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  1. wycolo

    GPS screen like MS screen

    Thanx for the tip. Apple Maps prg gives a 'full screen' display if held vertically, so all I need apparently is to mount it on the car's dash. Question is will it stay ON continuously if plugged in. I will research Amphetamine for iPhone/iPad. Gives a blue pulsing circle vs Tesla's red arrow...
  2. wycolo

    GPS screen like MS screen

    I want a gps device that gives GoogleEarth or at least a good road map as much like my MS (w/o nav) as possible. --
  3. wycolo

    Ducati electric motorcycle

    TC should help out in tight curves on an electric bike. --
  4. wycolo

    How will non-Tesla EVs retain value?

    But now it is better known that Tesla batteries do in fact last a long time past their 8 year warranty. Even the steel-bodied Teslas will be good for 20 years or more. --
  5. wycolo

    Model Y repair horror story

    Try to repair a crashed car as well as possible and keep it on the road. Eventually the body shop will accumulate all the needed parts, or winter will arrive, so you can then give up the car for the duration. --
  6. wycolo

    Roadster charge adapter

    J1772 adapter is still available. --
  7. wycolo

    Clarification on charging to 100%

    Thought I heard that current China LFP MYs were all LR rear motor. Could be they are not being shipped to USA/CA yet. In any event when they appear in NA it will be a milestone. --
  8. wycolo

    Clarification on charging to 100%

    Towing heavy loads against headwinds etc. You should be able to see battery label if you crawl under the front passenger wheel. Photo, scan and post. US cars should come with an EPA window sticker which I imagine should list the battery specs but might not actually specify chemistry. The...
  9. wycolo

    Frunk Thoughts or Engineering Disaster

    > Seems that he ended up tossing wires [roblab] Getting ready for 4/1 I see:)
  10. wycolo

    Steering wheel vibrating @10cps at any speed - 2012 Model S air suspension

    TM advises it is a sensor problem and sensors are in the rack section. As soon as car is turned ON the steering begins to vibrate; this continues until car OFF. Still have error msg on screen but vibration force is much reduced driving straight ahead at 70 mph. So like motor is now using 1/4 of...
  11. wycolo

    Steering wheel vibrating @10cps at any speed - 2012 Model S air suspension

    Took delivery of a steering pull, minus the rack, so I can replace the motor for starters. But the problem is logically somewhere else like in whatever sensors are involved in this system. But I do have all of it in this motor module. Providing good power steering plus providing back & forth...
  12. wycolo

    Steering wheel vibrating @10cps at any speed - 2012 Model S air suspension

    Ebay has steering 'motors' for 2012 MS, so I ordered one. Hope this solves the problem. Motor, not 'pump' :) --
  13. wycolo

    Steering wheel vibrating @10cps at any speed - 2012 Model S air suspension

    Failed to use Tow Mode! Forgot about this most likely due to car being in body shop for past 3 months; how quickly one forgets, mea culpa. Ebay had no pre-2016 steering pumps available yesterday. Anyone know of a source? --
  14. wycolo

    Steering wheel vibrating @10cps at any speed - 2012 Model S air suspension

    Pulled car out of ditch using straps on front rims on 6 o'clock spokes on a gravel road surface. Then car became very hard to steer with accompanying message on screen: "more effort will be required". 40 miles later steering became powered again, as normal, BUT steering wheel was now vibrating...
  15. wycolo

    How the new 7-Eleven DC Fast Chargers work

    How do you manage that leg? You could probably go real slow whenever traffic permits after supercharging to 95%. If it is an up-n-down route you can coast to Boise and save a good bit. But you've done it before which is the hard part. My nut to crack is Rock Springs to Pocatello, 240+ miles but...
  16. wycolo

    Should ICEs be sabotaged proactively?

    Several 5.9 cummins and a couple 7.3 Fords have barely been broken in and will sell easily. Might get coal-rolled by them someday driving my Tesla but what else is new lol. But over, say, 10 years thats a lot of particulate being produced. C'est la vie. --
  17. wycolo

    How the new 7-Eleven DC Fast Chargers work

    Yes it was the Freewire DCFC video on YouTube, thank you. 160 kwh would be twice the size of a ModelS battery so perhaps would need to be housed in a separate cabinet rather than the in the kiosk itself. Still it would be a quick & easy install compared to a real Tesla SuC. But scaling up beyond...
  18. wycolo

    How the new 7-Eleven DC Fast Chargers work

    Announced in June 2021 the new 250 location chain of 7-Eleven SuperChargers will operate with unique technology that Tesla owners might find intriguing. This was explained in a video I watched but have lost since then and cannot find in searches. Anyway these are what I call "one-shot...
  19. wycolo

    Reservation number

    So, better than the Res# might be your bank receipt for the $100.00 from Tesla on xx_date since when would you ever be paying TM exactly $100.00 with no local tax etc. Reason I'm here with this is that my Cybertruck receipt is NOT on my TM webpage (should it be??). I'm already towing junkers...
  20. wycolo

    CT reservation number

    Mine is not on my Account page. Paid on 1/31/2020 according to bank statement. -- --
  21. wycolo

    Reservation number

    I paid $100.00 on 1/31/2020. Any guess where that puts me? --
  22. wycolo

    Blog Lordstown Motors Running Out of Cash to Build EV Pickup

    GM & F have no money, probably salivating over the 1.5T$$ tech pkg just passed by Congress. --
  23. wycolo

    Electric cars compared - which one is more efficient?

    Especially if you have solar/wind you could upgrade your generation, thru various means, and then go buy an electric hummer/cybertruck and do your own thing with it. --
  24. wycolo

    Blog Report: Ford Building More EV Mustangs than Gas Version

    Ok gas Mustang fans, take your favorite Mustang and substitute the E-motor for the gas motor but not changing the weight distribution AT ALL (magically). Fun ensues . . . --
  25. wycolo

    Electric cars compared - which one is more efficient?

    Just to clarify, the Twizy has minimum range like only 40 miles +/- due to small battery and not so great aero dynamics. Helping the Twizy's is the fact that it can't go that fast:) I once saw on a chart of EV efficiencies where my 2014 Chevy Sparks were (yes, I believe they plotted the 2014...
  26. wycolo

    Blog Model S Plaid With Yoke Steering Wheel Spotted Near Factory

    Always wanted a yoke for my ModelS so the screen won't be blocked. Can't handle a yoke (??) sheesh, I've driven cars with just a vicegrips on the steering shaft. --
  27. wycolo

    Map degradation [non-NAV]

    Ok, I recall 2G was killed by entire metro areas one by one. Rural users could plan a trip from home but when you showed up in say, Pueblo CO your phone was dead. Good times !! --
  28. wycolo

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Dec 8, 2020 wycolo posted [time marches on] Available today: Yes - HCSharp Jr adapter - I just recently posted to some other For Sale thread here on TMC (what, where ?) Yes - 4 MOMO rims for Roadster - see above for photos, color = silver (I can remove rubber fwiw) Yes - just discovered a new...
  29. wycolo

    Questions about a 2014 model S P85+ for sale

    Can't find the 'free supercharging for life' in that listing. --
  30. wycolo

    Tesla Supercharger, Jordan

    Lust for Arches de Tesla will never die. --
  31. wycolo

    Map degradation [non-NAV]

    In rural areas the non-NAV google maps work fine, as always. Recently when entering an urban area the details become lost and the screen shows fuzzy white roads where the width is based on the class of highway. So not a problem really and the superchargers are still there but not quite as...
  32. wycolo

    BMW is discontinuing 3G. Tesla next?

    Is 'upgrading to LTE' logical when 5G is the current cutting edge technology? --
  33. wycolo

    Key Not Inside Car

    > 'if your car is under 80k' My 2012 is approaching 80k miles but why is that a significant milepost? These batteries when old read ~3.0vdc on a digital voltmeter perhaps but cannot provide enough current to run the fob. --
  34. wycolo

    Roadster charge adapter

    HC Sharp original 'The Can' [J1772 > Port] adapter excellent shape. Do not leave home without one of these aboard! Sold vehicle no reasonable offer refused. --
  35. wycolo

    "Keep Alive" option to prevent car from turning off

    New use for a kitchen egg timer, old tech to the rescue. Thanks!! --
  36. wycolo

    "Keep Alive" option to prevent car from turning off

    I'm removing the PIN TO DRIVE option that I recently added and may be causing car to die etc. Really no need in my case for this extra security anyway and I should have mentioned this initially, my bad. --
  37. wycolo

    Replacement 85kwh Battery

    As opposed to @SevenWithaT's (see above) my label omits the term REMAN, states 90KWH but reduces it to 350vdc from his 400v. So maybe the luck of the draw off the shelf. No complaints here esp since I'm getting 290 miles full charge instead of the historical max 265 miles. But this one is my...
  38. wycolo

    "Keep Alive" option to prevent car from turning off

    The speedo screen said CAR OFF and opening the driver door did not remove CAR OFF, I believe, but it often is enough to do so. Leaving the driver door open one click sounds like a good idea - thank you for that!! Camping mode is highly suspect for driving away and I might not even have it...
  39. wycolo

    "Keep Alive" option to prevent car from turning off

    I'm sure I did that as a first step but panic mode presented almost immediately and I went to pressing & holding both steering wheel knobs to do the double reboot thing. This happens every so often in my garage where the car is in a deep deep sleep for no particular reason and it takes forever...
  40. wycolo

    Fix your door that won't open

    Recently pass side front door handle presents properly but half the time fails to release latch so I'm looking for a frayed wire or else a faulty/intermittent switch, right? I'll probably wait until total failure to do the repair since clambering in thru driver's side is such good exercise:) --
  41. wycolo

    "Keep Alive" option to prevent car from turning off

    Is there a way to keep car alive for 30 min or whatever. Waiting in a ferry line with radio ON, getting in and out of car a few times over a ~45 minute period was going well until the line started to move and poof(!) both screens totally dead and took me 2 minutes or more to boot up. Having an...
  42. wycolo

    Service Required after 12v battery replacement

    Finally found these data from some time ago. Alleges but with graphs & voltages to prove the thesis that over-voltage spikes did/do exist in TM managing their 12 volt realm in the ModelS. These spikes will likely destroy any lithium ion 12v battery over time. So to be safe I replaced my dead...
  43. wycolo

    Replacement 85kwh Battery

    2012 MS battery died and car was towed to Service on Dec 2 some 5 days before the car's 8-year-from-build-date warranty ran out. Whew!! I offered to pay for a bigger/better batt than the "85kwh" but they said only an 85 reman off the shelf was possible. Original batt had been replaced spring...
  44. wycolo

    Roadster - set of 4 rims by MOMO

    These rims worked fine on my 2.0 (which has been sold). They are in exc shape with no rash/dings. Can deliver along Oregon Trail & environs. Also avail: J1772 adapter.
  45. wycolo

    2,250 mile road trip in my chargegated 85D

    "Chargegated" ??
  46. wycolo


    Just got Pfizer#2 today, LOL. [returns to hibernation] --
  47. wycolo

    15 degrees, snowing [discussion on energy situation in Texas]

    We’re not prepared for it because why would we be? [user from Texas] As Earth approaches the flipping point of CO2/Methane infestation climactic disasters will occur that when observed by a 100 year old human appear mind-boggling whereas a 20 year old takes it in stride. Like the frog in a pot...
  48. wycolo

    Vehicle Not Waking Up, Deep Sleep

    My 2012 MS back from Service Center with fresh 90kw battery replacement sat in garage for a week or more. So I went out to start it up and it was dead like never before. Tried 2x or more to reboot screen etc. Got out and opened and shut the doors and frunk - all worked fine. Finally the main...
  49. wycolo

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Still have HCSharp adapter Jr ("J"1772) for sale. Just the early plain unit which was always kept in plastic bag between seat and door frame, as Providence intended. Bulletproof packing/shipping. Set of 4 Momo rims esp good for winter abuse or just testing out rubber. Fronts are just a tad...
  50. wycolo

    Help, can I do solar without "grid-tie"?

    Lets forget the Generator fwiw, thus we can also forget the double-throw switch, so remove both from the diagram. Then all we have is Phocos' statement that 'during a power outage our inverter will not back-feed the grid'. Not exactly the warm/fuzzy confidence I'd be looking for when trying to...

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