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  1. arubinst

    Apple CarPlay

    Tesla should open source the media player. It would get so much better in a matter of hours!
  2. arubinst

    NoA in Switzerland!

    Seriously? I got it June 1st with 2019.16.3.2 :confused: You may want to read this thread
  3. arubinst

    Taycan Turbo Introduction

    Trashcan? ;)
  4. arubinst

    Navigation system really is not even close to TomTom....

    Please go back and read the OP's complaint. It has nothing to do with alternative routes or multiple destinations. I do agree that those options would be nice to have and should be included in Tesla's nav but that is not what I'm replying to. Regarding POI, I'm sorry but in my dictionary, those...
  5. arubinst

    How to display destination chargers during navigation?

    The main reason would be that destination chargers may be restricted to clients of the restaurant/hotel/parking/store that makes them available. Business owners have the right to deny you a recharge if you are not a client of the establishment. And the second reason would be speed. Destination...
  6. arubinst

    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    Indeed! :eek:
  7. arubinst

    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    I believe HD radio is a US-only thing (I suppose Canada also...). It is not compatible with European broadcast. All our radios do broadcast meta information. They have done it for ages and I cas actually see it in any other car or home receiver. The equivalent of HD radio in Europe is the DAB+...
  8. arubinst

    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    Same here for me in Switzerland. I've had the car (Model X) for one year and I have never had any metadata for radio stations. Not even for DAB+ radio, which is the digital radio taking over Europe (Switzerland is getting rid of FM starting next year). The only way I can see station logo and...
  9. arubinst

    Software Update 2019.20.x

    I got it too over LTE. It must be some serious bug.
  10. arubinst

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    This is not something they are working on.. This is the way NoA has been working in the US for the last 2 months. They have an option there to turn off confirmations and let the car figure out ALC by itself.
  11. arubinst

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    This is pretty close to my own experience here in Switzerland. I guess it will get better now that a lot of Guinea Pigs (i.e., us...) will be driving with NoA everywhere in Europe.
  12. arubinst

    Nav on Autopilot arrives in Switzerland

    Yeap! That seems about right. I just went again on a test drive and performance was indeed better. But European ALC regulations are certainly crippling NoA. It had to abort lane change a couple of times. And I do have some motorway changes that need to happen kind of fast and I can see how NoA...
  13. arubinst

    Navigate on Autopilot rollout in Europe

    I'm going out again later today for a new (longer) test. The off-ramp actually surprised me last night because there's an almost-90-degree right turn at the and of the ramp I usually take to go back home. And the thing did it all by itself! (just like the video posted somewhere by a Canadian...
  14. arubinst

    Front carpet mats replacement

    +1 for the 3D mats. They look amazing! I've had them since last September and they look like new after each wash.
  15. arubinst

    Nav on Autopilot arrives in Switzerland

    I'm gonna have to go out again today to test it once more. I got the update last night at midnight and I went out for a test drive close to 1 AM. I got the impression that NoA needs a training period (for the driver). Many things to watch at the same time! In particular, you are now forced...
  16. arubinst

    Navigate on Autopilot rollout in Europe

    NoA available also in Switzerland with 2019.16.3.2 I tested late last night (avoiding traffic) and I must say that, although very exciting, the thing seems kind of half baked for this part of the world. I hope it will quickly get better as people start using it. You need to pay much more...
  17. arubinst

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    Yeap, me too. I confirm I indeed received 2019.16.3.2 with NoA for Switzerland. I went out for a ride (it's past midnight here) to test the thing without traffic. It's actually kind of scary and it requires some training. At least here in Europe. You need to pay attention to the cluster, keep...
  18. arubinst

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    2019.16.3.2 has been available since yesterday but it went kind of slow. It seems to be going wide now. I just got a notification of a software update, so I'm guessing that's the one I will get. I'm currently on 2019.16.2. No idea what this one has. I hope they don't take NoA away for...
  19. arubinst

    New regulations in Europe - Update to 16.2 or keep 12.x?

    Hi, Really a tough one... In my case, for my 40 Km daily commute (80 Km round trip), AP behaves just fine. So I voted "go ahead" but of course, YMMV. I have read the horror stories and I do not doubt some people are actually facing problems. But I have yet to find a situation where the new...
  20. arubinst

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    Do not latch the turn signal. Just give it a touch up or down before it latches and the ALC will happen. I was actually terrified when I accepted the update, but I couldn't find any part of my commute this morning where the new turn degree limitation became obvious (there are a couple of sharp...
  21. arubinst

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    Just in case you (and other members) are not aware, there's a petition circulating regarding this problem. I don't know if these petitions are any good or if they're ever taken into account, but at least it cannot hurt to sign. You may access the petition here. I feel the need to warn you...
  22. arubinst

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    What a nightmare! :(
  23. arubinst

    Navigate on Autopilot (NoA) outside North America

    Anyone got news for NoA in Switzerland?
  24. arubinst

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    What about Switzerland? Anyone?
  25. arubinst

    Navigation system really is not even close to TomTom....

    Just to complement... I just tested and it also works with business phone numbers. Just enter the phone number of a local restaurant, for example, and it will find the address and take you there.
  26. arubinst

    Navigation system really is not even close to TomTom....

    Is this a joke? With the Tesla nav, you have the power of Google Maps for searching. Have you even tried entering "arbitrary" text in the search field? You can ask for any kind of food (fast food, asian, italian, etc.), any kind of store (by name, type of product they sell, etc), tourist...
  27. arubinst

    2019.12.1 Update

    I guess I’m going to have to chill and keep waiting... thanks for the info!
  28. arubinst

    2019.12.1 Update

    This just kind of happened to me (in Switzerland). I was on 2018.8.4 yesterday and the SC pushed an update to my car. To my surprise, I got 2019.8.6.2, both very rare firmware versions (only 0.3% of the teslafi population has 2019.8.6.2). I did notice that our cars were built very close in...
  29. arubinst

    Software Update 2019.12.x

    I don't get what's going on with my car. I was on 2019.8.4 (extremely rare firmware with only 3.2% of teslafi cars having it) for a long time. I requested an appointment to update my firmware and yesterday, I got a call from the service center saying that they would cancel the appointment and...
  30. arubinst

    Software Update 2019.8.x

    I agree. Drove this morning for about half an hour under all different kinds of rain and even a bit of snow and they where just perfect!
  31. arubinst

    Tesla login for TuneIn radio

    AFAIK, there's no difference between using a premium and a free account for TuneIn with your Tesla. The favorites trick still works for me. As of today, I used it as I always do. Just open a random podcast, mark as favorite using the star, see my favorites appear. Which podcast are you not...
  32. arubinst

    Tesla Changes Service Requirements - 3rd and 4th Year No Longer Needed?

    I'm not seeing it either in Switzerland, but the Maintenance Plan buy button disappeared from my account. I'm just 700 Km shy of my first service and had been trying to figure out if it would be a good idea to just pay annually instead of getting the plan. And just when I was ready to finally...
  33. arubinst

    Vendor TeslaSpy.com - Know your tesla

    Hi Jordi, I started testing your service this morning night. My MX is basically narcoleptic. It usually falls asleep as soon as I turn my head. And it sleeps the whole day at the office whenever it finishes charging. However, since I activated Teslaspy, my car hasn't slept even one minute. I...
  34. arubinst

    Navigation tool change

    Try this: A Better Routeplanner
  35. arubinst

    I saw Musk twitted Advanced summon will be on update march 15th

    At least you guys have NoA in the US and Canada. We're still waiting here in Europe almost five months later.
  36. arubinst

    SPINOFF: Did you test drive a Tesla before buying yours?

    I tested a MX for an hour the first time, but argued tha I needed more time to verify if it would fit in my parking spot, how the FWD would behave in my underground parking garage or even when going to the supermarket. I wanted to see what it was like to drive to my office and what the real...
  37. arubinst

    Tesla App Restricted

    I have the same problem (I can do everything with the App but open the car and start it). I'll keep an eye on this thread. My MCU was also replaced, by the way. It happened a couple of months after I received the car last year.
  38. arubinst

    2019.4.2 Spotify issues

    Something similar happened to me yesterday after updating to 2019.4.2, but I actually didn't catch the fact that already-played-songs would not play again. I just was able to play something and then, everything else just stayed spinning without success. I rebooted and it didn't help, so I just...
  39. arubinst

    Tesla login for TuneIn radio

    I really hope it works for you!
  40. arubinst

    Tesla login for TuneIn radio

    It's happening to me too. What I do is, I open some arbitrary podcast, for example, and I press the "star" to make it a favorite. And this brings back the Favorites menu item with all my podcasts and radio stations. The menu item disappears again when I leave the car and come back :confused:.
  41. arubinst

    Spotify: My Library loading issues

    I'm curious here. Do all of you guys having problems have MCU1? I'm actually testing Spotify premium right now (I am more of an Apple Music user), just because the convenience of finding my lists in my car interface and I don't seem to have the same issues with my MCU2 MX and Spotify. How can...
  42. arubinst


    Yeap, idem in my case! I just checked and it started working again less than 2h ago. I didn't do anything new.
  43. arubinst

    Apple Car Play?

    Seriously? So the usability of all these cars is compromised and all their users are confused and frustrated?
  44. arubinst


    Hello, I just updated to 2018.48.12.1. My car seems to be "visible" to Teslafi, the connection state shows "online" but the data logger says "No Data". The interface is "stuck" with the vehicle state (charge level, etc.) from before the update and Teslafi is not even aware of my new firmware...
  45. arubinst

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    MCU2/HW2.5 here. I just got the update and both, pole position and the USB controller, are present in my release notes. I had no time to actually "play" with it.
  46. arubinst

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    Oh yeah! I'm seeing a lot of that too!
  47. arubinst

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    I'm on 2018.48.1 and the right side of my display still shows jumping cars and splitting semis. The left seems more stable but I still get to see cars jump every once in a while. And because semis are not usually on my left side, I really can't tell if it is actually much better than the right.
  48. arubinst

    Tesla login for TuneIn radio

    Sadly, that won't work... For Spotify, you'll need a premium account :(
  49. arubinst

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    Nope :(
  50. arubinst

    Tesla login for TuneIn radio

    Which login page goes blank? You're not doing this on the web browser, are you? You do this directly on the Tunein tab in the Media Player app on your Tesla: An this is how the login window looks like after you press SIGN IN: Does this make sense or are you precisely having trouble...

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