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    Hate the new app

    If anyone else can't log in to the old app version.... I carry four android phones (don't ask). On two of them I have the old version 3 of the app. For three days I was signed out by Tesla and unable to log in. Then finally being able to log in. It might be my bad eyesight, or maybe I'm just...
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    22.1.2 Update

    22.9.1 since overnight sometime. Can't see around blinders, so operational variance undetected.
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    Where does Tesla app solar production data come from?

    I have APSystems microinverters and the ECU. What you can see in the Tesla app comes from CT clamps attached to the solar wiring. Mine are inside my breaker panel. The ECU has no connection or relationship to the Tesla product. My system functioned perfectly well without the ECU because my...
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    Solar panel blocking by ATT pole extension

    If they could make the pole out of transparent material, the light could shine through. I suppose the magnifying glass effect might be kind of bad. 🔥
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    Storm Watch failed us again [in MA, Late July 2021]

    I'm not in the Northeast, so perhaps I'm out of order here. Earlier this year we had a red flag warning, but no Storm Watch. I called in and asked them to pass the circumstance up the chain of command. About two hours later, it activated. There are flaws in the system beyond the zip code...
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    Does Everyone have to wait a long time for Tesla Energy to Resolve an issue?

    I'm out in Iowa, yet there are two Tesla certified installers within a couple hours of me. I went with one of them for my system. I would think in New Jersey there are more Tesla certified installers than only Tesla. Without knowing their particular agreements with the mother ship, call one up...
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    Software v21.35.x

    21.35.0 in Iowa overnight from 21.20.6. No noticeable change in behavior. For the last couple of months nominal full pack energy had been dwindling to 11152. Since the update it jumped to 11270. Wishful thinking - perhaps a full system restart would cause a recalibration.
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    Tesla app version 4.0.0 has app re design for both car and energy

    Issue with Go Off Grid Function I describe what happened when I intentionally did just that. Not gonna make that mistake again.
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    Issue with Go Off Grid Function

    This is with the android version 3.10.14. The new version is not yet available. However, the pairing/go off grid options have appeared. This morning I decided to try out the new function. Going off grid was seamless, since the Powerwall was already discharging. The documentation indicates that...
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    Storm Watch failed us again [in MA, Late July 2021]

    Tropical storm Henri. It's concerning that those folks in the path of the storm could face prolonged and widespread power outages. Sorry if this sounds like a kook thing to say, but computer algorithms from a big company operating behind the meter can kill you. (Based on two bad experiences I've...
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    Gateway updated to 21.20.2

    21.20.2 --> 21.20.6 since yesterday sometime. In Iowa. No flukes or odd behavior noted.
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    Powerwall 2 Available Energy After 2 Years

    20 months since commissioning one PW - nominal full pack energy 11273
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    Weird Gateway behavior after recent firmware rollback

    On your last bullet point, but not the focus of this thread. I have APSystems microinverters. The spec sheet the installers gave me says they are supposed to kick off, dead, at 62.5 Hz. However, they apparently have a newer firmware. When I went off grid at 90%, but still charging on a sunny...
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    Any way to keep Powerwalls from charging without turning off their breakers?

    @sorka , My comment might sound facetious, but it's not. I kind of want to do what your original post was talking about. So. I have a very small solar array, I'm a low energy user, and I have one Powerwall. If I can corral a qualified installer to do it, I would like to stack a second PW in my...
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    First full sunny [email protected]

    @ChicagoSox How's the production today? Mine over in northeast Iowa is a tad lower today despite the sunny blue sky. There is a healthy stream of water vapor coming in from the Rockies. If you are in northern Illinois, you might have noticed a slight reduction.
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    How to charge powerwalls from grid with solar

    @coney27 Tomorrow will be warm and sunny. Get that Powerwall into backup mode. Sunday will be warm and cloudy, good bye snow. Then set your reserve high enough so you don't get backed in a corner again. I'll write to my Congresswoman and tell her to get the law changed. :wink:
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    Powerwall self power mode with net metering.

    I have 1:1 net metering here in Iowa. However, since this is my first year with one Powerwall and a tiny solar array, I want to know how I use energy and how the Tesla system works. Except for impending bad weather, I've stuck with self-powered mode. As a small example of the cost of doing this...
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    Roof perforations

    @CSFTN In my neighborhood up here in Iowa, any homes replacing a natural gas furnace use at least a moderately efficient unit. These appliances have a closed system that draws combustion air in and exhausts out through PVC pipes at the side of the home. In casual observation I have seen one home...
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    Are exterior conduits the new norm????

    My external conduit goes up and over the roof, loops around the gutter, and down the side. The house is 116 years old, previous owners have boxed things in all over the place. There is no break in the external wall/soffit to pop back out of an attic run. The designer completely ignored all of...
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    Powerwall Stormwatch on NWS tornado watch

    Stormwatch has not lived up to my expectations. I've had three thunderstorm warnings for my location since commissioning. On the first, it was activated after the storm went through. Warnings two and three simultaneously overlapped my specific location. Nothing. I can see where they might not...
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    Powerwall Software 1.46

    zappi - smart EV charger - made in Britain | myenergi The Zappi is mostly off-topic for this conversation, but charging from excess solar isn't really new. And the video has some peppy background music. (Okay, carry on.)
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    Off-Grid Test with fully charged PowerWalls

    Yuh. I thought of that a little late. I have a small system from two months ago. Never been above 90 percent. David
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    Off-Grid Test with fully charged PowerWalls

    My microinverters are supposed to ride through 61 Hz for 300 seconds. And 62 Hz for 15 milliseconds. So here's my suggestion that's most likely easier said than done: At battery state of charge 96%, raise the system frequency to 61 Hz. At 97%, raise it to 62%. 98% - 63%. 99% - 64%. 100% - 65...
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    Possible 60 mph winds, possible Tornadoes, storm watcg

    I know for a fact the Storm Watch system is not intelligent. Last month Storm Watch was activated for a National Weather Service Winter Storm Warning. The next day, a separate weather advisory was issued, not including any potential for power loss. However, an error was made on the Weather...
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    Would it be difficult to add a second Powerwall later?

    My single floor-mount Powerwall is recently installed. I've wondered this same thing about the money and capacity. The fellow who did the battery install encouraged me to add another saying all it takes is the Powerwall and a stacking kit. I didn't think to ask about additional permitting. I...
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    Powerwall 2 Vampire Drain

    New user here. A new set of 8 panels up on the second story here in northeast Iowa. One Powerwall in the basement initialized in December. The basement temperature is set to range from 57 to 59 degrees. The panels are in pairs, each pair with its own microinverter. Two pair are completely...

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