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  1. Jdcorbitt3

    The unofficial "when do I get my FSD beta update" FAQ

    Interesting. As a corporate pilot, I fall under this catigory. I am used to flying with the autopilot engaged. In our required recurrent training, we are required to demonstrate our airmanship with the autopilot both coupled and hand flown. If an aircraft AP behaved like the AP in the...
  2. Jdcorbitt3

    The unofficial "when do I get my FSD beta update" FAQ

    I get the forward collision warning pulling out of my driveway. I think it sees my neighbor‘s truck in his driveway. right now, all I want is $15,000 back for three of these cars and give me “Enhanced Autopilot.” FSD will not happen with cameras. Elon forgot that humans use all five senses...
  3. Jdcorbitt3

    Phantom Braking Needs to be Reported and Fixed

    I almost got rear ended yesterday on the 7 mile bridge. I have traditionally used cruis control to avoid speeding. The Phantom braking issue has rendered both the autoppilot and TACC feature not only useless, but very dangerous. I am more stressed on a drive now than when I drove my 1978...
  4. Jdcorbitt3

    Considering Selling my F-150 Raptor for Model 3 Performance

    We have the 3 and Y right now. The Y is only about $4k more. Y performance is impressive. It is also rated to tow 3,500 lb. With a 5X8 trailer, I, in effect, have a F150 when I need it. I also have a hitch on the 3, but that is not from the factory. Go for the Y
  5. Jdcorbitt3

    Passenger door shows open

    Here are a couple of photos.
  6. Jdcorbitt3

    Passenger door shows open

    I saw something similar being a connector in the wiring harness. I looked in the door jam and the harness was not completely attached to the body. I pushed it in and the door started working again. It still needs to be snapped in properly. I will let Tesla do that. I think they are trying...
  7. Jdcorbitt3

    Passenger door shows open

    I drove the Y for the first time in the rain today. At 2:04 pm, the passenger door indicated it was open, and the window rolled down 1 inch. Then the warning went away and the window rolled back up. At 2:49, it happened again while I was pulling into the garage. I got out and watched the...
  8. Jdcorbitt3

    12v battery damage

    Both cars were stranded. We had no warning that the 12v battery was failing. It killed them both. Neither of us have aftermarket installations. We both have the factory sentry mode. Both cars got updates after the new batteries and we both have not had an issue with the batteries since.
  9. Jdcorbitt3

    Why is fan running when car is parked both in garage and outside?

    My 3 is doing this now. Garage temperature 85° F, and the outside fan was running. It seems the only to stop it is to pen the door, or plug it in. I feel my electric bill has gone up considerably over the past 6 months. During which time, we sold our S and are driving the 3 less.
  10. Jdcorbitt3

    12v battery damage

    A neighbor and I had our 12v batteries fail within 24 hours.. bot of us did a software update the day before. My car is 2.5 years old and his is just over a year. It had to have something to do with the software..
  11. Jdcorbitt3

    MA to NC - Quarantine restrictions

    You should not have a problem, as you are taking delivery of a vehicle. The quarantines are designed to protect the state. If you are staying in a state you would have to quarantine. Since you are leaving after delivery, that would be like a transportation worker, ie, truck driver or pilot.
  12. Jdcorbitt3

    Model 3 Aero Wheels, Tires, w/Aero Cover Bag, and Tesla Cap Kit - Jacksonville, FL

    Would you take $700. I am in Ocala and would drive up. I would like to meet at a Supercharger.
  13. Jdcorbitt3

    Set of 4 OEM 18" Aero Wheels and Michelin Tires

    Would you be willing to ship them to Ocala, FL 34472? [email protected]
  14. Jdcorbitt3

    Model S center console

    Sold to a TMC member.
  15. Jdcorbitt3

    Model S cup holders

  16. Jdcorbitt3

    Model S cup holders

    The front ones go in the existing small cup holders and then the armrest slides over it, so only the two large cup holders are exposed. The back one slides in the crack between the seat back and bottom.
  17. Jdcorbitt3

    12V Battery Failure Experience

    I drove my car the night before the failure. When I powered it up, the car wanted to do another software update after the battery was replaced. I suspect Tesla pushed a mandatory update, as the car did not ask for my permission to do that update. My car has been fine since. I have gone 24...
  18. Jdcorbitt3

    12V Battery Failure Experience

    My experience with about 10 other Teslas. Prior to this, All the Teslas have given us a warning that the battery was failing. The two of us, after doing a software update, have the same failure, with no warning. Then I jumped my battery, and left the driver’s door open for about an hour. This...
  19. Jdcorbitt3

    12V Battery Failure Experience

    I was walking in my neighborhood yesterday and talked to a neighbor who also had a model 3. The service truck was there replacing the battery. He had no warning messages. I had been through 4 batteries in my wife’s S. Each time I got a warning. This morning I went to get in my 3 and it was...
  20. Jdcorbitt3

    Model S cup holders

    They will fit in a Flat rate Medium box. Shipping would be $15.05
  21. Jdcorbitt3

    Model S cup holders

    There are the aftermarket cup holders for the front and rear seats. Located in Ocala,FL 3523618871 $10
  22. Jdcorbitt3

    Model S weather Tech floor mats and generic trunk mat

    My wife sold her S. We are selling the accessories for it. These are the mats fro the front and rear seats. Also included is a generic trunk mat. Located in Ocala, FL 3523618871 $100
  23. Jdcorbitt3

    Model S center console

    Center Console for older Model Ss. The leather is grey. Located in Ocala, FL 3523618871 $250
  24. Jdcorbitt3

    Bubble on instrument cluster

    I don’t think heat has a lot to do with it. My wife’s car is always in a garage, and has the cabin temp control on. It happened over a three day period. I just used a hair dryer and put a lot of heat on it with no change. I think the glue just starts breaking down and the glass pulls away...
  25. Jdcorbitt3

    Model 3 as a tow vehicle

    Here is the requested video.
  26. Jdcorbitt3

    Model 3 as a tow vehicle

    The Torklift Central EcoHitch with the 1 1/4” receiver.
  27. Jdcorbitt3

    Model 3 as a tow vehicle

    The next time I tow it, I will get some video.
  28. Jdcorbitt3

    Model 3 as a tow vehicle

    Model 3 works great as a helicopter tug.
  29. Jdcorbitt3

    Charging fan keeps running through the night

    It looks like charging to 100% a couple of times did the trick. Charging rate returned to normal and it stopped charging. The fans were not running this morning. It looks like these batteries need to be charged to 100% every once in a while. 80% is showing 175 miles range and 100% is showing 194.
  30. Jdcorbitt3

    Charging fan keeps running through the night

    I agree, but 10 hours of charging is not normal. The fans should not be running the next morning. I have a 3 in the garage next to the S and the fans on the 3 were not running.
  31. Jdcorbitt3

    Charging fan keeps running through the night

    I charged to 100%. The range showed 194 miles. My wife plugged into a supercharger in Gainsville and it would only charge at 38kw with a 60% charge. We plugged to one of our HPWCs this afternoon. Tonight, it only had added 70 miles range in 4 hours. Then, I noticed with a 30amp draw at 231V...
  32. Jdcorbitt3

    Charging fan keeps running through the night

    This has been happening recently to my wife’s 2013 S60. We have the charge set to 80%. In the morning, after being plugged in all night, the cooling fan is still running. Also the charge page indicates there is 15 minutes left to charge. It has been a couple of years since we have charged her...
  33. Jdcorbitt3

    Keeping a model 3 clean: lazy person's guide?

    Yeah. It is those smelly little yellow spots that can be a pain to get off.
  34. Jdcorbitt3

    Potential Model 3 buyer with 164-180 mile daily commute

    The 3LR will be fine. You may even want to talk to whoever you work for. They probably can get a destination charger for free. I drive 240 miles one way nonstop. I still have over 60 miles range left when I get home.
  35. Jdcorbitt3

    Did release 2019.5.15 increase the range?

    I went from 310 to 315 last night. I have done a couple of 100% charges over the last two weeks due to long trips, so my batteries are ballanced. Feb 2018 delivery with 20,000 miles.
  36. Jdcorbitt3

    FSD 2k or 3k for those who purchased EAP for 5k?

    New Customers pay $3,000 for AP AND $5000 for FSD for a total of $8,000. You saved $1,000 by buying FSD prior to delivery. John
  37. Jdcorbitt3

    Electric Pickup Roundup: Musk Says Tesla Truck 'Not Like Anything Else'

    This is my 1/2 ton pickup. I am in truck country. My wife would love a Tesla Pickup.
  38. Jdcorbitt3

    I'm taking delivery on a model 3 tomorrow. Worried!

    My wife’s Model S has 76,000 miles on it. She has never been stranded. Small issues were resolved, and recently (Takata airbag) they came to the house to fix it. I have 13,600 miles on my Model 3. It is one of the first 5000 made. I have never been stranded as well. They replaced a camera...
  39. Jdcorbitt3

    Cold feet - TM3 as sole car?

    I just did a 500+ mile road trip(Ocala to Atlanta). I stopped once each way. We passed several SCs on the way. When we stopped, we also ate. The car was ready to continue the trip before our meal was served. We have two Teslas now and no ICE. It is far more convenient, especially in the...
  40. Jdcorbitt3

    Towing Without a Hitch: How To?

    How about a compromise. Install a hitch. Agree not to install the wiring harnesses. Then you can only use in on “private” property. I already have a hitch in my Model 3, but am trying to wait until Tesla comes up with a harness for the Model 3. My wife would not let me put a hitch on her S...
  41. Jdcorbitt3

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Wife’s Penny Penny Penny Mine Galileo 7
  42. Jdcorbitt3

    What Aftermarket Accessories are needed for the Model 3

    I would like a trailer harness that is a direct plug and play with the factory harness. John
  43. Jdcorbitt3

    A very unpleasant surprise.

    The hangar got into the 80s, the same as the previous 5 days. It is a good sized hangar so the car won’t heat up the hangar that much. Also, the drain occurred at night. I have software 2018.21.9. So I don’t have the cabin overheat feature yet.
  44. Jdcorbitt3

    A very unpleasant surprise.

    I left my Model 3 in a hangar for a week recently. I checked on it a couple of times. No one was in the hangar the entire time I was gone. When I got back, I went from 205 miles to 70 miles. I called Tesla, and we determined the drain happened on the 6th night. It went from 68% to 19% in 10...
  45. Jdcorbitt3

    prevent mobile charger being stolen

    With your car locked and plugged in, they should not be able to remove your charger. Parking on the cable continuously, will eventually damage the cable, and potentially could cause it to fail or become a shock hazard. John
  46. Jdcorbitt3

    I thought we had antilock brakes

    Nikola. Sorry, but those are acceleration skid marks from a standing start. Notice the drift from center to right due to camber in the road. They are not from your braking event. Yours are around, but a wheel in motion going into lockup goes from light to dark. Even aircraft skid marks...
  47. Jdcorbitt3

    Opportunity to buy a Model X P100D for $78k, is it a good price?

    If you don’t, I would like to buy it. That sounds like an awesome deal.
  48. Jdcorbitt3

    Updated autopilot sucks!

    When the CEO of Tesla does an interview with NBC and takes his hands off the wheel in front of the cameras, that implies a hands free autopilot.

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