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  1. sundaydrive

    Tinting the Windshield in Florida

    Depending on the film the TSER difference between 70% and 55% is negligible and mostly for aesthetics. For example, XPEL is only 1-4% better between their two top-line films at those VLT. @tapau - I had no rear window tint for about a year since my original tint installer couldn't do the rear...
  2. sundaydrive

    Going straight to PPF installer?

    Just stay off the highway and back off other cars on the road, driving it around town you will be fine. Pretty polarizing opinions on PPF, but if you bought/financed the car, plan to keep it a long time, than the value of ease of maintaining and keeping your car's finish looking new could be...
  3. sundaydrive

    2022.16.1.1 is now rolling out globally.

    What are you gathering from monitoring that bar though? Low regen really shouldn't be that big of an issue as your in sunny CA. It is just the nostalgia of V10? :D
  4. sundaydrive

    2022.16.1.1 is now rolling out globally.

    Anyone else find the accel/regen bar comically bold? I get some people had trouble seeing it, but It doesn’t even match the general aesthetic anymore.
  5. sundaydrive

    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    That line is comically bold, I don’t see the benefit.
  6. sundaydrive

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    Right after I wrote my comment about the car not connecting to WiFi for the last few days, maybe a week or more, it randomly connected to WiFi and downloaded the update. Very strange.
  7. sundaydrive

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    My car has been having an awful time connecting to any WiFi. The car no longer finds my work WiFi (which has been working fine the last 1.5 years), and it won't find my hotspot when manually going to WiFi menu. I haven't done a scroll wheel reset in a long time, but the last time I did all my...
  8. sundaydrive

    FS NJ: 2022 OEM 18" Aero Wheels and MXM4 $1200

    I sent you a PM back.
  9. sundaydrive

    FS NJ: 2022 OEM 18" Aero Wheels and MXM4 $1200

    I will buy them. LMK when is best for you.
  10. sundaydrive

    Looking for OEM Aero 18" tires to trade for my OEM 19" Sport Tires

    I am interested in the wheels depending on their condition. Please let me know where you are located and we can set something up. I sent you a PM with my phone number, but I'm not sure if you can respond since you're new - if not, just text me.
  11. sundaydrive

    Elon implies Tesla will be worth nothing if L4 (minimum) isn’t achieved

    LOL, good luck. I'd bet L4 won't be achieved in the 2020's.
  12. sundaydrive

    Eatontown Service Center and Supercharger

    Tesla SC Map now shows the Eatontown SC as a location and you can schedule service with them as soon as June 15th. It looks like they won’t be doing service on Saturday for the time being. I may be in the area today and will take a ride over if I have time.
  13. sundaydrive

    Charge-Up NJ rebate program Phase 2

    Buyers still get great sales tax savings in NJ, but if you‘re interested in Tesla the rebate is not for you anymore, unfortunately. Finally, launch of the charger incentive is a welcome addition to the rebate program. $250 per address makes the Tesla Wall Connector $150 all-in less install...
  14. sundaydrive

    Charge-Up NJ rebate program Phase 2

    Yes, details have yet to be released. New fiscal year starts July 1st, so more details should be provided around that time.
  15. sundaydrive

    2022.16.1 rolling out in Europe

    Should include some other fixes as well. Trunk fix? Sentry fix? Let's hope.
  16. sundaydrive

    Handles not satin/matte like remainder of trim?

    Wrap them. Never had an issue finding the door handle.
  17. sundaydrive


    Makes sense to me. Based on the low number of installs, 2022.16 isn't ready yet.
  18. sundaydrive

    Version 2022.16.x

    @MGMiller - Yes, this has happened to me when I was a little late running a couple yellow lights (ultimately turned red while going through the intersection). Audible alert along with a picture in the viz showing brake and accelerator pedals with the brake pedal in red. I am on 12.3.2.
  19. sundaydrive

    Version 2022.16.x

    Haven't other EVs been blending mechanical brakes with regen this whole time? How does this implementation differ?
  20. sundaydrive

    Version 2022.16.x

    It has been a bit of time since Tesla has released some new software knowing they have two wide spread usability bugs. Truck and Senty bugs... let's hope they fix both in one shot.
  21. sundaydrive

    FS: Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade - Rear Only (Tesla OEM)

    Yes, Zelle or PayPal friends/family. PM me for contact.
  22. sundaydrive

    Brand new Tesla wall charger for sale.

    Seems like a fake post or something, I see these every now and again. New or newish account selling a wall charger, apparel, etc. selling at a price that makes no sense, and then the next day they said it was sold.
  23. sundaydrive

    2022.12.3.2 bottom bar improvements

    @mundorf push the left stalk forwards twice to bring up the lighting quick menu.
  24. sundaydrive

    Sealed Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter (Official OEM) [Los Angeles]

    If you are getting it for $300-350 and the only "risk" you're taking is providing your login credentials? It's all subjective but, since there are none readily available from Tesla direct, 50% mark up or $500 max.
  25. sundaydrive

    Trunk only opening halfway sometimes after 2022.8.3 install

    LOL someone posted a snip of what their service advisor said... something like they tried to make the trunk sensor more sensitive so it would stop incase it was about to hit something. Anyway, obviously they made it way too sensitive.
  26. sundaydrive

    Model 3 Front Sunshade - OEM - new

    I have the rear sunshade for sale if anyone is interested.
  27. sundaydrive


    Spacing (and font size?) for PRND AP seems slightly larger.
  28. sundaydrive


    What year?
  29. sundaydrive


    They will probably push out to us tomorrow.
  30. sundaydrive

    Custom horn not working? [boombox only works in park due to NHTSA mandated recall]

    2022.8.x took this party trick away, recalled by NTHSA. You should have received a letter in the mail. Only available while parked now.
  31. sundaydrive


    Anyone have a fixed trunk yet?
  32. sundaydrive


    What does CA consider parking lights? How do they differentiate from DRLs? For me, if set to auto, during the day, the “eyebrow“ lights will illuminate brightly, no headlights. I’d call this a DRL. With it set to parking it will dim the DRLs slightly and turn on the fog lights (if enabled) and...
  33. sundaydrive

    Tire rotation

    That’s a good idea, but there’s nothing I love more than zero stickers in my windshield - EVs are exempt from inspections in NJ. I just use the TireRack app to log everything.
  34. sundaydrive

    NJ FS: Gen 2 Mobile Connector Charger Bundle $350 OBO

    I figured I’d see gouges on eBay or Reddit, not here.
  35. sundaydrive


    During the daytime, if you’re on autopilot and your lights are set to “Parking”, then say it gets cloudy/rainy out and the car determines it wants to turn on the headlights the car will red alert and tell you to take over immediately. I was just ruling this out for you because I always use...
  36. sundaydrive

    NJ FS: Gen 2 Mobile Connector Charger Bundle $350 OBO

    Isn’t this $275 from Tesla?
  37. sundaydrive

    Tire rotation

    Haha, sure maybe if they let us keep more than two custom trip ODO! My ODOs are already being used for efficiency related points. Having a dedicated counter in the service menu would be much cleaner and something that makes sense since that's the whole point of a service menu.
  38. sundaydrive

    Tire rotation

    All dependent on your driving style, road conditions, etc. Do you launch every chance you get? Do you drive spirted through corners? If you just drive normal, in general, I think the rears will wear a tad quicker than the front. For reference, I drive relatively calmly, very seldom at full load...
  39. sundaydrive


    @davidew98 What were you light settings at the time?
  40. sundaydrive


    Yeah, it's reportedly occurring in 2022.12 as well. We'll have to wait for 2022.16 most likely, maybe longer.
  41. sundaydrive


    Updates have considerably stalled the last week. I wonder if they are gathering themselves to fast-fix the trunk bug, which I'm sure Elon has seen the usage statistics on this one... rather high. LOL.
  42. sundaydrive


    Seems like they usually make software pushes on Tuesday.
  43. sundaydrive

    XPEL Ultimate vs Stealth with Ceramic Coating Ease of Maintenance in Dirt/Snow/Salt

    Are you dead set on PFF or looking for easiest wash maintenance over time? The benefits of ceramic on top of PFF will not last nearly as long as applying ceramic on top of clear coat alone. You'll get 2, 3 years max with the best ceramic on top of XPEL PFF. Additionally, Gtechniq will not...
  44. sundaydrive

    NJ EV rebate

    It would seem that any “mark-up” wouldn’t fall under the MSRP cap since that’s a dealer by dealer choice. It would be similar to The destination fee or accessories. Of course, NJ will need to clarify in the new guidelines, but that’s what my logic says.
  45. sundaydrive

    Toyota bZ4X SUV Concept

    Don’t need to see the specs. Its very ugly, IMO. Couldn’t drive a car I didn’t like walking up to it.
  46. sundaydrive


    What was your previous version? If it was 2022.8.2 did you have the trunk half open, double beep bug? Trying to figure out if they are testing this bug out since 8.3 was released first then 8.2.5.

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