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    Anybody else get invite for UC Davis study?

    I just got a survey in the mail. Did you do it?
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    WTB 2013 Model S ducting right front 1038059-00-A

    WTB 2013 Model S ducting right front 1038059-00-A Thanks Mike
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    Yikes!! Plastic/rubber (?) piece broke off of my charge port!

    Sorry to hear that it will take so long! Are you able to charge with a different charger? I was able to charge my car when this happened, but my husband could not charge his. There was no COVID at the time, so the ranger was out straight away. Do they know you cannot charge your car? It's...
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    Random unauthorized Full self driving capability upgrade

    What CC company did you have? Want to be sure to stay clear. Mine have both been good as far as fraudulent charges.
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    How do you keep game going after leaving car?

    How old are they? Can they just touch the front screen? Mine have done that to play hangman on the blank screen.
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    Body Shop Central Virginia

    We had our X repaired at Dorns in Mechanicsville, VA and was very pleased with their work and speed of repair. Mike
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    Model X crash in Croatia/Europe

    Looks a bit like a work zone here in the states. I wonder what happened. Glad they are okay. That was a nasty looking wreck!!
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    Did Model X Windshield Save My Life?

    Man!! Scary stuff!! You need to send the video to one of the crime shows on TV. They always seem to be able to 'clean up' stuff like this to see it perfectly... Wonder which would be best, CSI or NCIS?
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    Dear Elon Musk....

    Did you call the Tesla support number? I would imagine they could fix that issue for you. They may not even know the issue exists.
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    KEY in MX & other ?'s

    Don't leave the key in the car. It will drain the fob battery, and, I think, the car battery as well. As long as it is charged up, it will be fine to leave unplugged for that long, but we always plug ours in. My husband can charge once a week, but I haul kids constantly it seems, so I usually...
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    Very loud fan noise from frunk area with AC on...

    YES! Mine (also a 2016) isn't quite as loud now. I have had, I believe, the condenser replaced, and they just recently replaced some wires when it actually quit working. It's still there though. I'm out of regular warranty now and each time I take it in it's another $200. :(
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    WeatherTech Floor Mats

    Mine also look about like yours. The ones in the very rear (3rd row) are a joke. They don't even come close to protecting the floors properly.
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    Need help deciding on X or S

    I haven't read any of the other posts, but I will give you my take: We have an S and an X as well as a 3. My husband is 6' 7" and fits in all of them quite well. He had the S before the X and prefers driving that one (ours is a 2016 build). He says that his seats are more comfortable in the...
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    Elon Confirms S & X Are Chopped Liver

    I had thought that most Tesla owners have known from the start that the high end cars were made to pay for bringing electric to the masses. That they are slowing production of these to focus on the ones that will make the company more money is no surprise to me. Personally, I would be...
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    Tesla Model X (and maybe S) Rear Entertainment idea. Anyone tried it?

    Our kids just have their own iPads or phones to take on long trips. We are sometimes super mean and make them see how we roughed it in the 70s and 80s on road trips. The joy of playing and/or fighting with siblings is an experience every kid (and parent) should have. Even with our old...
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    Low tire pressure

    As you drive, your tires heat up, so the pressure will increase. If the weather has gone from warm to cold, it can do that. It's always good to get it checked anyway.
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    4 kids: Minivan -> X...?

    The crumbs are there, but they don't get all over my stowed stuff like in the minivan. Those wells got NASTY! Lol!! Oh, and I'm a mom who tries to encourage all other moms to ditch the minivan! If people show interest, I will show them my car and talk about the company. I have given...
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    4 kids: Minivan -> X...?

    I also recommend using duffels instead of hard side luggage. We took a trip to Florida last year from Virginia, and I had both frunk and trunk full of stuff for the seven of us. We had no issues either finding a charger or having to wait a long time to charge. As a matter of fact, our car was...
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    4 kids: Minivan -> X...?

    I have not read the previous posts, but I will tell you my experience. We have five kids, so have a seven seater X. I can fit more stuff in my X than I did in our extended navigator. In the frunk alone, I can fit 5 sets of kids golf clubs (my kids are age 8-14) and stuff some other things...
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    Extended Warranty missing on my Tesla account - Still offered?

    Looks like even Spiderman is bowing to your X! Lol!
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    Does anybody regret buying Model X for your main car?

    Wow! And I thought I was good at fitting things in my X! You put my five sets of kids golf clubs, tennis racquets and bags, and pool supplies for seven (with all seven seats full) to shame.
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    Model Y does nothing for me ....WHERE IS THE PICKUP TRUCK?

    My husband said the same thing!! Eh, at least it will give us time to pay off the rest of our Tesla fleet...
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    Trade my Ludacris model S for your 75d Model X

    D'oh! It's at around 42,000 miles and has AP1.
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    Trade my Ludacris model S for your 75d Model X

    Not interested in trading, but we are looking to possibly sell our 2016 75D to upgrade to a 100D. Ours has PUP, towing, cold weather, 7 seat configuration (pedestal seats). Tan leather heated/cooled front seats. Red. We have weathertech floor mats in it. We also have BlackVue cameras installed.
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    2016 Tesla Model X P90D - Founders Edition - Ludicrous / AWD / 7 Seat

    What is your max charge, and has it decreased much since purchase? Thanks!
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    Nearing 50K miles. Buy extended warranty or not?

    Following. We are in the same boat. We are leaning toward buying the extended warranty; however, we are also leaning toward purchasing a newer X with a larger battery...
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    Autopilot trying to kill me in V9

    This is so true!
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    CPO Help

    I've been eyeing a few there as well. What are you looking for? We are thinking about selling our 75D to get the 100D. It's a seven seater.
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    CPO Help

    When we bought ours off of ev-cpo (new, great discount), we called the number from the website after you click on the VIN. We never asked them to send us pictures, though. If you're looking at new, they all look the same. If you are looking at used ones, I have a feeling you have to call the...
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    Free 22 inch on my x?

    No way I'd get the 22s! The towing capacity is so much lower! (Glad OP decided to go with his/her conscience!)
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    Fricking Teen Drivers.

    Oh my!! How scary! Glad you had good reflexes and that you are okay! It's amazing to look at those pictures and realize how much worse it could have been. These cars can take so much force without really looking like it. I wonder what that type of accident would have looked like on an ICE...
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    Fricking Teen Drivers.

    I have one now. :) The car wasn't even a month old at that point. We didn't think there was a rush.
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    Fricking Teen Drivers.

    A lady backed into me in a parking lot who did the same thing. Thank goodness I had her text me her info, which gave me a time stamp of when the incident occurred. Her husband was one of those 'I own a body shop, and we can buff that right out' types. I declined stating that I wanted a...
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    Fricking Teen Drivers.

    Not the teen, the parents. I remember stupid teenaged actions, but my parents didn't bail me out like that.
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    Fricking Teen Drivers.

    Dad's not teaching his kid good things. Grrr!!!
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    Planning 1st Trip - Questions

    They all get slower as the battery gets more full. We also have a 75D. I do wish we would have gone for the bigger battery now, but even so, you will rarely have to stop longer than 40 minutes, and it usually takes longer than that to get food. We always try to plan our stops around a meal.
  37. M

    Planning 1st Trip - Questions

    We drove our 75D to Florida this summer (five kids, lots of stuff). To get an idea of how long it would take, we used Tesla's planner. We found it to be pretty accurate, but we actually ended up charging longer than needed and got to skip a charge because of that. Every time we stopped, the...
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    Flying plane crashes into Model X. No fracking way??!!

    Wow!! Glad you and the people in the plane are okay! How scary!
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    Business travel is the worst when owning a Tesla.

    Oh, yes. Same happened to me. I was in some huge beast of a car, maybe an Expedition. I used to have a Navigator, but it had been so long since I had driven anything that big. It was awful!
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    Business travel is the worst when owning a Tesla.

    I have my husband drive. I'm afraid I will rear end someone waiting for the car to brake. I have a few upcoming trips where I would love to rent a Tesla to drive, but that would likely cost more than the whole trip!
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    Citations for charging our car at Yellowstone

    I tend to agree. They need to know that this is a problem, and that this officer damaged the OP's car. It is common knowledge to owners that you cannot take the charger out of the actual Tesla without damage to the car, so it can be deduced that the officer damaged the car with reasonable...
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    Owning Early-Mid Production X Out of Warranty Thoughts?

    With mine now, I can move the seats up and back from the front. With the new configuration, you still can push a button on the seat to get in and out, but you cannot do it from the front. Also to move the middle row forward and backward, you must manually move it from a lever below the seat...
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    Tesla ride compared to a Stanley Steamer

    Thanks for sharing. I've never read that story.
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    Owning Early-Mid Production X Out of Warranty Thoughts?

    I'm wondering the same. We have a 2016 seven seater. I'd like a bigger battery, and we're right at 40k miles. I was trying to prod my hubby into jumping for a 100D, but we're 'waiting' to decide now. If we do keep it, we will buy the extended warranty. I'm also not sure about the new 7 seat...
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    Model X front plate mount?

    They drilled my husband's new 3 before he realized what was happening. He would have used a magnetic one otherwise.
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    Locking the FWD buttons...

    Do you have the seat back as far as it goes. It might help keep him away from the button. Otherwise, I'd ring Tesla to see if they know how to disable it from the rear.
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    Model X and Kids

    My five kids are aged 7 to 14 with only one is in a booster seat now. We have the old version 7 seater X. I wish I had the X as an option when they were all in car seats! Five kids all in car seats was a nightmare! The falcon wing doors make it easy to get in and out, and the kids can easily...
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    Is it normal to be terrified when you're a passenger?

    Check out www.fearofflying.com. This will help teach you to trick your brain into being okay with things like being out of control. It's a great program and got me back flying after 10 years not! It's a lot of mental work, but I HIGHLY recommend it. I did the guaranteed course as well as...
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    Changed form 20" wheels to 22"

    Also keep in mind that your towing capacity is now reduced because of the larger wheels. It's only 3500 instead of 5000 now.

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