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    How to change Owner's linked email

    Here is the issue I had a Model 3 and registered it with my email. I had some free miles given with purchase. I also got some referral miles. We then got a Model Y and because of the referral program it was purchased in my spouse's name with her email. Both of us got 1000 referral miles each...
  2. K

    Keeping Tesla Wifi button in ON position all the time

    My one year premium connectivity ended a few days ago. Now that Tesla allows connection to Wifi hotspot I thought I might as well make use of my phone's hot spot data. I am able to tweak and get Tesla to recognize the hotspot from my phone and then play the podcasts. But when I out of the car...
  3. K

    Lessons learned from a 2300 mile road trip

    Not going to give a detailed trip report as it will not be useful and tons of people have already covered it. This is more of some unexpected issues that came up on a trip from SC to Northern Virginia to Pittsburgh and back via Winston Salem. 1. The onward trip to NorVir was straightforward...
  4. K

    Add to favorites in Phone screen

    I have the Model Y and a Samsung Galaxy S21. I have allowed the contacts from my phone to show up on the Tesla when I bring up the call option. I have not found a way to add certain phone numbers from my contacts to the favorites screen so that I can view and call than quickly rather than...
  5. K

    Marked Delay in getting Bill of sale

    I got my Y on 11/27 from NC since out state ( SC) does not allow sales or service centers of Tesla. I got the max allowed 30 day temp tag. That has expired on 12/28. I contacted Charlotte Tesla a week ago about the excess delay in getting my bill of sale mailed to me. She stated that this is...
  6. K

    Brand new Y with flat tire - my journey

    My 5 day old Tesla with 220 miles showed a low pressure warning yesterday when I tried to reverse it from my office parking lot.. I stopped and checked and it had a completely flat rear passenger tire. So here is what I went through 1. I called my service center in Charlotte since I heard there...
  7. K

    2019 SR+ totalled. How to find insurance value

    My Sept 2019 SR+ with no FSD but with heated rear seats was totalled when another driver made an illegal dart across 2 lanes to get to a center lane when both our views were blocked by a large vehicle standing on the right lane. The other insurance company is unsure of its value and will try...
  8. K

    Mobile Hotspot and non auto reconnect of Wi-fi

    I have the unlimited T-mobile hotspot and hence decided to not get the monthly LTE plan from Tesla. I initially had the hotspot configured to connect with my Model 3 and could see the hotspot name under the wi-fi usernames. And then it played the internet radio stations well. But I have...
  9. K

    Bookmark audiobook

    I have my T5 partitioned into TeslaCam and music. In the music folder I have a few audio-books that I have ripped from disks and each disk has multiple sections. But when I stop the car and return after a hour or so the original stopped area disappears and unless I keep track of where I had...
  10. K

    Requesting only Mobile service

    The AP in my SR+ has stopped working. The T symbol below PRND symbols that used to be there in the past are no more. Resetting the vehicle does nothing. I live 100+ miles from the SC but coincidentally I heard the mobile tech for that SC lives in my town. So I would like him to see my vehicle...
  11. K

    Is my AP in SR+ trying to kill me

    I have had the car now for over a month. I have tried TACC a couple of times and it seems to function decently. But it is not different from adaptive cruise on my Acura. I have tried to engage AP twice and on both occasions it has led to near disasters. Both were activated while I was in the...
  12. K

    Calculating cost of electricity used

    I don't see an app like Stats for Android. I don't want to get a subscription model that charges a monthly fee for each Tesla. Especially it is desktop based and has a lot of info that I don't really need. I have set up Trip A as monthly data and Trip B as Life time data. The Trip A is reset on...
  13. K

    Phone app unlock, auto high beams, and turn signal cancel worse with updates

    I have a M3 SR+ and it had version 15... on delivery and everything worked. Now it has received update 28,. and recently 32., and I have noticed. 1. The car used to open easily with the phone in my pocket. Now I have to take it out and press the power button and even enter the password and...
  14. K

    Your (reasonably) ideal Model 3

    Hi I have a SR+ and after having it for 3 weeks I have some idea of what I want in the model 3 that I am willing to pay for and replace an ICE car. 1. I am happy with is 0-60. I am not lusting for any performance models at the present time. 2. I am willing to pay for a slightly better fit and...
  15. K

    Keeping windows open while parked

    I have a new SR+. I charge to 80% overnight and drive in the morning. This morning after a 21 mile drive the SoC was 70%. I have pared it in a private parking area in an office but has the full sun. I have silver front windshield shades. But in the past 4 hours the SoC has fallen to 67% in 92F...
  16. K

    What Really is the difference between SR and SR+

    Elons has brought in so many models like Performance, LR AWD, LR-RWD (now gone), mid range ( gone again), SR, and SR+. He has also allowed features of SR+ to be kept on in cars that were SR only and then taken away. And he has brought in an expression "partial premium" but never quite defined...
  17. K

    "Hold" and friction braking

    I have started to try standard regenerative braking and try to come to a stop by slowly releasing the accelerator pedal when I come to a stop sign or a traffic light. But I have noticed two things. At a stop sign sometimes it does not come to a full stop and it becomes a rolling stop unless I...
  18. K

    Why is Charging app a bit rudimentary

    I mean the charging portion of the Tesla app for the smart phone and also the portion in the car. Both show a battery symbol and some markings which I presume are 50,60,70,80 and 90%. But the slider to adjust it is a bit unwieldy and trying to press it and move it does not work half the time...
  19. K

    Regen braking and neck pain

    So on the first day we get the car and the salesperson stated to keep the Reg as standard. I take it out of the dealership and it is quite strong. As soon as I slowed and took my foot from the accelerator ( used to that technique in ICE car to let it coast to a red light) the car jerked and...
  20. K

    Tesla Charging option confusion

    I have read a ton of posts on this subforum and am still confused. I have a Telsa SE+ purchased yesterday (yay) and might purchase a AWD3 in the future. At present I have a 14-50 installed in my house and plan to use the mobile Gen2 charger that came with the vehicle and awaiting the 14-50...
  21. K

    Questions about charging on a long road trip

    First post here I am going to buy a Tesla SR+ in a week's time. LR-RWD was my choice but not available. I plan to take a 600 mile trip a month later. I used a better route planner with Tesla superchargers and it gave me these first 3 charging options, when starting out at 90% charge from home...

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