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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Nothing to add here really. I completed the upgrade today at Tesla Charlotte. I have to echo those before me that accomplished this - very nice upgrade and I'm so pleased Tesla decided to make this possible. I felt like I had to post since I started this thread so many moons ago. Though I still...
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    Firmware 2019.24.1 [AP1/MCU1 - just sketchpad improvements]

    I got 2019.24.1 late last night. No release notes - just a blank screen where they should be. Rebooted and got same when pulling it from the info screen. MCU1 car now reboots MCU every 20 minutes or so. I drove it three hours today and it was literally every 20 minutes or so. What is the...
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    Purchase Extended Warranty or Not???

    Be careful with this. I had the same plan originally. When Tesla says 180 days they mean 180 days not 6 months. Your drop dead date for the discount is actually June 19, 2019 not the 21st. I waited until a couple of days before the discount expiration and was denied. I still haven't purchased it...
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    Drive on Navigation

    It works on 2.0. Only thing you are missing thus far is the dash cam AFAIK.
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    Will post-delivery FSD option go away?

    Yeah - this. I love my Tesla even without the self driving or I would not have bought it. That being said, I'd be lying if I said the level of automation promised even if it was a good ways off did not contribute significantly to the choice of vehicles I made and the amount I was willing to...
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    How Long Will You Keep Your MS?

    I thought this was a really long term car and used that to justify the high cost when I purchased it in 2017. I love the car, but find myself already having missed out on several changes and upgrades in the short 15 months I've owned it. While I do not have to have EVERY small item or...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I had my defective screen replaced and picked up the car today. I mainly post this because from reading on here there is zero in the way of consistency where Tesla service is concerned. The closest SC to me is about 95 miles away and the job took 2 days so it required around 6 hours of driving...
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    2018 Model S P100D

    I don't believe what you said contradicts anything in my original post it simply skews it from a vegan perception of the issue. We are nowhere near the tipping point of making meat more expensive by not using the leather from the cows. While this may someday happen, I do not believe I will still...
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    2018 Model S P100D

    I don't get this whole move to vegan leather thing. I would venture to say that very few cows out of the millions killed over the last year were killed for the hide. The hides are a natural byproduct of the animal being slaughtered for food. I certainly understand a vegan not wanting to ride...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Thanks. I'll leave that on my wish list..
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    So my 2017 S is showing the dreaded yellow frame on the center screen. I obviously need to get the screen replaced and in reading through the threads on here it appears Tesla is now just swapping screens when possible and not touching the MCU. Since these two are so closely married and I have...
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    Model S lowers itself after park? How long it takes to get a lower bumper?

    Tesla needs to turn this off. As near as I can tell there is no situation in which the car needs to lower or raise itself when the driver has no way to be aware it has happened in their absence. At the very least there should be a message on the dash upon the driver's return advising them of a...
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    Did you name your Model S, and if so, what?

    Joules Verne
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    Model S 100D accelaration time

    While stopped, press the brake pedal firmly to the floor. An H will appear on the dash and you are in "brake hold" mode. The brakes will remain active after removing your foot from the pedal. The brakes will be released when you either press the accelerator pedal or press the brake pedal again.
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    Model S 100D accelaration time

    Yeah - I wasn't trying to pick on you - just making a personal observation. I was one of the "some" not so long ago - I had a fit for the uncork when it came out 6 months ago or so for a .1 gain... Priorities change I guess...
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    Model S 100D accelaration time

    Meh - I love the power of the cars and it was a determining factor in my purchase. Truth be told though - once you've done it and done it and done it I don't see the true advantage to carrying the potential around like I used to. There is a diminishing value to the capability with the length of...
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    Model S 100D accelaration time

    Use brake hold. I have a June '17 with the old DU that consistently got 4.2 pre uncork then moved to 4.1 after uncork. This is with Powertools and brake hold.
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    Any difference between referral code - supercharging enabled cars & PRE-referral code supercharging

    Big difference. Referral code supercharging is good for the original owner of the car and does not transfer upon sale. Pre-referral supercharging stays with the car. When buying a used Tesla this would be handy to check out in depth if supercharging is valuable to you. While both cars will...
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    No LTE connection in car

    Must be system wide- same here in NC. Someone forget the bill?
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    Anyone filed taxes for the $7500 tax credit yet?

    Have you seen an estimate on this from TurboTax? A search of the software comes up with nothing and a search of their help site returns info from prior years, but no reference to an ETA on 8911.
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    Opinions on extended warranty IF you purchased the extd. warranty:

    Be careful on the 180 days. I had planned to purchase the warranty, but was still on the fence so waited until the last minute. While I took delivery on 06/16 the discount was void sometime before 12/14. They really mean 180 days NOT 6 months.
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    Anyone filed taxes for the $7500 tax credit yet?

    According to Electrek, charging station installs have been retroactively made deductible for 2017 as well. I use TurboTax and this is not even addressed in the software yet (much less having the form available). If you installed a charging station in 2017, you may want to wait even a bit longer...
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    Tire punctured by not so sharp rock

    I bought an S in June '17. Thus far I have had 3 tires punctured in only 4800 miles of use. Prior to getting the Tesla I had not experienced a tire puncture in the previous 10 years of driving. While this may be dumb luck, 3 failures in such a short period of time make me believe either the...
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    Referral Program Changes

    Just received this via email: We’re updating our Referral Program. As a Tesla owner, you can continue to give five friends free, unlimited Supercharging with a new Model S or Model X. In addition, the first friend you refer before April 30 will also receive a $500 credit toward Tesla service...
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    Buy the Model S Now or Wait 3-4 months?

    Everyone who buys a Tesla goes through this. I ordered last April and almost everyone was certain that was a mistake because Tesla would HAVE to introduce a new interior or more range to compete with the upcoming Model 3 release. So far - nothing - and I have enjoyed the heck out of driving mine...
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    Electricity costs more than Fuel (well, not really)

    I'm not sure you have enough info here to blame it all on the cars. You need a monitor on the charging circuit for your cars rather than just blaming the Tesla's for the entire increase in your bill. My bill increased too after getting a Tesla - as is to be expected, but I have a device on the...
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    Cabin being kept warm overnight?

    I can't speak to your situation definitively, but I've noticed my interior temp is just wrong in the same situations. For example, it's 20 degrees here this morning. The car is in a carport plugged in and the interior temp is showing 40 degrees. If I go down to the car and check, the interior...
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    Noise coming from front right door speaker

    I had weirdness from my left door woofer right after delivery. It exhibited distortion that was independent of volume level and was intermittent. I lived with it for awhile as I'm 100 miles from a service center. Eventually, they replaced the speaker under warranty and all is well. I had no...
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    Model S - Seat Belt gets locked.

    You're lucky. At least you're near the West Coast. I had a belt problem requiring replacement and it took 9 days to get the belt from CA due to the belt having some sort of explosive charge built in. It can only be shipped by ground.
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    Exterior mirror not unfolding properly

    I had issues with both of mine unfolding properly. They lubed one of them and replaced the other. When they replaced it They only replaced the mechanism on the bottom it appears. The painted portion (that I had wrapped) remained even with the new mirror install.
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    Sadly, my 100D cannot be uncorked :-(

    Apparently. Mine was the same.
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    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    Yes - sorry. I ended up posting in another thread on this. Mine was uncorked on Tuesday, December 5. I did not have to use executive escalation; the SC handled the entire process on their own. For the 100D's the uncork is not nearly as noticeable as on a 75 (at least in 0-60 times). After...
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    Sadly, my 100D cannot be uncorked :-(

    New 0-60 times reflecting the upgrade (though very small). Old times were 4.25. New times are 4.15 per Powertools.
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    Sadly, my 100D cannot be uncorked :-(

    Uncorked June delivery 100D as of today (at least they told me it has been done). SC handled this on their own with no executive escalation. My performance config showed P1 before and after the upgrade so no way to verify until I can do speed runs with the car.
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    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    Is this always the case? I don't think this particular change could get more confusing for the average owner. Some cars can, some cars can't, not dependent on VIN (or seemingly manufacture date either). P3 vs. P1. I ask because I've got a June delivery 100D I'm hoping to uncork. I get 4.25...
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    Another WiFi Bad Actor - SOLVED - Wink Home Control

    I just put the Tesla on my guest network. Seemed to alleviate the issues I was having. Since there are 50+ devices on my network it was much easier than trying to figure out which ones were bothering the Tesla.
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    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    June delivery 195806 here. Still waiting to hear on eligibility - will report back if they ever get back to me.
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    Sadly, my 100D cannot be uncorked :-(

    Hmmm - not good news for me. I've inquired but not heard back yet. I'm driving a May build vin 195***. I also saw someone on here getting a 185*** uncorked so was very optimistic until I read this. I too would prefer Tesla communicate a little better where such is concerned. Knowing the why...
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    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    As of 11:30 EST I'm still getting this variable from TeslaFI. What makes you think it was removed?
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    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    June 2017 build 100D here. I do not have the DU00 per the config page at Tesla. Performance variable showing P1 per Teslafi. I just clocked 0-60 runs using Powertools and am getting 4.2 pretty consistently. If I'm reading here correctly there should be more available to me with uncorking, but...
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    Current S & X OWNERS: What is your favorite currently available exterior color and WHY?

    I went for the Midnight Silver Metallic. It's extremely hard to pick a paint color from a swatch online, but I am very pleased with my choice. It's not hard to keep clean (IMO) and in certainly lighting it turns an awesome shade of blue. I owned a black car once and while beautiful when cleaned...
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    Tire Warranty?

    OP I'm still here. Tesla sent a tech out to ascertain the cause of the noises coming from that wheel. He drove the car while still here and though the noise was present when he began driving the car, it disappeared after a few miles and the car was not taken in for service. I've had no...
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    Sales Follow-up

    No follow up call. No survey. No contact whatsoever with Tesla since my delivery on 06/16/2017 (with the exception of a tire problem on day 1 for which I contacted them and was told it was my problem). I don't really care, but feel fortunate the post delivery problems have been minimal...
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    Automatic braking in reverse

    Yeah - this completely unglued me when I first got the car. The rear window viewing area is the size of a dinner plate and shifting yourself in the seat to be able to see something out of it sets the emergency brake. I did it repeatedly when got the car, but have since learned to rely on the...
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    Tire Warranty?

    I wasn't looking for a road hazard warranty. I don't know if any new car comes with that. I was more concerned that the car was apparently delivered with the defect and I was concerned initially that it was a defective tire. I did not wish to buy a new tire and replace one that had 152 miles on it.
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    Tire Warranty?

    Thanks - read this after going to the tire shop as Tesla instructed. The tire required a patch which necessitated the removal of a large bit of foam from the tire. Worse than that is the rather harsh clicking noise now present whenever the car turns left. I have called Tesla again and they are...
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    Tire Warranty?

    I picked up a new S on Friday. Since Friday I've had to inflate the left front tire twice. It seems to be losing about 5lbs a day. The delivery guy inflated it upon delivery as well. I called service this morning to ask them what to do about this and they told me to use a local tire place (I'm...
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    Flaky Auto Lane Change

    I have a separate issue with this. I have a 2 day old car and obviously am still learning quite a bit. Yesterday I took it out on the interstate for a little autopilot work. Autopilot is flaky in town (that's being kind), but works well enough on a large divided highway. I decided to try auto...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Keep checking your My Tesla page. It usually narrows to a smaller span sometime after shipment. Mine took about 3 days in transit for it to narrow the delivery window to days instead of months.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I think Robbit is in exactly that boat. Check with him. I think he was slated for delivery today. My belief is they would not build in the SAS for those who did not order it on the chance they specifically did NOT want it, but he'd know for sure.

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