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    New version should have come with a WARNING

    Upgrade should have come with a warning "If you like the UI, don't upgrade'. "If you don't like the UI, upgrade". Wonder how many would have upgraded or passed on it?? Now it's too late and we are stuck with a step backward UI. There is no way to downgrade and have the better UI, which in this...
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    "Small battery" fully discharges in a month or so if the vehicle is not operated?

    So while driving with the tow truck driver to get my flat tire repaired (4 flats in 16 months, all rear tires, that's another story) I got to hear interesting/crazy stories about why Teslas need to be towed. He said a biggie is the "small battery" going dead making the vehicle inoperable...
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    Trip planner disappeared after upgrade??

    After recent upgrade, my ModelY no longer displays Trip Planner features in the Nav route, supercharger stops, battery level at destination, etc. Kind of important and its now gone! Trip Planner is enabled in Nav settings as it has always been in my vehicle, but no longer shows up in the...
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    Duplicate in-car nav experience on a device?

    Any way to get the same or similar in-car Tesla nav experience on a device? I know there are route planners but......would like something almost like the Tesla nav. Related suggestions for Tesla, would be nice to know the $$ rates of the superchargers and the nearby businesses as the nav...
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    Removing the 2 support boards in the back of Model Y (temporarily)

    There are 2 support boards in the back of Model Y, easily removable. I am thinking to temporarily remove them to give a bit more storage space for a move, loading bags of clothing, linens, etc, so not heavy weight and no sharp corners. Anybody see any issue? Seems ok to me as long as nothing...
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    Road trip and supercharger stops

    Just completed our first real "family road trip" from SF to LA and back. Before this all our trips were just a few hours on a well known route. Overall we give the Nav and superchargers on our road trip a 'B'. Pretty good but room for improvement. comment and questions: 1. Supercharger...
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    Nav system showing alternate routes?

    I generally like the Tesla nav system. But......would be nice to show alternate routes to a destination, or be able to drag the route to another highway as you can do with google maps. From what I can tell, it picks a route for you. To change it, seems like you need to choose some waypoint...
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    Bluetooth scan doesn't find Samsung S21 5G

    When I do a bluetooth scan on my Model Y interface it doesn't find my Samsung S21 5G phone. Bluetooth enabled on phone. Tesla PhoneKey on phone works fine. Had the same behavior with my old Samsung Galaxy S7, phonekey worked fine but the scan couldn't find the phone. My Model Y finds...
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    Battery lost 8% overnight sitting in the cold

    My model Y battery has never lost charge sitting for hours or even days. Then on a recent trip I charged at a supercharger to 85%, drove 1 mile, and it sat in the cold overnight. Around 30 degrees F. Next morning, it's 76%. Hmm.... Next night, same thing. Lost about 8% sitting overnight...
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    Phonekey breaks - Iphone 12

    Model Y. Latest update. Iphone 12. Latest version of Tesla App. So the Phonekey is paired and working. Works perfectly for a few weeks, than suddenly breaks. Won't unlock or lock or start the vehicle. Log into the phone, doesn't help. Checked the app, it is logged in, paired and shows...
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    Wipers don't work properly in Auto

    Have seen other posts about wipers problems with wipers in Auto mode. I have these problems on my new Model Y. Am running the latest update just updated. Sometimes wipers turn on or continue to run when windshield is completely dry. Other times they don't turn on when the windshield is wet...
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    Latest software update, large 'P' no longer displays when vehicle in Park

    After the latest software update, when I put my Y in park, the large P no longer displays on the screen. Only see a very small P darkened at the upper left of the screen. Is this normal due to the upgrade, or some glitch I'm having, or some setting? If it is normal, not sure why it...
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    Supercharger status on nav screen - bugs?

    Question about supercharger status displayed in the nav system. A supercharger location displayed "closed" in my car's nav system for days. But when I happened to drive by, it was clearly open and charging cars the entire time it said closed. Anybody had similar experiences? Is there any...
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    Factory Continental tires for driving in snow?

    The winter/snow rating for the stock Continental ProContact RX tires on MY LR is just 'Fair'. Does anybody have real world experience with this tire on a snow plowed road? My tires are almost new but wouldn't want to get a bad surprise driving to the mountains this winter.
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    Model Y made loud chattering/grinding sound at slow speed in Autopilot

    My 3 weeks old Model Y while in Autopilot and traveling slowly in stop/go traffic, suddenly made a loud chattering/grinding sound (suspect the brakes or drivetrain), and the car stopped on its own, even though there was plenty of space between my car and the car in front. I turned off autopilot...
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    Hold vs creep mode - energy efficiency/brake wear over time?

    Does anybody know, difference in energy consumption and/or brake wear, creep vs hold mode over long periods of time? FYI I'm not looking for the answer "always use hold mode" or "WTF are you using creep mode?". I know already, from other discussion threads. :D Thanks!
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    Good online source for better supercharger info and reviews?

    Can anybody recommend a good app/website for better supercharger location info?? For example, where exactly, and how far to walk to the RESTROOMS? I have found the info you get from the touchscreen lacking, it shows yes there are restrooms (presumably somewhere nearby), but nothing else. The...
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    Model Y pick up fail

    Ordered a Model Y, delivery date came in less than a week (4-8 weeks original estimate). Good or bad thing??. Because this particular vehicle was not ready for delivery. It may have been rejected already and that's why it was available so quickly, just a thought. Within 1 minute we noticed...

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