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    Those of you that use SSDs for sentry mode. Does it get extremely hot?

    Ive been using a 2.5inch WD Passport drive (platter drive) for a while and it had no issues. Didnt heat up too crazy (just got warm). I decided to switch to an SSD, and oh my gosh. Even just driving around with 'dashcam' mode on it gets really warm. When car is parked under the sun with sentry...
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    What goes into the trip kwh usage calculation?

    Just did a 600 mile trip in LR MY. Trip computer states the following: 603 miles | 183 kWh | 302 Wh/mi I left the trip at 100% charge (74Kw in the pack). I supercharged during the trip for total of 125Kw. I arrived back with 7% battery. This means that I have put in total of 199Kw. Taking out...
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    Lets talk about laminated glass retrofit for 2020 Model Y (all you need to know)

    For those that dont want the details. Can you do the retrofit? Yes. Should you? Probably not. Now for the details: Here is the laminated (2 sheets of glass that are installed on 2021 and newer model Y's in the front) on the bottom and the tempered glass on top of it - Yes, the shape is a...
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    Lets talk mud flaps, spot welded nuts and loose bolts (also why every Model Y owner needs mud flaps)

    Quick summary for those that dont know about the rear door damage caused by the front wheel kickback. Everything that your front wheels drive over have this kind of trajectory: This means little tiny rocks are damaging your paint: A really bad example (from a post here on TMC), all the...
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    Has anyone successfully retrofit laminated side glass to Model Y?

    I watched this video of the comparison. And the glass looks the same shape as far as anchor points. Its just on the new one because they used metal they didnt have to use as much glass at the bottom. But as far as attachment points where the motor is attached, from this video it looks the same...
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    Has anyone replaced door windows? How much did it run you?

    Something got stuck in the window seal, scratched the window as it rolled down (front passenger). Contacted a few glass shops around everyone refusing to try and buff out scratch out of tempered glass. Said I need to replace the glass. So curious how much that would run me? I have the 2020...
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    Thoughts on carrying a tire patch kit instead of

    So I know that using slime stuff is bad idea due to the sensors in the wheel. Even the Fix-A-Flat sold by Tesla says that TPMS has to be replaced if used. And I dont want to buy a spare to carry around. I think a small patch kit is a perfect balance, it may take a while to get it patched, but...
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    Getting new tires??

    I apologize for probably the most basic of question. But I got a Y, and need new tires soon. On all my previous cars id just find a local tire place with cheapest tires, pay them a few hundred bucks and be on my way. I didnt really care about the tires. But on the Y, I kind of do. And because...
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    App charge limit percentages are off?

    This has happened before and ended up fixing itself later. But I cant seem to be able to set the charge limit to 100%, going all the way to the max sets it to 98%. And setting it to 90% (I even feel the phone vibrate indicating I set it right on the mark), it sets to 89%. Anyone experience this...
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    Do you use Electrify America as a Tesla owner?

    Over here in California we got Superchargers at 36c/kw, which isnt cheap, but level 2 chargers are around 20c/kw. We got the first Electrify America station open near me, never seen one in person before, and its 46c/kw. And from what I understand with $500 adapter I can get 50kwh charge rate on...
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    Creaking sounds when closing liftgate, and strange buzzing sound when first starting to drive.

    Just curious if you guys have heard the read liftgate make creaking noises when closed? If so, whats the cause? And also I noticed that sometimes (not every time) I start driving Ill hear a buzzing noise, seems like its coming from front left, it lasts about 2 to 3 seconds. Sounds kind of like...
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    Getting Model Y serviced, a documentary, Episode 1 - Identifying Delivery Issues

    Episode 1 -
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    Does anyone know how the right side 'dummy' charge port door is attached?

    My tail light got replaced, and that fake door is no longer sitting flush. Tesla said its 'within spec'. Im thinking about trying to adjust it myself. Anyone know how its attached? Also, does anyone know what tesla does to adjust panel gaps with things like tail lights? Do they put some sort of...
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    Is car's charge voltage accurate for you?

    I have two 14-50 plugs, one side of the garage ~50ft run. And other side ~15ft run. Both runs are 8AWG copper. I have a J1772 charger (with a readout of Volts, Amps, Kwh etc...) and the Tesla Mobile charger. When plugged in and not pulling any power, the readout on the J1772 and On Tesla screen...
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    Would like some education on PPF please

    Hello, after a recent roadtrip and getting a couple stone chips around the hood I decided that I need to get full front PPF. Ive been googling and reading around, trying to educate myself on what is possible with PPF. I found a shop around here (on the forum, Yelp reviews are 5 stars), stopped...

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