lease for...
  2. Palros

    Wiki Your first UK Tesla MOT? Checklist before the visit.

    Any updates on this topic, i am due my MOT November this year and really want to avoid any pitfalls. Ideally somewhere that understands the Model 3, so i dont have to jump through a load of hoops
  3. Palros

    Cold weather warning

    Just wanted to share a lesson I learned today. Defrost your car before you open the doors. My rear window didn't go down at all (which I understand), but when I went to shut the door the glass didnt go under the trip and scratched the chrome trim above the door in 2 places. Lesson always...
  4. Palros

    M3 recalls?

    So they are ahead of the problem then :)
  5. Palros

    M3 recalls?

    Ranger or service centre? I really don't want to go to the service centre again. They had my car on the day this recall came out!
  6. Palros

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    Good point :)
  7. Palros

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    I think the blind spot camera is damn right dangerous. If i am indicating right, i should be looking right to check, not looking left around my hand. I understand what they are trying to do, but right now it looks like a poorly executed solution to a problem that i think makes the situation...
  8. Palros

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    Exactly the same. I used it every time i drove. I can live without it being a Card. I just want to see my current average miles per KWh for my trip. I cant now regulate how i am driving on long trips. Putting it behind 2 or 3 button presses for it to take up the whole screen is a real retro...
  9. Palros

    cracked rear window - auto glass or Tesla to mend it?

    I cracked mine. I got tesla to replace it. It cost around £600 to £800 from memory. Didnt want it on my insurance.
  10. Palros

    Creep mode, Am I the wrong one?

    The Kia Salesman told me that Auto Hill hold is the same thing. At that point, i knew he had no idea what i was talking about. I was quite tempted to say "let me show you how this should work" and hop into my car.
  11. Palros

    Creep mode, Am I the wrong one?

    Thanks, but given the I3 is basically a Mini now. There is hope. Edit: Just noticed they dont do a Longer range Mini... Shame
  12. Palros

    Creep mode, Am I the wrong one?

    When the salesman told me that I just said "your joking right".
  13. Palros

    Creep mode, Am I the wrong one?

    I really like 1 pedal driving. The fact the car only moves when I put my foot on the throttle is something i have really become used too. Both my Model 3 and my wifes leaf drive work like that, so we have both got very used to it. Here is the problem, Every other EV i have driven (ID3 and Niro)...
  14. Palros

    Model 3 Servicing

    Thanks, I will try that route.
  15. Palros

    Model 3 Servicing

    Just bring this back up, Anybody leasing there car with leaseplan had any communication about service for there model 3? I have had mine for 2 years in about a month. I want to know if Leaseplan expect your to get it serviced regardless. Also, those who have serviced there car, where is that...
  16. Palros

    Headlights (getting flashed)

    Thanks guys, I think my last 3 cars all did this by themselves, so i never had to think about it. Good to know that its easy to resolve.
  17. Palros

    Headlights (getting flashed)

    Ok, for the past year or so, i have had to do very little driving at night. But before covid, I drove early and late quite a lot. Never had any issues with headlights and never got flashed. Now, I am getting flashed by also every car, I figured out it was my headlights had become completely...
  18. Palros

    Does anyone wave anymore?

    I have given up waving now. 9 out of 10 times i get ignored :(
  19. Palros

    Door seals repair

    I assume at no cost?
  20. Palros

    Door seals repair

    Raised a service request, Thanks for the advice all!
  21. Palros

    Door seals repair

    Anybody had an issue where the door seals come unstuck? What should I use to restick it? Some double sided tape?
  22. Palros

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Why does Reading need another charge? It already has 2 in its greater area?
  23. Palros

    Home Charge Points Discussion and Suggestions [megathread]

    Thanks, I am really tempted to just call it a loss and replace with something else. It would be nice to get my money back, even just some of it
  24. Palros

    Model 3 Servicing

    I cant find anywhere a documented requirement for servicing. (I know the US mentions that you need to rotate your tyres, which i dont think is a thing i the uk)
  25. Palros

    Home Charge Points Discussion and Suggestions [megathread]

    Out of interest on a linked topic. I have an EV box charger, which for some reason only charges at 3KWh (tested on 2 cars) and also ignore the charge profiles i have set for it to charge at its own time. I keep having to go to there support (who blame the software). Where do i stand on getting...
  26. Palros

    Model 3 Servicing

    Anybody had there Model 3 serviced yet? I am want to know when people are getting it done (based on range or age)
  27. Palros

    What do you miss about your previous car?

    Android Auto, That is pretty much the only thing i miss from my last car.
  28. Palros

    Questionable Bodyshop treatment of battery!!??

    I might also be worth raising this with your insurer as well. In effect, they are potentially damaging your car. I know with Companies like Honda, they will deal with your insurer and make sure they use Office repairers. Dont know about Tesla Finally, The App thing sounds dodgy. If they were a...
  29. Palros

    Tesla All Weather Protection Kit [mudflaps/ppf] - Anyone in the UK Been Contacted?

    Just got the email. Looks like you need to fit them yourself
  30. Palros

    Features we didn't know we wanted?

    I want Microsoft Teams integration (only when parked). You can only get so far with the browser
  31. Palros

    Trip to the Service centre in lockdown

    Anybody got an experience of going to the service centre during lockdown? Specifically the MK Centre? I ideally would like to sit down a work from there, but i am not sure that is going to be possible in the current situation.
  32. Palros

    Worrying Moment, Loss of Regen, Autopilot, Stability and auto braking.

    Had a very worrying moment today. I was about 5 mins into my journey today when suddenly i got an alert beep. I then started getting messages saying, Auto braking, Stability Control, Regen, Autopilot were all disabled. So i did a soft reset, Nothing changed. Found somewhere safe to stop, Did a...
  33. Palros

    UK Supercharger pronunciation guide?

    Its Why-Bos-Ton. Its about 5 mins down the road from me. I didnt know this existed until i saw this thread.
  34. Palros

    Headlights on during day

    Just bring this topic back up. The weather is really sunny, and not a cloud in the sky. But on automatic, my headlights are still on. I cant see any reason why? (i will add my wifes Leaf seems to be doing this as well). Both cars are on the drive. I see zero reason why they should be one. Its...
  35. Palros

    Adding a Spoiler to a Lease

    Can you remove it without Damage? If so, try you luck. If not, dont. Personally, I would not run the risk. They are looking for any reason to charge you. The only Mod i have done to mine is the wrap the console.
  36. Palros

    Condensation in rear lights

    May well be. I was not challenged at all, they just replaced it. I have now asked for the other one to be done to as its bad. When i was at the service centre January time, i was given the "this is expected" line and was told what to look for it to need to be replaced.
  37. Palros

    Condensation in rear lights

    Rear light replaced in less than 10 mins. Apparently the old ones has a faulty seal. No issues what so ever. Lesson learned, should have asked for both to be replaced, my left rear is nowhere near as bad, but in hindsight i should have asked for both to be replaced.
  38. Palros

    Condensation in rear lights

    I decided i had had enough of the level of condensation in my rear lights. I have a Ranger coming this week. I will report back on the outcome
  39. Palros


    I do have that on. So I was surprised that the window was open. All the other windows were closed. I didn't realise about the Cabin overtemp thing. So i will know better for next time.
  40. Palros


    With the recent heat I have taken to venting the car from my test app for a few hours in the day. My office is at the front of the house so I can see the car when I do it. This morning I discovered that when I last pressed to close the window, the car had shut all but the drivers window (which...
  41. Palros

    Teslafi missing trips

    Looking at the Raw data (Didnt know i could do that). It was trying to go to sleep, which it was clearly not going to do while the car was driving. I did raise a support ticket with Teslafi.
  42. Palros

    Teslafi missing trips

    Anybody else recently had an issue where teslafi has stopped recording journeys? I did 2 trips yesterday both over an hour (around 70miles) neather have showed up on teslafi. It recorded my trips last week without issue and I have changed nothing. It sometimes misses short trips, but if it...
  43. Palros

    My Leasplan M3 Has Disappeared from my Tesla Account

    I am with Lease Plan as well. My Car has gone from the Tesla website, My App still work, My super charger history is still there. I also got the email about payment details (which i updated). Surely changes like this should involve some kind of notification to the customers, so we dont all end...
  44. Palros

    A nice surprise (free Ionity leccy)

    Its good to see the right charges are now being installed at the right places. Having a 2 7kw Chargers are a Mcdonalds is almost pointless as you are likely to only be there for 20mins (I have seen this).
  45. Palros

    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    Was it not just behind the big black cable? I have not looked in my car yet.
  46. Palros

    Opinions wanted for my second car

    I bought a Leaf for my wife. I prefer my Tesla, but its a nice car. Does what i need it to (round trips upto 100 miles no issue, local travel to work etc and taking the kids out). The App control stuff is really poor compared to the tesla. Also i have found it been easy to just have one charger.
  47. Palros

    Tesla 3 close window button location

    Unless they have improved significantly, The voice commands have been next to useless every time i have tried to use them. They don't understand basic commands. (For Clarity, I have not tested them since about Feb, as i just could not be bothered as they where slow, wrong and frustrating. So...
  48. Palros

    Premium connectivity ended as a leasing customer

    I have been wondering when mine was going to end. I have a SR+ which i got in November, Originally it didn't have PC, but i got it as part of the update. My Car just says i have it, I cant see any end date anywhere.
  49. Palros

    Hot car!

    Mines been awake most of today. I keep getting notification from teslfi saying it could not sleep. Had not realised that it was to do with Temp until today. Anybody tried sun shades? Tesla own brand or others? I would rather it didn't chew though 6 miles a day just sitting there.

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