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  1. pete8314

    S3XY buttons at Abstract Ocean

    Hey All. @dimitar.ns has had his account locked for commercial activity, although he reached out to @danny a couple of weeks ago to try to get set up as a vendor. It looks like Danny hasn't been online in a while, @doug is this something you can help with, or one of the other mods? We're trying...
  2. pete8314

    S3XY buttons at Abstract Ocean

    Hello all. I just wanted to introduce @dimitar.ns , he's the founder & CEO of Enhance, so designed and manufactured the S3XY buttons, and is constantly working on the development roadmap based on feedback in threads like this. As always, if there's any specific support issues, please still...
  3. pete8314

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Curious...has anyone determined if the OEM (Tesla p/n 1755200-00-B) module works with the AMD chipset?
  4. pete8314

    Formula E: Global Electric Car Series to Launch in 2014

    Wow, this is an old thread! Formula E has come a l-o-n-g way since 2014!
  5. pete8314

    Blog Boring Company Opens Vegas Loop

    South was open, but just for media. The cars were running there, but obviously, the vast majority were going between West & Central. We rode it 3 times, twice in a Y, once in an X (which were prioritized for ADA).We never had a wait. For what it is, it works well. Many conversations overheard...
  6. pete8314

    Trunk Lighting Upgrade

    There's really no consistency with where Tesla ties up the wires, but the charge-port side tends to be the side that's trickier to find.
  7. pete8314

    Pictures of purple led footwells?

    The fronts are easy, they're just a like-for-like replacement of the factory bulbs. Getting the bulb out of the hard plastic trim can be a bit of a fight, depending if Tesla installed it the correct way around, so that the little recessed bit where you poke the spudger/screwdriver under is...
  8. pete8314

    Abstract ocean review

    Yes, I found the support ticket. The screen protector was returned, used, together with the used screen wipes. Regardless, we offered a free replacement, or a 50% store credit, since the screen protector is used, and cannot be repurposed. The nature of this product is that sometimes, someone...
  9. pete8314

    Abstract ocean review

    Hi @beaudamore, as I mentioned in the other thread you messaged, this is not a typical experience. We have 1000's of very happy screen protector customers, please PM your order number so we can look into this.
  10. pete8314

    Black "T" Emblems

    That's simply not the case, at least for us. Everything we sell is manufactured for us, to our specs, and sold under our brand. Obviously, some of the products appear to be similar, but the devil is always in the detail.
  11. pete8314

    Notes on Four Aftermarket LED Interior Lights

    Thanks for the great notes @tps5352 The only other things I'd add is to note which certifications each of the lights have. I can't talk to the other brands, but it can make a difference when it comes to longevity of course, but also in terms of brightness, as anything like this has to manage...
  12. pete8314

    2021 Center Console (Gen2) Wrap Questions

    There's still plenty of space, no issues with rubbing, even for the thicker vinyls. Not enough room for an ABS (shell) cover though, or carbon fiber. Also messing around with some printed designs; they're more fiddly to fit since they don't have the air-release channels that the 2080 vinyl has...
  13. pete8314

    Abstract Ocean - Cease & Desist From Tesla - Litigation Sale

    Ha! I had a Crapi Capri (in Essex), but didn't have the sun shade. Did have the bag of cement in the boot to 'help' with 'handling'.
  14. pete8314

    Abstract Ocean - Cease & Desist From Tesla - Litigation Sale

    Not really. We laser-etch the glass at 1000dpi, which is necessary to get a nice, crisp projection. So even if someone had a laser-etcher at home, it wouldn't get close to the required resolution, I think most home version run in the 150-300dpi range (?). It's really fiddly too, we spit them out...
  15. pete8314

    Abstract Ocean - Cease & Desist From Tesla - Litigation Sale

    Hi all, thought I'd chime in. There's no update really, other than Tesla have so far been entirely closed to the idea of any form of licencing agreement, that we'd very happily take up. Not surprising, and so far we've not been able to get Elon's attention via various channels, including...
  16. pete8314

    FYI - Managing Power during an Outage

    thanks @gpez will do. I have the Soalr company out next month to give it all a once-over, and price out another PW and a few more panels.
  17. pete8314

    FYI - Managing Power during an Outage

    We were out of power for about 40hrs in total, in 3 chunks. The panels & single Powewall helped us limp through, but I'll be adding another PW to help support more circuits, including the pool, which stopped at 3 in the morning, so we've sustained at least $2k of damage there (equipment), if the...
  18. pete8314

    When to retire?

    Love this thread. That's all. I don't understand much of the financial stuff, but the wisdom and experience illustrated here is insightful.
  19. pete8314

    Vendor Open Source DIY Model 3 Console Wrap Template

    Not sure @Twoods196 , but I've yet to find a 3M one that's even close.
  20. pete8314

    Solar Panels on a Flat Roof

    Nice! This was the email I got from Tesla about installing on my flat roof in Texas (they won't), but it looks like you're in a state where they have more options. This is what (and where) they'll install on: Composite Shingle Concrete Tile Standing Seam Metal Rolled Asphalt (Only available in...
  21. pete8314

    Tesla Performance Emblem (Abstract Ocean)

    There's quite a few customer-submitted photos in the reviews at the bottom of the webpage, I think this one is red on grey, but it's fairly close-up, and could be a black with a satin PPF. IF you want to sit on the fence, this is the matte black with the red edging on my MSM M3, but it does...
  22. pete8314

    Finally, Model Y Added to Tesla Shop

    Thanks @LivingTesla for the heads-up on this. Unfortunately this would probably over-step the line in the sand we’ve drawn with Tesla (in our heads, not officially!). We don’t manufacture anything that they already sell, unless we got their first, so although we could easily undercut their...
  23. pete8314

    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    Am I the only one bothered by the mis-matched struts on the Model 3 Trunk? I know only one is powered, and the same is true on S & Y, but at least they look the same. Also, the trunk beep on Model Y might be the nicest automotive beep I've ever known. The Model 3 beep seems more shrill and...
  24. pete8314

    Abstract ocean - standard delivery time to UK

    yeah, that means it's in New York waiting to move to airside. The backlogs at the hubs are country-specific, so something to the UK might take a couple of weeks to clear, whereas to Italy just a couple of days, so overall it's relatively unpredictable, as to that they sort on size, so small...
  25. pete8314

    Abstract ocean - standard delivery time to UK

    The matrix wrap is 100% our favourite. Easier to apply, tough, and still matches the aesthetic of a high-tech car.
  26. pete8314

    Abstract ocean - standard delivery time to UK

    I can chime in here :-) DHL (we also offer UPS, but DHL is nearly always cheaper and better, plus we discount the rate by 25%) is by far the most reliable option, but much more chance of getting dinged with duty/tax. We do what we can to minimise it (), but since all the customs info is sent...
  27. pete8314

    Battery day invite winners

  28. pete8314

    Battery day invite winners

    If you reply within 48hr of receipt with ID. No guests is my understanding.
  29. pete8314

    Battery day invite winners

    Me too! Trying to figure out logistics now.
  30. pete8314

    Model 3 Frunk re-designed... Heat pump, new headlights and Power Trunk/Boot incoming?

    It's not the same part. Broadly similar, but different parts, different bolt locations.
  31. pete8314

    No Frunk Bag Hooks

    I guess rounding this thread out, Tesla have now changed the design of the frunk area, so the hooks no longer fit Model 3's being made from around the mid/end of July 2020 (at least NA versions, TBC if it applies to all production, but likely does). Sounds like the usual thing where Tesla...
  32. pete8314

    No Frunk Bag Hooks

    Source: Tesla’s New Customer Referral Program
  33. pete8314

    No Frunk Bag Hooks

    Well, I know. I'm just saying it's marketed as one, and regarded by the industry as being in the Luxury Car category.
  34. pete8314

    No Frunk Bag Hooks

    Maybe, that's kind of the issue though, Tesla are inconstant with their availability, and cannot be bought from Tesla at all outside of North America, unless something changed recently. Mostly I got these out of annoyance at Tesla removing since a trivial item, that aside from serving a...
  35. pete8314

    No Frunk Bag Hooks

    If it helps, I've just added them to our site (pair, complete with a mini wrench) for 12.99.
  36. pete8314

    Model Y Delivery - My Full List of Build Issues - How Serious Are These?

    But it's just a numbers game, hitting the Q2 numbers is more important than absolute customer satisfaction. That sounds bad, and, of course, in many ways it is. Tesla are going to have a significant cost for fixing all the Due Bills, but that's an acceptable risk for the company if it means...
  37. pete8314

    Model Y Hitch

    We finally got our Y a couple of days ago. We're on this ;-)
  38. pete8314

    Model Y Delivery - My Full List of Build Issues - How Serious Are These?

    It's a theory based on what I saw once when a bunch of Model 3's were being unloaded, so, admittedly, a very small sample set. But the guys unloading cars had filthy hands from adjusting the transporter, unchaining etc. and at least twice I saw they were reaching for the (non-existent on...
  39. pete8314

    I got my car today.

    We picked up in Littleton (Denver), so around 800mls each way. There's some relatively minor issues with the build, so I documented them when we got home and emailed them (as requested) to the Service Center. Honestly, the car, overall is great, and we're well used to the Tesla EOQ shenanigans...
  40. pete8314

    Model Y Delivery - My Full List of Build Issues - How Serious Are These?

    We picked up our Model Y a couple of days ago. There's a few issues, including a small dent in the tailgate (which will very likely require replacement), but generally the build was good, and since we collected it from Denver, the 800ml trip home was a good shakeout test. The thing that really...
  41. pete8314

    Tesla Performance Emblem (Abstract Ocean)

    Yeah, I took it down as a few people were getting confused when installing the Gen 2 emblem. I've now set it to unlisted, so you should be able to see it here.
  42. pete8314

    Model Y - Hands On

    @SilverSmith Thanks for all the pics, very helpful. It looks like the dash, center console and door controls are all the same as Model 3. Would you mind counting the bulb locations? This is what Model 3 has:
  43. pete8314

    Anyone taking delivery of Model Y this week?

    I have questions :-) Is the center screen the same size as M3 (we're 99% sure it is) Is the center console the same size as M3? Are the headlights the same as Model 3? Are the door controls (winder switches etc) the same as M3? Is the dash width the same as Model 3? Not sure about this one...
  44. pete8314

    Clicking sound from front wheel

    No thoughts, but my wife reported something similar on her 2018 M3. I've yet to hear it myself outside of a Facetime call, so don't have any good info, other than it's not something as obvious as a stone stuck in the tire; the sound seemed more dull and mechanical. Seems to come and go though...
  45. pete8314

    2020 Dead Pedal Cover - 3D Printed

    That's true, but as @Uncle Paul mentions, it's not an ideal solution. The 'carpet' has a lot of flex in that area, which means that the stainless plate also has a lot of movement. Aesthetically it looks OK, and functionally it'll provide some protection of the carpet below, but as a fitted...
  46. pete8314

    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    Most manufacturing is still shut-down in China; each factory and office has to apply to the government to re-open, but most are being denied currently. They're all saying they'll be 'open next week', because that's the party line, but so far it's all very patchy, and actually getting product out...
  47. pete8314

    Texas Supercharger Locations

    True, and unless it's changed, I think the cost of charging is covered by the Bakery.
  48. pete8314

    Texas Supercharger Locations

    I pass the Southlake Supercharger every day; it's a great location, you're right, it's ~100yd walk to the nearest food place, but there's loads of choice. I'd take it any day over, say, Waco, where there's one very average option (Collin St Bakery).

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