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    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    My car always locks itself when I leave so it’s not that. This is getting annoying as I just replaced the filter/cleaned the condenser a few months ago and put less than 2k miles on my car since. I haven’t used much ac during that time.
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    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    Is anyone’s fans NOT turning on after you exit you car and have been using the ac? My car used to run the fan for about 10 minutes after but it stopped doing that. And of course I’m getting the stinky sock smell when the ac kicks in now.
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    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    I have an ev offer as well. I might just wait until something actually happens to the backup cam and I’ll just do the install myself.
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    Anyone with an aftermarket auto-trunk had their trunk harness replaced through the recall?

    Seems like a lot of work. I have a mobile appnt tmrw but I’m thinking of putting this off until more users have their harness addressed from Tesla.
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    Sound Deadening Model 3

    What I do want to say is music and bass response with the deadened trunk sounds awesome. Bass hits very clean with no distortion or rattling. Now Tesla did release the update to allow you to independently tune your sub. I don’t have a baseline to know if it’s all due to the adjustability of the...
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    Sound Deadening Model 3

    I’d have to say road noise at highway speeds are tolerable. It’s improved from stock but still isn’t a BMW. Most of the road noise is from the tires traveling up to the suspension towers. I didn’t disconnect the 12V but the poster below had some issues with his computer. To be on safe side, the...
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    Sound Deadening Model 3

    I just stuffed foam in those holes.
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    Sound Deadening Model 3

    What were the symptoms? Your screen couldn’t turn back on? What was the part that failed?
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    Upgrade to 2020.48.10, now clock is wrong

    My clock is an hour off. Full reset did nothing. Scheduled a service request next month to fix.
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    Time incorrect

    Just noticed the clock being 1 hour faster. Holding on the clock for 5 seconds doesn’t update it. Also did a reboot. Any other ideas?
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    HRE FF01 wheels discontinued

    Are they really being sold? Vendors never took them down from their websites for some reason and when you contact them, they’ll say they’re discontinued.
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    MPP Comfort Coilovers NVH

    from my experience, NVH did increase slightly. Going over bumps with the oem dampers were pretty quiet. There was a slight increase in noise after my upgrade. Some ppl say there is no difference, so I'm not entirely sure about the increase.
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    Anyone running 255s all around on M3P?

    Looking to grab some new 255/35/20 on a new set of 20x9 and been hearing great things about dws06+. If my car will never see snow, are these still a great choice? Will road noise be similar to oem ps4?
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    Switching Model 3P tires

    Any increase in road noise from oem? Noticeable efficiency hit? Looking to do grab the same tires.
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    Model 3 lowered - How many of you guys are using Camber Arms in the rear?

    Not really necessary if you’re around a 1.5” drop. I have a 1 finger gap in the rear with no abnormal wear. Toe is near 0 and camber is within -2
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    Sentry Mode not saving any clips

    That was it. My dashcam somehow turned off. Apparently you need to turn on dashcam in order for any sentry clips to save. Thanks
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    Sentry Mode Issues, not recording??

    Anyone have a fix for this? I’m experiencing this. I’ve tried multiple usb drives and they all don’t record anymore.
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    Sentry Mode not saving any clips

    I’ve tried 3 different usb drives, all reformatted both thru the car and the computer. They’re all formatted properly. No clips are being saved.
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    Sentry Mode not saving any clips

    Been using a microsd and it’s been working flawlessly for over a year. Suddenly, I noticed clips weren’t being saved anymore. I tried reformatting the microsd without avail. Anyone experience this before?
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    Rear Wheel Well Liner

    This is ridiculous how Tesla thinks this is normal. You see videos of rear bumpers and the underbody liner filled with pounds and pounds of dirt, this is one entry point. PDC connector is also exposed to water and dirt.
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    Armrest tray replacement?

    Car was broken into in SF with bunch of personal items stolen. One thing being the armrest tray. Is there a better alternative replacement than the oem tray?
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    Repeater camera issues. Blinkers seen on screen when flashing.

    Nope. They said operating as intended.
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    Performance hesitation off the line

    I echo some of these experiences. I was waiting to exit a shopping plaza with traffic going by. I had a clear path with plenty of space so i accelerated out. At the same time, there was a car turning in to the plaza while I was leaving. As I accelerated out, there was an immediate lag where the...
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    Driver Seat squeaking when height adjusted

    Update- a more competent SC resolved this. Per notes: technician verified the sound coming from under seat while moving the chair. Further diagnosis shows that two moving pieces were rubbing together. Technician lubricated and adjusted the parts and verified the noise has been resolved. Not...
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    Performance hesitation off the line

    Earlier, I stabbed the pedal with about 80% throttle and the car didn’t go anywhere for about a second. This is the first time my M3P ever did this. Has any Performance owners experienced this hesitation?
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    Fixed my squeaky seat (issue I haven't seen on the forums)

    For those with similar issue, turns out the seat bracket needed replacement. SC replaced it and squeak is gone.
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    Model 3 Trunk won’t open [aftermarket powered trunk kit installed]

    I’m having the same issue. Trunk won’t unlatch unless I use emergency latch. Did you ever find a fix? Contacting ev offer to see what they say.
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    Spotify: Bluetooth vs Tesla built in app

    I’ve been trying to test streaming BT vs Tesla app and I can’t hear any difference. Any evidence out there Tesla allows full quality streaming thru it’s app now?
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    2018 M3P w/o red line [on the software screen - is there such a thing?]

    It’s not a Performance. Bring it back and demand a refund immediately.
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    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    Just got the email. Have no urgency to get this “fixed”. I’ll just get it done when I need to go into service.
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    Holy crap Tidal makes the audio system come ALIVE.

    When you download the songs to get hifi music, where does it store? In your car’s usb?
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    2021 Holiday Firmware Release - Predictions and Impressions (after release)

    Can anyone get a controller to work with sonic? Reading multiple people can’t get their controllers to work, including myself. The controller works fine for the other games.
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    Fixed my squeaky seat (issue I haven't seen on the forums)

    I have an annoying squeak when the front is raised or lowered. Happens everytime I go in and out the car. The squeak is on the bottom. Anyone else experience this?
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    Avant Garde M610 20x9 et30 Matte Black

    Brand new in box from Avant Garde. Ordered for my Model 3 but got a killer deal on a set of grey wheels from my friend when I was waiting for these. Specs 20x9 square et 30 in matte black. Fits all Model 3’s. Will throw in a brand new set of Gorilla splinedrive lugnuts in black. $2050 picked up...
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    Just completed ~1400 mile trip: San Diego > Grand Canyon > Antelope Canyon > Las Vegas > San Diego

    Made the Utah trip last month with a rental and didn’t see much Teslas. Saw a handful of Y’s and a couple of 3’s. Glad to hear charging wasn’t an issue. Sights were awesome at every national park stop we made!
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    Driver Seat squeaking when height adjusted

    Brought this into service to fix 3 things today and none were addressed. The most notable was to fix a seat squeak that happens everytime I hop in and out of the car due to the seat adjusting. I just picked it up and it sounds exactly the same but with a strong oil smelling interior. The head...
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    Visor rattle

    Getting this exact visor rattle in my 2018. Adding this to list of items on my next visit.
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    Went autocrossing over the weekend and wore thru a couple of the oem ps4s. I have the grey wheels and replaced them at America’s Tire. They threw on a mismatched silver valve stem. They said the silver cap can be removed. Can this be done without making another trip to AT?
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    Autocrossing first time in M3P

    So do you pull the camber back in for street use or leave as is? How’s the wear for street at -2.7?
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    Autocrossing first time in M3P

    Lol yea they did. Exposed the cords on my front tire from chunking and the shoulders were all chopped up. All from 8 runs. And i was even taking it somewhat easy on the corners 😐 Def getting dedicated track tires if I go autocrossing again. These ps4’s cannot hold up to much track use.
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    Autocrossing first time in M3P

    Going to be autocrossing for the first time in the P3 this weekend. I’ve done a few laps with a BMW before. What’s the optimal tire pressure for wear on the stock PS4’s? I’m more concerned with preserving the tire walls rather than setting records. I’m lowered on coilovers so I have a tiny bit...
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    Model 3 Performance 20" Grey Wheels

    these are getting harder to find and def preferred over ubertines. GLWS!
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    Mysterious spark noise from trunk

    Have this spark sound in the trunk that occasionally happens when going over bumps. I’ve re-tightened the ground location by the amp but to no avail. I’m stumped. Any ideas?
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    Anyone have Darwin PRO or Maxton Designs body kits?

    My sticker arrived detached from the lip
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    Subwoofer ground noise

    I’ve been getting a sparking noise from the rear occasionally while going over bumps after I removed and reinstalled the subwoofer/amp. The spark noise happening while going over bumps leads me to believe the connection may be loose. I’ve reinstalled and tightened the nut but the spark sound is...
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    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    Is the black silicone caulk easily peeled off when you have to remove the lip? I have a gap i may want to fill. Which one did you use?
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    TELSA OEM 20" Zero-G Non Performance (+40 offset) Wheels Track rims (NO TIRES)

    I think you should stop bumping this thread. You’re asking what the wheels including tires are selling for. These won’t sell anywhere near that price without tires.
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    For Sale: Tesla Model X - 22" wheels and tires (SF Bay Area)

    I don’t understand why people ask if items are available from a thread two years ago

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