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  1. 6spdcoupe

    Car won't connect to wifi

    Having similar issues. Hoping the next update woukd fix it
  2. 6spdcoupe

    Another subwoofer option - NVX Audio

    Wow such a cold response. It's their fault for sending you two defective subs and they still treat you like garbage.
  3. 6spdcoupe

    Model 3 trunk beeping twice and stopping halfway?

    Really? Once I push the button it just closes back.
  4. 6spdcoupe

    Model 3 trunk beeping twice and stopping halfway?

    Have an issue that started interestingly enough, after getting my Tesla back from service. Trunk has a 50% chance that it only opens halfway now.
  5. 6spdcoupe

    Hit and run on brand new Model 3

    Sorry to hear what happened to your new car. But I'm glad you found the culprit! Following the thread for any updates.
  6. 6spdcoupe

    1st time: Drove my neighbor's new 3 LR

    Ever since the gas prices rose I've had different people bring up my Tesla in conversation almost every day at work.
  7. 6spdcoupe

    Hansshow website security issues

    There's a few issues with the Hansshow brand that one can find by reading the threads. This is just one of them, and one that needs to be exposed more. You will read silly things like missing or wrong pieces, catastrophic failure of power trunk and I think it was in their speaker activation...
  8. 6spdcoupe

    Driving to Montreal from Toronto tomorrow morning. Should I charge to 100% overnight?

    Yes. Once it a while it's no problem. There are more important things in life to worry about
  9. 6spdcoupe

    My first Tesla Roadside Assistance experience

    My first time using roadside was quite recent. I needed a tow to the nearest service centre. Roadside checked if I qualified, made me restart my car as a possible solution and then called for a tow. Phone call took abiut 20min and said the tow would come in an hour. About two hours later a...
  10. 6spdcoupe

    Hansshow website security issues

    Oh wow this is bad. Very bad. I tried to log in only to have someone else's account appear. I can see their full name along with their address and telephone numbers and email. Anyone who made an account with hannshow beware!! This is not right.
  11. 6spdcoupe

    Sentry Mode Viewer Buggy

    You guys can view it? Mine is just a black screen. Weakest point in the car.
  12. 6spdcoupe

    Model 3 Painted Calipers... a different approach

    It looks great! Same color I want. How did you put the car on jackstands to paint the calipers?
  13. 6spdcoupe

    Buying winter tires - Should I get separate wheels?

    Personally, I find it easier to swap an entire wheel rather than just the tire. Especially if you are going to do it yourself.
  14. 6spdcoupe

    WTH Disney?

    What the heck?
  15. 6spdcoupe

    Are you always getting flashed?

    Are the headlights icon on the screen blue or green?
  16. 6spdcoupe

    So... This Happened Today!

    Same same, but different.
  17. 6spdcoupe

    What cars are more fun to drive than a M3P?

    Go karts!
  18. 6spdcoupe

    The Tesla Wave!

    When I travel to small towns I noticed the people look at my car a little longer than if I were to drive in the city. I wave if if it's just me and another Tesla on the other side of the road. It's part of the fun of owning a Tesla!
  19. 6spdcoupe

    Another subwoofer option - NVX Audio

    How do you like the sound?
  20. 6spdcoupe

    Any shops in GTA to upgrade Model3-SR+, sound system

    O wow you're still looking? I activated the speakers myself with a harness and also installed the door speakers. I did get a shop in the GTA who installed a sub/amp. Pm me if you want.
  21. 6spdcoupe

    What's your best piece of Advice for a newbie?

    Don't overthink it. If you are now well aware of panel gaps, soft paint or any of this minor stuff it will bug you and perhaps destroy your experience of enjoying the car. It's a car and there will be imperfections, if not now then down the road.
  22. 6spdcoupe

    Is 120v charging enough

    I have a similar roundtrip. IIRC it would take about 14 hours to charge it back to 90%
  23. 6spdcoupe

    PPF Prep?

    It's ok if the detailer says no because it's not needed. But for him to say no he just does the film sounds like he didn't even inspect the body to see if it's necessary. Try spraying the rail dust with Ironx.
  24. 6spdcoupe

    Is it okay to use supercharging station to park overnight?

    Wouldn't that be the mall's jurisdiction and therefore subject to what their policy is on overnight parking? And what car u renting?
  25. 6spdcoupe

    did you clean your brake and caliper after one year of ownership of model 3? If so, where did you get it done in GTA?

    Does spraying the brakes with brake Cleaner during tire rotation count?
  26. 6spdcoupe

    What is your autopilot speed limit set to when driving on hov lanes ?

    The speed limit of course. ;)
  27. 6spdcoupe

    Brake calipers

    Very nice! Did you put the car up on 4 jsckstands? And if you did, how?? Want to paint mine too this summer!
  28. 6spdcoupe

    Another subwoofer option - NVX Audio

    Do you folks have a gap like mine?
  29. 6spdcoupe

    Light Harmonic T4D speakers for Model 3

    I received a set of Light Harmonics T4D speakers for my car and wanted to give a detailed review of my thoughts and some general tips I discovered while doing this. I installed the front dash mids and the front door woofers. Installation: I installed the door speakers myself and had Joe and his...
  30. 6spdcoupe

    Aluminum Pedal Covers for the Model 3

    Herr are mine below. A little different from the ones I'm seeing here. But if you're happy with yours, who cares what others have right?
  31. 6spdcoupe

    Another subwoofer option - NVX Audio

    I noticed the link states that "almost every speaker gets a separate dedicated amplifier channel". I dont think we have 14 amplifiers in our car.
  32. 6spdcoupe

    Another subwoofer option - NVX Audio

    Don't really see how the question is related to the NVX sub but I'll answer anyway. Let's do a quick speaker count 3 front grill near windshield. Or 4 if you want to I clude the tweeter. 2 both a-pillars 2tweeters 2-8in woofers on both doors 2 both rear doors 2 rear shelf 1 subwoofer If yiu...
  33. 6spdcoupe

    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    Very nice car color!
  34. 6spdcoupe

    Another subwoofer option - NVX Audio

    LOL are you serious? I did hear some slapping noise when playing it loud but I assumed it was just reaching its limits. It's so bad if it really does it the grill. That's a lotta boost btw in your settings. Did you install the bass knob?
  35. 6spdcoupe

    Another subwoofer option - NVX Audio

    Just had my subwoofer installed. First impressions is that it's ok. It does fill the car with bass but dont expect mirrors to shake, feel the air pressure change, or even feel the need for dynamat. Then again my old system was was an 15in XXX with 2k rms. I think if the system was anymore...
  36. 6spdcoupe

    New TeslaOffer SR+ Speaker Activation Wiring

    So I got to install this harness. My largest annoyance was that IT DID NOT INCLUDE POSITAPS! I had to pay $10 fora pack just to use 2 of them. Overall the install was very easy. The panels that needed to be removed was easy, at least compared to removing the door panels. Even the positaps...
  37. 6spdcoupe

    MASTER THREAD: Jack Points — location, use, damage, pads, etc.

    So I'm planning to paint my calipers and need a way to have my car lifted, all wheels off, for a couple of days. Most common solution here cost 600+. It's a bit much for just painting calipers. Any suggestions on how to do this cheaper ?
  38. 6spdcoupe

    Autopilot is not working

    Are you sure its actually on autopilot and not just cruise control? If the lines are blue it will follow the road. Push the right stalk down 2x rapidly. The first down activates cruise control and the second down is autopilot which makes the lanes blue.
  39. 6spdcoupe

    Another subwoofer option - NVX Audio

    But what if the shop has no experience with electric cars? Does it make a difference in the install?
  40. 6spdcoupe

    Autopilot is not working

    :) learning all these new features is just part of the fun
  41. 6spdcoupe

    Autopilot is not working

    The thing sticking out behind steering wheel that you push down to put to D. I forgot the name of it sorry. But when driving push it down 2x and the small grey wheel icon at the top of the screen screen shoukd turn blue
  42. 6spdcoupe

    How did you tint rear window?

    I had mine tinted upto the top rear defroster line.
  43. 6spdcoupe

    Autopilot is not working

    And you pushed the gear shift level down twice while driving?
  44. 6spdcoupe

    Vendor What Accessories Would Improve your Tesla's Interior?

    How about some strip lighting in the dash or cabin area? Like how the newer Mercedes and BMW's have the interior accent lighting
  45. 6spdcoupe

    Autopilot assistance and safety features temporarily disabled

    Ya i get that message from time to time but autopilot seems to always work so I stopped worrying.
  46. 6spdcoupe

    Teslafi vs Nikola vs Stats

    Any of these apps enable scheduled charging but allow you to change the time and days?

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