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  1. raynewman

    Tesla X Sentry / Dashcam USB drives failing issues

    I formatted mine on linux as 'ext4' - seems to have fixed my format problem.
  2. raynewman

    Flat Tyre

    Just drive to the nearest tyre repair place.
  3. raynewman

    Supercharger - Brisbane 2 (Toombul), Qld

    What ever happened to the destination chargers from Toombul? They were the only 22kw units available on the north side.
  4. raynewman

    Model S giving much grief

    I hope you now enjoy another six years of Tesla.
  5. raynewman


    In that case, don't read it. If you don't know why it's there, it's quite rude to comment.
  6. raynewman


    I quite like it; wife doesn't like it for tight turns. Leaves the dash area un-obscured.
  7. raynewman


    Low flying across the New Mexico desert in the Plaid.
  8. raynewman


    Not flying QANTAS; don't like the little leprechaun. Flying AirNZ via AUK.
  9. raynewman

    Starlink in Oz

    It looks after full movement itself.
  10. raynewman


    Well; we are now booked - fly into LAX then hire a Plaid to drive to Austin. Good fun.
  11. raynewman


    Anyone going to TeslaCon in Austin 5 to 9 April?
  12. raynewman

    Starlink in Oz

    How many Australian Tesla owners are posting via one of these?
  13. raynewman

    Model 3 - P Plate Prohibited Vehicle

    Sorry; not interested in political argument. I will respond no further.
  14. raynewman

    Polestar Superbowl ad

    It's a good Tesla ad.
  15. raynewman

    Model 3 - P Plate Prohibited Vehicle

    One thing both Vostok and meloccom have ignored here is the Nanny state's preoccupation with speed/performance and total ignorance of training/vehicle safety. In this example a Tesla (any model) is a far safer option that a Ford/GM (any model). I would much rather my soon to be licensed 16...
  16. raynewman

    Model 3 - P Plate Prohibited Vehicle

    Does anywhere else on this planet have this extreme level of nanny?
  17. raynewman

    Queensland Electric Highway

    I certainly needed the type 2 cable a few years ago when the DC unit at Bowen was broken.
  18. raynewman

    Hello - and a question

    I have found the main saving to be the lack of service costs with the Tesla. Things like Oil, Brake pads and all the other dribbles ICE service mobs seem to add in. With Brake pads, Tesla driver in SEQ just replaced his at (over) 420,000 km. and even those lollies you buy at the service station...
  19. raynewman

    Refresh Model X & S Waiting Room - AUSTRALIA

    Waiting for the model S Plaid to join our S85 and M3.
  20. raynewman

    Charging port not opening sometimes

    With the S, point the charger plug at the rear window as that's where the sensor is.
  21. raynewman

    How hard is it to drive a long trip in Australia (900+ Km)

    I drive a Model S 85 with a maximum realworld range of 400km. Done Brisbane Sydney return at least a dozen times. Also done Brisbane Melbourne and Brisbane Townsville return. Once we leave the coast not so far; Brisbane Chinchilla and Brisbane Stanthorpe many times. Basically - plan and all...
  22. raynewman

    Tesla Cybertruck in Australia

  23. raynewman

    Model 3 charging: type 2 extension 11kW vs 22kW; what is the difference?

    Some model S had a 20 AMP charger from memory.
  24. raynewman

    Tesla Roadside Assistance in Australia: limitations?

    I've never needed roadside assist or tyre exchange. Had the S for nearly 7 years and 137k km; had the 3 for over a year and 23k km. Had plenty of slow leaks (6 in one tyre once) but haven't had a flat tyre in over 20 years.
  25. raynewman

    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    Tesla got bit with the X; certification took so long they had heaps of Xs in storage waiting so they could sell them. Just an abundance of caution. It's a race to see whether we see the Y or the Plaid first...
  26. raynewman

    MCU2 Upgrde and no AM or FM radio

    I always get a quicker response from my 3G S that my LTE 3; may be the comms or perhaps that's just the way it is.
  27. raynewman

    Damn camera picks up inappropriate speed signs

    The really difficult speed signs are those in rural Queensland that say "END 80". The Tesla doesn't seem to know "END".
  28. raynewman

    Insurance recommends for a 2016 S90D in Qld

    It's that time of year for my 3 too (S is other end of the year). Went up $100 to $950 with APIA - on investigation APIA, Suncorp, AAMI and others are all the same company and have, surprisingly, very similar prices and everyone else is more expensive. Can anyone suggest a cheaper company?
  29. raynewman

    Free charging?

    Free charging will remain - think WiFi.
  30. raynewman

    Queensland - Labelling requirements for Electric Vehicles

    One wonders why the Model 3 is a danger to First Responders but not the (2015) S.
  31. raynewman

    Has anyone tried the QESH yet? It looks useful but it has css 2 and Chademo..

    Warwick is neither QESH nor Chargfox.
  32. raynewman

    Insurance quotes for Australian M3?

    Poncho Insurance were too dear - I'm paying approx $900 pa for a LRAWD 3 with APIA but then I'm a foggey.
  33. raynewman

    Supercharger - Brisbane 2 (Toombul), Qld

    I understand that is the case.
  34. raynewman

    Time for a new Model S

    As a matter of interest; there are two MY quoted currently - 2020 and 2021. The 2021 model has an additional 100 odd km range.
  35. raynewman

    Queensland Electric Highway

    Depends on the age of your S; if it's an older car (circa 2016) try to get a second hand CHAdeMO.
  36. raynewman

    Damn camera picks up inappropriate speed signs

    Driving in the tunnels in Brisbane the speed limit displayed is totally random. Rarely does it get the actual speed limit.
  37. raynewman

    Main Screen very laggy 2015 model s

    Remove anything plugged into your USB slots and reboot MCU.
  38. raynewman

    Why can't I buy a model 3 fob in Australia?

    Tesla have always been good with the prices; Apple have always been robbers.
  39. raynewman

    New, Plaid, Model S

    Apparently not.
  40. raynewman

    New, Plaid, Model S

    I have asked "When should we expect to see the Y, Plaid S and Cybertruck in Australia?" for the Tesla Q3 earnings Q&A. If you have TSLA, please upvote the question at Say
  41. raynewman

    Y cant I have my Y ?

    I have asked "When should we expect to see the Y, Plaid S and Cybertruck in Australia?" for the Tesla Q3 earnings Q&A. If you have TSLA, please upvote the question at: Say
  42. raynewman

    Gold Coast Sales and Service Centre.

    and Brisbane has only got one car in the showroom also - bit short on cars by the look of it.
  43. raynewman

    Model S owner in Canberra?

    Note that there are about half a dozen 2014 Model S in Oz that do NOT have any autopilot hardware; hence no TACC.
  44. raynewman

    MCU Failure AP1 car

    see also Replacing eMMC in MCU
  45. raynewman

    I want a new Model S

    Plaid/Palladium/Roadrunner will probably be announced 22 September (won't be cheap tho).
  46. raynewman

    Will Cybertruck be the first car to use Starlink for connectivity?

    and the timing is just getting better. Just what I need for the cross Australia run. It will happen :D
  47. raynewman

    Petition for government subsidies for EV’s

    Elon Musk paid at least $593 million in income tax in 2016, according to a filing by Tesla Inc. He was hit with that huge tax bill after he exercised stock options that were going to expire at the end of 2016. As far as how he paid the taxes, he did so by selling some of the shares that he got...
  48. raynewman

    Petition for government subsidies for EV’s

    and burning all the electric transport that existed at that time. and not paying taxes...
  49. raynewman

    Petition for government subsidies for EV’s

    In his case, the word is monopoly.
  50. raynewman

    One Pothole, 2 Flat Tyres on a Model 3P+

    Mine reports the low pressure in yellow; happened this morning. That was the sixth puncture in that tyre @ $40 each - mutter.

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