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  1. Astraviel

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC

    Pretty bad power here. I’m only getting about 30 kW.
  2. Astraviel

    Supercharger - Vancouver, BC

    Went to this supercharger yesterday. I think the spots are tighter than the usual downtown parking spot.
  3. Astraviel

    Get 21" Turbines they said... It will look cool they said...

    I got forged 20" wheels from Avant Garde after being fed up with constant flat tires with 21". No problems at all with 20".
  4. Astraviel

    Got my midnight silver Model S 100D wrapped with XPEL Stealth

    Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.
  5. Astraviel

    OMG gf calls me from work screaming because hail is falling

    Your girlfriend sounds terrible, OP. I wouldn't try to salvage her.
  6. Astraviel

    Elon Musk

    I don't really really see this cult-like allegiance that you speak of. The vast majority of people here are Tesla owners and think that the tweet was abhorrent. As a Model S owner he shouldn't have made that tweet. Just be professional and move on.
  7. Astraviel

    My Tesla burns in house fire. Sad.

    Sorry about the potential loss. Hopefully the damage was minimal once more info comes out.
  8. Astraviel

    Alloygators - Worth it?

    Not worth it unless you have expensive forged rims. Even then they look pretty bad up close.
  9. Astraviel

    Did Tesla just kill the Model S 75D?

    I drove my friend's Model 3. Compared to my Model S the Mode 3 is definitely nimbler and the touchscreen is much more responsive even with the firmware update for MCU1 that my car has. However, I vastly prefer my roomier Model S, the instrument cluster, the free supercharging, which I use a lot...
  10. Astraviel

    XPel Damage - now what?

    Those gouges won't heal. XPEL will heal fine scratches but once the actual film is penetrated and gouged it won't heal. I know from experience. That's going to need a replacement but it's cheaper than fixing the actual paint.
  11. Astraviel

    Dinged the parking lot

    Nearly $3k for that?
  12. Astraviel

    Can minor Rim Rash be fixed?

    Can't you get the valet company to pay for damages?
  13. Astraviel

    Air Suspension Needs Service - 4 Week Old Model S

    Had this problem two days ago driving to work. After my shift I got back into my car and the error message was gone.
  14. Astraviel

    Tesla tech is great, but other companies are starting to push

    I have a lot of respect for Musk and Tesla and what they are planning to do, but I remember when I initially got into a test drive of the Model S I was kind of disappointed at the interior. I came from having a Porsche and my Porsche felt like a $200k interior. My Model S does not and I paid...
  15. Astraviel

    Can minor Rim Rash be fixed?

    They're more susceptible to damage from pot holes and there's less sidewall, meaning it's lower down, meaning more susceptible to damage from objects on the ground.
  16. Astraviel

    Which paint color caliper should I get ?

    I have red calipers and they look nice. If I had a black Model S I would paint mine baby blue or gold. For metallic silver I still think red would look the best.
  17. Astraviel

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Hey, man. Don't worry about it. What matters it that YOU like your wheels. I love my wheels and get compliments on them every day. Some of the posters here just like to put others down for whatever reason. I think your wheels look pretty slick. If everyone had the same style of wheels this...
  18. Astraviel

    2017 vs 2018 Floor Mats?

    It requires some very minor trimming which I haven't bothered to do. It doesn't bother me too much, but if you move your seats back or they are already further back it dislodges the rear mats from their placement.
  19. Astraviel

    2017 vs 2018 Floor Mats?

    The Maxpider rear mats don't fit 100% on my 2018 Model S.
  20. Astraviel

    Slacker Radio only plays Radio ??no Songs ?

    Slacker is awful. I usually just use Spotify in my car through the phone/car Bluetooth integration.
  21. Astraviel

    Vancouverites looking into Ceramic or Xpel

    Some pictures of my car with XPEL Stealth a couple of months after getting it wrapped at Vancouver Clear Bra.
  22. Astraviel

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Not a fan of the rose gold. Looks a bit tacky. But the black is great.
  23. Astraviel

    Pic and question... New Turbines and spoiler

    It looks shiny but the clarity/HDR in the picture has been ratcheted up to 11.
  24. Astraviel

    Model S's in Tulsa Oklahoma

  25. Astraviel

    $500 accessory credit from referral

    I pestered them for nearly 1.5 months every week until I got my credit.
  26. Astraviel

    Model S Nature Pictures

    Midna guiding me through Hyrule.
  27. Astraviel

    Can you install 21-inch Arachnids staggered wheels on a 75D that came with 19" standard wheels?

    I don't think that's true. I recently went from OEM 19" to AG F221 20" and carrying those 19" with tires was definitely more than 35 lbs each. They felt slightly heavier even than my AG F221 20" with tires.
  28. Astraviel

    Pic of my powder coated turbines with light sparkle

    Likewise. Can't tell what's grain from the low-light shot vs. the sparkle.
  29. Astraviel

    Interior update

    I have owned high end Porsche before (911 Carrera GTS) and yes, the Porsche's interior to me at least was better than my Model S's. The seats were better and there were more tactile buttons. I'm not a huge fan of having most of the buttons on a touch screen where I have to take my eyes off the...
  30. Astraviel

    Got my midnight silver Model S 100D wrapped with XPEL Stealth

    It took 3 days. I checked Accutint in WA and the price difference after conversion was about $800 CAD. No tint. I've thought about it though.
  31. Astraviel

    Got my midnight silver Model S 100D wrapped with XPEL Stealth

    No regrets. Here are more pictures.
  32. Astraviel

    PPF / Ceramic after delivery?

    He finally got back to me yesterday afternoon. I imagine he must've been really busy with the Model 3s.
  33. Astraviel

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    More pictures of my Avant Garde F221 wheels. Thanks, @[email protected] for the order!
  34. Astraviel

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Updating this thread with a picture of the wheels on the car. I took a bunch of pictures today and will upload some more on the weekend.
  35. Astraviel

    Got my midnight silver Model S 100D wrapped with XPEL Stealth

    Just wanted to update you but here's a picture of my car with the wheels installed.
  36. Astraviel

    How long did it take for the shop to paint your calipers?

    I had a shop paint my calipers and it took them around 3.5 hours. Cost about $500.
  37. Astraviel

    Red Brake Calipers - incredible work and price!

    Renewz in North Vancouver. That is where I had mine done. It took them about 3.5 hours. They do painting rather than powdercoating.
  38. Astraviel

    Siblings in the wild

    From today. My Model S and a Model 3 beside it.
  39. Astraviel

    PPF / Ceramic after delivery?

    XPEL Stealth was around $6k. I had it done at Vancouver Clear Bra. However, not sure if I would recommend the place anymore because I was supposed to get a touch up for my PPF and sent a text last week and have not heard back. This has happened once before where my front license plate hold was...
  40. Astraviel

    Trade war and Tesla Canada Sales

    What fully electric German or Japanese car are you going to buy at the same price point as a Volt? The Taycan? The e-Tron? These are over double the price and still concepts. Maybe the i3 if you want something that looks like a Fisher Price car.
  41. Astraviel

    PPF / Ceramic after delivery?

    I only elected to do PPF (XPEL Stealth) for my car. I don't think ceramic coating is worth $1200 or whatever places are charging when I can do that more easily myself, especially since ceramic coating only lasts a short time comparatively.
  42. Astraviel

    Just Got a New Software Update

    You missed the giant megathread. Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11
  43. Astraviel

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Finally installed my wheels courtesy of 1010tires. Some pictures here but these are just iPhone camera pictures. I'll be taking more pictures with my mirrorless system once I'm off work. Thank you to @[email protected] for helping me order these wheels from Avant Garde. Specs: Avant Garde F221 20x9.0...
  44. Astraviel

    TeslaMotors account - how do you delete a saved design?

    My saved configs went away after I bought my car. You can call Tesla to get rid of it if you have OCD.
  45. Astraviel

    Failed range calculation left me stranded

    I never allow my battery to go below 10% if I can help it. My very first car was a Honda Civic and one time I had planned a hiking trip, but in order to do that I had to drive up a mountain. I distinctly remember I had 108 km at the base, and by the time I drove 10 km up elevation to the parking...
  46. Astraviel

    Got my midnight silver Model S 100D wrapped with XPEL Stealth

    The cost to touch up the paint is higher than replacing a particular part of the wrap. I know because someone keyed my car on the passenger side. The wrap replacement was $125. A paint job would've been higher. I have not done anything to the underside.
  47. Astraviel

    The Saga continues.....Regretting this purchase

    I had a rattle fixed under warranty just this week.
  48. Astraviel

    PPF or Ceramaic Coating - Choose One?

    Keep in mind that even with PPF, if you have a rock chip it may still not heal and the chip on the PPF will be visible. So if you care about the appearance of your car currently, then the PPF, usually just the front, will still need to be replaced at your discretion. The paint underneath will...

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