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    Driving visualization temporarily degraded message

    Just great, happened here for the first time last night but cleared the following morning after a sleep. It's a very recent firmware version so it's either a regression or a cable/camera problem.
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    You don't have to go far to find the disclaimers: Masks - Legal Disclaimer for Customers "Masks are not designed or intended to prevent, mitigate, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition, including COVID-19/Coronavirus. Masks are intended for general public use only. They are...
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    Okay, Karen.
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    I refuse to be anyone's slave and wear a mask. Most masks (short of maybe the N95) have no effect on stopping transmission of this flu-like virus (and the manufacturer of the most common mask even has a disclaimer as to how ineffectual the mask is against it). Abortion up to and including...
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    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    The computer is backordered across 3 separate regional SCs, even though I'm eligible. Car isn't getting any younger (March 2018).
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    Additionally, and I haven't read much lately in the last week, Sweden didn't shutter their economy and are relying upon the herd immunity approach for their population. In the long run, we'll see if the Chicken Littles were correct or not (30+ million unemployed and endless small businesses...
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    Opinion: FSD, Why you should not buy it.

    The stretch of highway I drive does not make EAP enjoyable, which can't read the lane boundaries as I enter from the onramp such that it weaves back and forth (I guess this qualifies as more fun?) as it scans for the painted lanes (there is lots of "noise" on the pavement/asphalt from previous...
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    Elon: "Feature complete for full self driving this year"

    I'm laughing at all the laughing in this thread.
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    Opinion: FSD, Why you should not buy it.

    $8K for EAP/FSD in 2018 was one of the more idiotic purchasing decisions I've ever made. FOMO got me good. I shudder to think if I'd fallen for the max $13K screw job a few years prior to that.
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    Elon: "Feature complete for full self driving this year"

    Thanks, on the rawer end of the deal to be fair.
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    Elon: "Feature complete for full self driving this year"

    I have no idea how screwed I should feel anymore with all the ensuing decoupling and price adjustments that have taken place since I gleefully bent over almost 2 years ago. I paid $5k for EAP and $3k for FSD in March 2018. I suppose this puts me somewhere in the middle of the screwed pack. I...
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    Percentage or Miles/Kilometers : which do you use and why?

    My annoyance that both can't be displayed simultaneously continues to irritate. This surely can't be a insurmountable request.
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    Is FSD overpriced ($7,000 over AP)?

    Definitely wish I hadn't bought it with the purchase as a Tesla virgin. I should've listened to the warning signs that were being spouted by the veterans then.
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    Anyone LR AWDs Showing 322 Miles Fully Charged?

    Nice feature, my 12k-mile 2018 RWD shows only 306 available. That looks to be in the median here, though I'm annoyed to have never achieved better than a 315 estimated range.
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    My 2018 RWD's 80% fell to 245 estimated miles on the most recent 2 charges (just surpassed 12k miles on the odo), it was pretty solidly at 246 prior to that for as long as I can remember. *cries* I think the best estimated range I've seen is 315, and it looks like those days are behind me...
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    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    I've a March 2018 build, and I'm not getting any younger.
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    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    I had the silly idea of setting up another appointment tomorrow for Las Vegas after getting denied on 12-26. I'm having second thoughts with all these shutdowns.
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    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    14xxx, March 2018 build, FSD bought with vehicle (a regrettable decision).
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    What will happen within the next 6 1/2 weeks?

    When the topics are simply fact-based and not clouded with opinion or an obvious agenda (which clouds my own perception of Wikipedia), I confess to agreeing it's not entirely useless (and making references available at the bottom does make it possible for the reader to investigate the claims made).
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    What will happen within the next 6 1/2 weeks?

    Wikipedia is only as good as the sources upon which it relies (and the conclusion at which its information gatherers/compilers arrive). Being a "random person on the Internet" has no bearing on the fact that Wikipedia is frowned upon as a research tool in most college assignments/research. ;)...
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    What will happen within the next 6 1/2 weeks?

    As a hodgepodge gathering of random information, what Wikipedia "disagrees with" is absolutely immaterial anyway.
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    Auto Pilot Is Dangerous

    Had a "dangerous" moment yesterday when NOA tried to merge me into a lane where a vehicle (pickup truck towing a trailer) was entering the freeway (the onramp lane was coming to an end, and they were engaging a very slow, gradual merge), and I subsequently had to wrest control away.
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    It’s been 1051 days since I paid in full for FSD

    $8k was the purchase price leading up to summer 2018 as well. The silver lining is I don't have the antiquated MCU1/AP2.0 combination.
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    Tesla autopilot HW3

    So, MCU2.5? ;) There are no doubt differences, hopefully nothing practically limiting in comparison to the initial Model 3s.
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    Tesla autopilot HW3

    OK, some of my reading led me to believe the early Model 3s were saddled with MCU1. I guess that discussion overlapped with Model S/X.
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    Tesla autopilot HW3

    For the Model 3, if they have to yank out the MCU, I hope they bite the bullet and upgrade that as well.
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    Auto park problem

    I tried autopark for the first time and it backed right up into the curb and told me to contact service. Wonder if it's a dirty sensor to blame.
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    Supercharger - Tusayan, AZ

    With a Model 3, he's starting at a disadvantage compared to most of the participants.
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    Four months to go ... tick tock

    Early Model 3 FSD buyers are quickly approaching year 2.
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    poll: will you upgrade to FSD package before price increase?

    Their Marketing Department (and Elon's Tweets) have ruined a lot of good will. As an early FSD buyer (big mistake), there's nothing to show for it 1-1/3 years later.
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    Rivian Automotive

    Load up some PV.
  32. V

    Rivian Automotive

    I could believe that, I'm just not sure what model you think it may be (not the Y). The revamped S?
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    Rivian Automotive

    If you haven't heard of the Rothschild name, you're willfully living in a forgotten cave, under a petrified rock. ON-TOPIC: The first EV to hit 400+ (projected) miles, will it arrive next year?
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    Give up on 325 Range?

    Disappointed. With an April 2018 build at under 8700 miles in the high desert, my 100% charge only elicited 312 miles (I discharged to 10% before fully charging). 2019.20.4.2 firmware.
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    Lightyear One

    Ah yes, I see Boeing in that graph, which would correlate with what I was told. Apparently, the cost to manufacture is still too high to make it practical. Projects like this one should help to push them to attain better economies of scale.
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    Lightyear One

    This is with the current 20% efficiency rated panels. I've heard from an EE associate that they have crossed the 40% threshold in PV design with only military/aerospace having access to these prototypes so far. Game-changing stuff is on the horizon (as always).
  37. V

    The Lightyear One

    I like everything but the price.
  38. V

    Rivian Automotive

    I was interested in the SUV (410 miles of range!), but the gimmicky nature of using a certain vacuous celebrity's star power gives me pause.
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    Tesla Model 3 is crushing competition

    I don't know, the fact that they think this threat is exclusively limited to Tesla shows a huge awareness deficiency.
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    Did Tesla’s Sale Alienate Everyone?

    You're free to have your own opinions on this topic (I was in your camp before the $3k discount on a feature that is still in preorder status as of this moment, with no concordant refund, partial or otherwise, to those who bought last year), but I don't understand how you can disagree with a...
  41. V

    Did Tesla’s Sale Alienate Everyone?

    Tweets aren't legally binding. I'm not holding out hope that it's realized, but you are free to do same. Anyway, I'm out of this hostile environment. Apparently, you can't even question Tesla without someone doling out the third degree.
  42. V

    Did Tesla’s Sale Alienate Everyone?

    Do you have that in writing?
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    Reduced price Autopilot & FSD for existing owners announced March 1st

    Yes, I've been using it since July, so I am aware of the particular inadequacies and find myself either disabling TACC/autopilot or accelerating to counter the braking in such scenarios (it also takes the extra precaution of braking heavily when others are turning from the opposite direction...
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    Reduced price Autopilot & FSD for existing owners announced March 1st

    I'm inclined to agree it's a pipe dream. I drove around a parking lot for 20 minutes trying to attempt the self-parking feature before giving up after realizing it was more of a hassle than it was worth.
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    Reduced price Autopilot & FSD for existing owners announced March 1st

    If FSD means nothing more than half-assed traffic light/stop sign reading, I'll be livid, but I'm mentally trying to prepare myself. Verbal and written best intentions indeed mean nothing.
  46. V

    Did Tesla’s Sale Alienate Everyone?

    It's unfortunate to think that's how meaningless Elon's word has become. The recent backtracking about the lacking viability of HW2.5 in adequately powering FSD suggests they'll make us cough up another ~$50k to get full autonomy.
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    Fox News is moving in your (failing) ideological direction, but I guess the Russians got to...

    Fox News is moving in your (failing) ideological direction, but I guess the Russians got to Mueller now, too, eh?
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    150k, depending on the difficulty factor, will already take (potentially) many months in and of itself. Another way to make early buyers even more jaded is if they get leapfrogged by newjacks.
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    Made the right call upgrading from EAP to FSD for 2k

    ^Maybe it will, maybe it won't. The ever-present finagling of what constitutes FSD gives me pause. Sure, throw a lawsuit at them if the promised upgrade never comes. Best of luck with that!
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    12/18 M3P Got More Than I Paid For

    ^The crude, crass title yields no piquing of any further interest on my part.

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