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  1. Dana1

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    I’m starting research on new tires...quiet and comfort are my two most important criteria. I’m considering Bridgestone Quiettrack.
  2. Dana1

    Am I being petty about my repair? What would you do?

    Not really sure what the deal is with folks getting hung up on Tesla approved body shops, lol. Ask your local club for good body shops. It’s a dent and paint.
  3. Dana1

    Is mobile service free?

    Routine maintenance and owner induced issues are not covered under warranty for any car.
  4. Dana1

    Forgoing BMW / Mercedes / Lexus for Tesla?

    I had a BMW X6 and prefer Lucy. The vented seats in the X6 were useless it was so weak. The zillion ways of adjusting the seat didn’t really seem to make it anything special...just complicated. The Jaguar XF had nice seats...ventilation was robust and gorgeous styling. Not really physically...
  5. Dana1

    Navigate on Autopilot is not for me

    I find auto lane change rather useful.
  6. Dana1

    What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

    248 wh/mile average over 16K miles
  7. Dana1

    The woes of wrecking a Tesla Model 3 Performance...

    Next time use dish soap along the path you want to drag the car. Works great...car slides along. Surprised your tow truck driver wasn’t aware of that. Cars, even ICE, are never completely off anymore. Computers have to have power.
  8. Dana1

    Rejected 4 cars, was told they would not request more cars for me

    It makes zero sense for you and Tesla to continue on. You aren’t happy with four different cars...Tesla might not be for you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else’s opinion is.
  9. Dana1

    Pricing error & new price - need advice!

    Since you’re getting it from Tesla there’s a measure of safety. Presumably they’ve done diagnostics, etc.
  10. Dana1

    Pricing error & new price - need advice!

    $39K is a smoking deal. A SR+ is more than that.
  11. Dana1

    New? Tesla Model 3 All Weather Floor Liners

    Diamond Car Mats Black and Red Stitching Luxury Car Mats Set - Premium Car Floor Mats
  12. Dana1

    Model 3 as a Student Driver car

    Maybe r Maybe rent one on Turo to test your pedal bit and if you think it’s appropriate for your students.
  13. Dana1

    Geico just raised my insurance rate

    I’ve got USAA but they’ve become less competitive over the years.
  14. Dana1

    Paint chip . Recommendation ?

    Road damage not a warranty item. Buy automotive paint and clear coat from any reputable automotive paint supplier and repair, or, take to reputable body shop. Sorry your poor car got bit.
  15. Dana1

    Tesla Model 3 Range

    There are dozens of threads on range. First off, what does your energy consumption graph say? Just like gas cars the faster you go the more energy is required and the energy required is an exponential curve. If you want rated range your energy consumption needs to be around 230 wh/mile. Mileage...
  16. Dana1

    Help with insurance car rental after my Model 3 was damaged

    USAA pays $40 if you pay an extra $10/year
  17. Dana1

    Help with insurance car rental after my Model 3 was damaged

    You will get a comparable car which means midsize. You won’t get an electric car. Since your insurance company is paying you are limited it the $30. If the other insurance was paying you could squeeze a little more. I have found if I sweet talk the rental location they’ve upgraded the class...
  18. Dana1

    Does someone always call?

    Last July 2018 there was one call when delivery date was scheduled. She also looked up when Lucy rolled off the assembly line. Next call was that my car arrived early did I want to pick it up the next day. Well, yes!
  19. Dana1

    Brand spanking new model 3 LR AWD first full charge (460/499 km) range

    Mileage is an estimate. Just like in your gasoline car. If you had a 20 gallon tank and the estimated mileage is 25 mpg you’d expect to get a range of 500 miles. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. My BMW estimated mileage would vary after fill up. What I actually got varied even more based on how...
  20. Dana1

    Center Console Wood Wrap

    Looks good
  21. Dana1

    Big Oil's Bewildering Decline

    Most of the majors are, and have been for years, heavily invested in battery technologies. I think it’s BP that has developed a new technology in the cell divisions of batteries to improve charge longevity. They’ve got a new partnership in Chine and EVs. Shell developing marine battery cells...
  22. Dana1

    What car did you swap for a Model 3?

    2016 BMW X6. Originally went to showroom for an X. Meh. Saw the minimalist dash and fell in love.
  23. Dana1

    Order agreement legality

    Agree...if there’s a signed and accepted contract then it’s bilateral and they owe the car. If it was just a sales person stating this car is available and the potential buyer debated and the car was gone by the time they sent in their acceptance that’s different. The devil is in the...
  24. Dana1

    Is Expel better than 3M PPF?

    Nope, It’s on Lucy. Originally installed July 2018. It got scrapped up making the repair that much more expensive. I’d never used PPF before and my cars were always pristine. I’d had concern about the slope of hood but in hindsight I wish I hadn’t bothered with PPF. For the cost a quality shop...
  25. Dana1

    Is Expel better than 3M PPF?

    Not the case, or not every case. I had to pay to replace bumper PPF. I probably wouldn’t do PPF again. Doesn’t really seem to do much and causes more problems.
  26. Dana1

    PPF Installation Recourse Help

    Small claims court and negative social media reviews.
  27. Dana1

    Two Model 3 Dual Motors compared

    Wheel bearing can be done by any reputable mechanic.
  28. Dana1

    Delivery Experience was...

    Go TeamRed!
  29. Dana1

    Why red rear signal lights on US version?

    Wonder if stats have been compiled using car’s braking distance. If you can stop faster it reduces the likelihood of you rear ending someone but increases the chance of being rear ended if the car following you hasn’t maintained proper following distance. I’ll admit to being on Team Red.
  30. Dana1

    Holiday Inn Express in Redding, CA has 4 Wall Connectors

    I just spent the night at Best Western in Bourg, LA. They have two Tesla chargers and a J1772. The chargers are in lock boxes accessed by a key from the front desk...prevents damage and unauthorized use I guess. I made sure front desk knew I chose their hotel because of the chargers. Not much...
  31. Dana1

    Talk me into ordering a Model 3 / case of FOMO

    I had Sirius for years for Bloomberg...it’s free with the 3, as is a lot of podcasts, etc. The streaming feature is nice and you save your favorite “station”. OP has a lot of issues no one can answer. He’s gotta make a decision...can he live without buttons? Is he ok with imperfect updates...
  32. Dana1

    Talk me into ordering a Model 3 / case of FOMO

    The 3 has a climate protection mode that kicks AC on at 105 to protect the tablet. A few folks turn this off to save a few miles of range but I’d keep it on. This limits how hot inside gets. If you forget to precool it cools off very quickly. I’m in Texas and it gets toasty here, too. Tinting...
  33. Dana1

    Talk me into ordering a Model 3 / case of FOMO

    First idea is a great one...nothing like a few days to get to know the car. Disagree with second point, especially with interest rates so low. If money can be put to good use elsewhere, and you aren’t creating hardship with the loan, I don’t see an issue with a financed purchase. The dividend...
  34. Dana1

    Talk me into ordering a Model 3 / case of FOMO

    Test drive car. If you like it, buy it. Phone as key works fine. If this is a financial decision don’t do it. If you want new tech, and are okay with glitchy first versions, buy the 3.
  35. Dana1

    No Enhanced Summon on my 3P+ 2019.24.4

    Please don’t drive Tesla crazy with firmware requests. Even when it starts rolling out it rolls out in batches typically. You might be in the first batch or you might wait a couple of months. You’ll get it when you get it. A hundred posts will pop up with the firmware version and what it...
  36. Dana1

    M3 tint options and feedback

    Go to your top shop choices and see tints in person. Installation quality is key. One piece back is better than two piece. Front window tinting cuts down on glare a lot.
  37. Dana1

    New member- Bunch of stuff wanted to clear up

    Tesla will not allow a salvaged vehicle to supercharge. Parts can be expensive & time consuming, if the point is to have a Tesla I’d (personally) avoid a damaged vehicle. You can’t tell if it’s good at auction site. You might get a little info from energy consumption graph and charging page...
  38. Dana1

    Call me "Old School"..... (Poll)

    Lol, it’s horrific looking but practical for your use. PPF is only helpful for very small chips, as I’ve found out. I probably wouldn’t do it again.
  39. Dana1

    Do you regret your color choice?

    Love my choice...there’s a reason why many of the press photos are red...
  40. Dana1

    After 6 months or more of ownership (Model M3) - Poll

    They’ve always came with glass roofs. Originally there was no other interior than premium either. The paint was a cost as was EAP and FSD.
  41. Dana1

    Small door ding

    A bicycle T boned my passenger door, similar damage. Paintless dent repair did a good job...I can still see the injury if I look at it in the right light sideways but significantly improved.
  42. Dana1

    Mid-range changes in range or battery degradation

    About a zillion threads on this. If accuracy is important to you use battery percentage, not miles.
  43. Dana1

    After 6 months or more of ownership (Model M3) - Poll

    I’m “better”. Ordered the car during a commercial break on my iPad. Delivered Jul 3, 2018. Super easy. Delivery earlier than expected. I’m mostly ok with glitchy updates. I’ve pretty much traded cars every two years due to tech FOMO despite the financial idiocy of that. At a year in I’m...
  44. Dana1

    What salary for credit approval in Canada? (SR+)

    It’s a ratio between income and debt, plus credit score. Banks vary.
  45. Dana1

    Forcing an alternate route?

    Yes, I’ve done that. I’d interpreted OPs post that he wants to use a navigation system other than Teslas.
  46. Dana1

    Forcing an alternate route?

    Not aware of a way to send it to car though someone may pipe up with a solution. There’s not a CarPlay type feature and the car’s browser isn’t really good enough for it directly.
  47. Dana1

    is it possible to align the navigation red triangle car icon better

    Not by us. Increase size of map to get a more accurate visual representation.

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