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  1. house9

    What is considered a "long trip" when considering charging to 100%?

    There are some L2 chargers downtown and they are FREE! 4 hour max, but it is prime parking for downtown; most of them are next to Pony Expresso on Corner of Pioneer and Lithia Way. - Lithia Way Parking Lot | PlugShare - Transportation Electrification - Climate and Energy Programs - Find...
  2. house9

    Is a RWD / Standard Model 3 ok for a 140 Mile daily commute?

    I believe the Tesla Model 3 RWD comes with LFP battery now? Which is fine to charge to 100% 18” wheels is $1,500 less and a small bump to 272 miles. NOTE: If you go to the order page there is no mention of “Standard Range” anywhere, “Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive” is the least expensive Model 3...
  3. house9

    Why I need my Tesla really bad

    Is that just for transmission or transmission and generation? My PG&E bill has those separate line items so it is more like $0.32 per kWh
  4. house9

    Saw this hole in my front bumper

    Reading that made me think of this Seinfeld bit:
  5. house9

    Supercharger - Redding, CA (permit issued Aug 2021)

  6. house9

    1-Year Annual Tesla Service and Repair Information Subscription for Free

    The "Top Level Domain" is exactly the same for both ("tesla.com") so definitely legit. all these are good: - www.tesla.com - auth.tesla.com - service.tesla.com - anything.tesla.com scam urls might have tesla in a sub domain, but no way to fake the top level domain not trust worthy if trying...
  7. house9

    Uncomfortable driver seat?

    I have not sat in a Y but aren't the seats up higher from the floor board than in the 3 ? If so that creates a totally different angles for your hips and knees which might be making the difference?
  8. house9

    Best practices for buying from someone from this forum?

    Have you considered looking at Teslas used inventory? https://www.tesla.com/inventory/used/ms?arrangeby=relevance&zip=73301 Guessing you are getting a better deal through the forum user?
  9. house9

    Tesla rent in SFO and return to LAX?

  10. house9

    What level of issues with Model 3 [poll]

    23,000 miles in a little over 2 years and no issues so far... I have been to the service center once to buy a 10-30 adapter Maintenance: - new tires at Costco at 20,000 - window washer fluid added a few times - ordered new filters online but haven‘t installed them yet
  11. house9

    Fitting a bike inside the Y

    These might help give you an idea: - - I can fit two road bikes (52cm and 54cm) with front wheels off in a Model 3 so guessing worst case you might need to take off front wheel to fit in a Y, guessing a single bike will fit ok with both wheels on as long as the back seats are down.
  12. house9

    Charging at Tesla service center..

    That is how all Tesla super chargers work. They have your credit card on file and know its your vehicle once you plugin.
  13. house9

    My First Tesla and I have questions

    Call Tesla Insurance and add your wife and son over the phone.
  14. house9

    Unscientific roof rack efficiency test (Model 3)

    The battery level drops really fast going 75mph with a head wind and bikes on the roof:
  15. house9

    What Would You Do with Your Gas Debit Card?

    LOL, I paid $631 in December for my Tesla Model 3 registration. My 12 year old Toyota truck was $179. All things are expensive in the Golden State.
  16. house9

    Walk away lock still not working properly after 4 years

    I’ve never had an issue with my fob :)
  17. house9

    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    I think the Model 3 looks great in Grey with the 18 aero wheels (Good thing, because thats what I have :)), otherwise I would go with white.
  18. house9

    Model 3 Key Fob [video review]

    My wife and I have both been using a fob with our Model 3 for over 2 years without issues, even when they started getting low battery warnings they worked fine. There can be a bit of lag before the door opens if the car is actually in deep sleep but that would happen with a phone, fob or keycard.
  19. house9

    Model 3 Key Fob [video review]

    I ended up getting one of these instead of the key band: Amazon.com: Tesla Model 3, Model X, and Model Y string key chain rope lanyard : Automotive
  20. house9

    M3 not sleeping

    The percentage is an estimate by the BMS, sometimes mine goes up after sitting all night. Also, the car may wake itself up to check for updates, adjust battery temp, etc... But my guess is your phone is keeping the car awake. I did a test soon after owning the car during early Covid era and saw...
  21. house9

    What is the reason Teslsa replace the steering wheel with a yolk?

    I saw a YouTube video the other day and you should be able to ‘cup’ the right side of the yoke with your hand to make the horn honk, instead of looking for the horn button. Not sure if I explained it very well.
  22. house9

    Gap insurance?

    They do in California, might differ by state?
  23. house9

    Carrying bikes on roof

    I have the Tesla Roof Rack w/Yakima Highroad - Unscientific roof rack efficiency test (Model 3) It definitely impacts range, if you have a have a headwind it can be significant.
  24. house9

    Uncomfortable driver seat?

    I don’t know, for me the Model 3 has the most comfortable car seats I have ever sat in; everybody is different. One thing I don’t like is they are not breathable so I tend to sweat a lot on warmer days.
  25. house9

    So this is a Tesla! First impressions that don't repeat the obvious (I hope)

    Great post - model S is way out of my price range but I am always interested in people opinions of Tesla vehicles. I was surprised you didn't mention anything about the yoke steering wheel, how are you liking it?
  26. house9

    Would you download software just before a long trip?

    I would agree with this statement. Enjoy your trip, you can install the software later.
  27. house9

    FSD or no FSD?

    FSD is not worth the money IMO There is an option for FSD monthly subscription now, try before you buy… One downside, there is no option to buy out a Telsa lease in USA
  28. house9

    Removing former partner ‘owner’ from app

    Login into your Tesla account via the website: - Click on the ‘Manage’ link next to your car - Click on ‘Car Access’ - Click on ‘Remove’ link next to their email address
  29. house9

    2021 Holiday Firmware Release - Predictions and Impressions (after release)

    I’m still in the “pre-holiday 2020 firmware” too (2020.48.12.1) I was hoping to upgrade after this releases but probably going to pass unless they allow changing the size of the map/visualizations - I really don’t care about the visualizations AT ALL, just want the map. I am interested in: -...
  30. house9

    Looking to rent a Model X for 1 week on a feature film in Burbank, CA for January

  31. house9

    Stolen Tesla Leads Police On Wild Pursuit

    PIN to drive seems like the best bet to avoid car being stolen?
  32. house9

    Anyone else dislike the new UI?

    I am still on “2020.48.12.1 3095698” and so glad I skipped last years “update” The only reason I want to upgrade now is for the enhanced sentry mode features but going to continue to hold out. Really hoping we get a fix this Holiday season, I want more map and less car visualization. We need...
  33. house9

    Charging history for non-Tesla chargers

    Charging isn’t always 100% efficient, especially when the battery is cold. It is possible you used 38kW but were only able to add 32kW to the battery. I personally use TeslaFi.com Tesla Model S 3 X Y Data Logger for keeping track of all charges, I rarely see 100% efficiency unless using...
  34. house9

    sometimes the range sucks

    From what I have read you are better off using the seat heaters and a lower heating temp. The seat heaters shouldn’t use as much energy.
  35. house9

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    This is not possible. You can have a Level 2 charger installed in your garage, but not a supercharger :) Level 2 would give you between 6-12kW an hour charge (plenty but not supercharger speeds: 40-250kW an hour) You should be fine using a nearby Supercharger, also the car comes with a mobile...
  36. house9

    Gap insurance?

    Gap insurance is costing me a whopping $36 extra a year, going to keep it until the principle on my loan gets much lower.
  37. house9

    Can Tesla unlock the car for you?

    Not sure. Better bet is to just install the Telsa App on someone else phone, login with your account and unlock your doors.
  38. house9

    Will service replace old door open buttons

    https://abstractocean.com/collections/model-3/products/m3-door-button These work well and are easy to ‘install’
  39. house9

    We are still a long way from the convenience of gas stations

    Agree, we are still at the ‘cutting edge’ of EV ownership, you need to plan ahead more than with an ICE vehicle. In fact you often need a Plan A and a Plan B if you a heading to areas without much Supercharging. I imagine this is far worse if you own a non-Tesla EV. The charging situation...
  40. house9

    Don't call us, we'll call you?

    When I got my Model 3 at the end of 2019 the only person I was in contact with at Tesla was finance department. Not sure if I even had a SA assigned or not?
  41. house9

    What did you sell/trade for your 3?

    2004 VW TDI Wagon, donated to NPR. This was the first car I bought ‘new’ and it lasted a long time (still going strong I would guess) I used to burn 20-50% Bio-Diesel D2 mixes which was my main reason for going TDI. Model 3 is a whole another thing, never thought I would spend this much on a...
  42. house9

    Early Loan Payoff via Tesla Financing

    I financed my model 3 through Tesla but the loan is actually with Chase. Maybe this varies by state, or did you just take delivery and now want to immediately pay it off?
  43. house9

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    Just got an email from Starlink - got super excited! Email says thanks for your support, check your account for availability... Login to account, estimate has moved from mid/late 2021 to mid 2022 😭
  44. house9

    Portable 12 V car battery charger recommendations.

    I have been eyeing ”Jackery” portable chargers, but have never owned one. https://smile.amazon.com/jackery-portable-charger/s?k=jackery+portable+charger
  45. house9

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Seriously? ~725,000 Americans dead and you want to blame Biden?
  46. house9

    Help me decide: Model Y or Mach-E

    Yeah, if you plan to do any long drives the Supercharger network cannot be beat. I think you need to do more planning with a Mach-E and keep your fingers crossed that chargers won’t be broken. Yes, best battery tech out there. I feel really bad for Bolt owners having to worry about their cars...
  47. house9

    How Long to Get Used to Driving M3?

    I recommend trying to supercharge before you go on your trip, just so you know for sure its going to work. i.e. your credit card is on file and Tesla recognizes the car is yours. Don’t expect to get EPA rated mileage in real world driving either. Supercharging gets slower the closer your...
  48. house9

    Recommendation for 2022 EVs other than Tesla?

    For what its worth I’ve had model 3 since Dec, 2019; now with 15,000 miles - 0 issues, 0 service, just charge and drive.

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