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  1. Bonlaw

    X in for repairs - battery almost to 0

    X is being repaired. The app shows the battery going down - almost 0. The shop claims the battery is disconnected - does that make sense that app works and shows battery decline if actually disconnected? If disconnected does that mean that it isn’t losing charge? Any feedback will be very...
  2. Bonlaw

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Well we just received the dreaded message that our 3 will not be delivered before end of year notwithstanding the “guarantee”. This is our 5th Tesla purchase. While the cars are always improving, the customer service has gone from the absolute best to near the bottom. Perhaps it is a blessing...
  3. Bonlaw

    White Interior Deliveries SR+

    Thanks. Does the SR+ have navigation? with live traffic feed?
  4. Bonlaw

    White Interior Deliveries SR+

    General question - I have has 3 S’s and an X. Out of the Tesla loop for a couple of years now. Ordering a 3 for my daughter and am confused about a couple of points. Hope you all can help me out. I am considering a 3 SR+ white/white/upgraded rims. What is the difference in features...
  5. Bonlaw


    Us too! For our daughter. Guess I have to modify my information below!
  6. Bonlaw

    No more "Model X" word on interior FWD?

    You can always order this from rpmtesla.com.
  7. Bonlaw

    Door closes upon pressing the brake even if no premium upgrade package?

    I not have PUP on my 2017 X. Door closes with foot applied to brake. With easy entry seats move too!
  8. Bonlaw

    Painting (or Wrap?) bottom trim of MS to match body color?

    Tried it. Wrap would not adhere. I’d paint it. Almost did that, but then traded for refreshed new S.
  9. Bonlaw

    Model X License Plate Saga

    Mine too!
  10. Bonlaw

    Soon to be 3 Teslas Household

    Us too! 3 will be for daughter when her current lease expires. It will be our 5th Tesla.
  11. Bonlaw

    [POLL] Do you care about Telsa's headliner material change?

    Remember this is Tesla. - they deliver what they want to deliver and often it is BETTER than expected or ordered
  12. Bonlaw

    Cubby drawer?

    We are very happy with the CF drawer we got from Mark of rpmtesla.com
  13. Bonlaw

    Anyone NOT have a Sun/Glass roof? And...?

    I have had 3 Model Ss, none with pano or glass roof. Did not miss anything big, although the view out of the back seats with pano at night was pretty cool- just a matter of preference and pros and cons.
  14. Bonlaw

    Volta charging network

    Love the signage on the parking lot surface.
  15. Bonlaw

    .40 is out via ev-fw

    Received it a few days ago in AP 2 but not in my AP1
  16. Bonlaw

    The new ride.

    Enjoy! She’s a beauty.
  17. Bonlaw

    HomeLink stopped working - is this widespread?

    My 2016 S homelink works flawlessly. My new X stopped working after a couple of days and an update.
  18. Bonlaw

    About to take the plunge, what options to equip.

    Not really that many choices. PUP - not important unless you live in very cold weather. 7 seat for fold flat cargo use and A/C in rear EAP good - Self drive, no, too far off
  19. Bonlaw

    HomeLink stopped working - is this widespread?

    Out of nowhere and doing nothing, it opened as I approached Home. No chime though. Not sure what, if anything, that means, although I did send a report this morning.
  20. Bonlaw

    HomeLink stopped working - is this widespread?

    Broken in 17.38.4 confirmed. Not transmitting anymore.
  21. Bonlaw

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    I understand tha Tesla will be sending out a notice to eligible vehicles.
  22. Bonlaw

    HomeLink stopped working - is this widespread?

    My X was new and initially worked very well. After 38.4 same problem as identified in other posts.
  23. Bonlaw

    Linking Tesla App to car

    Mine hit one day later.
  24. Bonlaw

    0.99% for 72 months, Bad experience

    Alliant .99% for 72 months. Small down and got the gap insurance. Second Tesla purchase with Alliant. Approval in minutes and very easy to work with.
  25. Bonlaw

    Dual Tesla Household

    Just received the new X and my S became husband's ride. I use the 14-50 plug and husband uses our Volt clipper creek with adapter. Very electrified house hold.
  26. Bonlaw

    My Top Tesla Accessories - What are yours?

    It is. Love their products.
  27. Bonlaw

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    The one I was to pick up is in the middle. The ones on either side had the correct headlights. Comparison of X side by side. You can see the top of headlight is a light silver and the correct lights have dark 3 separate divided areas ad in post # 49.
  28. Bonlaw

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    Same issue with X. I compared mine side by side on Sunday and they did not have the 3 way dynamic LED cornering headlights. The pictures referred to above are correct.
  29. Bonlaw

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    It is a royal pain on all fronts including financing. Let's hope I get an answer soon, before your scheduled deliver.
  30. Bonlaw

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    That's what I have received. I refused delivery so they are looking into ability to retrofit. But how long does it take to find out if the headlights can be retrofitted or not? Or, Whether they have to re-wire or not? My speculative wild guess is that when the former PUP headlights went to a...
  31. Bonlaw

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    They are different headlights. Not able to fix over the air. Delivery is checking to see if the correct headlights can be retrofitted.
  32. Bonlaw

    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Yes- make sure you have 3 position LED turning lights in your headlights. Some of ours are being delivered without them. See Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)
  33. Bonlaw

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    No PUP for me. Others, don't know. Delivery manager did confirm the 3 way lights are standard since July 21st. They just didn't know if they can re retro fitted. Should know more tomorrow.
  34. Bonlaw

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    Just left delivery WITHOUT the X. No 3way cornering lights and nothing on the screen. They are escalating to find out if it can be retro fitted or not. Five other Xs being delivered today had them, one other didn't. Without this forum I would never would have known! I will keep you all posted
  35. Bonlaw

    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    If the Phone dock is the same as I had on last years S, it doesn't work that well, and then it broke. Don't miss it.
  36. Bonlaw

    Need Advice, price increase due to Tesla error a week prior to delivery...

    Am I missing something? Isn't that $103,500? 96,000. + 7,500 tax credit.
  37. Bonlaw

    Need Advice, price increase due to Tesla error a week prior to delivery...

    But would you require Tesla to stand by this statement?
  38. Bonlaw

    Too young for a Model S

    For sure, just ask my husband! His favorite saying: " I'm the happiest man in the universe. I have a remote and a wife....and they both work!"
  39. Bonlaw

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    I will let you know after I pick up my X on Sunday.
  40. Bonlaw

    To PUP or not to PUP. . .

    I passed on it. For me, not worth it since some of previous items like adaptive headlights are now standard.
  41. Bonlaw

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    I ordered my X on 7/29 and there is no doubt that the adaptive lights were standard. The 2-3 items that became standard around that time convinced me to pass on PUP. Picking up X this Sunday. I will specifically looking for this feature.
  42. Bonlaw

    Anyone Have 2 Model S's?

    We have had 3 but not at same time. When my X arrives this week we will have two Teslas as my husband is keeping the S for himself. We will still have the Volt for a few months and of course, our beloved 2005 Prius.
  43. Bonlaw

    Porsche Store - Square One Mall

    Lincoln opened a store in our very upscale Newport Beach, CA Fashion Island shopping center right around the corner from the Tesla store. Last time I was there, the Tesla store was overflowing with people; the Lincoln store was pretty dead.
  44. Bonlaw

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I agree. Don't know why people think it is top secret. I feel the same way about my Model 3 reservation number.
  45. Bonlaw

    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    My X has been in production hell for 14 days!
  46. Bonlaw

    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    My DS was out yesterday and today. Assistant says still on for delivery on 16th of September, we will see. Since I am in SoCal, this sort of confirms the theory that they are shipping to the mid west and east coast first. Let's hope we all get our deliveries as scheduled!
  47. Bonlaw

    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    Congratulation to you. I ordered a 75X in July, confirmed 8/1 and have been "in production" since 9/1. VIN 64,049. How did I get so far behind????????
  48. Bonlaw

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    WOW! Are we missing something here. Call Alliant. .99% through September. Approval same day.
  49. Bonlaw

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I am waiting for delivery of my fourth Tesla. All employees of Tesla have been terrific. Your DS's conduct is unacceptable. You needed to go to the delivery manager. And I still would. When my DS had medical issues, his auto return email let me know he was not available but identified two...

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