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    This must be an application for Tesla batteries: Launching NASA spacecraft

    http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2010-11/nasa-engineers-propose-combining-rail-gun-and-scramjet-fire-spacecraft-orbit As I see it, NASA will have two basic options for the electricity requirements here: 1. Beef up local generation capacity so that there is spare 180 MW whenever they...
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    Price increases

    As of today, the prices have gone up significantly for many configurations. The base prices seem to have been increased very slightly (at least in Norway), while the options have really gone through the roof. It seems that well-specced cars now cost 5-10% more than previously. This will...
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    Gen 4 mentioned by Elon

    From liveblog of today's London store opening: Source: http://transportevolved.com/2013/10/24/tesla-uk-store-official-opening/
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    European infighting over emissions standards, Mercs and i3 bimmers

    Interesting article that I think points to a good environment for Tesla in the EU: http://www.economist.com/blogs/schumpeter/2013/08/european-infighting-0 Also gives an explanation for the existence of the BMW i3 (other than a perceived threat from Tesla).
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    Estimating EU reservations

    It seems that it would be possible to get a reliable figure for the number of finalized reservations in the EU. The reason is that Tesla issues invoices (for the deposits) to those who have finalized, which have invoice numbers that start at XX00000001, where XX is the country code. Thus, the...
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    Tesla hiring full new shift? 2013 deliveries of 27,000 cars?

    As has been reported on this forum, Tesla are hiring what looks like a full new shift: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/17598-2Q-2013-Model-S-Deliveries-Potential-Surprise/page8?p=361317&viewfull=1#post361317 What they have previously guided is that they will keep the current...
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    SA Q2/Q3 earnings article (not written by CapOp)

    Someone has written a Seeking Alpha piece regarding Q2 and Q3 guidance and upside potential: http://seekingalpha.com/article/1484121-tesla-q2-preview-huge-upside-potential-for-results-and-guidance I feel we should have a thread here to discuss Q2 (and Q3), just as we did after luvb2b's...
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    Elon Musk's birthday June 28th

    June 28th is Elon Musk's birthday. Anyone up for doing something for him on that day? And what would that be? Your ideas, please (then maybe we can conduct a vote or something to decide). One simple idea: We set up a donations account at Paypal, and then send him flowers with greetings from...
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    Has EU production started?

    Official Word has been that EU production will start in June. Please post here if you have more specific info. Has it started? Have the first EU cars rolled out of the factory? Any particular challenges in switching to EU production?
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    Firmware 4.5 hints at Tesla self-confidence on batteries?

    The firmware 4.5 release notes where just leaked on this forum. What struck me was that they removed the "standard" and "range" mode, and just replaced it with a "% charge" slider. It is seems reasonable to assume that this will lead to much more charging to 100%, since there is no longer a...
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    Short squeeze: Willful and malicious?

    Disclaimer: This post is highly speculative, and I know it. I have a hypothesis: Elon Musk and Tesla management have planned for a short squeeze to happen, and have been executing on that plan lately. Isn't this an obvious fact? Not really, because if true it means that this spring, they care...
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    Tsunami update (of hurt)

    I posted recently that losses by shorts since Nov '12 amount to approx. $1bn. I think this is a fun metric to track. At the time of writing, the share price is gyrating around $57.50 (probably completely different by the time I post). Assuming that the short interest since yesterday is $29...
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    TSLA sensitivity to overall market

    I don't think that TSLA is very sensitive to general market movement. But would people agree that there is some sensitivity? (I assume this can be investigated numerically by some sort of co-variance analysis, but I don't have the opportunity to do that). I am asking because I am considering...
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    Share the SC network with Daimler?

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    How many assembly lines in the factory?

    Does anyone know how production is organised in the factory? Is it all one line, or are there multiple, parallel lines? If multiple, how many?
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    Does your Model S scrape on speed bumps?

    Question to guys already driving your Model S for a while: Does the car scrape when you pass speed bumps?
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    Growth or exit?

    For a young company that is challenging the established market, there are two typical success scenarios (from a financial perspective). One is for the company to grow and get the upper hand on competition (examples Google and Apple). Another is for the company to be acquired by one of the...
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    Now what? Thoughts on 2013 post-Q1

    Any thoughts on Q2, Q3 etc.? Am particularly wondering about the following: Will there be a change in the mix of deliveries that could change the avg. revenues per car? (E.g. less Signatures, less Premium) Will there be increased costs related to rampup in Europe? (Freight, hiring new...

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