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    2017 model X HW3 and MCU2 upgrade

    Same. I have a 12/2016 model x with EAP and for $2500 I got mcu2 and hw3/fsd computer. I thought this was confirmed by others on the forums, as without hw3 I was not willing to upgrade mcu1 (mine was dying with all the typical symptoms) to mcu2 for $2500. Actually I came to this forum to see if...
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    MCU Failure Poll

    paid the $2500 for mine 3 months ago because my mcu1 was dying with all the classic symptoms. And then this is classic Tesla, lowering the price right after I do it. Hope they eventually refund those who paid for the upgrade...
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    NEMA 14 - 50 or Wall charger

    We have 2 nema 14-50 outlets, one on each side of garage. I went with this because for home use it's plenty fast and more versatile for the future. Works great, haven't myself really figured out any other benefits of wall charger other than looks and slightly faster charge speed.
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    Will my Teslaoffer frunk device invalid any warranty? Need my 12v replaced soon

    $280 for X, had mine replaced about a month ago. I have 6 months left in original warranty so I think it was covered.
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    MCU/FSD Upgrade, 12V Battery Dying Repeatedly in 2017 Model X

    Just wanted to mention that I have not yet upgraded mine (scheduling it for 2 weeks) but I've only recently been seeing the "waking up" message on my 2016 X w ap2, mcu1 which I was attributing to my mcu dying... So maybe another change Tesla made?
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    Windshield washer fluid?

    Just in case you made same mistake I did, the windshield fluid button has 2 detents: first push is just the wipers, push it past that first push to get fluid out. I thought mine was delivered without fluid too but turned out I didn't push it far enough. ((At least this is true with 2016 X)
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    Ear pain/Pressure help

    Also maybe see if it happens in a different Y? Like maybe you could test drive one just to see if it's that specific car, especially since happening to 3 of you and hasn't happened to you in a 3 or S. Maybe it is some sort of weird noise the car is making. I get a weird pressure sensation in...
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    Is it unusual to have no filter at all?

    As posted above, that's where's the hepa filter goes and was empty in standard car configs until PUP became standard. I had the same thing, purchased hepa filter from Tesla directly 2 years ago. Just undo about 12 bolts, it pops right out, put in a new one (ifOif you buy it from Tesla it comes...
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    My new (to me) MX is home!

    It used to cost $4500. They unlocked it due to wildfire in my area almost a year ago though, and have not re-locked it since..... Shhhhhh....
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    Price drop

    I bought EAP after delivery on my 3 a few years ago, sales tax was charged back then...
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    My new (to me) MX is home!

    Congrats! I still have a 2016 60d with AP2, it's been great!
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    Model Y vs X

    Also have a 3 and X. Other consideration is size. Do you need size of a mid-sized SUV or is compact suv enough? Fit and finish of 3 is definitely tighter than our older X. I was about to trade in X for Y but after seeing reviews on the size differences, decided to keep the X for now since we...
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    Take my 17MX today, question on Sentry mode

    I have an mcu1/AP2 model X. The sentry mode still monitors and displays it's recording, but it is not actually recording. I think it can activate, for example if someone enters your car, but it doesn't record. I believe it can alert you in the app though if it goes off. Also it activates...
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    Model X: Insurance

    Hats off to you! I thought I had decent insurance rates with home/auto on Progressive also but yours is half my cost!
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    Model X: Insurance

    Odyssey is definitely the more practical car if you are trying to comfortably carry a lot of people. The sliding doors are also much more practical than the falcon wing doors. However, the Model X is also practical for carrying people. The FWD are very useful, especially for buckling kids in...
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    Does a top of windshield screen exist...?

    After I found myself leaving the sun shade on all the time so I did get tint applied only to the top part. I added 20% tint. It's been great! Picture here: https/teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/2782600/
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    Used MX v New Model Y

    have X and 3, considered trading X in for Y. At the moment, keeping the X though and thinking maybe trade in 3 for Y instead. With 2 kids, the extra space in the X compared to 3: can't sit anyone in between 2 car seats like we could in our Accord, so I need to see a Y to see if the 2.8" wider...
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    Help adding stock subwoofer to 2016 X

    Pictures of the right kick panel and posi-tapping the wires going to the right front door woofer Note: the black wires are just my test wires and I promise i used higher gauge and cleaner insertion for the real wires to the subwoofer
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    Help adding stock subwoofer to 2016 X

    Thank you—especially for the safety warning!!
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    Help adding stock subwoofer to 2016 X

    Wanted to thank everyone for their help and pass on my experience. I put in an underseat subwoofer, the Infinity Basslink SM, which is apparently the same thing as the JBL BassPro SL just rebranded and silver and cheaper. I reviewed wiring diagrams I found online for the Model X (googled for...
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    Buying a used AP1 Model X... is this a bad idea?

    Gotcha! That definitely makes sense. I considered trading in our X for a Y when the 3rd row is released, but I need to see it to know who can actually sit back there. 2 car seats is tight in the 3--middle seat unusable with our 2 Britax car seats. Our X is 6 seater with our 2 car seats in the...
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    Buying a used AP1 Model X... is this a bad idea?

    If you don't think you'll use it much, then I think it's all you'll need. I have a 2016 model x w AP2 (Dec build) and model 3 w AP 2.5, both have enhanced autopilot. I use AP every time I'm on the highway in either car, even if it's just to work (15 min drive). I think they're fantastic but...
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    Tires are Already Bald After 14523 Miles in Less Than 2 Years and? Is this Normal?

    My first said of Continentals lasted about 20k miles. I got Pirelli Scorpion Verde A/S Plus from Discount Tire. I am not a performance driver by any means but these seem solid as a good all around tire for driving the family around. They did not send to impact range or road noise much at all...
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    Help adding stock subwoofer to 2016 X

    thanks! Def appreciate the feedback. I think will go with JBL
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    Help adding stock subwoofer to 2016 X

    Thank you! I think I have to agree now. So if just looking for some added low end, that it would be fairly reasonable DIY to add something like the JBL BassPro SL (BassPro SL | Powered, 8" (200mm) car audio under seat woofer system) or Rockville underwear sub w amp...
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    Help adding stock subwoofer to 2016 X

    Thanks! Looking around I'm thinking you might be referring to Light Harmonic. Great idea to get in touch with them, I'll do that!
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    Help adding stock subwoofer to 2016 X

    thanks for the reply! I have seen the stock amp on eBay too for about $150-$200, so thought maybe it would be trying to figure out how to do the wiring correctly and how to mount the pieces... but I wasn’t sure how difficult that would be.
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    Help adding stock subwoofer to 2016 X

    Hi everyone, Looking for some help from anyone who may have knowledge of car audio or X wiring. I’ve been looking to add an aftermarket subwoofer to a 2016 X that did not get the ultra high fidelity audio. I noted on eBay I can get OEM subwoofer and amps for about $100-$150 each. Any idea how...
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    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    At some point when you get you car looked at, ask to have BWD turned on. I eventually got it turned on for free by a nice service manager. The techs are happy to do it if they get supervisor approval. Regarding recirculation coming back in, I remember Elon saying during previous wildfire in CA...
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    Tesla App not unlocking doors

    Did you have your screen replaced for yellow border or anything like that? After ipwe did that ours stopped responding. The security certificates had to be uploaded from the car or something like that, which wasn't done. Mobile tech came by to do it and then my app could unlock doors again.
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    Model X - worth buying now

    don’t think you can open them manually except in emergency (I think you bust through the speaker grill), but I think OP meant he/she has to hold open the door open button to manually make the door open to full height
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    Model X - worth buying now

    no issues for my 12/2016 version.
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    Model X - worth buying now

    in a software update, they changed default to not open all the way. Any chance this is left in that setting? I think it is in settings-vehicle-falcon door height? The change was made like 2 years ago though... so wouldn’t be just past several months... but worth checking and making sure set to...
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    V10 on the Model X

    I noticed this too! For me it went a little too far away from the semi, I took over and corrected it. I think good idea but wasn't sure how necessary it was?
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    V10 on the Model X

    2016 X with AP2, mcu1. Release notes don’t load but I have Spotify and new visualization for lane changes. I’m not sure if anyone else notices it, but I feel autopilot is much smoother in this version... curious if any one else agrees?
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    Model X 60D upgrade option not available

    also gone for me, I’d probs let jump in at $2000, but now that battery prices have fallen not sure I’d pay the $4500 they were asking anyhow
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    Is nothing under warranty now?

    Hope both are covered. I would expect them to cover it if it were my car.
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    WARNING against Michelin Cross Climate+ Tires

    I’m on the Pirellis as well. My stock continentals only lasted 20k miles. Hoping these last more. I haven’t noticed a difference in noise level or efficiency, and happy with how they are handling.
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    M3 Ap3 not as good as my Ap2.5

    Interesting! I have an AP2.0 MX and M3 with AP2.5. The X is not as smooth as the 3 and often thinks a car is coming in my lane when it’s just in the line and slows down. Rarely have that happen on the 3. Both to me are about equivalent in tracking cars ahead.
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    No longer see option to purchase extended warranty

    $4800 when I bought it in 6/2017. Yah typically exactly what you said I never buy these ever, but they said you could get refunded on a prorated basis based on how much you’ve used so I figure buy then and decide later...
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    No longer see option to purchase extended warranty

    I purchased mine a few months after buying the car and honestly thought I’d cancel it. I still have until December next year to decide... typically I’d anticipate these are priced out so that on average the company wins, so now this makes me think they were losing out on average and so I better...
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    Buying advice (2016 Tesla Model X 60D)

    martin, the wonderful forum members answered all your other questions from my post. I’m glad one of the members chimed in about the 0-60 time, I forgot about that and that’s important for many (but 5.9 0-60 is probably plenty fast for most people). Especially because that car has AP1, which is...
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    Buying advice (2016 Tesla Model X 60D)

    I have a dec 2016 60d, so it has AP2. After the first year the only major issue I’ve had was the seal on one of the FWD glass tore and was replaced. Otherwise it’s held up really well (knock on wood). Aside from AP1, the other changes are that the front door latches have been updated since 2016...
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    A little worried before I order my raven X

    I did look into EMF one time in past. At the time the comparison demonstrated no difference to gas cars they compared... i think it was a YouTube video. Also the point above, gas car fumes that may linger in your garage probably aren’t any better.
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    MX17 - FalconWing Door weather stripping deteriorating - Not covered by Warranty

    I agree it should be covered. For my X, the seal tore, necessitating replacing the entire roof glass assembly for that door. It shouldn’t deteriorate that fast.
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    Anybody else with FSD just get an offer to upgrade to FSD?

    Totally agree! I have a 60d X w AP2. But if I wanted to upgrade at $3000, add in $4500 if I want to upgrade battery to 75, $5000 for extended warranty, I might as well put that $12500 towards a newer X or Y.
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    Used MX Purchse - From Tesla vs Private Party vs Dealer

    Not looking to sell mine but just curious why this is the most sought after? I have a 6 seater 2.0 hardware, wouldn’t everyone rather have 6 seater AP 2.5 hardware? Or is this kind of the magic combo for price for the features?
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    Elon Confirms S & X Are Chopped Liver

    It’s fundamentally the same imo. I have a 2016 X. Sensors will not solve every situation, but overall I love the FWD. Whlie people can name tons of situations FWD might have issues like street signs, the same can be said for regular doors. It’s much easier to get kids in and out of FWD than...
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    Yokohama Geolandar X-CV - Finally another option?

    Thanks for testing these out for the rest of us and look forward to hearing your feedback. I’m currently using Pirelli Verde All Season Plus but the price you got is def more affordable!

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