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  1. pvogel

    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    You misunderstand the nature of a neural network. There is no "coding" difference here -- there is a difference in the depth of the neural net that can be effectively run -- in the case of 2.5 vs. 3, that relates to whether the NN is fed the full detail from all 8 cameras or a massive initial...
  2. pvogel

    The Real Use for Auto-Pilot

    Completely agree with AP 2.5 -- Even with Chill mode turned on. My sense is that the forward cameras aren't looking far enough ahead to see that things are slow. I think it comes down to a couple of things: 1. not looking far enough ahead to see a car in my lane that I can see as the driver...
  3. pvogel

    Tesla Software 2019.16.3

    16.2 in a model X with HW 2.5 this morning in the HOV lane of 101, Lane-splitter came up on my right, I moved left (over the center line but there is a gap from the line to the oncoming lane boundary blocks) and ELDA DID NOT try to steer me back to the center of the lane. Peter+
  4. pvogel

    Tesla Software 2019.16.3

    There wasn't a .15, prior released version was .12.x. .16.x started rolling out on 5/22 according to TeslaFi.com. Not "months ago". I got 16.2 on my Model X 2.5HW yesterday, 6 days after initial rollout. That seems reasonable to me for a gradual rollout to avoid widespread issues. Peter+
  5. pvogel

    Leaf Blower

    I took it as a joke. Leaf blower noise is *so annoying* I figured there were some loud 4 cycle (or worse, illegal in CA 2 cycle) powered leaf blowers outside of wherever Elon was holding a meeting and he got annoyed.
  6. pvogel

    Blog Tesla to Remove Stalk-Confirm for Navigate on Autopilot

    For this to be effective for me I need to be able to re-route the NAV, it always wants to take one exit too soon (both get to the destination, but the first one requires crossing three lanes of traffic in a short space to get to a left turn lane, the other exit leads to a few right turns and...
  7. pvogel

    Is this normal?

    Also, assuming your car is relatively new (the number of miles recorded on TeslaFi is low) you have pretty new tires. New tires are less efficient until they break in (about 500-1000 miles). Peter+
  8. pvogel

    Editorial: Why it is safer to have creep mode ON rather than OFF.

    Let me put it another way: You are stopped at a light and creep mode is on. You pass out (or are distracted) and your foot lets up on the brake, what's going to happen? You are going to rear-end the car in front of you (best case scenario) or creep into T-bone territory. I'll keep Creep...
  9. pvogel

    Destination Charging Feedback?

    Does anyone know how to provide destination charging feedback to Tesla? I picked a hotel in Ashland, OR specifically for their destination chargers, but the chargers were at the bottom of the "parking garage" with an incredibly narrow in/out access. Thank god for the full wrap! I managed to...
  10. pvogel

    Current X100D custom configuration order to delivery timeframes

    Custom order for 100D 7 seater placed 8/8, confirmed 8/11. During order process prediction was "late september", post confirmation shows "September-Early October". this will be replacing my P90D Vin 247 with 6 seats, Going for longer range and more space for my planes not to mention AP2. Peter+
  11. pvogel

    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    65879, ordered 8th Aug, confirmed 11th Aug. AP2 100D with folding 7 seats to replace my AP1 P90D (000247) with 6 "sculptural" seats: more room for my planes with 50 miles longer range! At order delivery predicted "Late September", confirmation predicts "September - Early October"
  12. pvogel

    What ball mount is everyone using for the Bosal tow hitch?

    Has anyone found a good ball mount with a 0" drop that is compatible with the Bosal mount? For example, has anyone tried this one https://www.amazon.com/Brinks-3050-096-2-Piece-Welded-Mount/dp/B000OEMT7Y ?
  13. pvogel

    Lower back pain and the Model X

    I have significant lower back pain, the X is one of the most comfortable I've ever driven. If I could have one wish it would be for the lumbar support to be able to adjust upward a little more than it does. But, truly wonderful. I had a loaner S with the upgraded seats for almost 4 weeks...
  14. pvogel

    Falcon Wings open from key fob signal while driving

    Door didn't open while moving, door opened before as a result of incidental pocket contact while driver got in car.
  15. pvogel

    Falcon Wings open from key fob signal while driving

    1. Why should Tesla assume responsibility for the damage? The car did not do something it shouldn't, the car warned the driver that something was amiss and the driver ignored that warning.
  16. pvogel

    Question on summon and home link

    There's a setting for summon that links it to homelink so if it sees an obstruction it will attempt a door open command and if the door is not in its way anymore it will proceed. If there is still something in its way it will stop, shutdown, and the app will say 'summon failed'
  17. pvogel

    Audio Support

    Aif played pure static for me. FLAC works beautifully, though I do get some stuttering on very high bit rate FLAC
  18. pvogel

    Pearl White Exterior Model X Photos

    Why? The albums are there now...
  19. pvogel

    HEPA Climate Selection

    Auto everything, then hit the bio weapon button
  20. pvogel

    Auto-unlock no longer working...?

    Still works for me. Just got the 17.37 update today and everything still works
  21. pvogel

    Where do you store your sunglasses?

    In the compartment with the iPhone blind holster. Fits perfectly.
  22. pvogel

    Anyone else annoyed by the software controlling seat movement and positioning?

    I noticed today with 2.17.37 that putting the middle seat back into position does NOT move the front seat from it's original position. Could be because the front seat was already forward a little ways, but nice change. Not sure I fully trust it yet though.
  23. pvogel

    Prevent Auto-Presenting Doors

    I have it on most of the time, really love it for getting in the car with hands full of Starbucks stuff. I turn it off when I'm someplace where I'm going to be incidentally walking past the car a lot (like at a radio control contest) with no intention of using the car.
  24. pvogel

    X Easter Eggs

    Tried that a week or two ago. No such luck.
  25. pvogel

    Electrochromatic windshield

    Hardly! When you don't have an alternator, just a battery, you have to think carefully about every use of power. 7W/Sq foot means the windshield would use well over 140W to stay clear (5' wide, 4' high/back minimum) that's more than two Macbooks continuously running! Conservatively speaking...
  26. pvogel

    Charge port mysteries solved!

    Honestly, does no one read manuals anymore?
  27. pvogel

    90D vs 75D

    You are incorrectly assuming that the car will let you use the full 90kWh (which would permanently damage the battery). It won't. Rated Wh/mile is 340 on the P90D, I can confirm that as the rated and average lines are directly superimposed on the graph at 340Wh/mile, at 339 Wh/mile the average...
  28. pvogel

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    Yes, the bottom 6" is the same angle, but the position relative to sources of light that would create the problem is significantly different. The hood of the car prevents light from below and lights from above (i.e. a traffic light) are hitting at a different angle relative to your eyes than...
  29. pvogel

    Final chapter of my story!

    There has been at least one other "lemon" claim. The instigator of that particular claim (on a Model S) was very antagonistic about things and ultimately got his money back but was blacklisted from ever buying another Tesla.
  30. pvogel

    Tesla X last straw - Open Letter

    Hmm. Since you've paid in full, I wonder if the lemon law time clock kicks in?
  31. pvogel

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    I've seen this issue with just about every recent car that has a raked front windshield. My 2012 Prius v had it to a slightly lesser degree, the rental car I had last week had it pretty severely (noticeable even in the daytime at traffic lights), the X has it as well. I think this is...
  32. pvogel

    Firmware 7.1

    Yes, that's happened with *all* versions of firmware I've had. Almost killed a $3000 airplane as a result when I was letting some people look at the car at the Gilroy supercharger. The return of the middle seats *should not* move the front seats farther back than they were originally positioned!
  33. pvogel

    90D vs 75D

    Boy! Ain't that the truth! I've been jonesing for a road trip since I got the X just under 4 weeks ago. Since I have to do all the driving on a road trip (my wife has low vision and cannot drive) they exhaust me, but I'm really looking forward to a shortish road trip to Bakersfield this...
  34. pvogel

    Model X April Deliveries

    Check that Order Agreement document!
  35. pvogel

    Interesting Ratio 5:7

    XPEL and cQuartz
  36. pvogel

    First Trip in The X

    That's correct.
  37. pvogel

    Model X April Deliveries

    Seems to be from the body, I could be wrong.
  38. pvogel

    Two OTA Updates failed since 4/1/16 - anyone else have this problem?

    Correction! 2.15.50 -- I installed mine on Saturday 4/9 but it downloaded several days earlier while the car was at the detailer getting XPEL and cQuartz. I see there is another update (2.16.17) in the firmware tracker but I haven't received that update in Merlin yet, could be just for Model S?
  39. pvogel

    Model X and S Symposium

    I wanted to go but realized I'd be out of town this coming weekend and needed to get my taxes done :-(
  40. pvogel

    First Trip in The X

    J1772 connectors *can* be unlatched from the adapter unless you have a locking device to prevent it (evannex.com sells one) but your adapter *cannot* be stolen if your car is locked.
  41. pvogel

    Windshield wipers seem a bit erratic

    Similar experience here in Norcal.
  42. pvogel

    Two OTA Updates failed since 4/1/16 - anyone else have this problem?

    So far all my updates have succeeded. I'm now on 2.16.50
  43. pvogel

    What does Autopilot do, and what it doesn't? When will it not be "Beta"?

    Of interest to this thread: Watch Tesla’s Autopilot feature prevent an accident with a merging truck
  44. pvogel

    Wiki Model X FAQ (wiki)

    Remember also that the seat has a good several inches of height adjustment in it, so a lot of those measurements will depend on your personal driving preference.
  45. pvogel

    Midnight Silver (with changes) pics

    Red calipers are part of the performance package
  46. pvogel

    Model X April Deliveries

    8" is the minimum at the moment
  47. pvogel

    What does Autopilot do, and what it doesn't? When will it not be "Beta"?

    Autopilot keeps you on the street you are on in the lane you are in (with the exception of automatic lane changing when you indicate a lane change with the turn signal). It *does not* exit the highway for you, it does not turn at intersections for you, etc. you have to follow the nav yourself...
  48. pvogel

    X: What's your 90%?

    Lithium ion battery chemistry becomes self-destructive above 80-90%, if left in that state of charge the batteries will, fairly quickly (days to weeks) self destruct to the point where their internal resistance increases which diminishes their ability to take a charge and reduces their available...
  49. pvogel

    Blind Holster for phone

    You should have 4 sidewalls numbered 1-4, odd numbers for the left, even for the right, and 2 is slightly larger than 1 to ensure perfect positioning of an iPhone 6+ on its lightning connector.

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