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    Has anybody with a Model S or X 75 kWh battery ever seen a charging rate of more than 100 kW?

    I prove it to you this weekend. :) The nominal voltage is not as high as the 85 or 100, but, you can get 112 kw briefly. Then afterwards, it gets around 96 kw.
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    Dinged the parking lot

    I don't have a recommendation, but, it's approximately what you would expect from any repair shop.
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    S75D 80%?

    So, you're saying if I take a 3.3 volt battery and a 3.3 volt battery from another area (both batteries rate 3300 mah), it will hold the same capacity? Wonderingi if that is true in reality. I propose a bet.
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    Has anybody with a Model S or X 75 kWh battery ever seen a charging rate of more than 100 kW?

    It depends on the SoC and how warm or hot the battery is. When I'm driving 2 hours and get a SoC of 15%, I would get something in the 112kw - 116kw range.
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    No electric at home base parking. Worried about Supercharging 1x per week (battery damage).

    I don't have any experience with the extended warranty as I have not bought it. But, on the Tesla site, it tells you what it includes. If you are really curious, just call the SC.
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    No electric at home base parking. Worried about Supercharging 1x per week (battery damage).

    When you get to the 8 year point (after unlimited mile warranty ends), loosing a mere 20-40 miles of range on the battery is no big deal. This is the first reaction of new owners. I had it once too. Now, I just supercharged it whenever I'm at 60% or so. Never use the home charger. If it worries...
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    Frunk latch open mid-drive

    Yes, it's regulated only in the US to have a release inside the car. If you are in certain parts of Europe, there is no interior release.
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    Dinged the parking lot

    Plastic fender. Paint job for that is about 600-800 dollars at the body shop. What they'll do is take out the bumper, do the paint correction, in less than 24 hours it will be cured. Plus, they need to vent out the fumes as well so on your app, you'll see your model S parks in the service bay...
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    S75D 80%?

    The guestimator has more sample points to approximate mileage based on your driving habits. That 200 miles has some errors around +-10% depending on where you live. If you now moved to a new area where it's always flat and drive 9203 miles, that 80% at 200 miles will be 220 or 230. Then, also...
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    Tesla Solar inverters

    I used microinverters. Attached to each panel.
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    Supercharger- Manchester, CT

    Compared to the parkway pit stop in CT, this is much better. Those Tesla parking at the parkway (Danbury, etc..) have 5 parking spots for 200 cars in 30 mins. (note the exaggeration - but - those who went through it will understand)
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    Noob question. 80A for HPWC?

    Yes. I always follow anything above 50 amps to use a disconnect switch. Also, 100amp disconnect switch can be had for about 30-50 bucks via ebay btw if anyone is curious. Run 2-2-2-4 SER Aluminum to 100amp disconnect switch. Then run 3-gauge CU to HPWC. Will be cheaper to do that.
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    Noob question. 80A for HPWC?

    80A circuit breaker will provide = 80% of 80 amp = 64 amps of continuous output So, adjust the dip switch of the HPWC to something that is somethimg less than 64 amps. Cheers!
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    Is the dual charger option useful and worth getting?

    To be honest, I have dual chargers installed. But, have never get to use it at all. I have both a HPWC 72amp(11kw), and 7.7kw Level 2 charger. Never used the HPWC (waste of money).
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    Some 3rd Party Chargers are Insanely Expensive

    I don't think it's expensive relative to gas cars. I can plan to stop between a supercharger and a DC Chademo fast charge station. It still turns out to be cheaper.
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    NEMA 14-50 Plug Install Price

    LOL. Who is the ignorant one in this forum when it's normal to ask the city/town electrical inspector for what he will be looking for? Where's Rich Rebuild when you need him? Should I display my 40 amp 240 volt NEC compliant install done by myself (not an electrician btw). Always marking a...
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    NEMA 14-50 Plug Install Price

    How is it ignorant? You can have a 14-50 with a 70 amp breaker since it will provide 56 amps continuous? He just needs to make sure the electrical wire rating meets the temp standard. And, the city or town inspectors can give him answers on what he is looking for. No need for an electrician.
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    NEMA 14-50 Plug Install Price

    Right. It will definitely violate NEC and insurance will most likely complain if they happen to find it out. Should upgrade to 70 amps circuit breaker.
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    NEMA 14-50 Plug Install Price

    80% of 60amps = 48 amps.....48 amps is the max he'll be able to run continuously without the breaker tripping. He certainly can use 60 amps breaker.
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    AWD: is the rear motor the same as in the RWD?

    The P-RWD motor is bigger, not binned motors. The size of it is bigger.
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    AWD: is the rear motor the same as in the RWD?

    Model S and X are induction. Model 3 is PM.
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    Supercharger - Framingham, MA

    Tesla provides the plans to the Zoning Board and got permit several months ago. No progress on construction yet.
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    Why July 1st for the free internet connectivity cutoff?

    Easier to have it done at the beginning of a Quarter.
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    200,000+ Mileage Club

    Just bought the Hankook Ventus S1 from there with the $200 rebate promotion. Thanks a bunch. $380 bucks with 6 months no interest. Now I have 8 sets of new tires. :D
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    200,000+ Mileage Club

    Thanks for the feedback on the tires. I will know to get that next time.
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    200,000+ Mileage Club

    Please, how many tires sets on a Tesla for those with 200k+ miles? I own several ICE cars to have gone through sets in its lifetime.
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    When to break out the credit card for FSD?

    Well, since I have over $100,000 in credits available to use. I can spend it today or later. Doesn't matter to me.
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    Danbury (CT) Porsche dealer w/ sign out front saying "We Service Tesla"???

    Tires, brakes, wheel, suspension, etc...can be serviced at any dealers. Who needs Teslas at a rate of $125/hour? I certainly don't.
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    Performance Upgrade Package - How many find it worth $5K?

    I agree. Many doesn't mean alot. There are outliers. A majority of MX, MS owners do not get 40k.
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    Performance Upgrade Package - How many find it worth $5K?

    Is that even available to buy yet? Sorry for the double post. It was unintentional.
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    Performance Upgrade Package - How many find it worth $5K?

    Yes, differently if you have a performance model. Your tires will be 10k when you will replace them.
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    Headlights effect on range???

    Barely, when you regen for 2 seconds, most likely it will generate enough energy to continue powering the headlights for 30 mins or more.
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    Performance Upgrade Package - How many find it worth $5K?

    My concern is that tires will wear quicker. $300 a pop X 4 = $1200. 500 AA rating tires = ~50,000 miles on regular car. Model 3 performance will be about 15,000 miles. :)
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    Supercharger - Framingham, MA

    It's ok. Just wished there is one other supercharger in Wolfboro NH. Would helped a significant amount if it was in progress.
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    EAP price went up ?

    Yes. The price was upgraded to $5k.
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    Supercharger - Framingham, MA

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! WHICH NEW HAMPSHIRE CITY! I'M DROOLING! LET ME KNOW! ONEGAI? Sorry for the caps lock. I am so excited. Wolfboro NH? If so, I can head to white lake!
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    Rolling back whilst in Drive

    If you hit the brakes and don't release for about 3 seconds, the car will have the "H"(Hold) in the dashboard indicating that it is OK to let go of the brakes. This will keep the wheels locked until you press on the accelerator. It also happens at a stop light as well. Don't need to be on an...
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    AWD or P? I can't decide!

    The P will get you new set of tires every 16k miles with 500 AA tires! Don't based P or AWD of a TESLA on conceptions that it will costs more to insure. That is false. Insuring just the Model S I have only costs $400/6 months with 500 deductible and 300k/100k. I had a Civic EX that went for...
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    Tent production, any worries about build quality?

    Think people are just over thinking a bit. Manufacturing requires a process for it to work. Regardless of tools used to build them, the process will determine quality, not the tools.
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    accelerated degradation concern

    Why are you so concerned? I am not. 160k miles and you have unlimited mile warranty for 8 years on the battery. What do you think is different if you happen to own a gasoline car? 160k miles ===================== Oil Change 22 times @ $20 = $440 Transmission Fluid Flush @ dealer = $150 Gas @...
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    Leasing - Is yearly maintenance required?

    Interesting. Never had that came up on a BMW or Mercedes lease. If I turn it in at the end of the lease, they would just do a visual inspection. That was all. I had used Allied Bank and US Bank. No problems. I never even had to bring my car in for maintenance at the dealership. Did it all by...
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    Lambo CEO can't imagine e-supercars

    I see this in reality all the time. They won't even attempt to try to do things if they have formed preconceptions in their heads. This includes me, any Engineers or Scientists I had worked with, lawyer, doctors. People from all walks of life like to build some sort of wall. Examples include...
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    Model X Insurance Rates

    You don't need a Costco membership for Ameriprise Auto. And, the body panels on a Tesla is not costly as people making assumptions the aluminum is costly. Had the appraiser looked at it when I had an accident. Same cost as any other Aluminum cars.
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    I just realized I am trading in a car worth $243 for a Tesla worth $124,000.

    Why would you trade with a value of 243 when a junk yard will buy your car for 500 and they tow for free?
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    Delivery appointment email and the unreasonable requirements on third-party financing

    It's standard policy to give all financial with those clause. I got it too when I used third party financing. The Bill of Sale from Tesla includes the total price of the car with any trade-ins. The bank or CU will use it to give you a conditional loan. The bank can also issue a letter to Tesla...
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    FSD upgrade option disappeared from My Account

    Hmm....Did you login, and click on manage? I have that option still on display.
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    Hit a Deer at 50mph in Model 3

    Trust me. I had a dent. You would be surprised that the costs to repair isn't what you expected to be. I once thought the same as you.
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    Selling My Signature Model S - 20K miles (VIN ending in S00035)

    Wow. My Model S is 2017 and currently at 16k miles. Bought with 10 miles on it in Nov.
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    Hit a Deer at 50mph in Model 3

    Wow. Looks like the cost to repair the dent on the hood is about $900 (est. labor). With a little heat, it will mold back to its form. The headlight is about $200.

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