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    Supercharger - Gaspé, QC

    You need another 2 thing with Chademo: extra time and much patience. It was my Tesla Chademo adapter that let me complete the Gaspe tour last December in my Y. Good thing it was December because I did not suffer any waiting for an available Circuit Electric Charger. Can't imagine doing it in season.
  2. Threader

    Elon Musk, please STFU

    showing very little empathy for Tesla retail stock investors. See the correlation with solid tesla fundamentals and company performance + Elon Shutting TFU and not attending Q end telecons = stock maintains or up. If Elon does the opposite...well look at the last 3 months. Not saying tesla...
  3. Threader

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    New 80,000sqft Tesla Service Center coming soon to Montreal, Quebec Tesla is expanding their presence in the province of Quebec with a massive new 80,000 square foot Sales, Service, and Delivery Center in Montreal. The new location will be at 16975 Trans-Canada Highway at the former home of...
  4. Threader

    I sold my Tesla Model Y today

    interesting...what did you do with the rest of the money?
  5. Threader

    Canada Waiting Room

    from my experience then insurance would be the "ONLY" party to actually value FSD in a reciprocator transaction compared to Tesla trade in or wholesale or private party sales.
  6. Threader

    Supercharger - Bertherville, QC

    IGA also finds it very useful. EV owners aren't mostly poor.
  7. Threader

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Spec is if the customer doesn't complain it's in spec.
  8. Threader

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    current Online Model Y owners manual states "In most market regions, Model Y is equipped with a Mobile Connector and the adapter(s) needed to plug into the most commonly used power outlets. "
  9. Threader

    Ottawa Toyota dealer selling slightly used 2022 Model 3' and Y's!

    buying a Tesla from Toyota is the definition of antithesis
  10. Threader

    Supercharger - Bertherville, QC

    Berthierville, QC Target opening in Q1 2022 Timing and location subject to change New locations added and timing updated quarterly
  11. Threader

    MCU2 upgrade is CAD $2.6k now?

    What is Tesla selling? The older Intel Atom equipped version MCU2 or newest AMD Ryzen equipped MCU if you are going to go with the cost/time/effort to upgrade seems the AMD Ryzen is most desirable.
  12. Threader

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Totally agree with you about FSD. I bought into the Tesla FSD fantasy with my first M3SR+ and back then it was *only* $5000 US (6300 Cdn). Other than enjoying autolane change it was a complete waste of money. Worse was trading it in at Tesla or selling it privately no one offered me any FSD...
  13. Threader

    Canada Waiting Room

    Yep my feeling exactly on my second Tesla MY delivery Aug 2021. Long lines, 100's of cars being delivered. Felt like I was in line at Ikea to be served. In first delivery M3 May of 2019 I was invited into the Tesla reps office had chat a few laughs and a Perrier to drink. He then accompanied and...
  14. Threader

    Canada Waiting Room

    You are helping end Q1 with lots of $$$ extras. RED-FSD-20"-7S. All in but except a TOW for a cherry on top of higher gross margin. Yep looks like your the ideal Model Y LR customer. Good luck
  15. Threader

    Model Y LR delays?

    There was a MYLR 2022 white ext/int, 19" with TOW no FSD demo with <50 km from Montreal available all of this morning now gone since I posted this. I check daily along with new order pages for investment metrics. I think buying from current inventory sure beats waiting 6-12 months. Look at my...
  16. Threader

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Person with address next to Fremont factory is screwed out of 4680 MY?
  17. Threader

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    They can look at these all day long just not buy them.
  18. Threader

    2022.4.5 Software release

    Thanks Joe! It came back with latest update today 2022.4.5.3
  19. Threader

    Phantom braking in my new Model Y

    Yes this is true. In my case it is a very consistent phantom braking event on non-divided highway. It's only trucks bigger & taller than pickup trucks that always cause it and if I am not following anyone the only way to not have any hard braking or slow downs is to anticipate the large truck...
  20. Threader

    2022.4.5 Software release

    Since 2022.4.5 my tire pressures readings with the car graphic have disappeared from service menu? Performed a manual reboot still gone. Anyone else?
  21. Threader

    Is it worth getting FSD in Canada?

    Itemized feature sale for Highway Auto Lane Change: $2800 ($2000 US) Rather spend my money on that then power boost. I got used to it on my FSD Model 3 and I find it slightly annoying without on long trips with my Model Y non-FSD.
  22. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    GM didn't resolve the louver issues and with all other sorts of Volt issues I got rid of it as soon as I got my 2019 Model 3 SR+.
  23. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    I had front lower louvers freeze and immobilized on my 2017 Volt in 2017. Got check Engine light then read the error code. So Tesla isn't the first to not engineer any precautionary measures to stop winter. I have to say I am very disappointed. I usually dismiss the "Engineered for California"...
  24. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    You will make money
  25. Threader

    Should I upgrade my 2019 SR+ with a 2021 SR+?

    you will sell it fast
  26. Threader

    Quebec license plates

    you get a new green QC plate and you pay on the spot for it with CC or debit card. You get temp printed registration paper. You get the real registration green paper in the mail from QC.
  27. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    Here's hoping the process is smooth and you never have any HVAC issues again 🤞
  28. Threader

    Model Y heat pump issues

    For those wondering what sort of shutters Tesla uses on the Model Y here is a great look at the two shutters by Munroe Live Model Y Air intake shutter
  29. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    I had to work on finding media about the Model Y shutters and finally landed on Munroe Model Y Air intake shutter
  30. Threader

    FSD Beta is coming to Canada allegedly in 2-4 weeks time.

    if you are comfortable spending over $12,000 (with taxes) for FSD make sure your decision is based on long term ownership. I can assure you that resale values will not be in accordance with the appreciating asset theory of FSD on the overall value of your vehicle. I speak from experience after...
  31. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    Value of used non-heat pump equipped Model 3s just went up a little bit 🤖
  32. Threader

    Model 3 LFP in cold Canada

    Lachute QC will have a working supercharger by the time you get your car. Top off. Keep going. You will be fine.
  33. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    "We noticed a new Tesla software update 2021.44.30.6 on a Model S Plaid (2021) in Florida, United States." Florida is not the ideal place for cold weather issues...
  34. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    The front lower air louvers freezing open makes some sense to me know. My car was exposed to wet slush snow in -2C around Gaspe tour then 30 CM snow overnight then at -17 C with 80-100 km head wind gust leaving New Brunswick I had a thick heavy crust of ice and snow on my hatch. Never looked...
  35. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    I may be totally wrong but my consumption has increased since the 2021.44.30 update for similar conditions to experiencing VCFront_a447 error on pre-V11 firmware update. Going up on a limb to think Tesla lowered the temperature threshold for PTC loop assistance and takeover from heat pump full...
  36. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    This morning second test drive 1.5 hours on Highway 30 QC trying to replicate conditions that triggered my HVAC error in New Brunswick. - 20 C no preconditioning at all. Got on the QC 30 with good headwinds this morning going at or slightly above 120 kph. outside temps reading ranged -20 to -17...
  37. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    perform a full power down and up when home.
  38. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    -17 C in NB when first failed. -20 this morning no failure.
  39. Threader

    Model S trade-in value

    My advice to anyone is NEVER trade in ANY car to Tesla unless you don't care about handing over a lot of cash to them. This was in Aug 2021 before price hikes and loss of Fed Rebate $5000 for SR+. I sold my my 2019 SR+ privately for $21,000 MORE than what Tesla offered. You'd think Tesla would...
  40. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    No heatpump issues today with firmware 2021.44.30
  41. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    Coldfront taking over QC tonight and tomorrow. Just got 44.30 today purposely left my MY unplugged with 70% charge to coldsoak over night low of -19C. Will see if VCFRONT _a447 error rears its ugly head when I run a few local errands tomorrow morning skipping any pre-conditioning other than...
  42. Threader

    getting a model x plaid just because I don't want to wait!

    $27,000 (or less with base wheels) more for 3 months less wait...worth it. Keep an eye on inventory... High end Tesla are easier to spot on Tesla Canada Inventory.
  43. Threader

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    I got this VCFRONT _a447 too going through Edmundson NB last week with -17 C and 80 km headwinds. Made a service appointment on 10 Jan but did not get the Tesla service reply message OP showed. Heat was off (1.5 hours) all the way to Riviere-des-Loup Supercharge. Before charging I did a a hail...
  44. Threader

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Not as FAT as people would lead you to believe
  45. Threader

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    1 month is 29 days overdue
  46. Threader

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    so you mean AP doesn't slam on the brakes every time a truck with a double load passes by on a single lane road in the opposite direction and the onscreen depiction appears with the Truck in red?
  47. Threader

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    I got used to simultaneous having either of these cards displayed on the lower left and having the map screen open. Now that convenience has been eliminated and you can't view this info without obstructing the map. And what happened to the supercharger show map points toggle on the right of the...
  48. Threader

    CHAdeMO adapter is missing from Tesla website.

    Without this adapter I would not of been able to do (in a reasonable amount of time) the Gaspe Quebec roundtrip tour before Christmas between Riviere-Du-Loup QC in the north and St. Leonard NB in the south. Even shed a tear when I passed by a transformerless set of 8 SCs (250 kw) in Maltane.
  49. Threader

    Sentry Mode Viewing and Light Show Available in Canada - Update Just came Out Dec 24

    My daughter's joy today watching the light show on the Y priceless. Best Tesla Christmas update yet :)
  50. Threader

    Supercharger - Matane, QC

    Drove by on 23 Dec on a pre-Christmas Gaspe tour and disappointing to not be able to use of the balance of my Tesla referral charging kms here. I had to use slow 50 kw Circuit Electric in the area. I will only be back when the complete Gaspe roundtrip will be doable on new 250 kw Tesla chargers...

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