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  1. T34ME

    FSD or Long Range?

    We purchased a 12/2018 3MR with Autopilot for $2000 option. We are retired and don't need a car for work commute. Over the last 30 months we average 1000-1200 miles per month. That's about 40 miles per day. I understand that most people people would opt for a 3LR because they pout on way...
  2. T34ME

    Six-month old mid-range getting only 248 miles at 100% charge

    I have a 12/18 build 3MR with about 7K miles on it. I still get a full 264 mile range. I charge it every night to 70 - 80% depending how I will use it the next day. I charge to 100% once a month (and start discharging it within an hour of reaching that SOC) and discharge to <20% once a month...
  3. T34ME

    After wife drove car I got in but her profile settings were still in effect. Normal?

    This is not a good solution. My wife and I share a single Smartphone. How will the car determine which of us in the driver's seat? We just manually select the appropriate profile when required.
  4. T34ME

    Windshield wipers are horrible, and arguably dangerous

    I am perfectly happy with my wipers in "auto" mode in every rain situation (and as a result of Global Warming we have been getting a lot - above normal - rain in SoCal recently). They work great. YMMV.
  5. T34ME

    White on White Interior Waiting is pain

    Oh, I appreciated his sarcasm, you just missed my humorous repertoire retort (but he didn't). I hear you, I waited 994 days for mine. It started driving me crazier during the wait. But now that I have it, I am sane again.
  6. T34ME

    White on White Interior Waiting is pain

    Yep, you are right (just ask my wife), I'm a moron and enjoying every minute driving my white on white 3MR.
  7. T34ME

    White on White Interior Waiting is pain

    What The Frunk, 10 of you? If you believe Seeking Alpha, it is because Tesla is on the verge of BANWUPTCY! :D
  8. T34ME

    White on White Interior Waiting is pain

    I have had my white on white 3MR for 5 months now. Sometimes I still get up in the middle of the night and just go and sit in it. The color combination is stunning. I have had zero problems with the car. I waited 994 days to get my car. It was worth it! I would do it all over again.
  9. T34ME

    Tesla Solar Panels on a Red Tile Roof

    I have Solar City panels on my red clay barrel tile roof. They were installed over three years ago. Absolutely no leaks in the roof and no rodents living under them. They are invisible where Tesla installed them. They generate all my electrical needs including car charging each night. I no...
  10. T34ME

    What should I look out for at car delivery next week?

    A tip? Get in the car immediately and drive it like you stole it. You have no idea how your life is going to be changed by this car.
  11. T34ME

    Strange incident on commute this morning

    I have had this issue only occasionally and very briefly - maybe no more than 5 seconds at a time and then back to normal without any re-boot. I have had 8.5 through 12.1.2. I have never re-booted my car for any reason.
  12. T34ME

    Lowering the Model 3

    Is that my car in my avatar? Yes and No. The picture in my avatar is one of the original Tesla test cars driving someplace, I don't know where. I asked a TMC friend of mine who has Photoshop skills to modify that picture to the way I wanted my car, as I waited another year to get my 3MR. I...
  13. T34ME

    FNG needs help...

    My advice is to ignore the delivery date. Someone will contact you when you don't show up.
  14. T34ME

    In comparison

    What is ironic is that the ALFA is Motor Trends "2018 Car of the Year." Let's see what the "car of the year" has to offer: - unreliability - frequent visits to the stealership for repairs - 19 mpg avg fuel economy - 290 mile observed range - $1340 service - $757 normal wear - $1534 damage and...
  15. T34ME

    Some Tesla hate on the highway...

    The issue is I may be passing a truck that is going 65 (in a 65 zone (55 for trucks)) and I am going 70 and somebody who is going 85 comes up behind me, flashing their light for me to move over, and then when I do, the flip me off as they pass me and then complain about slow drivers on TMC.
  16. T34ME

    Some Tesla hate on the highway...

    "Multiple people" who I've likely never met in real life is not "everyone." Sometimes is is simply other people having "a priori convictions."
  17. T34ME

    Some Tesla hate on the highway...

    :rolleyes: And so are stop signs and stoplights?
  18. T34ME

    Some Tesla hate on the highway...

    I just took a short 5 mile drive on I-10 an hour ago. I encountered 9 trucks on that stretch of highway. One truck (Ceaser's Pizza) was going 55 the rest were going 60 to 70, occupying the two (out of four) right-most lanes. Which lane do you suggest I drive in when I am going 65, the posted...
  19. T34ME

    Some Tesla hate on the highway...

    And? I don't have a right to block them anymore than a person has a right to speed. When I am in a passing lane, I make my pass ( usually at 5/10 over the limit to make the pass quickly) and then move to the right and resume the posted speed. Many people who speed consider the passing lane as...
  20. T34ME

    Some Tesla hate on the highway...

    It is hilarious to see how many people never passed Reading Comprehension 101. It is hilarious to see how you include "everyone" as the royal "US."
  21. T34ME

    Some Tesla hate on the highway...

    A truck speeding at 65 mph in any lane is going 10 mph over the speed limit. They should be cited. Try driving on 60 or 10 freeways in Socal if you want to see semis speeding. Most long haul truck drivers are paid by the mile. The faster they go, the more they earn per mile. Increasing...
  22. T34ME

    Some Tesla hate on the highway...

    What part of my posts don't you understand? I stay in the far right lane whenever it is safe. It is disingenuous to say you are traveling in the far left lane because you are always passing someone. You are just plain speeding.
  23. T34ME

    Some Tesla hate on the highway...

    READ MY POSTS before you smugly make assumptions. I hang out in the right lane when safe to do so. The only thing I am dictating is driving the speed limit for myself. I try to stay out of your way when safe to do so. Don't smugly flip me off when you are the one who is being a bully. What...
  24. T34ME

    Some Tesla hate on the highway...

    Besides my 3MR, I do have a Plug-In Prius. :p MAGA = Make America Green Again. Support the Green New Deal. :D If you are going faster than the posted speed limit in any lane on a 3+ lane highway, you should get a traffic citation and have your license revoked. :rolleyes:
  25. T34ME

    Some Tesla hate on the highway...

    I am a speed limit driver and I don't apologize for it. I would give you a "disagree" but instead let me explain. No, going with the flow of traffic (which is anywhere from 10 to 20 mph over the 65/70 speed limit) is unlawful and unsafe on California freeways. I have tried going the speed...
  26. T34ME

    Your preferred Tesla forums

    It is a matter of perspective, e.g. "Mini peeps never use there breaks on there Tesla" It get's the point across, sorta. #dumbing down the English language
  27. T34ME

    Ticketing for no front plate in Santa Monica and stick-on front plate option

    Yeah, it is probably that same 400 pound guy sitting in bed who hacked Hillary's email.
  28. T34ME

    Your preferred Tesla forums

    Probably the WORST site for being overly moderated. Used to be called Model 3 Owners Club. And the site owner uses it as a marketing tool to sell his crappy merchandise.
  29. T34ME

    Your preferred Tesla forums

    There are a number of Tesla fora out there, but overall this is the best of the lot. The problem with most of these fora, including this one, are moderators who take themselves too seriously. Sometimes I think there should be moderators who moderate the moderators! And I realize that's an...
  30. T34ME

    Over 3 years...still waiting...getting fed up

    Be strong Eastern European amigos. I know you have high expectations for the model 3 and guess what, the car is even better than that and will exceed your expectations! I live in California and a day one reservationist and I had to wait 2.5 years for my car! It made me crazy. And if you are...
  31. T34ME

    This is actually genius...low range M3 for Canada

    Yeah, Tesla outsmarted the Canadians, and it didn't take much to do that.
  32. T34ME

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    That is very brave of you to do in Coal Country. We need more brave people.
  33. T34ME

    Tomorrow is Christmas

    Every day you drive your model 3 will be like Christmas all over again! Sometimes I just go out to the garage and admire my car.
  34. T34ME

    FSD must go to Tesla service center to activate? No other way?

    FSD is not available yet. Regarding activating AP, have you read the manual?
  35. T34ME

    John McElroy (Autoline) borrows a Model 3 for a week -- 4/27/19 video

    At 6:20 he proclaims the car can't handle the cloverleaf and would drive right off the road. Well, you can clearly see on the U.I. that he doesn't have Autopilot engaged at that time. Duuuuuuuuuuh, yes, the car won't autosteer if Autopilot isn't engaged! As soon as he engages Autopilot the...
  36. T34ME

    Wife is afraid to use frunk

    Wife uses frunk almost on a daily basis. It is one of her favorite things about the car. She is a demon about keeping refrigerated items cold (or even frozen) when returning from the grocery store. We keep a high end, soft sided, insulated cooler in the frunk. Absolutely no issues with...
  37. T34ME

    Best All season Mats

    +++++ Maxpider Kagu
  38. T34ME

    Lowering the Model 3

    Potential scraping on driveways, speed bumps, dips at intersections, and bumper stops. I have to take my driveway approach at an angle or else my stock height 3 will scrape. City will not let me modify my driveway approach because it is city ordinance to facilitate drainage. YMMV
  39. T34ME

    Delivery issues still not fixed since October 2018 delivery...any advice?

    Yes, Cathedral City Service Center. 5 STARS What is it that you want the members of TMC to do?
  40. T34ME

    Tesla model 3 hubcaps

    The Moon Discs are $125........EACH! That's $500 for a set of 4 plus around 8% tax! Uhhhhh, no thanks.
  41. T34ME

    Telsa AP and the basic speed law

    DISAGREE. My night vision capability is decreasing as my eyes age up. It is difficult for me to see somewhat faded lane markings in the glare of lights from on-coming traffic. AP never fails me in those conditions. Steady as a rock, maintaining the car's position in the lane. It drives...
  42. T34ME

    Still stuck on 2019.5.15

    I was stuck on 18.50.6 for 3+ months. Then, last Thursday, I was updated directly to 19.8.5 The point is, patience is the best strategy.
  43. T34ME

    Has anyone driven to Cabo San Lucas?

    Your best bet is to take the toll road from the airport and bypass the traffic mess in San Jose. Toll cost is about US$2. Mexico is NOT like driving in the US. They have totally different rules of the road. Stop signs are merely suggested, not obligatory. Driver beware in all circumstances...
  44. T34ME

    Has anyone driven to Cabo San Lucas?

    Oye! German, that looks like the chargers at the Audi dealership in your picture. Are they open to the public? In the background is a picture of the Fresko Supermarket under construction, but it is open now and a VERY nice store. I will return to Casa del Mar en Cabo Real in May. I will send...
  45. T34ME

    Has anyone driven to Cabo San Lucas?

    Yes, I do. I have had no personal experience with the company but my neighbor in Mexico has used them a number of times (twice a year for the last 5 years) San Diego/Cabo San Lucas and raves about them - and believe me she is a stickler for detail ! They haul her car, a MBZ SUV, on a tilt flat...
  46. T34ME

    Central Valley CA (Modesto) to LA in a Model 3

    I drove Cabezon area to Fresno in my 3MR and used 99, around 800 miles total round trip. I stopped once at Tejon for about 25 minutes and same on return. Easy to do but I had destination charging at both ends.
  47. T34ME

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    It depends. It is unlikely the California Highway Patrol or County Sheriff will pull you over for just a front plate violation. However , the policies of local jurisdictions ( cities and airport, e.g.) can vary widely. I have not run a front plate for several years with no problems but I know...
  48. T34ME

    Trade my new factory floor mats for your Aero wheel covers?

    Hey 3SR+ owners in the SoCal area, anyone interested in trading your aero wheel covers for my complete set of unused, brand new factory floor mats? Mine have never been in my car and are sitting flat on a shelf in my garage. PM me if interested.
  49. T34ME

    Annoying Seat Memory - or am I doing it wrong?

    I get it, you are 6' 10" and your wife 4' 10". You need to buy her some 24" elevator shoes! Problem solved! :D
  50. T34ME


    And so it begins. I have the same situation in my house and it only gets worse. When I reserved the model 3 on 3/31/16, my wife said, "do we really need such an expensive car?" :( While waiting for the model 3, she referred to it has "YOUR car." :) When we took delivery, she loved the white...

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