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    Vehicle shutting down please pull over safely [edit: 12v battery issue]

    I recently got this error and the car jolted while my pregnant wife and two year old son is in the car. Scared the heck out of all of us. I pulled over quickly to double check if I ran over anything. Nothing was in my way. The error was still showing power reduced, vehicle may not restart. I...
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    Anyone upgrading to a Y?

    I’m really considering the upgrade. With a toddler it’ll just be easier and roomier for everyone. I got my 3 in May 2018, wondering if I get the Y early will it have free data? Or should I wait and hope for Y price to drop like it did for the 3?
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    Squeaking Brakes

    May 2018. 30k miles. I’m starting to hear a slight squeak when I creep/ move slow and brake slowly or on autopilot in traffic. Could someone tell me how to fix this or if this is a common issue?
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    Small bubble on tires

    Can I drive to Vegas this weekend from LA with this? 30k miles. Rotated twice. Any chance I can claim warranty?
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    AC in the the back blowing warm air - need testing

    So with my AC on, tempt at 73, and fan power at 5 the front vent blow out cool air but I noticed the back vents is blowing out warm air. Could someelse test this on their car please? Note I was driving on freeway for about an 45 minutes already before discovering this out. In Southern California.
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    Door Handle Updade?

    Got a S as a rental and realize how convenient the door handles are. How it opens up when you walk up to it. Just a lot more user friendly than the 3. Is there a way to upgrade the door handles on the 3 to function like the S/ X?
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    Possible mold in Trunk Storage Space

    I don’t normally use the hidden storage space in my trunk ever. This morning I opened up to randomly take a look inside and found that my charger case was all dirty and looks like it was covered with mold. Water is definitely getting in somehow. Very concerning because my Sons stroller and...
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    Did you upgrade to FSD for $2k?

    so did anyone pay the $2k to upgrade from EAP? Are they going to lower the price later before delivering what was promised or will it increase to $4k?
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    Siri + Shortcuts

    Found this to use siri to unlock door, open trunk, frunk etc and it works on iOS Tesla Shortcuts: Siri Shortcut for controlling your Tesla. via @ProductHunt Tesla Shortcuts - Siri Shortcut for controlling your Tesla | Product Hunt
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    Washing car with Ceramic Coat?

    How do you guys wash your car with Ceramic Coat?
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    PPF / Ceramic Coat - Autopilot?

    Getting PPF and coating soon. Just curious if it can cause any problems with the sensors and cameras for Autopilot? Just being cautious.
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    3m Scotch Pro Kit PPF

    Anyone with the 3m PPF kit on their car ? Can I see some pictures? Close up pictures of the edge? Thanks!
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    V9 - charging to 308 at 100%, 276 at 90%

    Since v9 my car complete charge state has gone a few miles lower. At 90% it goes to 276mi when the last 5 months its been charging to 279mi. Same for 100%, it goes to 308 instead of 310. Anyone experiencing the same? Is this battery degrading?
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    V9 autopilot taking a freeway ramp curve

    Los Angeles 10E going on to 605S curve ramp. Before the update it would pull towards the wall with all kinds of warnings on display, sound alerts and I would have to quickly takeover before running into the wall. Now with v9 it was able to see the lines, slowed down and took the curve. Not 100%...
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    Model 3 Crash Thread

    The pain I feel for this guy... Picture attached.
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    SoCal Window Tint - Brand? Price? One piece?

    Recently got quoted Llumar CTX 4 sides and 2 piece rear window. $785 when I messaged on Yelp. $500 when my wife messaged on Yelp. Just want to see what people are getting and prices.
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    Stupid rock puncture my car!

    I sped up to cross a light and suddenly heard a loud thump on the back right side of my car. Now theres a hole in the bottom right side of the car. Luckily, it is on the bottom and on the plastic part. But mannnn this sucks. Picture attached. Wonder how much it would cost to fix.
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    Unplug charging cable while car in sleepmode

    When the car finish charging overnight and is still in sleep mode. I have to open the door to wake up the car to be able to unplugg the charging cable. Is there a better way to do this?
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    Auto High beam stopped working?

    At some point within the last two updates my auto high beam stopped turning on. Normally when I drive down one of the streets near my house, it would turn on since there isnt much traffic there around. Anyone experiencing the same?
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    Phantom Braking - follow distance

    I have experienced autopilot phantom braking at the same underpass about 3 times now. Today I realized that all 3 times that it happened, I was on follow distance 3. All times no cars were in front of me and the car behind was about 5 car distance. Ive been on the same route and same lane for...
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    No PPF but Ceramic Coat?

    is anyone not doing PPF clear bra but has Ceramic coat? Tell me why you are opting out of PPF? To get Both is kind of pricy. This is my first black car and finding it extremely hard to maintain black. The ceramic coat keeps it shiny so I am leaning towards just doing that. But driving 70 miles...
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    Clear fluid leaking from M3

    Today I noticed there was some clear fluids leaking from my M3 while trying out summon. Is this happening to anyone else? I will call service center tomorrow morning. Pictures attached
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    Bad clear coat or etched waterspot?

    I have these weird spots on my hood. I thought it was waterspots but i was able to remove all other water spots already. It looks like its bad clear coat now.
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    Waterspots on M3

    During the hottest weekend of Southern California with temperatures hitting 120f, my black m3 was unfortunate enough to get rained on and baked in the sun. Now my hood is left with water spots that I can not remove. Can someone help tell me what I can do?
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    Door opening/locking Toggle button

    I would like to have the button to open the door function as a toggle open/lock. Press to open door, while door is open, press again to tell car to lock as soon as it is closed. The walking away auto lock is cool ...but I find myself looking back all the time to make sure someone doesnt hop in...
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    Carwash Method?

    what method are you washing your car with? I just tried the rinseless wash but did not come out as shiny as I anticipated. Has anyone tried this method? When I picked up my car it rained the next few days so I did not get to enjoy how shiny it was.
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    Autopilot + overhang = warning?

    Route to work today on autopilot when suddenly it gives out a warning while passing freeway overhang. Car in front and back was about 5 car distance and only a semi-truck on the lane next to me to the right. Didnt seem like anything was happening. I have a dash cam video but cant upload here...
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    Tesla App - stuck on waking up today

    Anyone having problems with their app today? Mine keeps getting stuck on “waking up” screen. Cant navigate anywhere.
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    Charge complete at 90%

    My tesla app shows charge complete at 281mi. As soon as I get into the car it shows 274mi. Is this normal? Ive had the car for about a week, is the battery degrading already?
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    Autopilot - Car spacing

    I have had my car for 3 days and it has been great. I noticed on autopilot in stop and go traffic with 2 car distance set, it gets as close as 1 car distance without anyone cutting me off. Is this normal?
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    Recent Deliveries

    Any problems? Curious if things got better after that shut down. I am taking delivery this Saturday. What are the major things I should check for?
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    Are they updating the site?

    i dont see my reservation anymore
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    Anyone switched from Aero to Sports wheel and got VIN?

    Curious if anyone that took the chance of switching from Aero to Sports actually got their VIN and VIN/ delivery? Specifically Los Angeles area.
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    Selecting Delivery location

    Did you guys select a delivery location during configuration? I remember just putting in a zip code and did not confirm any location. Just trying to make sure I didnt miss any steps since I dont see an option or what is selected. Thanks in advance!
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    Long Commutes: Has autopilot helped?

    I live in SoCal and traffic gets heavy. My commute is only 35 miles but can take 1.5-2hrs each way. It is driving me insane and wondering if anyone with a Tesla can chime in on how much it has helped them to be on autopilot.
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    Model 3 Owners: How long in the 3 months estimate?

    If you are a Model 3 owner, How long into the 3 month estimator did you have to wait to receive the configuration email for your car? For example: If the estimator said Jan-March 2018. Did you get a configuration email in late Jan , mid Feb or late Mar?
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    Transferring Model 3 Reservation Step by Step

    My friend is willing to transfer his reservation for me. I was hoping that someone who has done this before can break down the steps to me so that I can guide him through the process. He is already doing a huge favor for me so I don't want any hiccups for him during the transfer. Thank you!

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