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    Number on thing that needs to be fixed IMO

    Is FSD's propensity to cross double yellow lines into opposing traffic lanes. My car does this repeatedly in a variety of situations. Sometimes I'll be traveling on a 2 lane road with very little to no traffic and the car will, without warning, suddenly cross the line into the opposing lane...
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    How does our driving help refine FSD?

    I'm trying to understand how the Beta test program works. I understand the snap shot communication but can someone explain how the development team "learns" from the driving experiences of all of the beta testers out there? Are they notified every time we take over and disengage FSD, with...
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    Scary AP incident this morning

    On the drive in to work this morning I had a terrifying incident that almost caused a major accident on a busy Atlanta interstate. I was driving in one of the left lanes and noticed a car behind me clearly wanting to go faster than I was traveling. The next lane over was open and there was a...
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    Finally got the "Big New Update"

    Updated to 2021.24.4 last night and it's mostly MEH!! The one feature that I was most excited about was the ability to stay connected to my phone's WiFi hotspot when shifting into drive. I decided not to subscribe to Premium Connectivity because I can live without the satellite map and the red...
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    Do 2021 MY'S have the same crappy hitch cover?

    As my August 2020 build? Honestly, whoever designed that piece needs to not have a job at Tesla. I just got a new bike rack and started using the hitch. I've watched every video of how to remove it and still mangled it. Really can't fathom how it passed the design review process.
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    Premium Connectivity question

    My one year free trial of premium Connectivity is just about up and I'm wondering if I really need it. I get that I won't get live traffic visualization but will navigation still reroute me around accidents and heavy traffic without it?
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    It's happening....FSD v9 to be released (to current beta testers)

    Moderator note: Thread title edited to reflect that the release is only to users in the current beta program Tesla to release FSD v9 on Saturday
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    2020 cars with radar

    As the vision-only system continues to be refined and improved (hopefully), will that mean that those cars currently equipped with radar will essentially have it deactivated or will the system continue to accept input from the radar sensors? Is the goal to move toward 100% vision only for the...
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    TPMS Question

    I had new tires put on my MYP yesterday and I noticed that they swapped the right and left front wheels when they went back on the car. I know this because my right front had a bit of rash on it and that wheel is now on the drivers side. Will the car know that that sensor is now on the left...
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    Tried testing the new driver attentiveness feature

    Just installed 2021.4.18.3 which supposedly activates the inside camera (although there's no mention of this in the release notes). Activated AP on wide open road with no cars around and looked at my lap as if I were on my phone for about 90 seconds. No messages or nags were displayed at all...
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    MYP - Time for new tires

    I'm at 14K miles on my PZeros and I'm about down to the wear bars on the rears (fronts have plenty left). I live in Atlanta, and while we don't get a ton of snow it does get plenty cold here in the winter. I got through this last winter ok with the summer tires but I'm definitely thinking all...
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    Car saved my @ss yesterday

    Was making my way across 6 lanes of Atlanta morning traffic to get into the HOV lane as I do every morning. After a quick glance in the side view mirror and a look at the display to make sure the next lane was free I began moving over when an incredibly loud alert sounded and the car yanked me...
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    MYP - Parked at airport 5 days

    I just returned from a trip where I had to leave my car at the airport from Sunday to Thursday. Obviously, I was concerned about phantom drain and having enough battery to make it home. Here's what I did: Charged to 100% prior to leaving for the airport. Turned off sentry, summon, security...
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    WH/MI Energy App vs Trip Meter

    Tried an experiment yesterday... I compared the trip meter "card" at 5 miles, 15 miles, and 30 miles to the energy app at those same mileage instances and found that there was anywhere from a 5 - 12 wh/mi discrepancy between the two, with the energy app consistently less than the trip meter...
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    MYP - Picked up a screw

    So I have a screw in one of my PZero's with about 7K miles on it. I do not want to invest in a new tire because I'm planning to swap them out to Michelin All Seasons. Here's my question... as the screw is right in the tread, is it okay to just go ahead and plug it? Are plugs reliable and safe...
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    MYP with P Zeros - Going down to 25 degrees tonight.

    I live in Atlanta and we're going to have our first hard freeze of the year tonight and tomorrow. It will be dry, but I was wondering if I am risking tire damage by taking the car out in these sub-freezing temps. I will of course drive very carefully as I realize that traction is reduced when...
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    Right Pillar Camera Blocked or Blinded

    Whenever I travel out in the boonies where it's dark as crap, I get the above message. It's always the Right Pillar Camera, never the Left. There's no condensation or anything else blocking the lens. When I pull up the image from the Right camera, it looks just fine and is showing essentially...
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    MY Performance Tire situation

    I've reviewed all of my records including my order configuration and while it states that my Performance model includes the 21" Uberturbines, it is not disclosed anywhere that they will come with Summer Tires. Further, it is not disclosed to the customer that there are NO other options for...
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    Model Y Performance - Only 1 Tire Available?

    Am I correct that the OEM PZeros are the only tire currently available to fit this rim? Is that really possible? Why did Tesla eliminate the PUP which gave buyers the ability to buy a Performance model with the 20 in induction wheels. They literally did away with it one day before I ordered...
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    Is there a market for Uberturbines?

    Bought my car back in July and was planning on getting the Performance model without PUP so I could get the 20in wheels. Then, just as I was about to pull the trigger, they did away with the PUP and forced anyone who wanted a Performance model to get the Uberturbines. In retrospect, I wish I...
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    When the car is plugged in....

    The manual states "precondition the car while it is plugged in to ensure the cabin is at a comfortable temperature before your drive". It also says "to prevent an excessive amount of energy consumption while idle, keep the vehicle plugged in when not in use". Does this mean that the vehicle...
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    Autosteer with merging traffic

    I've been using Autosteer on the interstate quite a bit since taking delivery almost 2 months ago, and for the most part I am comfortable with how the car handles surrounding traffic. My only gripe is how it handles cars merging onto the interstate if I happen to be in the rightmost lane...

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