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    White seats - child car seat protection

    I bought this one from Amazon and had no problems with dye transfer on my white seats after 26k miles. The underside of the seat protector is white too so it seems unlikely any transfer will occur. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MXQJWRA/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_5B6FQAQ2Z4HR0TFHVKXA?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
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    The OEM aftermarket Wheel Cap Kit thingy

    No need to take the wheel off to remove center cap. I bought this from Amazon and works great. Kaisiking Heavy Duty Suction Cups 2 Pcs Screen Suction Cup Phone Computer Screen Repair Tools Compatible for iPad, iMac, MacBook, Tablet, Laptop, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei Etc. LCD Screen Opening Tool...
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    Real Matte Carbon Fiber Dash

    Looks good. How much did it cost?
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    New Repeater Side Cameras installed

    Do you have a comparison of the old vs the new side camera? Curious what the difference is.
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    Model Y Roof Rack Whistling Sound

    OEM roof rack installed on my MYP and never heard any whistle noise at any speed.
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    Should I black out my badges/emblems on my black MY?

    I ended up buying plastic covers to cover the emblems and bought the dual motor badge from abstract ocean. My plan is to eventually do a more permanent solution with emblems but with a 15 month old baby I hardly have the time so my current set up satisfies me for now.
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    Should I black out my badges/emblems on my black MY?

    Sorry I meant to say carbon fiber. I bought thei license plate frame from here Universal Slim Carbon Fiber Frame for TESLA / Luxury / Fits EURO / Domestic / Bmw /Porsche / Boringmod
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    Should I black out my badges/emblems on my black MY?

    They are both a matte finish. It could be the lighting and angle making the dual motor badge look more glossy.
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    Should I black out my badges/emblems on my black MY?

    I did it on my MYP. Also added a carbon license plate to match the spoiler. I like it even if it's hardly noticeable on a black car.
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    All weather mats…. Tis the season (POLL)

    I'm a sucker for OEM parts and accessories so I went with the Tesla all weather mats and for the most part I like them, but I hate the fact that the dead pedal area has half the coverage than what the carpeted mats had. I like to rest my foot on the dead pedal but find myself lowering my foot so...
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    Do you see your wipers from seat?

    I have a 2021 MYP built March 2021 and they hide below the hood when not engaged. I do notice they stay up a little higher when in Auto until the car thinks no more rain is coming it will lower back down.
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    Selling to Carvana - our experience

    I got a quote from GMTV for $60k-$62k for 2021 MYP. What did you get when you sold your MYP?
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    Carbon Fiber Heated Steering Wheel

    Where are you purchasing the carbon fiber heated steering wheel from? I'm interested in this too.
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    Downgrading wheels on performance upgrade?

    I also bought Gemini wheels from a local seller. I'm using them as my winter set up and will switch back to Uberturbines during the summer. No problem putting them on a MYP
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    MY Dash trim questions

    @jebinc did you buy the wood dash directly from Tesla? If so, how much and do happen to have the part number? Thanks.
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    Remote Sentry View for Android

    Thanks for posting this! I was wondering when android users would get this update. I just updated my app and now have access to the cameras.
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    19 Gemini Winter Tire Set - Will it re-stock?

    I see them in stock as of 11/15, 5:19pm PST.
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    21 Uberturbines to 19 Gemini

    TPMS automatically synced up after about 2 minutes of driving for me.
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    21 Uberturbines to 19 Gemini

    I bought them on this forum from a local seller. Basically brand new with everything included with less than 50 miles for $1700. This can be all in my head but I did notice a pretty big difference. I've put 14,000 miles on my Uberturbines so I have a good sense of what the car felt like prior...
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    21 Uberturbines to 19 Gemini

    Just finished switching my Uberturbines to Gemini wheels on my MYP. Used my original lugs and torqued to spec 129 ft lbs. Haven't driven it yet since the swap but excited to see if there is any performance difference and comfort. I'm using the Gemini wheels for winter set up.
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    Model Y 19’’ Gemini Wheels for sale

    Just adding another data point. I purchased Gemini wheels from here for $1,700 that included everything (tpms, wheel covers, etc.) that had less than 50 miles on them. I see them going anywhere from $1,500-1,700. Good luck!
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    Model Y Performance on drag strip + 0-60 + Model 3 comparison

    I'm interested in the results too! I'm an MYP owner with 21" wheels and recently bought Gemini wheels for winter set up. I'll probably put the Gemini wheels on this weekend.
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    Successful retrofit of passenger lumbar on 2021 Model Y

    It goes on the right side bolster. You'll see in the metal seat frame 2 holes where the clips from the fabric bag clip into. It's a pretty tight squeeze but I was able to clip mine in by touch and feel. Did you buy a new seat switch too? You'll need that too as the current switch doesn't have...
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    So excited, look at what came in!!!

    Thanks! Curious why you went with this vendor over RPM?
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    So excited, look at what came in!!!

    Can you take pictures of it installed? I'm curious how the fit and finish is. I assume this is from RPM?
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    Myp 21” ubers storage bag?

    I've been waiting for these to come back in stock Tire Tote it says it fits all tire configurations from Tesla.
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    FS: Gemini wheels, tires, and TPMS <50mi $1800

    You got a deal! I'll PM you my number.
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    FS: Gemini wheels, tires, and TPMS <50mi $1800

    Will you take $1,600?
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    Plasti-dip vintage gold on Geminis w/center caps

    I work in Palo Alto so maybe I'll see you around! I like the look too. I have an MYP looking for Gemini wheels for winter set up.
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    rust under front seats

    I have an early build (March 2021) and my seat trim came with a t15 torx screw instead the white push pin that I believe the seats are now coming with. Kind of hard to see but you can see the screw I have from the factory. I've never had an issue like others have reported with the white push pin.
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    Successful retrofit of passenger lumbar on 2021 Model Y

    I bought the seat switch from this seller: danvi-llc on eBay And bought the lumbar support from this seller: nein-lives-parts on eBay What's weird is I don't see any passenger seat switches and wondering if people are buying them due to this post? You might want to try and buy the parts new...
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    Successful retrofit of passenger lumbar on 2021 Model Y

    It was a successful install and done in under 30 minutes. It was pretty straightforward and reading this post prior definitely made things easier. I will add that the pump can clip to the seat frame if the black clips are on the pump bag. If not, it's fits snuggly without being clipped but I...
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    Successful retrofit of passenger lumbar on 2021 Model Y

    I received my used parts from eBay today. I'll be doing the install this Saturday and will update this thread on the outcome. Both parts seem to be in really good shape and no physical damage so crossing my fingers it goes well on Saturday.
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    Successful retrofit of passenger lumbar on 2021 Model Y

    @osunick thanks for posting this! I plan to do this retrofit for my dad. I ended up finding the parts on ebay for about $150. For the seat switch was it easy to pull off the recline and sliding button to add to the new switch? I'm nervous to pop them off as it seems the ones on ebay either have...
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    White interior with wood dash from factory. Oops

    Y still has the old door panels. I really like the added trim but kind of wish they of would kept the white insert instead of switching it to black.
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    White interior with wood dash from factory. Oops

    Someone posted a while back who ordered the white interior and got black inserts in their door panels instead of white. This doesn't surprise me.
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    Refreshed Model S read license plate frame

    Thanks everyone for confirming. I had my mom reach out to Tesla to get a license plate frame.
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    Carbon Spoiler Separating

    I'm on my 2nd replacement since owning the car. This time around it does seem to fit better but I have a feeling it's only a matter time it will separate at the ends. Both times Tesla replaced under warranty and with a new one each time.
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector Now 24' Long

    Darn I purposely bought gen 2 wall connector for 24ft length and paid $600 for brand new never used.
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    Refreshed Model S read license plate frame

    Are the new 2021 refreshed Model S supposed to come with a black license plate frame that say Model S on it? My mom recently took delivery of her Model S and I noticed it doesn't have a license plate frame around the temporary plate. Today, I saw a new refresh Model S and it had a black...
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    MY White Interior - What not to wear

    Blue jeans and black jeans seem to transfer to white seats even if washed hundreds of times. They seem to clean up pretty easy with baby wipes, but gotta build that in as a weekly routine. I keep baby wipes in my center console just in case I have an opportunity to wipe the seats down wherever...
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    Tesla Wall Charger Installed - Some Tips

    6/2 or 6/3 nm-b wire is not rated for 60 amps. You would need 6 guage THHN wire for a 60 amp breaker.
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    Rear window trim - replace or not?

    I have the same issue on mine too but not nearly as bad. I'm tempted to put some type of strong adhesive to see if that fixes it because I can snap it back flush, but as soon as I drive away it pops out. Tesla service always seems to screw something else up in the process so not sure its worth...
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    Biodefense mode

    I know this would be an added expense, but seems likely they might sell a retrofit for Model Y since I see that as an option in the Tesla store for Model S and X. It's something I would consider.
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    No Cluster Screen

    Thought about it for maybe the first week and quickly forgot all about it. My wife doesn't even seem to mind.
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    MCU & Screen reboot while driving

    This happened to me all the time while driving and noticed it happened while I was getting multiple text messages or group text messages. I disabled the text notification in the settings and have not had this problem ever since. I figured I would turn the setting back on after a new update is...
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    Coat hooks fail to latch closed

    Thanks for the information. I'm honestly going to skip getting my coat hook replaced and live with a semi functional one. My biggest fear is the service team doing more damage than good like exactly how you described it. I've already experienced it when they removed the passenger door panel and...
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    Coat hooks fail to latch closed

    Thanks for posting this. Did they have to drop the headliner to replace the coat hook? I have a similar problem and mobile service did move the tag out of the way, but I still have to lightly lift to close and some times that doesn't work at all. I have a service appointment to replace the...
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    Recommended Way to Wash MY?

    I recently got my spoiler replaced on my MYP and the mobile service left adhesive that wasn't there previously. Anyone have recommendations on what product to use to clean it off?
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    For those looking to effectively Black out their Tesla Badges Front + Black

    Do you feel it makes it more bulky with a cover on top or hard to even notice? I've been debating Plasti dip but don't want to deal with the process and prefer to take the easy way out. Any pictures you can share from a distance and closeup?

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