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    Northern NJ/NYC body shop recommendations

    Don't know if your willing to travel and how far. We use Northeast Auto in Philly for all the painting of the lighted appliqués. The guys just did my front bumper after a little fender bender. Color match is perfect. And the best part is they don't zip you like the certified Tesla body shops

    Will Tesla respond to the disaster

    I heard that California is banning ICE cars after 2035. A number of countries in Europe have banned ICE cars 2035 and later. It will come., like it or not. It will take another 100 years before all ICE cars are off the roads. The killer for ICE cars is miles per charge Lucid Air has 400...

    Supercharger - Philadelphia, PA

    You would be better off charging outside of Philadelphia, Superchargers in the city suck. It will remain that way for a number of years. When restaurants, ball parks, museums make charging available things will start to change. Their are garages that have 220 charge ports but, most are not...

    Looking for the Lighted Rear Appliqué

    Have not seen a Model Y, I sure once they are out we will have a lighted rear T. Just like the Model 3 we have a lighted appliqué just need some one local to do the final test fit.

    Supercharger - Kill Devil Hills, NC

    I have gone both ways and will never go down I95 and then 64 again. I go over the Bay Bridge 64 to 168 and the the last leg 158 to 12.

    Terrible Service Experience Springfield NJ

    When I purchased my Model S six years ago I got Free service at least for the first two years. Once I crossed the line time and miles that free service stoped.At the time Tesla would also give you a Tesla loaner, that also stoped. I know that the guys who purchase the Signature cars got more...

    NJ changes from "per minute" to "per kwh" charging?

    When I purchased my Model S, I paid an extra $2,500.00 to get lift time super charging. After 6 years I don't think that I used $2,500.00 worth of electric, but that's OK because it helped to build the network of superchargers. At some point you just knew that TESLA was going to change and...

    Looking for the Lighted Rear Appliqué

    Glad to hear that lighted applications are still working, I know some had a problem with moisture on the board that caused problems. The Gen IV boards are better than the original Gen II, unfortunately, had very little control over the original boards. Just an update at least one light board...

    Removal of Front Emblem and Rear Hatch Chrome Trim

    You can get a double fuse and replace the fuse that is in location #131 ( I believe that is the fuse location). That way the fuse that was there still does its thing and you have 12 volts to run the RF controller.
  10. WATTS-UP

    Removal of Front Emblem and Rear Hatch Chrome Trim

    It has been a few years since I helped with a front "T" for a model X. And, Yes, the wiring is different in the X. The way the Model X was wired for the front "T" was by taking the 12 volts from the fuse box and using a RF controller.
  11. WATTS-UP

    Model S moisture issues

    My daughter just got water entering around the head liner. Check the drain s for the sun roof.
  12. WATTS-UP

    Model S moisture issues

    You would think that by now Tesla would have figured out how to build a car without water leaks. In the early days or I should say couple of years, we forgave Tesla on a number of fronts, build quality being at the top. I think it's time for Elon and the boys to start thinking about the...
  13. WATTS-UP

    Removal of Front Emblem and Rear Hatch Chrome Trim

    In the past guys have been wiring the front "T" to the harness coming from the driver side head lights. On a Model S the second wire from the right side of the socket is or should be red with a white stripe. If you tap into that, the front "T" will light up when the head lights are on. I have...
  14. WATTS-UP

    Model S moisture issues

    Way back when, 2014 my Model S had a water problem in the trunk lid. Could not figure put why every time it rained I would get water in the trunk lid. After it rained and you opened the trunk water would come out around the hand holds mostly on the right side. After years of living with the...
  15. WATTS-UP

    Model 3 Camera caught this Model Citizen

    You can always tell the neighborhood your in by the amount of trash in the streets.
  16. WATTS-UP

    How to get a live person on the phone at Tyson’s Service Center?

    OK Cat, this is for the Philadelphia area. I got to know the manager of the TESLA service center and have his email address. So when I can't get through to service I sent the manager a copy of my email. The good thing is I always get a response for the manager and manage to get a live person on...
  17. WATTS-UP

    Model 3 Rear Lighted T

    You only choose one The $285.00 is the assembled lighted "T" and the $169.00 is for the part that you assemble yourself and then install
  18. WATTS-UP

    Aftermarket accessories list

    Check out tesla-lights.net
  19. WATTS-UP

    Possible Electric Vehicle Event @Rensselaer NY in April/May

    There are two events that I know of, one in Ocean City MD and the other in North Dakota, Unfortunately I can't make either event. If you post the date of the event people will let you know if they can make it.
  20. WATTS-UP

    Aftermarket accessories list

    You can add lighted rear "T"
  21. WATTS-UP

    Supercharger - Tesla Meetup at V3 in Ocean City, MD

    Sorry can not make this one, will be doing the Burbon Trail that week.
  22. WATTS-UP

    Supercharger - King of Prussia, PA

    I have 99,600 miles on my S60, I'm beginning to think about a battery upgrade. Not interested in going to an 85 or 90. My hope is the Tesla or any one will give us the 300+ mile range that the new Model S has now. What would even be better is if we had a 450 mile range option. Once the...
  23. WATTS-UP

    Supercharger - King of Prussia, PA

    The idea of supercharging I think was two fold, One, to enable you to drive your electric (Tesla ) on a long trip. Two, to make that trip, the charging part reasonable. Back in 2014 we paid $2,500.00 to help the supercharging network develop it was sold as free travel. We should be looking to...
  24. WATTS-UP

    Slower Than Usual Supercharging

    MY 2014 MODEL S 60 ( MARCH) at 100% charge made it to 208. The best I get now is 166 at the trip setting down from 186. I would like to know if TESLA will ever allow us to up grade our batteries. Given that the new Model S can now get more then 300 mile on a single charge.
  25. WATTS-UP

    Marlton NJ SuC

    I have been to every SC along the East Cost between Long Island and New Orleans. My plan is to charge enough to make it to the next SC with 20 or 30 miles left in the battery. I also plan on 45 to 60 minutes per charge. The most problematic SU has been Egg Harbor you always have one or two...
  26. WATTS-UP

    Winter Tires, or no?

    I have heard it said that you don't need snow tires if you have a Tesla. You may reconsider that, I found Michelin X ice tires made a huge difference when driving in the snow. Did not notice the difference in the first winter, but by the time year two came around it became more difficult to go...
  27. WATTS-UP

    How to save a lot of time on long trips

    If I'm on a Business trip I have to account for the charging time so that I arrive at my destination on time. That means you leave a little sooner or you arrive a little later no big deal, a little planning that's all. The other kind of long trip is a vacation trip. RELAX, your on vacation. I...
  28. WATTS-UP

    Experience with Second Electrical Meter in Northern NJ?

    This may not be the smartest of questions to ask PSE&G, but, would they give you a second meter if you installed a solar PV system? Next statement to PSE&G would be to tell them that I want to upgrade my residential service to 300 or 400 amps. The reason is that you want to go all electric...
  29. WATTS-UP

    Tesla lighted T

    Installation for the appliqué and or the front and rear "T's" have not changed. The major difference is that the Gen IV "T's" have four wires instead of two. The other difference is that the Gen IV applique now can control the front and rear "T" in either the standard functions and the special...
  30. WATTS-UP

    Lighting the front T on the Model X and facelift Model S

    It is not that difficult to install the front and to rear "T" for the model S. There are install instruction, just can't get access to them for the next 10 days do to my travels through Canada. We have lots of pictures that will show you the steps on the installs. Please go to the web site and...
  31. WATTS-UP

    Tankless water heaters are terrible....

    Heat pumps are generally not the best source for house heat, if your living north of Maryland, and we'll say East of the Mississippi. Form what I have been told a heat pump is not every effective below 35 F ( Air Based ). Given that there are water based heat pumps that claim to be effective...
  32. WATTS-UP

    Nagshead charging?

    We are beginning to see some more destination chargers pop up. The last one to be installed is at the Ferry in Hattears Village. Same problems, the chargers are iced most of the time. Two rental properties now have Tesla chargers on Osprey Way. Now that more Tesla's are making it down to...
  33. WATTS-UP

    Nagshead charging?

    On the way down I stoped at Harris Teeters to charge up before heading down to Frisco. The weather the first week was great but, by second Monday the word was out to evacuate. We left Tuesday and headed home. You can now charge at the Mall that is just North of the Ferry Terminal and take the...
  34. WATTS-UP

    P85 modded to be a P85 w/Ludicrous

    Jason, I have an S60, can you upgrade the battery to a 100 KW? and what are we talking about in cost.
  35. WATTS-UP

    My Tesla Model S Build Thread...

    A number of people have done the install themselves. I would say that an extra set of hands are always better especially removing and reinstalling the molding in the trunk. I have to add the new Gen IV applique cost to the website, Will do that once I'm back from vacation. The cost of the parts...
  36. WATTS-UP

    My Tesla Model S Build Thread...

    Charge display is part of the lighted appliqué. The standard functions are: Scroll on left turn and right turn ( the T E S L A will light in turn SCROLL ) stop will light up solid Red and reverse will light the TESLA White. The charge display is the letters TESLA and lighted "T" will flash...
  37. WATTS-UP

    My Tesla Model S Build Thread...

    Gen IV now has charge display. does make a statement
  38. WATTS-UP

    How to save a lot of time on long trips

    Headed out to Frisco on the Outer Banks of NC. Got to the SC in Sailsbury MD with 29 miles, made it to the VA Supercharge with 39 miles. By the time I got to Harres Teachers ( the SC on the island ) I had about 68 miles. When I travel on vacation I charge to get me to the next SC plus 10%. It...
  39. WATTS-UP

    Vendor Lighted Rear Applique for the Model X -- wiring completed today

    The controller is attached to the trunk lid via Velcro. It's difficult to get a picture of the controller inside the trunk lid.
  40. WATTS-UP

    Vendor Lighted Rear Applique for the Model X -- wiring completed today

    We have learned a lot about the different types of LED's and how to communicate with the LED's. The new Gen IV is a totally redesigned light board and controller. No longer do we need to send a string of 365 bits of information just to pick off 6 so that you can change the color of a LED. The...
  41. WATTS-UP

    Looking for the Lighted Rear Appliqué

    Akikiki, The LED's have been change to a commercial grade LED. The software has been rewritten so that the communication between the light board and the controller does not have all the interference of the past. The front and rear "T" is now controlled from the light board and will change...
  42. WATTS-UP

    Vendor Lighted Rear Applique for the Model X -- wiring completed today

    the website is tesla-lights.net
  43. WATTS-UP

    Looking for the Lighted Rear Appliqué

    Can you send me the broken board and let me take a look at it. Did the fiber board break or is it the the copper sub straight. Problem # 2 The Gen III boards are no longer available. The Gen IV light board was totally redesigned with different LED's and a different software package. To day the...
  44. WATTS-UP

    Vendor Lighted Rear Applique for the Model X -- wiring completed today

    The Lighted applique is now a GEN IV, the Lighted "T's" are also on the forth generation. All LED's are RGB, so now you can control the colors in the lighted "T's". Gen IV has a charge display that was not available in Gen III. There are more special effects with the Gen IV system.
  45. WATTS-UP

    Looking for the Lighted Rear Appliqué

    I must have missed it can you resend it or PM me
  46. WATTS-UP

    Bugs in Tail Light!

    You would think that after years of production they would have figured out how to seal the light fixtures. I still get water in my tail lights and only one side.
  47. WATTS-UP

    Model 3 lighted applique

    Looks fantastic, thanks
  48. WATTS-UP

    Model 3 lighted applique

    Artsci, can you upload a link to the video of the gen IV appliqués showing the lighted "T" and the applique on your Model 3
  49. WATTS-UP

    Model 3 lighted applique

    artsci, I know you did a ton of updates to your Mod 3, didn't know the list was that long. Maybe two others have lighted rear "T's" Your the only one that has the Gen IV appliqué on a Mod 3. I still can't get over how good the front "T" looks in the 3.
  50. WATTS-UP

    Model 3 lighted applique

    Who has the only Model 3 with a lighted applique?

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