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  1. J

    Painted gloss black lower bumper diffuser

    Just want to see if anyone has painted or wrapped their stock rear diffuser/bumper part gloss black. Maybe Plastidip gloss black as well. If so pics please. Thanks
  2. J

    RPM tesla side skirts installed

    Exactly what I’m thinking. The oem black rocker panels are already pebbled up
  3. J

    Anybody got a front lip installed?

    No issues. Took it on a road trip to Canada and back. Had it for over a year now. Not change in battery efficiency.
  4. J

    Trade inductions for Gemini + cash

    Mods close this thread thanks
  5. J

    Trade inductions for Gemini + cash

    Thanks keep it moving
  6. J

    Trade inductions for Gemini + cash

    Still looking
  7. J

    FS: 19” gemini wheels w/ continental tires

    Interested in trade for inductions?
  8. J

    Trade inductions for Gemini + cash

    Possibly looking to trade my 20” inductions for 19” gemini plus $1000 cash. Inductions have tpms and tires. Tires and tpms on geminis is expected as well. My tires have 4/32 tread on 3 and the other was replaced by Tesla due to foam coming off. It has 6/32 tread left. Located in the DC metro area
  9. J

    Driving to canada

    Ah good call
  10. J

    Driving to canada

    Will be making a drive to Canada from the states. Im assuming there is nothing different in superchaging in Canada than in the States. Or is there something I need to do prior to?
  11. J

    Road trip Navigation

    Looking to make a little road trip to Canada. For those that have driven long distance. Do you guys use a better trip planner or the navigation in the car? Pros and Cons or the same?
  12. J


    What’s the obvious reason? It’s more sidewall
  13. J

    Cruise control unavailable

    This has been happening very sporadically. Driving to work or from work I will attempt to use cruise control and auto pilot. I notice that the steering wheel next to the speedometer is missing and the speed limit of the road is missing on the display. I push down on the right stalk and I get an...
  14. J

    255/45R20 Tires on the 20" Inductions?

    Nice. I just posted about this. 255/45. Any adverse effects or rubbing that you guys notice?
  15. J


    I know it’s 1” taller than stock. Anyone have this setup on stock suspension? I want a certain tire setup and they don’t have 255/40 but they have 255/45 or 275/40. Thoughts on 255/45… will it fit?
  16. J

    TSV 19 × 9.5 275/45 DWS06+ MYP

    Looks real good. Doesn’t even look like 19”. Maybe Bc how much the tires fill the wheel well.
  17. J

    275/45 ZR19 XL 108w Square

    Can you take a quick pic of ur ride with them on?
  18. J

    275/45 ZR19 XL 108w Square

    Interested to know as well
  19. J

    19” tire size…. Will they fit

    Looking to getting a beefier set of 19” tires. Factory is 255/45. What’s the biggest size I can go without rubbing? Just want to fill in the wheel well a little more.
  20. J

    20” Inductions rims/tires/tpms

    Not at the moment. New set is on back order lol. I don’t know how to close or delete this thread.
  21. J

    Forged wheels… necessary?

    Looking at new rims right now. Forged or not. Does it really matter for normal day to day? No track. Thoughts on this?
  22. J

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    2-3 coats. Waited maybe 15-25 min in between. It’s not perfect. But looks better than the original silver color
  23. J

    20” Inductions rims/tires/tpms

    Looking to sell my 20” Induction rims with the Goodyear tires on them. Will include factory tpms. No curb rash!! Current mileage 17,xxx Located in the DC metro area. Actual tread depth and pics will come. Still have plenty of life on them. Nothing wrong with tires or rims. Asking $2300 locals...
  24. J

    New rims/tires set up help

    If they were gloss black I would buy. Thank though
  25. J

    New rims/tires set up help

    I may just bite the bullet and try it. From those that have 275/40/20. Real world experience I haven’t read anyone is rubbing. Maybe tire rack is just cautious Bc it’s not factory specs
  26. J

    New rims/tires set up help

    Currently I have a MY LR with inductions. I’m looking at a new set up Stock inductions are 20x9.5 Offset 45 Tires 255/40/20 New setup 20x9.5 Offset 40 Tires 275/40/20 Tire shop said that I might get rubbing in the front. Just want to see if others went with a similar set up or same. Any...
  27. J

    275/40/20 stock induction wheels

    Did you go with the 275?
  28. J

    Plaid/long range 19 inch pirelli PZ4 tires FS

    Are these arachnids? Pics? Will these fit a model y?
  29. J

    Unplugged Performance Moderate Springs Installed

    Good to know it’s down to 2 finger gap..... currently it’s like 4 if not a little more. Can you measure where the jack spot is to the ground. Want to know if a normal floor jack witless fit or I need to get a low profile one. Thanks
  30. J

    Pretty stoked about this powered frunk

    Sweet. Definitely interested
  31. J

    Mud flaps & Model Y

    Looks good man. Any more road debri hitting the rocker panel?
  32. J

    Front lip

    Other than teslarati and maier racing. Any other front lips for the model y? Does the mode 3 front lips fit?
  33. J

    Free charging NOVA

    Wait the ones at iAd parking garage are free? Which ones. Garage 2 has two sets of them. And I believe garage 1 has a set or 2 as well.
  34. J

    Free charging NOVA

    I downloaded plug share. Does it say which are free?
  35. J

    Free charging NOVA

    Not sure if this has already been covered but are there free charging anywhere in the NoVA region? Maybe we can get a consolidated thread/ location of free charging stations. Not talking about referral codes with free charging but actually charging stations that doesn’t cost anything. Thanks
  36. J

    Va rebates?

    So i just ordered a MY. This is my first EV. Does VA offer an type of rebates or incentives for buying EV? Just don’t want to miss out on anything. Thabks
  37. J

    Just placed order of MY!

    Just pulled the trigger on a MY white with 20”induction rims. Black interior. I have an electrician coming in two weeks to run the Nema 14-50 outlet to my garage. Also ordered the Nema 14-50 adapter from Tesla already. Anyone in the NoVa area? Experience with Tyson’s Tesla? wonder how long...
  38. J

    Need 15-40 installed NOVA

    Any recommendations on a electrician to install Nema 15-40 connection? I’m in northern Va. also what did you guys pay for the install? Anything to look for or ask? I’m about to place an order for a Model Y. Thanks.

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