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  1. -DA3

    Model Y OEM Performance spoiler

    I'll take the spoiler!
  2. -DA3

    White Paint Turning Yellowish

    my model 3 and model y seem to have pure white in non exposed areas.. under hood inside doors etc. Pearl is ONLY on the outside surfaces. In fact my parents have a new lincoln (pearl white) and they have white inside doors.. and pearl outside only.
  3. -DA3

    WTB: NEW - OEM Model Y PPF for doors.

    Anyone have new set still in packaging? paypal and label provided to UPS me. Thanks
  4. -DA3

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Gettin Juiced.
  5. -DA3

    TESLA NEMA 14/50 adaptor

    Hahahah , No worries.. Were all friends here! This is my second Tesla still love the vehicle.. and understand why Tesla doesn't provide you with the assortment anymore. (joke not-- I spent about 1,000 on Model Y accessories..when I ordered the car thinking I'd have them way before the car- but...
  6. -DA3

    TESLA NEMA 14/50 adaptor

    Thank you! Sophias_dad
  7. -DA3

    TESLA NEMA 14/50 adaptor

    I didn't want to be a burden-- but If you have one I can paypal you ;)
  8. -DA3

    TESLA NEMA 14/50 adaptor

    @ S. Dad I sent you a PM
  9. -DA3

    TESLA NEMA 14/50 adaptor

    Does anyone have a 14/50 adaptor they could sell me if it's new or like new? ordered from TESLA but no show up yet ;(
  10. -DA3

    Tesla service, what a joke!! Extremely frustrated.

    What I do--- I order from TESLA a new tire and wheel (mounted and balanced/TPMS) roughly 1200 and leave it in vehicle with jack etc. I'm not going to be left stranded. sorry- if you depend on others... you end up disappointed. (this includes family and vehicles)
  11. -DA3

    Y got delivered today and paint was flawless??

    My brand new 2019 M3 picked up had a few dimples under drivers door (suspect the chain that held it down from transit smacked it) and under front lip was scuffed... - I mentioned it but no way was I going to get it repaired. My brand new 2021 MY picked up has flawless paint. WIn some lose...
  12. -DA3

    Strange Flapping Sound above 70 mph.

    I'm no expert.. but upon buying my Model 3 -- I noticed a few missing fender well clips. (I bought an assortment off amazon) popped em in where needed. Just got my model Y and at brand new I pull the wheels off to look about- and noticed two missing clips that actually hold a piece of plastic...
  13. -DA3

    Probably a dumb Q

    I changed the horn to a different sound but -- it reverts back to the regular vehicle horn. is it a safety thing? or glitch? I hear a horn (normal car) then part of the tune from the silly horn. is this normal?
  14. -DA3

    Two reports of Teslas on AP hitting stopped vehicles in their lane on the freeway

    maybe they were so broke they couldn't pay attention? joke aside HOPE they are OK!
  15. -DA3

    Wall Connector with a NEMA 14-50 plug

    BUMP- anyone have one with a plug FS? Wall Connector with a NEMA 14-50 plug
  16. -DA3


    Does anyone have specs? I'm trying to see if it will fit in he garage 2 car garage 20x20 (more or less) new home no weird approach angles. (will only hold this vehicle)
  17. -DA3

    Tiny Windshield Chip - ceramic coating

    I had one just that size.. get some glass repair on amazon. same resin material glass companies use. You drip on , add the supplied plastic (which levels it out) razor off the excess the resin sits in the chip. *rain-x windshield repair FYI- No idea FL makes it illegal for a cracked...
  18. -DA3

    OMG that truck is fugly!

    Most of the new trucks today got very delicate - platinum etc. This resets the benchmark. This is a modern Raptor design that actually will live up to the name.
  19. -DA3

    Made a couple small changes to the Cybertruck. Thoughts?

    love your design!! but again it's what we expected.
  20. -DA3

    OMG that truck is fugly!

    ordered ! HA
  21. -DA3

    Concerned about rear collision when car slows on its own

    I'm no expert-- but pretty sure the brake lights illuminate when you let off the GO pedal and re gen kicks in. You can see this action on the display image of your car.
  22. -DA3

    Sound Proofing via weather strip kit

    FYI- mines been on for 5 months. wet/heat -- driving. works! it's pin stripe which is designed for the elements.. and take a smaller piece of that tape and cover your windshield VIN (tape to outside of glass) looks better and hides the vin. (for what its worth)
  23. -DA3

    Sound Proofing via weather strip kit

    I posted this in another thread-- I used automotive pin stripe instead of the rubber (as difficult as a condom to install) not saying it's quieter.. but sure looks seamless (which should help with air/flow) and it won't shrink in the sun - and 9 bucks a roll?? try it guys. I only did the...
  24. -DA3

    Wall Connector with a NEMA 14-50 plug

  25. -DA3

    Is it worth it to take delivery this year?

    I'd wait-- soon they will have a flying tesla to catch the soaring stock.
  26. -DA3

    FSD - Thought / Idea

    more of a good faith thing-- but YES fully understood.. was more of a conceptual idea for future/existing sales.
  27. -DA3

    FSD - Thought / Idea

    I purchased FSD when I got the car May 2019 . Not complaining just an idea.... to the folks who were upset on paying for something-- we don't have... yet. How about if Tesla gave those who paid for FSD free supercharging as a nicety until they release the working FSD. - just a thought then...
  28. -DA3

    FREE: Tesla iphone case for XS

    Playoutside is the lucky winner! *everyone* Please--pay it forward!
  29. -DA3

    FREE: Tesla iphone case for XS

    cheaper USPS label, in MCO
  30. -DA3

    FREE: Tesla iphone case for XS

    Just send a USPS label and I'll toss it in the mail. I have an iphone PRO now.. This is an official TESLA product- black (same material as the vehicle seats) can't tell it has ANY use.
  31. -DA3

    WTB: Black wall charger

    Where in FL? and how much? have a plug or need hardwired?
  32. -DA3

    Wall Connector with a NEMA 14-50 plug

    Looking for OEM new Wall Connector with a NEMA 14-50 plug as shown: Tesla launches new Wall Connector with NEMA 14-50 plug - Electrek
  33. -DA3

    Plug in wall charger

    ROCKY!!! NOOOOOO - dang it - I missed the boat!
  34. -DA3

    Plug in wall charger

    YES! Tonester! I wanted a plug in as you described-- I'll wait until it comes back on the market ;) Thank you!
  35. -DA3

    Plug in wall charger

    I avoid Ebay like the flu-- I'll wait until Tesla sells em again- if they do. thank you!
  36. -DA3

    Plug in wall charger

    Dumb question I'm sure-- but a few months ago I saw the wall charger from tesla that plugged into the nema 14/50 plug- They don't have them for sale anymore- what happened?
  37. -DA3

    FS: OttoStick Tesla Model 3 Magnetic Front License Plate Holder

    Used it about 2 days..works 100% all included except for the jig that you would use to drill the 4 holes in your OEM license plate frame and the felt that goes behind it) easy fix(get some felt) and easy to line up the bracket and drill the holes in the OEM license plate frame. all other items...
  38. -DA3

    Second flat tire in 3 months

    I've read this.. but the air pressure being pushed out moves past the foam layer-- wouldn't it also push out the goop at a high rate of travel? After all Tesla sells the goop kit right on the website-
  39. -DA3

    Are we Really Really Saving Money owning a Tesla?

    I love the TECH and the tank up via the SUN concept!
  40. -DA3

    Has anybody got these Beverly Hills leather mats?

    I got Loyd Luxe mats-- very thick, plush . etc. Black was too dark- if you order get EBONY it's a direct (or better) color match to original carpet. The OEM mats were super paper thin ;)
  41. -DA3

    Paint Stained

    Guys-- So let me explain.. few years ago I parked in a boston parking garage , left my car for weeks (resident type parking by the month) I had never seen this type of glazing before on a vehicle and I owned a detail and tint shop in SW florida.. I tried everything dealer wanted to repaint the...
  42. -DA3

    Paint Stained

    Did you park in a parking garage? if YES this could be calcium and CLR will need to be applied. Don't ask me how I know. ;)
  43. -DA3

    Pinstripe ?

    Has anyone applied pinstripe on the glass seams to help with wind noise reduction? I tried it.. will report if it flies off or sticks and helps with noise reduction. (I see they have the rubber insert but it's not smooth. (black electrical tape will shrink in heat, but pinstripe is designed to...
  44. -DA3

    "Tesla": The word that will get you a better Mercedes lease.

    I love my m3! Sold my AMG benz with 10k miles on ODO. (and when I say SOLD , I gave it away for KBB fair trade) nobody not even car max wanted it. - that's when I knew the educated buyer doesn't want ICE. - it was riddled with issues. from air suspension leaks to kick to open trunk inop.(which...
  45. -DA3

    Use Rainex on Model 3 windshield?

    I use it on all glass- M3 roof , side windows, -- shower door, --all outside home windows.. save the planet and stop washing glass! ;)
  46. -DA3

    FS: M3 Floor Mats (F&R)

    SOLD! Thanks Apache!
  47. -DA3

    FS: M3 Floor Mats (F&R)

    For my East Coast friends.. $ 65 shipped! USA ONLY please

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