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  1. silentcorp

    Sold my Tesla yesterday - No Sellers Remorse Yet

    I went back to ICE too, I was sick of the loud tire noise so now it's just a much louder ICE engine to deal with! /s
  2. silentcorp

    Sleeping in the car for 2 weeks?

    I use this mattress: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DJ8HX96/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's super comfortable if you take your back seat bench out. I kept it in the car unfolded for most of the journey (spent 5 nights in the car) so it takes up a lot of space. I...
  3. silentcorp

    Best mud flaps?

    Just get the cheapest ones from Amazon.
  4. silentcorp

    What is your general experience in retrofitting power lift trunk?

    I have I believe the first HANSSHOW one, trunk only. I bought the foot sensor but never installed it after watching all the videos showing that it was pretty flaky. Works with both the screen and app - but doesn't show the status on the screen if opened.
  5. silentcorp

    What is your general experience in retrofitting power lift trunk?

    I've had mine installed for a year and a half and it's still working great. Easily the best upgrade I made to the vehicle.
  6. silentcorp

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    You do that yourself? I've watched a few vids but haven't had the guts to go through the whole process myself yet.
  7. silentcorp

    Looking for sunshields for side windows.

    Don't buy anything from Evannex, they get theirs from this company: Windshield Sun Shades, Car Window Shades and Car Window Covers by HeatShield: The Original Windshield Sun Shade And you can as well for over $100 cheaper. Evannex is a drop ship company, you can always find their stuff from...
  8. silentcorp

    Model 3 Windshield replacement $2300 and 2-3 days?

    Got mine done in CO last year at Safelite, much cheaper than what you are being billed. Also full coverage from insurance paid for the whole thing.
  9. silentcorp

    Consumers disdain for “Self Driving”

    I absolutely love to drive my Model 3, with that being said there are plenty of times I'd love to have FSD.
  10. silentcorp

    summons never works

    I've never had any luck with summon since the very first release. Tried it like five times and each time it almost hit another car or curb. I haven't tried to use it in over a year because of this.
  11. silentcorp

    RV parks filling the charging gaps?

    I've used RV parks a lot on road trips, only one time was for an emergency coming back from Texas to Colorado. All the other times I have reserved a spot and slept in my car overnight at the park. Last time was one in Wyoming, I had a crowd around the car as I "was the first electric car they...
  12. silentcorp

    Broke that damn glass roof a 2nd time!

    I live in CO and have carried my snowboards and friends skis probably 75 times on my roof rack, never cracked the glass once. I'm guessing this is a you problem. Maybe don't drop things on glass?
  13. silentcorp

    So camping mode is useless.

    Yeah, the main screen absolutely doesn't turn off in camping mode. I've done about 8 nights using it and that damned bright fire lasts till morning. Even if you turn on the screen cleaning mode it turns off after a short while. Turning down the brightness helps a bit but in a pitch black camp...
  14. silentcorp

    The Tesla Wave

    Two years ago people would always wave, now it's like 1% seem to.
  15. silentcorp

    All Model 3s built since 9/1/2019 have a pedestrian warning speaker installed

    Not to mention that if you hit a pedestrian there isn't much more a lawyer needs, there are very strict laws about this sort of thing.
  16. silentcorp

    All Model 3s built since 9/1/2019 have a pedestrian warning speaker installed

    I would love to know how a lawyer will know if you unplugged your speaker or if you purchased it prior to them being included. That would be a hell of a lawyer and worth every cent!!!
  17. silentcorp

    If you had to do it again, would anyone NOT get the white interior?

    Over 2 years in and my white seats look as good as the day I drove it off the lot. I would absolutely get the white again.
  18. silentcorp

    Post your biggest F&*# ups

    I tossed my dogs leash to the passenger floor and the metal clasp hit my screen and cracked it. Whoops!!!
  19. silentcorp

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    Yes, your sample size of one is clearly absolute! Regardless of the hundreds of posts here, on the official Tesla forum and the Teslamotor subreddit showing a ton of variables that are leading to this issue you have it all figured out. And F the guy that disagrees, super classy! Anyone that...
  20. silentcorp

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    I've never used recirc either, but my AC smells like a teenage boys gym shoes. I've done the cleaning process myself twice and both times the smell returned in like 20-30 days.
  21. silentcorp

    Getting ready for a long 3000 mile trip

    Download the free app Plugshare, it shows all other chargers available in an area if you need it. A great backup plan just in case you can't make it a super charger.
  22. silentcorp

    What color do you have?

    You don't have my color listed so I can't vote. I have Obsidian Black from back when they actually offered it.
  23. silentcorp

    Clear Wrap the nose?

    I have it on the front of mine, it still looks new. I've seen other Model 3's at Super Chargers with temp tags on that look beat up with a ton of chips in them. I highly recommend getting PPF for the front.
  24. silentcorp

    Frustrating experience at Discount Tire - HELP!

    I've only had good experiences at my local Discount Tire location, they use 4 jacks and they even have their own pads they use now. Two years ago I had to bring mine with but they got their own after a while.
  25. silentcorp


    I love the Taycan except for the tear-drop head lights. They make it look sad.
  26. silentcorp

    Hansshow Ambient Lighting

    Yeah I don't want the whole kit, but I'd love the center console rails by themselves. Not gonna be drilling into my car anytime soon!
  27. silentcorp

    Vendor Custom Built Model 3 Headlights by Evil Headlights

    I'd be interested in this for sure, would love to see more video of them in action.
  28. silentcorp

    Anyone Purchased the Hansshow Heads-up Display?

    The newer ones (like the one Tesla Bjorn reviewed) actually tap into the canbus so it's actually updating the speed in real time, no lag seen in the video.
  29. silentcorp

    Anyone Purchased the Hansshow Heads-up Display?

    I don't think it's the same model but Bjorn took a look at a HUD from some Chinese company recently.
  30. silentcorp

    Cracked rear glass, service center won’t cover under warranty:m. Options?

    Safelite replaced mine for free using my insurance.
  31. silentcorp

    Custom Lloyd Luxe Mats from EVANNEX do not fit correctly

    Case in point. Evannex offer the "heat shield" sun shades for $250 without the roof option. Instead why not get the EXACT same product from the folks who actually manufacture them for $100 less. Windshield Sun Shades, Car Window Shades and Car Window Covers by HeatShield: The Original...
  32. silentcorp

    Custom Lloyd Luxe Mats from EVANNEX do not fit correctly

    Literally everything Evannex makes is drop shipped junk from China. Avoid at all costs.
  33. silentcorp

    Needing some advise with wanting to wrap interior trim and paint my calibers gold

    I wrapped the silver trim on the center console (including the cup holder) a few different times to see what color I liked. I ended up with just matte white to match the white seats. Here are a few pics, one of when I tried it in orange to match the calipers I painted myself. Check the link in...
  34. silentcorp

    Want painted calipers? Don't want to spend $600+ on them?

    Super helpful.... for the few people in that area.
  35. silentcorp

    Traded in my Model 3 Performance

    Yup, I have crushed Hellcats on launch.
  36. silentcorp

    Cross country trip. Booking hotels?

    If you can find a hotel with a destination charger that is always the best option since you can charge while you sleep. Alternatively if you don't mind sleeping in the car RV parks like KOA are great options where you can charge while you sleep.
  37. silentcorp


    It's impressive for an EV, considering 5 years ago this wasn't even possible.
  38. silentcorp


    1st and 2nd in the Exhibition class for Tesla Model 3's, amazing all around!!!
  39. silentcorp


    Damn! What a shame, hoping they can get back out there!
  40. silentcorp

    White interior - Should i get it? How well has your interior held up?

    Two years in and my white interior looks the same as the day I picked it up.
  41. silentcorp

    12,305 miles over 7 weeks - Road Trip

    Would love to get a link for the mattress you used, sounds pretty great to me!
  42. silentcorp

    How often do you floor the pedal?

    I'll trust Tesla over you. Does Supercharging affect my battery? The peak-charging rate of the battery may decrease slightly after a large number of high-rate charging sessions, such as those at Superchargers.
  43. silentcorp

    How often do you floor the pedal?

    Supercharging too often will also damage the battery, the car even has a built in warning for this if you are SC too much. As for the OP question I slam the accelerator every chance I get.
  44. silentcorp

    Any CO Model 3 owners get the MCU3 retrofit yet?

    Thanks! I had scheduled but they just cancelled mine, I'll try again now.
  45. silentcorp

    Any CO Model 3 owners get the MCU3 retrofit yet?

    Yeah, meant HW3. What service center are you going into for the update and did you just schedule via the app?
  46. silentcorp

    Any CO Model 3 owners get the MCU3 retrofit yet?

    I bought in with the last sale and tried to schedule an appointment, got it cancelled saying they aren't installing MCU3's yet. Anyone have any luck getting an appointment for this in CO yet or have successfully done so?
  47. silentcorp


    PPF the front for sure, my car is two years old and looks brand new. I was at a charger last week and a new Y pulled in and looked like it already had 30rock chips on the front bonnet.
  48. silentcorp

    Best Song for Premium Audio?

    The model S sound system pales in comparison to the 3's.
  49. silentcorp

    Best Song for Premium Audio?

    While the premium audio system does wonders on the bombastic choices already selected here, I've found songs with more dynamic range impress folks more. This song will let you know if you have any rattling as well as show the power of the speakers when they aren't being pushed to their max.
  50. silentcorp

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    The tires are 235/45ZR-18 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S XL, the rims are Enkei TS-V in black. You can check them out here.

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